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Pregnancy belt - a lifesaver!

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I just had to share how much better I'm feeling after getting a pregnancy belt that lifts up my belly and provides stability and support. My pubic bone and inner thighs had been killing and last week I told my midwife about it. She suggested I look into a belt. I went to the hospital shop and got fitted for one and it has made my body feel so much better.


Yesterday I forgot to put it on for work and I was walking around all day like an old lady. At least four people said, "Are you ok? Do you need any help?" It was painful to move. I put it on right when I got home and my speed tripled, I felt better and all was right with the world.


I'm wearing it today and I feel so great. My husband is sick of hearing me say how much I love this belt, so I thought I'd start talking about it here. Thanks for letting me share!



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wow, I've never heard of a pregnancy belt? tell me more! picture?

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Ok, it kind of looks ridiculous, but you wear it under your clothes (and over an undershirt). But on the weekend I just threw it over my top and wore it around. A real attention getter, I told my husband to watch out because before we know it Madonna or Lady Gaga will be strapping one on for a show! :)


belt 1.jpg


See! You can't even tell I'm wearing it!


belt 2.jpg

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that is so cool! I wonder if it would help with lower back pain - or is it more focused on the round ligament issue?

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This is such perfect timing! I have been wanting one so bad but I don't know where to get one in Canada. I am having so much pelvic pain and pressure and I was thinking that this would help. I am going to take a pic of this picture and bring it to my OB to get a recommendation of where to get one. Thanks for sharing- you have helped me out immensely.

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Oh yeah and your belly looks awesome!!!!

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Thanks for the reminder.  I think my chiro told me that I might want one when I hit the 3rd trimester but I forgot about it.  My hips/sciatica/back etc. have been hurting worse lately and I feel like I'm starting the pregnant waddle so I will probably grab one off amazon.com.  They have a bunch of different kinds on there.

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Rozzie, they do help with back pain as well. And it gives me perfect posture!


Shasta, I was just going to grab one off amazon as well, but my midwife told me to let her schedule me an "appointment" to go in and get fitted in the hospital because insurance might help out. And it turns out they're covering 80% of the cost. Also, I tried on three sizes before we found the one that fit. Based on their sizing and dress size, I thought I'd be a large, but it turns out I'm an extra large... well, look at that belly!!


Linnie, last night my husband was looking at my belly with the belt on and said, completely innocently, "I wonder why your belly is so big?" It was pretty funny, the belt does accentuate the shape!

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I have a belt too, and it's a lifesaver for sure! Mine is made of sturdy fabric with elastic inserts on both sides, adjustable lacing in front and back, and adjustable under-the-belly extra support with elastic straps. It's great! I started wearing it at four months. I plan to add suspenders to it as soon as I can find them (I'm pregnant with twins, the belly is already huge.)

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ooh, I should get one of those! my normal walks have suddenly become extended waddling sessions. I'm not even that big, but I feel like dragging myself is a burden. 


do you think it would help with with back support while sitting for extended periods? I have to sit for almost six straight hours in uncomfortable lecture hall seating twice a week, and another 3 hours on a train... my back is so sad and sore. I think it's a posture issue.

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