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Hello Friends


My baby was born at 7.5 and dropped to 5.5 and stayed there for about 8 weeks, exclusively breastfeed.  LLL recommended to supplement and could not find while my milk was not doing the job.  (My awesome breasts have been breastfeeding for 20 years now so maybe they are tired! JK) As soon as formula was introduced baby gained.  


Fast forward to now.  Baby is 4 months old gets formula and my breast to comfort afterwards.  She became constipated Monday and we relieved it with prune juice and water and tummy massages.  NOW SHE HAS A POPPING NOISE on her left side under the ribs. No pain at all.  Just about every time she moves it pops.  I did a search and the popping does seem to go along with constipation, but with 6 other kids I really don't have the time to stay on the computer forever, plus I don't want to read all  the negative horror stories of sickness and disease.  


Has anyone had this with their baby or child?  THANK YOU :)