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Having a Photographer at the Birth?

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I was really excited to meet someone who has a photography business a few weeks ago through a mom's meetup group I'm a part of. She is working on a book and trying to build her birth photography portfolio, and has offered to photograph my birth for free. I'll get rights to the low resolution photos (to use online etc), a free print, and a discount on any other prints I want.


When she offered, I said yes right away, since I think it would be really lovely to have nice photographs of the whole process, instead of the few snapshots we got after the birth last time. However, last night for some reason I started worrying about having yet another person there- someone I'm not very familiar with- and I'm not sure if it will be worth it or not. 


My DH is perfectly fine with her being there, so it's really up to me to decide. What to you all think? Has anyone had a photographer at their birth? Was it intrusive? This lady is super nice, and we do get along very well. The mom's group is kind of a crunchy/ natural mama's thing, and she is super supportive of home/ natural birth. I just don't want the whole thing to turn into a circus and feel like there are too many people around.


My midwife, her assistant, my friend (who will be like a doula/support), another friend who will be taking care of my two kids, my kids, and my DH (of course) will be there. 



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The only thing I can say is leave it an open thing. Don't force yourself into it if you want her to go away or don't want to call her at all and don't say no to it yet. I would talk to her and explain your worries and see if she would be willing to have it up in the air. You really don't know what will feel right until you are in the moment and I don't think should obligate yourself to do anything for anyone else during your birth. She may come and her energy be all wrong and you may want her to leave, I think she should be prepared for that. But there is also the possibility that, like a good photographer, she will melt into the background and the only way you will know she was there is by the gorgeous photos she provides you with of your child's birth. If she's not understanding of the fact that you may not want her there when the time comes then I would worry that she doesn't have enough respect for the process and probably not want her there at all. 
I would also get the agreement in writing, every single important detail. 
It is a great opportunity though, I would love to have professional birth pics <3 

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My BFF was at my birth and she took pics, very candid and beautiful



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Originally Posted by Sharlla View Post

My BFF was at my birth and she took pics, very candid and beautiful



Wow! very beautiful pictures. You look gorgeous! 

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I just had someone offer to take professional pictures at my birth, if timing works out, and I am super excited!  I don't think I want a bunch of people watching me through transition, but other than that, I don't think I would mind a room full of people.  I really hope it works out!!  As of right now we will have my husband and 2 kids, my mom and dad, a friend, the photographer, and two midwives.  That is a lot of people for a tiny 3 bedroom ranch...and honestly, it bugs my DH more than it does me.  BUT, I am the one pushing the kid out and I really, really want photos, so oh well.

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beautiful pictures Sharlla!

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Do it. Don't even hesitate. If, for some reason, you decide last minute that you don't want it: "Oh my gosh Sally the Photographer, I'm calling to let you know that I had my baby yesterday. It happened so fast and was such a blur that we werent even able to call you, I'm so sorry!" - done.



But you won't change your mind. I regret SO POWERFULLY not having someone come to my births for the specific purpose of taking pictures. I feel so lucky to have the two or three pictures from the minutes after DDs birth and the two from the first moments of DSs birth...but I'm so sad that I have none of me in labor and having them and in the minutes and hours of bonding after they were born. I didn't realize how bad I really wanted that until we decided we were "done" having children. So, with this, our third and DEFINITELY final baby, I have my sister coming for the sole and specific purpose of handling filming the birth and my other sister (or a family member I'm not as close with, but who is a professional photographer) is going to take pictures. I just really, really want it.


The memories fade so quickly....and you can't see yourself when you're birthing. I remember very small parts of my births very sharply, but most of it is a wild blur. When I'm an old, grey woman, I think it will be amazing to look back at my young self, pushing this baby out. Doing it one last time.


Do it. You don't have too many people. Your MW is a birth worker, she knows how to stay out of the way. The student is going to tag along with her and won't be any trouble. The person watching your kids is going to be with them....your support friend is going to be with you and will mirror whatever tone you're taking....everyone coming to your birth sounds like they have a roll, a place to be and something they are supposed to be doing. I think it will be fine....the photographer will be the fly on the wall, that's all. That's what they do....give you a fly on the wall perspective of one of the most important and intense days of your life. Take this incredible opportunity and have these pictures the whole rest of your life.


Seriously...you will NOT regret having these photos. You will cherish them so very, very much.

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joy.gifThanks BroodyWoodsgal- you made me tear up... I think you are totally right! 

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Originally Posted by Monkey's Mum View Post

beautiful pictures Sharlla!



I think I'd like to have pictures, but I don't think I want anyone there.  I hope to have more children later (this is my first) so I think I might get a photographer later.  My husband said to do what I want, but he would rather not have many people at the birth.  Because I'm not 100% sure I think this time I'll skip it.  Part of my reasoning is the cost though, if I had someone good available for free I think I would go for it.

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I would love to have a photographer at my birth but am held back by the cost and the possibility that I may have to have a c-section (did with my first and only).  I am going to talk with the OB at the end of March when I have someone to watch my son.  It is difficult to have a discussion with a toddler!  I am hoping to find someone who is just starting out and wants some practice.

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