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first four times i was right with my intuition (bbgg).


5th time it was twins and i would have said girl originally, so that morphed into two girls in my mind. at a 14 week scan we saw that one had a bud pointing upwards and one downwards, so tech said very likely to be one of each (they hesitate to say for sure that early). the upward bud was actually the girl tho, and the downward the boy. (or was that vice versa?! i just remember her saying it was the opposite way to what ppl think when they first see).


this time i had boy thoughts very early on, despite the pregnancy now being like my girl ones (mega sickness) but without the spots i got with them. so i give up on guessing. not intending to find out during pregnancy either love.gif


i have known people find out the scans were wrong and have to rebond after birth, so even with the twins i was hesitant to believe 100%. i never found out with any of the singletons.



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Im hoping the other twin is a girl, for DH sake, he really wants one girl and we won't have more then 3, so its sort of now or never :)



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I feel like I'm having a boy. Maybe that's because I already have a boy and am comparing it to my previous pregnancy? I would love to have the experience of having a daughter, but I feel like my destiny is to have 2 boys, then maybe a girl, or 3 boys and thats all, or maybe #4 as a girl. I don't know - I feel like I see my future self having 2 boys. Maybe I'm just overanalyzing.


20 week ultrasound is coming up, and we haven't really made a decision re: finding out or not finding out. I really want to KNOW, but I really don't want to find out until the baby is born. Does that make sense???

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Just found out 2 days ago that we're having a girl! Both kids wanted a girl baby, so they're happy. DH and I didn't really have a feeling either way this time.

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both hubby and i have been saying girl from the beginning....already have 4 boys so we are ready for a girl. went for the u/s today and was told we are having a girl!!!!!!!!!! so yup im on cloud 9

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My intuition has said girl.  We have 3 boys already, so I'm preparing myself to be told it's a boy, since we're obviously good at making boys, lol, but mine and my husband's intuition has said girl.  We go in a week from Monday (3-19) to have our anatomy scan (I'll be 18 weeks, 0 days), and I'm anxious to see if our intuitions have been right.  This has been a very sickly pregnancy with stronger hormones than ever before (evidenced by my milk *completey* drying up by 8 weeks when in the past it's always closer to 4/5 months) and other signs/symptoms.  But I'm still so cautious because of our boy track-record and second-guessing myself.


I can't wait to find out!!  orngbiggrin.gif

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Don't forget to post in the "due date thread" if y'all want to have your baby's gender listed within the master roster. smile.gif

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