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Large Gap in the kiddo's?

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So I was wondering if anyone else is goign to have a large gap inbetween the youngest and the little bean.  DS is 8 (going to be 9 when this LO is born). We told him in the fall before we MC and he didn't believe us, and also didn't want a little sibling.  We haven't told him yet, and aren't planning on it for a while (well as long as I can keep wearing my Yoga pants, cause my jeans are a little too tight). 


Anyone else telling their older "babies" yet?

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We don't have a large gap between siblings. My youngest is just a year so he will be around 21ish months when this one is born. My oldest will be around 5 1/2.


I have bad morning sickness so I told my oldest right away. She is very very sensitive to my feelings/physical condition and gets really upset when I don't feel up or Im upset about something. Shes pretty excited and is telling me its going to be a little girl. I just hope she doesn't spill the beans to any family members.

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I haven't told my kids yet. My oldest is ten and my youngest is six. They'd love a sibling, but with what happened last time, I'm being cautious in who I tell.

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Mine are going to be 8, 10, and 12 when this one gets here.  We won't tell them until we SEE a healthy baby on the screen.  Not with a second trimester loss and a miscarriage for my last two pregnancies.  If this little one makes it they will be over-the-moon excited.

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DS will be 6.5 when this baby is born.  Haven't told him yet, although he is dying for a sibling and will be so excited!!  I plan to wait at least until I hear a heartbeat...

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Mine will be 8 and 5 when little one is born. Not the biggest age gap, but definitely bigger than I had "planned" for our family. FWIW, we told them last week and I am so glad we did. They are both over the moon about having a new sibling. The following morning my 4 yo climbed into bed with me and said, "Good morning mama...and good morning new little cutie cutie baby," as he rubbed and talked to my tummy. I joke that my 8 yo has turned into a little midwife; she asks so many questions and reminds me to eat well and take care of myself and even put aside her American Girl doll for a few days to switch to carrying and swaddling her old baby doll. They also understand now when I tell them mommy needs to lay down for a minute because the baby makes her tired.


We have been blessed with 2 healthy pregnancies and no MC's, so we felt confident telling them this early.

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I find age spacing to be so fascinating. I am unexpectedly having babies close in age though so no advice.

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Mine are going to be 6 and 10 when baby #3 arrives!!!! I started TTC1 1/2 yrs ago...but I'm so excited to have 2 helpers!!!
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