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How much did your daughter grow after her period started? - Page 2

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One daughter grew about 5" after starting. She is 5'11"(this rapid growth caused her some problems and she was in physical therapy for a few weeks during that time) Another grew about 2" after. She was really tall for her age to begin with, though. She is now 5'9". Still waiting on daughter3 to start and then have another daughter who is only two.

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My daughter is still a toddler, but I remember I was 5'1" in 8th grade and started my period towards the end of the school year. I am now 5'5.5". At least some of that growth must have been following menarche. 

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Much to my daughter's dismay, her doctor told her to expect that she'd stop growing about two years after menarche (she's only 5'1" and by these calculations, has a year to go).

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DD started her period at 10.  She was 5'3" then.  She's now 12, is 5'6" and appears to still be growing steadily towards 5'7" though not at the massive growth spurt rate that she did right before her period started.

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I got my period when I was 14. I was about 5ft tall at that time when I graduated highschool I was 5'1 and when I came home from collage for a physical I was 5'3 so I grew 3 inches over 6 years .
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My daughter is going to be 11 in April and does have some pubic hair she is almost 5 ft tall and has not started her period yet. I'm hoping it holds off until she's 12 at least.
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My eldest dd have her first period at 12 3/4, but didn't get another until she was 14 and around 5' 6'. She finally stopped growing at 19 and topped out at 5' 9". My middle DD didn't start her period until she was 15 and was already 5' 7', a year later she is 5' 8". 

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My oldest daughter isn't near puberty ages yet at only 8.5 but I don't remember growing much after puberty although I'm not sure exactly where I was on height when it started. I know I got my first training bra at 6th grade and all my other "changes" around 11.5-12 and started AF at exactly 12.5. At 14 and starting high school I was my adult size height (5'3") and figure (DD) though so I couldn't have grown much after AF started - any additional growth, mostly figure wise, within a year and a half of starting. I think my weight around the time it started was about 103 although I started putting on weight after that and have mostly ranged 145-155 since high school/adulthood. My sister and all the other women in my family seem to be about the same size and AF start. I really think we were all "fully grown" within a year or two of the start of AF but that is probably something to do with genetics.

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I got to this thread as my own 11 yo DD just started recently. She is not even 5" and she has another cousin who is 4'11" ... I haven't asked her yet if she had any growth after she hit puberty. I myself started at right after my 13th birthday but then I didn't any more periods till I was 15.... and I did have got 3-4" by then. I am 5'6" not too tall but not very short either. DH is 5' 11".


Just curious if adding gymnastic or any other kind of stretching exercise might help with growth??



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I don't think the stretching is going to change her genetics and make her taller or smaller than she would be naturally. However, I've heard women who've gained an inch as adults through pilates. They aren't "growing" but they are improving posture and increasing space in their spine.

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My DD hasn't started hers yet. For me though, I was 5'5" at 12 when I started menstruating. At 13 I stopped growing, 5'5.5". But ten years later I grew another half inch during pregnancy, so now I'm 5'6". I always assumed that I stopped growing because I had started my period. My mother started hers two or three years later and is several inches taller than me. (I'm the shorty in my family)
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i am 12 and 4 months ago i started my period.i am asian and im scared that if i dont grow anymore.im 5'3" and a little fat thats why im scared to dont grow anymore.im 128lbs :(

do u guys think that i can grow like a few inches?(that would be lovely if u guys share your experiences with me and tell me what to do and what to not,and tell me what u think)

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Shadi, statistically speaking you probably won't grow more than 1-2 inches. But 128 lbs is a healthy weight for someone who is 5'3". I'm less than an inch taller than you, just three pounds lighter and I run marathons. If I were you, I'd concentrate not on your weight or your height, but on your strength and your health. If you're not physically active every day, set that as a goal. If you don't feel like you're strong with lots of endurance, find a way to better condition your body. It doesn't have to be a team sport or anything competitive if you don't enjoy those things. My own teenage daughters have enjoyed a combination of running, mountain-biking, recreational gymnastics and yoga. The lifestyle habits you lay down over the next five years will set the tone for the rest of your life. If you make choices now to build yourself into someone who is strong and active, you will have a good chance of staying that way forever and not feeling like you need to "watch your weight" all the time.


Good luck!



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Neither of my daughters are old enough yet, but I grew about another inch after my period started - however, I was 15 when it started, and was already 5'7".  So, the lateness, combined with the height I already had most likely meant that I didn't have much left to grow.

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