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Anybody have SPD?

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I think I do. I'm pretty sure I did with the first two, except with #1, I had regular chiropractic care (started when my pelvis started popping constantly). With #2, there was just no way we could afford chiropractic, so I did a lot of stretching and such, I don't think it was as bad. Now with this one, I just have this horrible pelvic pain all the time. Worse later in the day. The other night it was so bad, and it occurred to me to take a warm bath (which is sort of a feat in itself) and that helped SO much. But now, it's like this awful, kind of stabbing pain in my pelvis whenever I roll over in bed, or move my legs apart in any way (like if I want to cross my legs, I have to literally pick up my leg to cross it over the other one, and uncrossing them is just as painful). Getting dressed is a challenge, etc. I'm only 23 weeks, and it's been going on for at least a month, but I think longer. I mentioned it to my midwife who said it was round ligament pain, but somehow I think it is not that simple. I had round ligament pain early on with this one (like way early...I think prior to 8 weeks or so).


So for any of you that are experiencing this, what do you do? I think I can start going to the chiro again maybe next week, and I'm pretty sure that will help some, but what about throughout the day, etc. I thought about trying to get a pregnancy yoga DVD or something, but even the thought of trying to sit on the floor is daunting. greensad.gif

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I have not been told I have SPD, but that does describe what is going on with the ligements in my back. Mine gets really bad when I am actively lifting things, and streching up to reach things or carrying things.  Someone on our due date club found this http://spinningbabies.com/techniques/activities-for-fetal-positioning/inversion it doesn't stop my pain but the next day things seem better. I also use ice, my doctor explained that if you can sustain cold long enough it can interupt the inflammation signal. Heat can increase inflammation. I love sitting indian style or with my feet up, I guess that is a big trigger,too. I am trying to learn to keep my knees below my hips. Once you feel better prenatal yoga can help keep you feeling better. With my last pregnancy I found out to late that my midwife wasn't the person to talk to about relieving my pain, they will just empathise. My primary sent me for PT, which I am grateful my insurance covers. 

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mine has gotten so bad yet but i feel little niggling pains that says i will get it eventually. i like to wear a support belt. i had a medically prescribed one last time. it was itchy and sucked. i plan to get something different and more comfortable this time. i see them sold at maternity stores around here. you can alos use a length of not stretchy fabric to bind your hips. lift your belly up first. use the fabric to hold up your belly and hold your hips together. that will help the pain. keep moving carefully to avoid further damage. it is possible to tear it apart. keep your knees together all the time. like i was told by my grandma when i started wearing skirts. lol. i know it sucks. it got real bad for me last time. i also have a connective tissue disorder so everything in me stretches real easy like i am pregnant and then add in the pregnant hormones that make it even more so. so yeah, support belly, bind hips, keep knees together. that is what i do.

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I usually get it really bad but this pregnancy and my last it has been tolerable. When it starts hurts I have my husband pop it for me. I lie on the couch and he crosses his arms with one hand on each knee and I push my legs together against his hands until it pops. It instantly feels better. The chiropractor showed us this. Sometimes I can pop is myself with a pillow between my knees. 
I also have to modify my prenatal yoga routine. I can't do any position that really pull the hips apart, like triangle pose, or anything that has me supporting my weight with one leg. Those moves will aggravate my SPD. 

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I asked my OB about it a couple weeks ago because it was bothering me more than I liked and he said that for many women, it goes away or stays mild. If it's intrusive, he refers to PT or a chiropractor.


Mine is diminishing now, so there might be something to that.  Some things trigger it--crawling on the floor, putting undies on one leg at a time, etc. Pretty easy to avoid.  Except some of the stretches I do for piriformis sciatic pain trigger SPD pain.  Eh, that's fine.  


Last time around, being in water helped tremendously for all those lower back/pelvic aches and pains.  I spent a lot of time in warm water therapy pools.

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Yes. I had it with my daughter but it didn't start until much later and wasn't as bad as it is this time. My aunt had it badly enough that she was in a wheelchair for her second pregnancy so I have to be VERY careful. Try to keep your legs together as much as possible, and even in labor, you need to be careful about how much you spread them.

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Yes. I had it with my daughter but it didn't start until much later and wasn't as bad as it is this time. My aunt had it badly enough that she was in a wheelchair for her second pregnancy so I have to be VERY careful. Try to keep your legs together as much as possible, and even in labor, you need to be careful about how much you spread them.


i agree about birth. that is why i am doing home birth this time. last time i was in the hospital having a natural birth and i had all my weight on my knees, leaning against the raised back of the bed. they didnt think my legs were far enough apart and pulled them apart. without telling me or asking me to help etc. i was pissed. and then it took almost 6 months for the pain to go away. after watching some birth videos and talking to the midwife, i now know my legs were far enough apart. my birth plan even said "dont touch me ever". i would be sure to say this to everyone who might be involved in your birth. 

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Forgive my ignorance, but what is SPD? Where would you feel the pain?  I've been noticing that where my leg meets my crotch it is quite painful to walk and move after being active.  And by active, I don't mean exercising, but just doing a normal amount of household chores in succession.  I did take a sloooow stroll around the block with the kids and it was really bad that night.  And is that area my groin?  I tried googling to figure it out, but I'm only mostly sure it is.

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Symphysis pubis dysfunction.  Basically, pubic bone/pelvic girdle pain.  For me, it feels like a lot of pressure and pain right where the pubic bone separates.   So yeah, deep groin.

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if you google for a pic of your pelvis, you will see the the very front of it, the pubic bone, right under your pubic mound, is actually separated in the middle by some connective tissue. spd is when the bones start to pull apart. bc the tissue is more flexible like the rest of your joints. bc it is a joint. some women have more problems than others. but once it starts to separate, it is easy to make it worse. spreading your legs too fast can make you feel like you are a wishbone out of a turkey. keep your knees together when you walk, or move, etc. and use a support. i think i might have posted this in this thread already. this will be my 3rd pregnancy with it. i am drinking lots of vit c. that helps to strengthen the connective tissue. i am hoping it will help this time. i also am already protecting my joint by watching how i move. i will be doing yoga as well. that helps the muscles tone to hold it in place. 

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How are you mamas doing? I am really in bad shape this week. We had great weather here last week, we spent all day, every day playing outside. Of course my two year old is all over the place in the woods behind my neighbors house, round the front (and the the road), back to the sand box. Sigh.. You get the picture. The ligament on the left side to my tail bone is really spasming bad. I am feeling really down, and praying to feel better. It's so hard to enjoy the last trimester in constant pain. What ever I did to earn this, I am sorry!

I am making an apt, with a friend that does accupunture. That helps for a week or so. Should I do chiro? Is it safe, at this point in the pregnancy? I am 28 weeks.

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You should totally do chiropractic! I'm 29 weeks today, and just had my first appt 2-3 weeks ago. I'm going back tomorrow. With my first pregnancy, I had it 3 x/week for 12 weeks and then weekly until the end of the pregnancy. It is amazing and wonderful. If you can find a chiro that does KST, that's even better. After my adjustment, the Dr. had me kind of simulate some of the motions that triggered pain, and I had absolutely none. Granted that only really lasted for about a day or so, but I've definitely noticed a definite improvement overall since then. As for the safety, I know mine has this special pillow that's hollowed out in the middle (for big bellies) and then if for whatever reason, that isn't comfortable, he can do the adjustment w/you seated. If it's a KST adjustment, you can pretty much stand up or sit/lie down or whatever.

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