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Predicting Boy, Girl, or Both? Were you right?

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A healthy baby is all I really care about.  That being said I feel strongly this baby is a boy.  DH thinks girl.  I did the baking soda test (don't laugh too much) and it said girl.  The Chinese calendar says girl.  The heartbeat rate predictor says girl.  My dreams have said girl (twin baby girls at times).  I know none of those are reliable at all.  Just sharing for fun.  


Anyone else care to share their predictions and feelings, if any, before you find out? 

I thought it would be neat to read and then compare later when you find out, whenever that may be.



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With Cecilia, I was 100% sure I was having a girl. This time, not so much. I am leaning towards boy, but I don't know if that is just because I want to prepare myself to not have disappointment because I want another girl. So I am tentatively predicting boy but we'll see in a month!

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I was SURE before I found out I was having twins it was a girl.. and now that its twins, I really have no idea. I have a hunch its g/b but then at times I'm also sure its g/g or b/b.. so no idea.. anxious to find out.. !


with DS I was 97% sure he was a boy from day 1.. so we will see.

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I thought for sure that my son was a girl until towards the end. I definitely was not right. I'm thinking girl with this one again, but I have no idea.

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I feel like this might be a boy but that seems so far fetched in my very girl centric family. Dp is desperately hoping for a girl. So no idea. We find out 3/22 if baby cooperates. Our ob pushed the date up since DP will be moving before me.
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With my first I thoguht I was having a girl up to the night before I was induced, I had a boy.


With my second I wanted a girl, lol.... but knew in my heart I was having a boy.


Third I thought might also be a girl... pregnancy was 'different' than the previous 2. boy.


There was a 6 year gap between my 3rd and 4th, about a month before my 4th was conceived I said if we ever have another baby we'll have a girl.


4th was a girl... her pregnancy was MISERABLE, lol.


5th, unsure had definite senses that I was having a girl based on some of the more uncomfortable symptoms I had.


6th... Not really sure but I think I'm having a boy. We will be finding out via u/s this time.

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With my 1st I thought for sure I was having a boy. At the u/s I cried when she said, "It's a girl". Now I can't imagine it being any other way because I love this kid so much.


This time I am stumped. I have no idea, no hunches. I sort of want them to be sisters, but I also would love to be mama to a son.


Dh says it is a girl, so we will go that way for now love.gif

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With Thing #1 (Roland) I KNEW he was a boy all along. I wanted a girl desperately, but KNEW I was wrong and that he was a boy. 


This time around, I'm feeling Thing #2 is a girl. DH thinks Thing #2 is a boy. While I'd be happy for either, I want them for different reasons. Girl? OMFG TU TU'S! HAIR BOWS! Boy? I already have EVERYTHING clothing wise I need for a boy! 

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I'm really not sure with this one.  I go back and forth, referring to it as both "he" or "she" on a regular basis.  The other day I was just really feeling girl, and today I'm not sure.  The only dream I've had so far was a boy.  I kind of want it to be a girl, so I feel like any intuition I have is skewed.  With Elsa I was probably 85% she was a girl.


I've only been 100%, completely, stubbornly sure with one baby, and that was my best friend's.  She called me to tell me she was having a girl, and I said, you wait until your next ultrasound in two weeks.  Because I knew beyond any doubt she was having a little boy, and they did in fact see that on the next u/s. 

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Originally Posted by Ninetales View Post

I kind of want it to be a girl, so I feel like any intuition I have is skewed.  

This is me too. My fear is that I am referring to this baby as a boy because I don't want to be disappointed when the big u/s comes next month. I want another girl so much, though.

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With DD I just knew she was a girl.. This time I thought boy, but now I've changed my mind and am thinking girl :)

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I have no hunches or anything at this point either.  I keep slipping and saying "him", but when I imagine things in other contexts, it's a little girl.  So my intuition is clearly giving me mixed messages.  We'll see what happens when the baby starts moving and so on... maybe I'll get a vibe then?  Otherwise, we won't know until August.  Very exciting!

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reading this thread makes me so anxious now to know! some days I am sure its one of each, some days I'm sure its 2 boys and others it feels like 2 girls.. very confusing

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Ninetales, that is funny about your friend and how you just knew.  

Demeter, sounds like your guessing got better each time.

Cece's mama, has your little one had any guesses on if she is having a brother or sister? 

Ilovetchotchkes, girl clothes are so adorable aren't they?

Dovemama, I cry at ultrasounds too. 

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Cecilia doesn't care, she just likes to kiss and raspberry my tummy and say "BABY!" And then she pats my boobs and says it again. Which I guess will sort of be accurate in a few months... 

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I was 100% sure DD was a girl from the moment I got my BFP. This time, I am about 85% certain baby is a boy. I dreamed of him the night before he was conceived. We will be finding out in a few weeks!
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With my first I had no hunches, no clue. She was a girl, and we found out around 18 weeks.  My second pregnancy, completely different than my first, so sick, so tired, so many symptoms, another girl.  I thought for sure she was a boy, and I was so wrong.  


This time, I think its a boy.  I also want a boy, so that might play in to it :)  Everyone at work says its a boy (I am showing quite a bit and its all out front, that is their reasoning).  I have had MULTIPLE dreams that it is a boy.  I also have had an increase in dirty dreams Sheepish.gif which I totally think could be testosterone driven?  I dunno.  We will find out on March 7th and I am counting down the days :)  


If it is a girl though, we have everything we need!  Even if it is a boy . . . my SIL gave me all of her stuff (said she's done having kids, we will see about that hehe) so Im kinda set either way.

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With Badger, I knew he was a boy from day 1.  With this one, I knew almost from the beginning that it's a girl.  So I snuck up to L&D tonight (the floor above mine at work) for a quick look, and it is a girl, just as I thought.

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Now I know the gender thanks to my u/s yesterday (BOY!!) and, although I had never said anything publicly, I did think it was a boy. I had a few reasons for thinking that. First, just based on family history: dh is one of 4 boys and boys abound on both sides of the family, although in my family the tendency is for a girl to be the elder sister to all brothers--my parents stopped at 2. I found myself referring to the baby in the masculine and not just because that can be common in Spanish. Also, this is the weird and slightly gross thing, my urine just smelled so different ever since the pregnancy started and it reminds me of when I would change my little brother's diapers. I have no idea if the urine thing makes any sense, but that's the clear impression I got and would think of it every time I peed.

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WIth my twins, I had no feeling (2 girls). Had dreams, etc. both ways.

Next dd, I was sure it was a girl (no u/s). Sure enough, she came out a girl :D

Next ds, I had a strong boy feeling, but I wasnt' sure if that's because we kind of wanted a boy after 3 girls, or if it was a real feeling.


This time I've had boy feelings (at the beginning), but now I am thinking girl. Really, I will be thrilled with either one. It would be nice to "even up" the numbers a bit (make long term room sharing easier), but thank goodness we have 4 healthy kids and all I really want after the loss and waiting of the last 3 years is for this baby to arrive, safe and sound.

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