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Any fitted users?

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What are the things you like about them?
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We use mostly fitteds + some pockets as well.  Our fitteds are MEOS ones and we used some of the ME Sandies in the smaller sizes.  I love them for:

- the poop-containability since DD has big monster poops LOL,

- ease of washing and drying (cold rinse + hot wash, hot dry),

- their durability (we bought them used and they are in great shape)

- leak-proofness,

- the fact that they are one size so DD has been wearing them since 2 or 3 months old (she's now 11 mths) and they will fit for a while yet though she is growing out of some OS pockets

- that they are gentle on her chunky thighs

- the ability to put whatever kind of cover (we have some PUL and fleece)

- no need for folding, pins, or snappis (vs. prefolds)

- they have snaps so more durable than velcro closures


In short winky.gif I'm a fan.  As I said, I do have some pockets but that's just for variety.  I could easily do just fitteds with no pockets, but I wouldn't want to do pockets without my fitteds!

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Like PP I think they contain leaks. Mine were also AIO's with snap in liners, that made it easy to wash and change. They dryed faster as you could take out the liner. I mostly dried mine on a line, when I lived in the south. The velcro held up well and they were also one-size so he wore them from 6 mos. to 23 mos. when potty trained. Best wishes! My local store has a trial pack you can take home and try them out!

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I have really enjoyed gmd workhorse fitted diapers.  Like pp, the biggest factor is containing poop.  While I got ones with snaps, I just use a snappi.  I got snaps for potty training so I could leave the cover off, but still have a decent amount of padding.  Though dd has totally gotten into pt and has gone straight to panties.  I used the brown size from 10m to 24m.


Over other type of diapers, I like that they are easier to wash than aio, much cheaper, too.  I only use gmd prefolds and the workhorse,and the fitted contain poop better.

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My husband will use them with no complaint - its no different than a 'regular' diaper...put it on, velcro - done. I don't use covers unless I'm going out.


That's my biggest reason on top of the above mentioned! LOL

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