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1.  Are you religious? Yes, very. I'm LDS (mormon)


2.  what do you think of the government in general?  Are you right or left of centre? I really hate politics. Dull at best, infuriating at worst. I'd probably be somewhere in the center or libertarian. My entire family is very split, politically. My parents and one sibling are very conservative, and my other siblings very liberal. As the youngest, I've had the privilege of listening to them try and indoctrinate me to their side. Its left me feeling a little bit of "ALL of you people are crazy!" and a little bit of "do you people realize how much common ground you actually have?" I think it gave me a fairly unique open minded perspective. I'll hear out either side with interest and in general have a hard time committing to either one. 


3.  what do you think of western medicine in general? It depends. With open minded care providers who are open to further learning and considerate of patient choice, its great. My kids see a regular pediatrician. We go to the dr when we feel its necessary. And I gotta say, I am VERY grateful to have an ER and ambulance if necessary when my kid gets a head injury and acts funny. Or runs into the wall and busts open his forehead. Or has the nastiest yeast diaper rash I've ever seen in my life.. thank goodness for diflucan when the natural remedies didn't work. My personal opinion, antibiotics (NOT vaccines) deserve the spot as best medical advancement of our time! Overused at times? Yes! But I wonder how many times over I'd be dead without them? (would I have survived my ruptured appendix as a child?) Or how long would that bout of mastitis have lasted, and what complications might I have had, if a simple, inexpensive antibiotic wasn't there? 


4.  Do you homeschool?  Homebirth?  UC birth? I home birth, my dd goes to preschool and ds1 will start next year. I did a lot of soul searching and decided to enroll dd in kindy for next year with the option of taking it 1 year at a time, and pulling her out to home school if things aren't working out. I really hope to home school by 7th grade if not sooner. I'm willing to give elementary a chance, especially since there's some interesting alternative programs within the public schools I want to check out, but the jr high I went to, I possibly hate even more now that I look at my memories through adult eyes. Some of the things that went on were just *not okay*. 


5.  Discuss you understanding of science: Pretty open ended. Lets just say I think the way medical science is run is very different from other sciences. Technology, for example, is indisputable, and pretty darn scientific. The computer works. I may not understand the science behind it but the science is proven absolutely correct since it works. Airplanes aren't falling out of the sky.. so I'd say our understanding of physics is pretty darn good, even if I only have a basic understanding of how they fly. THAT stuff is proven. There are too many variables that simply cannot be controlled for in medical science, and way, way too much conflict of interest and profit and greed. and fear of lawsuits. So I won't blindly believe something medical just because "science says so". This is more my opinion of science than my understanding of it. 


6.  What you do think of alternative health remedies? Love 'em.