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Advice for a short LP

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What would you advise someone to do who has been trying for 4 months and charting for 3, and appears to have an 8 day luteal phase?

This is my cousin's situation and I've been helping her with her charting questions and now she's wondering what she should do since she's discovered this issue.  Should she go see a doctor?  What kind of doctor? What do they do for treatment?  Should she try to treat herself somehow?  What usually causes a short LP?


Also, according her bmi she is underweight.  I'm not sure how important that is.



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I would first recommend she start taking a vitamin b6 supplement... 50-100mg.  Try that for a few cycles.  In the meantime, she should take a look at her diet and exercise routine.  If she is underweight or overweight this could be causing issues since progesterone is stored in fat.  Making sure she is getting plenty of healthy fats, omega-3's, etc. is important, but cutting out bad fats might help.  Also, if she is a strenuous exerciser, she might consider cutting back a bit.  Or the opposite, if she is dealing with a bit of a weight problem she might have more success if she started walking or run/walking.  There are other supplements that can aid a short LP, but I think this is a good place to start.


If tweaking her diet, exercise, and supplements does not result in changes within a few months, I would personally recommend natural progesterone cream before seeing a doctor.  You can easily look up appropriate dosage and try that for a few months.  If this is not working either, then any OB should be able to test her progesterone levels (request testing during her LP like CD22, not just CD3 testing) and prescribe a progesterone supplement.


Good luck to her and tell her to join the forums!  thumb.gif

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I took 100 mg of B6 when I had an 8 day LP. Got pregnant on the second month of taking B6.

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Erika, what a glowing recommendation for B6!  That's awesome!  It really astounds me how many care providers say they have never heard of B6 for lengthening an LP.

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I know! Also, the first full cycle on B6, my LP was 10 days. 

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