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oil pulling?!?

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I read about oil pulling on another thread and have no idea what it is.

 It seems to be swishing oil around in your mouth for some benefit???


Anyone oil pull?  

What for?

Do you think it works?

How do you do it?


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I oil pull but kind of by accident. I use coconut oil for everything and just tried it in my mouth one day after brushing my teeth. I figured if it's antifungal and anti bacterial on my skin it would do my mouth some good too!  It was a while before I learned what oil pulling was. I think it has made my gums stronger as they bleed less now than before I started.

I just take a table spoon of coconut oil and let it melt in my mouth and swish it around. I never time it but I keep it in until I have to talk to a kiddo or run after one shouting to put their clothes back on (my 1.5 yo loves streaking before he has to poop, lol). When I'm done I spit it in the toilet and flush.

From reading about it it is supposed to do two things. First you absorb more of the essential fatty acids sub lingually because they do not get dissolved by stomach acids, secondly it is supposed to according to Ayurevedic principles remove fat soluble toxins from you but I do not fully understand how that works. Oh and most people use olive oil or sesame oil but I LOVE COCONUT OIL so I'm sticking with it for now.

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Hi. Yes I oil pull regularly. It is for detoxifying the blood and the mouth. The oil draws toxins out of the blood stream. The mouth is very permeable (mucosal tissue) and therefore when the oil is held in the mouth (or swished) for about 15 minutes it is able to draw out toxins. This is an ancient Ayurvedic practice. I learned about it from a friend who is an Ayurvedic doctor. Usually they use sesame oil. I use Flora brand sesame oil, it is very high quality. You could also use coconut or olive oil but make sure it is the best quality; organic, "cold-pressed" or "mechanically extracted", unrefined, etc. If it is sesame oil make sure it is in a dark bottle and always kept refrigerated (should be at the store too). 


Take about 1 tbsp. oil into your mouth and hold there for 15 minutes. You can swish if you like, I do a little bit. Spit out and rinse with clean water. Oil pulling can have detox reactions so if you do it and feel dizzy or a headache or some other immediate reaction you can bet that you have been cleansing. Tone it down a notch for a bit, ie: do it for less time. If you have amalgam fillings or root canal it may be best to wait until you clean that out of your mouth before you do oil pulling. 


I have seen oil pulling relieve chronic headaches in some people and also improve skin conditions.



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I never knew that oil pulling was done this way. I'm gonna try it. 

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Awesome to see this thread, I got on here to see if any of the MDC mama's were doing this because I just learned about it, and I'm excited to see a recent thread!  Loverealfood, why should one wait until they have amalgams and root canals out of their mouths before doing oil pulling?  I know why amalgam is bad, but I never really knew what a root canal was or why it is bad?  If anyone can please explain :)  DH has amalgam fillings, periodontal disease and needs upper dentures(lots of broken and decaying teeth), an infection in/under a tooth (which needs pulled and an implant put in its place), I'm not sure if he has root canals or not, but I am very worried about his health because I've read that the health of your mouth can greatly impact the rest of the body.  We can not afford to get any of his dental work done and he needs it so so badly I feel terrible for him.  We went to a dentist to see how bad it all was and the above is what they told us, and it will cost thousands, and we have no insurance and no extra money to do this and bad credit to get that Care Credit program!  Does anyone know if there is any way to get something like this funded?  Thanks everyone, I know some of that is a little off topic, sorry :)

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Is it common or probable that oil pulling would cause a virus reactivation...I've oil pulled twice in the hopes it would help my lousy gums (and teeth) BOTH times after a few days I had an EBV reactivation.  It was bad.  Coincidence? Perhaps.  PRobably not though.  I'd love to try it again but am reluctant.

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