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When did your mildly low-tone child stop needing a stroller?

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My DD is 4y2m old.  She has low tone, it's not severe, but def there.  She also has motor planning issues, so walking anywhere with her more than a block is a challenge (oddly enough this doesn't stop her running all over the house lol.gif ).  


I also have a 2y2m old, and a new baby on the way due this fall.  DD will be almost 5.  


I don't drive- our stroller is my "car".  We frequently walk pretty far- minimum of a mile and back.  We have three nearby parks, but all require a good walk and if I were to make her "walk the walk on the walk" lol.gif she'd have no energy to play.  Her being at the park includes much time sitting down and playing with sticks and grass anyways... I'd love to preserve her physical energy before getting there so she can get the most out of playing.


Since the new baby is due in September, I'll only get a few months worth of being able to wear baby in a wrap while pushing the stroller.   When warm weather hits again in the spring, baby will be about 5 months old, and likely a strain on me to walk, wear, and push two heavy children in a heavy stroller.


I've looked into buggy boards and I don't think that would help DD since she can't actually SIT on them- standing tires her out too.  And I don't think my 2yo will be able to stand on a buggy board... maybe when she's 3 that will change, but she's pretty active and I don't think I'd be able to trust her to not jump off! 



So I guess I'm looking for commiseration, but I'd also like to know what my options are?  Me + 3 kids who can't walk long, on a long walk.  Is there any way to help DD with her muscle tone issues?  I was given a wait and see approach and am waiting for the kids' medicaid to clear so I can get another referral to the developmental ped.   Advice?  I can't afford a triple stroller.  We currently have a double mountain buggy, and I love it.  Since a stroller is my main "vehicle", I need it to be rugged.  A triple rugged stroller will run me $1k, and I don't have that.  Even if I were to sell my mountain buggy, I'd still be out $500.  

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Sounds like us. My 5y3m old son has low tone and I have an almost 2 year old. We have no car and also walk long distances. My son is out of the stroller now for the most part but uses the buggy board for longer distances. I wrap the straps of my purse around his back and onto each handle of the stroller that creates like a sling for him to lean back on. It helps him not get too tired standing. He is small for his age and does sometimes sit on the buggy board and pulls his knees in. I also have this hook on one of the handles that he holds onto when we are walking shorter distances. I've learned that he does much better walking when he has something to anchor to. http://www.giggle.com/Mommy-Hook/0004092951,default,pd.html

When my toddler wants to walk my 5 year jumps in the stroller so fast!

Good luck!

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You might want to look into a relatively good quality sit and stand stroller. Good ones have a strap that goes across the handles when the child is standing and a belt mechanism for when the child is sitting. Then there's a regular stroller seat up front that can also be used for a baby bucket car seat. So with a good one - like a joovy - you could put the 2 smaller in the stroller in the spring. You could use it for the 2 bigger ones that way right now while wearing the baby.

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Thank you!

I think I've come up with some ideas. I'll keep our trips to shorter distances.. Grocery store around the corner (a small polish deli but it will suffice for milk and bread) and the park that is 3 blocks away instead of the one that is a mile away. Etc etc etc.

Yesterday was the first day in awhile where we used our stroller (we've been cooped up here with my morning sickness and fatigue and just not wanting to lug the 36lb stroller downstairs! She is most definitely too big for it. Her legs are too long to comfortable put on the footplate so she hangs them off, and her head pushes against the canopy and she has to cock her head a little to one side... Talk about a growth spurt!

My current plan is to get a single jogger with a footplate big enough for someone to sit on it a pinch. I found a cheap older model mountain buggy that may suit that need. I plan to put a buggy board on back and have my 2yo stand on it, but I'll leash her with one of those kid leash things tied to the handle of the stroller. I know she has the stamina to stand a short ride. I'll keep a wrap in the basket for baby, and baby can either sit or ride in the stroller. Dd1 can ride her bike alongside me. She is getting quite good at it and she seems to be able to ride it for longer than shed be able to walk... So that might just work.
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