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Random question: Bellybuttons?

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I'm 33 weeks pregnant with our first baby and have strangely been looking forward to my bellybutton "popping" out.  However, while it's changed shape some, it doesn't show any signs of "popping."  Is this a plus-sized mom thing or just a peculiarity of my navel?

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My belly button has never popped out with any of my pregnancies including my first were I had polyhydramnios and was the size of full term twins.. It gets stretched out and kinda flat but that's about it.

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Never popped out in any of my three pregnancies and don't suspect it will with this one, either. I guess I always just assumed it was because it was deeper because of my larger belly. It did get almost flat. It was really sensitive though (maybe from all those years of being tucked away in it's happy place haha) and really annoyed me when it rubbed on things like the countertop when I was washing dishes, etc. so I decided I was fine with forgoing the cuteness of the outie if it was going to feel so funny!
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Mine never popped out either. It ended up pretty flat. But, this was discussed at length in my DDC and a lot of the more slender ladies didn't have theirs pop either. It seemed to have more to do with how deep your bellybutton is pre-pregnancy. But now I'm curious if more of the plus sized mamas have had this same experience!
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Mine never popped, but it definitely got shallower.  Normally mine is about a full inch deep - I can stick my finger in up to the first knuckle.  With DS it got to about fingertip depth.  I'm about 27 weeks right now, and it's about half the normal depth and definitely wider. 

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