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Breastfeeding leading to rash in toddler

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My son is 18 months old, still nursing regularly, and has had an ongoing rash for 2 months now.  We have seen the doctor and dermatologist...his rash is kind of mysterious to everyone.  It goes away and comes back in cycles...his scalp is the worse for him.  It looks like cradle cap and is very itchy.  HIs gets red marks on his body and face that look like bug bites (but definitely aren't).  


Long story short (sort of) we have been using steroid creams on the outbreaks and medicated shampoo for his poor scalp.  Trust me, we have tried everything homeopathic/natural before and after the prescriptions, including changing his diet to avoid allergens.  I am wondering if there is something about my breast milk ( I have also cut out the most common allergens along with him) that is affecting him negatively.  Maybe too much of a hormone fluctuation with menses?  


Just wondering if anyone has experienced a rash in a nursing babe that is related to the mama's hormone levels.  



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I'm just throwing this out there, but is there any chance the rash is fungal? The only reason I ask is because when my DS experienced a fungal rash, it also would come and go, until we finally treated it for long enough to make it go away for good. For us, that meant continuing to use lotrimin cream on his skin for several days (maybe a week?) after it appeared that the rash was gone.


But it didn't really look like bug bites except when it started, so it probably isn't fungal....but still, wanted to mention.

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Hormones in breastmilk wouldn't cause a rash. According to a policy statement by the AAP there isn't enough evidence to say that foods that a breastfeeding mother eats causes rashes. LLL gets around the AAP statement by saying something like "traditionally doctors recommend eliminating certain foods" or "many doctors recommend eliminating ...". You could be limiting your diet for nothing. 


If a child has a lot of allergies the doctors that believe that milk makes a difference think these babies have eczema. Eczema can be on any part of the body and comes and goes. Eczema is easy to diagnose so I don't think you need to worry that breastfeeding is causing harm. 


I have a lot of allergies and sensitivities and get unusual skin conditions. Whatever shampoo you are using could be causing the problem with the scalp. I am allergic to most shampoos including most baby shampoos. I'm allergic to formaldehyde and chemicals that release formaldehyde like DMDM hydrotonin. There are usually one or two of these chemicals in shampoo and liquid body wash. I'm also allergic to propylene glycol that is in diaper wipes, hand sanitizer, and many products.  These things aren't usually tested for and it took years and several allergists before I had the right tests. 


My 3 sons and my grandson all had skin issues. I had to be careful about anything I used on them or anything that touched them. 

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