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Nausea :(

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Ugh it's starting.  It comes and goes and no vomiting yet.  


I've had severe nausea & vomiting with both previous pregnancies and took zofran.  


I'm hopeful thought that I won't need to take it this time.  


So what have you tried for nausea & vomiting that has WORKED?  


I've tried eating small frequent meals, ginger, preggy pops, vitamin B6, pressure points . . .



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oof. I'm with you and was sick every single day until my DS was born. I even had hyperemesis with the pregnancy I just lost. I've already got my script of zofran in an attempt to control it before it gets worse but I'm so reluctant to take it.


I don't have any ideas. ginger, eating, etc. all make me feel worse. B6 does seem to help somewhat but it's pretty miserable.

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I think I'm feeling a bit better... I started taking b6, per some helpful advice someone gaveme on a similar post. I'm also eating at 3 am, or so, when I get up to pee. It doesn't taste good, but I choke it down, and it makes it a little easier to get out of bed in the morning. I eat again before getting out of bed too (yuck). 


I just heard something today while listening to a podcast (pregtastic), where a doctor recommended sipping on the thick syrup from a can of canned fruit (peaches). I never buy canned fruit, but I think I'll try it. He said it can't be the lite stuff. Not healthy, but if a few small sips make all the difference - it might be worth it.


I can't believe I can't enjoy eating, which I normally do so much... But I have to do it all the time. Just plain wrong! ;) 

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I figured out what was triggering my ms today. my prenatal vitamin! I feel almost totally better (still fatigue though) off of it. It's weird cuz it's supposed to have an absorbable for of iron, but the iron is prob. What's giving me the ms. I'm going to find an iron free prenatal asap. Still can't believe I don't have to feel horri vb le anymore...yeah google for giving me the heads up.
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The iron in prenatals is usually what triggers it.. With my oldest I traded them in for chewable kids vitamins without iron. Not the best (especially since I tend to run on the anemic side) but I figured if I kept it down its better than taking something that will make me sick..


My first and third were horrible, second not so bad. My first was suppose to be twins but I lost one, my second was a single girl and my third was my son. So, maybe has to do with gender, maybe not. Triggers can be all over the place from a smell, to a sound, to my stomach deciding it just hates me. Some days are better than others, yesterday I threw up 3 times.. today I have been barely nauseous all day, just starting feeling bad around 10pm.


If I find a cure I'm sure to tell you. Motion sickness bands help me some but with this pregnancy its not much of a help. I'm going to try B6 and see if that helps. I can only hope.

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I'm sorry you're feeling icky. :(


I've not experienced much nausea, so long as I keep my stomach full. But I'm using chewable multivitamins with B-12 and B-6, plus an extra dose of folic and calcium instead of prenatals. I carry raisins with me everywhere I go and if I start to feel hungry, I pop a few of those and the nausea goes away.


I wonder if there's a point before 13 weeks that I can consider myself, "in the clear" for morning sickness? Most of the folks that have it seem to have developed it between 4 and 7 weeks. I'm in my 7th week now but I don't want to count my chickens. fingersx.gif

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now the vomiting has started.  :(


I felt really great this AM after I threw up.  Now I just feel miserable again.


some minty green tea is providing a little relief today

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My husband has been bringing me a few sandwich crackers in bed.  It has really really helped my nausea.  This is really surprising because that NEVER helped with my pregnancies.  


It still requires some timing.  If I don't get up enough and eat something else the taste of digesting carbs in my mouth is enough to make me throw up anyway.


Anyone else having a problem with after tastes?

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As soon as I moved when I take my pre-natals, I felt immediately better.  I was taking them in the morning and then feeling sick all day.  Now I take them just before bed, and it's way better. I only had one night that I had to sit up to let the nausea pass. Last night I ate an orange before taking them, and that helped a ton.  I'm keeping my FX that I'm past the worst of it, and I think I'm lucky that I didn't have it too bad, with only a handful of really nasty days.  It's a really horrible feeling, and I totally feel for all of you on here that are experiencing bad nausea. I hope it passes for you soon. hug2.gif



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Still testing the high protein and Vit B6 theory here - and it's a battle! I think the protein is making more of a difference for me than the B6 (the B complex seems to really make me tired I think)


I'm 6 weeks and if I don't stay on top of eating every 2 hours or so, things go bad very quickly. No throwing up yet, but there are times I easily could. 

Before dinner seems to be the worst - the combo of being hungry and cooking is not good, and it takes me a while to recover after eating.


I went for a walk last night after dinner (forced myself through the after dinner recovery) and felt really awful before bed, but woke up feeling really good this morning - don't know if it was the bagel with melted cheese before bed or just a fluke. The rest of the day is iffy - but I'm definitely doing better than I was when pregnant with DS (I think I had already thrown up by now)

I had it up until 16 weeks with DS - and I just hope this doesn't last that long this time.


Hope it gets more manageable for everyone else :)



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Second pregnancy and the nausea and vomiting is terrible.  Forget taking vitamins, it's been a struggle just to find foods that I can handle.  I had to take zofran with my last pregnancy, but I do not remember it being this bad.  I had given up sugar and flour, but all I can stomach lately is sips of soda, naan with butter, and canned peaches (ironically enough, I craved this, then read about it).  I'm actually a midwife and none of my tricks work for me.  Bummer.  A refrigerator full of lovely food is just going to waste since I started being sick a week ago.  



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Hi everyone. This is my first post in this group, and I'm nearing 7 weeks now. My classic MS always presents itself as 24/7 nausea along with repulsion from just about every food you could think of. I only threw up once or twice with my son, and none at all with the last pregnancy (ended in miscarriage), so my fingers are crossed that the same will be true of this pregnancy as throwing up is pretty high up on my most horrible things I've ever experienced list. lol


Anyway, I'm currently struggling to find something I can actually get down every 2 hours or so. If I keep on top of it and force anything that sounds decent down while I can, I find that the nausea isn't nearly as unbearable...and I avoid that awful cycle of getting too hungry...feeling like I need to throw up, and then being unable to actually EAT which would solve the whole problem!


I find that lemon in my water helps...along with really icy cold water. I also am chewing mint gum literally all day long with only enough pause to eat. Also, smelling fresh cut lemons helps if I'm feeling on the verge of losing it. I actually just read somewhere that eating a fruit...waiting 30 min. and then eating something high in protein can help keep your blood sugar more stabilized than going with my current tactic of eating whenever I can by force...lol, so I might give that a try. I also have been taking it easy a lot more this pregnancy...a lot more napping...a lot more laying down...passing off my son to the g-parents or giving him the tv remote. lol I think just taking it easy is helping. 


Does anyone know which week it is that MS kind of reaches its peak? And afterwards begins dying off (albeit crazy slow)... I seem to think it's week 9 or something? 

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My other two pregnancies came w/ horrible nausea and vomiting. Not hyperemesis, thank heaven, but I took drugs both times. The second was loads worse than the first. Nothing but the drugs helped ~ nothing. I still threw up even on drugs (compazine first time, zofran second). It did not reach a peak or taper off. At 13 or 14 weeks, it just stopped, along w/ the fatigue. This time around: nothing. No nausea at all! I have been so excited! I prayed and prayed to not feel sick & am so glad God answered that prayer! I still def feel pg, extremely tired, taking forever to kick this horrid cold I have, appetite being off, etc. I don't even care, I'm so glad I'm not sick at all! So, it is true what they say, every pregnancy is different. I'm also fully convinced that this one has to be a boy. If it's a girl, I will be shocked.

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