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Help me with names!!

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I'm team green but...


I'm pretty sure it's a little girl in there (wishful thinking maybe?) Anyway, I have my girl name picked out, and I need help with middle names! I also need some suggestions for boy names, you know, just in case! 


My DD's name is Emi (It's actually Emiko, but we almost always just call her Emi), and my DS name is Jude


The girl name I have picked out is Eden. What would sound good as a middle name? What about boy's names?? Help! upsidedown.gif

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Hmmm... Eden....


Eden Claire?


Eden Louise?


Eden Lynne?


Eden Aster?


Eden Hera?


Eden Rhea?


Eden Gaia?


Or what about something like Eden Moon or Eden Jupiter? (don't hate me if this is weird!)


I'll try to think of some more... thumb.gif

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Eden Prairie (ha, my mind just goes there, that's a city in MN I think)


Eden Rae


Eden ???  Huh, this hard.  I love the name Eden though!  I will keep thinking.


I do like Eden Moon too.

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Thanks for the ideas! I was thinking that a longer middle name might sound good with Eden...


I kind of like Eden Alexandra or Eden Alexandria... although, it might be a bit too much.

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Eden Dawn?

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My friend is having a little Eden Elizabeth in May. I think that is beautiful. I love alliteration.

Eden Juliet
Eden Azalea
Eden Bianca
Eden Isabella
Eden Camille
Eden Abigail
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