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How have you all been weathering the sick season? We have gotten hit pretty hard but I think we are coming out of it. My oldest son, who is in kindergarten, brought home a horrible cold bug. He did okay with it but got an ear ache toward the end. Luckily it didn't turn into anything worse. My daughter got the ear ache as well and it turned into an infection. She has been on antibiotics (first time for any of them!) for 24 hours and is slowly coming out of it, yay. She was in unbelievable pain. :( Luke has had a nasty cough and plenty of congestion but I think due to nursing frequently and napping upright, he has managed to dodge the ear ache. It's been a week now. Boy, I cannot wait for some mild days to throw open the windows and get outisde!!


Hope you are all doing well!!