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Dentist, ugh

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Went for my cleaning today that they had rescheduled about 6 times (so I should have gone a couple of months ago) and had...wait for it...SEVEN cavities!!  Now, I have a big history of problems with my teeth, but I had a complete set of xrays in August and everything was perfect!  The combination of my bad/soft teeth to start with and pregnancy doesn't work out well for me.  And the strange thing is...I think the worst my teeth have been in a pregnancy before was with DS, and now things are clearly bad again with this one, and it's a boy.  Just find it kind of interesting.  Thanks, boys!  Another reason this will be my last baby...crazy dental bills!  Got 3 filled today and have to get 4 more done in a week and a half...got to get them done within the next 5 weeks!  I can't stand the thought of getting dental work done while pregnant...

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I've been flossing and brushing like a fiend because I'm terrified of having dental issues during this pregnancy. I lost my dental benefits when I went back to school, and won't get them again until April, plus I also have really bad teeth and my cavities tend to turn into very expensive root canals and crowns very quickly, which I simply cannot afford right now.

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