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Childbirth classes

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Are any of you taking or thinking of taking childbirth classes? There are several offered in my area, and I'm kind of trying to choose which one I might be interested in taking. I've heard really good things about the Bradley Method class here, and there's another one called "Birthworks" that sort of combines a lot of different schools of thought. I'm participating in the Centering Pregnancy program with my midwife team, which is nice for networking with other local mamas, although it's a little light on actual content for me.


If this isn't your first pregnancy, did you take any classes with previous ones? What did you like/dislike about it?

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I used hypnosis for childbirth last time around and had several practice hypnosis sessions before the birth. It was an independent program that my friend/ doula actually wrote herself (she was a certified hypnotherapist) I highly suggest hypnosis and have heard good things about both hypnobabies and hypnobirthing. 

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Funny enough, I literally just got done registering for some prenatal classes. The ones we're taking are two nights a week for 7 classes total. I was recommended this place by some good friends of ours who took classes there with their first child. They seem to be a bit middle of the road. Not too out there, not too clinical and have a good variety of techniques and theories that they teach. They touch on a bit of a few things, which is great because we haven't decided what methods are right for us yet. I've had different people recommend different things and I'm still starting some of the research into them. 


These are the classes we're taking if you're curious: http://www.childbearing.org/1ee/

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I'm borrowing the Hypnobabies independent study from another mama, and although I've just started, I like it so far.  I don't know if that's all I will do, though.  I know it says no to combine it with other courses, but the midwives are highly recommending that I take a Bradley class as well.  Partly so I can connect with other pregnant mothers in the area.  I'm considering it, but I have a couple hesitations.  One is that the Bradley course will cost us $2-300, and also I think it is geared towards the husband playing a big role in the birth, and unfortunately dp won't be here for the birth.  So I haven't decided yet.

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I could see another course being conflicting if using hypnosis. You want to train your mind to go straight to hypnosis for getting through the birth- if you are taught other methods you may feel conflicted in birth and you really need to focus for the hypnosis to work. 

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I know I PM'ed you already regarding local childbirth classes, but thought I'd post on here too.  We really liked the Bradley Childbirth classes and felt very well prepared for labor and delivery.  My husband went from being so scared of childbirth that he wanted to have a planned c-section to being the biggest natural birth advocate!  The education, options, and empowerment to make it your birth were important to us.  Plus, looking back there was never a moment during labor or delivery where we felt out of control or surprised at what was happening to my body, etc.  It made for a very relaxing, enjoyable birth experience.  And we are lucky that we have some good birth education options here in the middle of Iowa! 

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