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where to buy maternity clothes??

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Last time around I bought a lot at Target, but they were so cruddy. Except for my jeans. Most things got bally and had snags in them by the end of my pregnancy. This time around I would love some nice staples that can last for awhile.


I don't really want to spend a lot of money, and when I went to Pea in a Pod last weekend everything was sooo expensive.


Any suggestions??

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Old Navy has some nice stuff that held up reasonably well for me and is much more reasonable than Pea in a Pod. Gap too.



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I was going to suggest ON too, but I haven't had the issue you have had with the Target stuff. I have been wearing my Target maternity tops for a few years now (yes, even when I wasn't pregnant blush.gif) and they've held up really well.

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I like Motherhood Maternity. I had a pair of blue jeans from there last through 2 pregnancies and 2 post partums...about 6 weeks after, in fact.  Till I could wear regular clothes. In fact, I just had a big order delivered and LOVED the international shipping. Everything fit well.


One caveat, they seem to shrink after the first washign...I mean, a lot of the shirts.

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Do Old Navy and Gap carry the maternity line in their regular stores or do they have different specialty stores (like Gap Maternity)?  Or are you buying online?  I don't recall ever seeing any maternity clothes in the ones I've been to.

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Old Navy maternity is tucked into a corner in the infants section in the two stores near me. And they had barely anything there, but it's good for trying on sizes and then buying the style/color you like online. 

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The nearest Old Navy and Gap to me have maternity in their stores, but they are the flagship stores in a major city that happens to be Gap Inc.'s corporate headquarters, so I'm not at all sure their reflective of what's available nationwide.  I know they have stuff on-line too. 

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Originally Posted by rebecca10 View Post

The nearest Old Navy and Gap to me have maternity in their stores, but they are the flagship stores in a major city that happens to be Gap Inc.'s corporate headquarters, so I'm not at all sure their reflective of what's available nationwide.  I know they have stuff on-line too. 

You're talking about San Francisco, right?  Are those the stores downtown by the Powell station?  I work next to Civic Center, so it would be awesome to have it so close!


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My first child was born in April and so the majority of maternity clothing I have is winter.  I need an entire summer wardrobe now. I have picked up a few things at Goodwill and Savers (totally hit or miss, but you can get FANTASTIC stuff in nearly new condition for between $2-4). I picked up some things at Motherhood Maternity and most of the rest at Old Navy.  I did all of my Old Navy purchasing on line because the stores don't carry any selection in the few stores that actually carry maternity at all. I've picked up the last few things I couldn't find anywhere else on ebay and emommie.com.  Craigslist is a good place to look too, as well as consignment shops.  Good luck!


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Thanks all!

I think I will try Old Navy/Gap. Hadn't really looked at them yet.


And C's Mama, ha, maybe I wore my target maternity shirts too long too, in which case I should give them credit for 2 years worth!



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Also H&M has great maternity stuff!! I am not sure if you can order online but they do have it in their stores Ive been too..  I also like ASOS if you want a more urban look.. but i think ASOS is internet only except in London.. oh and Topshop! but again you have to be in NYC/EU for them.. I do think they also mail order..



Goodwill and second hand stores can be amazing or really hit/miss but usually so cheap they are worth checking :)

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I like the fit of Motherhood Maternity.  When I went they were having buy one get one off of the clearance rack.  So I was able to buy an item already marked down then get a free item on top of that.  I found a lot of that brand on sale on craigslist and also ebay.  

Old Navy I had to travel far to look at their maternity and it was a tiny section and it was more expensive than Motherhood Maternity since they had the clearance sale.  Gap was way expensive in the store (one pair of jeans was 70.00 dollars) and had an even smaller section than ON.  I am sure that all varies by the store due to the selection and your location.  

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pennywhistle--yes, the downtown stores near Powell. I haven't been this time around, but when I was shopping for maternity stuff back in 2009, both stores had a fairly good selection.    

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you know Gap is expensive.


Man, I really miss Old Navy...and Children's Place. I bought the kids new clothes and ONE pair of shorts was $50 from Gap.  And that was cheap compared to other places liek Pumpkin Patch.  You can buy the cheap, Korean made clothes but they dont last.


Next time I'm ordering ON online.  Sorry to be off topic

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if you order online at gap and old navy, they constantly have 25-30% off your entire purchase plus free shipping codes on their website.. so I usually wait a week or so until one shows up to place the order..

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I'm going crazy looking for a dress to wear to my grandfather's wedding. I had originally wanted this:http://www.target.com/p/Merona-Womens-Maternity-V-Neck-Sleeveless-Knit-Dress-Assorted-Colors/-/A-13931194 but it is out of stock online and not available in stores. I would really prefer to buy something in person rather than online, I've just tried on too many things lately that fit horribly.  So far I've tried Old Navy, Target, Motherhood, JC Pennies, Babies R Us, and a few second-hand stores.  The Gap stores here don't have maternity. Anyone have any other ideas?

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HM has maternity..

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Sears, maybe? Though I don't know if they have dresses. I did get some cute tops there. Amazon also has quite a few things, the downside being, of course, that you can't try them on.
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zappos has free shipping and returns, so you could order some things and return what doesnt work?

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Kohls has a small maternity section in all of their stores. But for nice dresses that are all in stock, I'd go with motherhood maternity for sure.
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