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Is it weird that I wish we could have a girls weekend to drink Starbucks (not from a can) and all that other girly stuff.

I'm not working today, hence my incessant refreshing of this page & all the bad tv... And daydreaming, that too.

I do need to get out to Trader Joe's... After this show, promise. Wink wink.
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skj - your dd is 2, right? every mother in the history of the world has lost her patience with a 2 year old! if losing your patience with little ones was the yard stick for being a terrible mother... there would be NO good mothers. ever. anywhere. i recently read about how to turn your feelings around when you are feeling embarrassed or disappointed in yourself... you turn whatever it is into "i love that about me!" so in your case it would be... "i totally lose my patience with my little girl and then i bounce back... i love that about me!" it takes the sting out of our perceived shortcomings. where are you going on your trip? 10.5 hour plane ride... must be somewhere awesome!? as you can probably tell by my posts i am feeling pretty great right now. not great as in "i think this is my month!" but just overall in a good place. i'm trying to not make too much of it... if i feel great today and i feel crappy tomorrow, oh well, i'll feel good again eventually. i'm kinda thinking i might be feeling the boost from all these supplements (particularly the dhea). i'm now 3 months in and i do really notice a shift in my overall mood. so maybe that's it.  i think being purposeful about meditation is helping as well... (i also think i'm getting a hair boost from the inositol thumb.gif).


sherry - ima gonna go read that link now! and yay for ahikaru!!


toothfairy - i totally wish we could have a girls day!! i guess in a way we are... just via the internets. :) i'm so jealous you have a trader joe's near by... still waiting for them to open one near me! been waiting for too long now!


shell - i'm with sherry... if, god forbid, you don't get awesome news... please keep your chin up and stay with us! your time is coming! (but still hope hope hoping now is the time!)

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OH! FUNK IT IS!!!! i don't currently have dvr tv so i am stalking charts on FF between my phone calls and email......and yeah....starbucks in a can....its kind of disgusting...and eating red string licorice at my desk...not on the fertility friendly diet- if i get a bfp everyone must try it.

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TF - Yes! I would love to have a girls weekend with all you lovely ladies. We should all meet up once we all have our babies. How fun would that be! I'm jealous of your DVR tv'ing. Working the day before travelling is just silly. I'm so unfocused it's ridiculous.

Indie - Thank you. It really helps to hear that. And, I LOVE the idea to turn it around. That's exactly what I was looking for. Someway to reprogram my knee jerk reaction. Thanks! I'm on month 2 of my supplements. I did everything but DHEA. I will start that one if I don't get knocked up in the next few months. And yay for you feeling so great. I know it helps. Even if it doesn't help you get a BFP this month, I'm certain it will help you get a BFP soon.

We are going to Brasil and Argentina. DH is Brasilian, so we are celebrating his grandfather's 90th birthday and then going to see his mom and other grandmother in Buenos Aires. I'm really excited to see everyone. It's gonna be crazy hard to not have coffee or alcohol, but I'm going to stick to my guns. I have to say, giving up caffeine has made a huge difference. And, except when I get a BFN, I don't miss the alcohol.
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girls day! play date! sign me up-


Just confirmed DH is not making the trip out this weekend greensad.gif


but all 5 of my girls are!!!! this almost never happens now that we are spread about so much!! DD#2s shower on her dads side is saturday then they are all coming here to unpack and set up the babies room- eat- argue- laugh- and roast some marshmallows around the fire! 


until then- trying to stay sane!!!

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haha sherry - the snack of champions? watch... you get a bfp and the internet will be on fire with the Starbucks and red licorice fertility diet!


skj - brasil and argentina? sounds amazing! i think i was thread stalking awhile back and someone got their bfp from O'ing in brasil. so... maybe there is some magic in the water??

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I took a dollar tree test ........ BFN ............ so I am either 9 dpo or 10 dpo ... I either ovulated on Sunday when i had the iui or Monday ... I am REALLY depressed I hate my DH right now... I mean I was done having children and perfectly fine with life... then he came into the picture and I wanted a family with him.. and for him to have his own child.. Why did I think that I could find the perfect man and have the perfect family and have a perfect little baby?? I hate that he came into my life... I hate that I am feeling like this!! and now I feel like I can't give up... but every month this is killing me more and more... I am becoming bitter and hateful and i don't even want to be around myself!! af.gif


My temp was the same as yesterday 98.33 .... my boobs stopped hurting, my belly isn't that swollen anymore ( I think it was because I hadn't had a bowel movement in a week and FINALLY went ) SORRY TMI .........  My tummy is still tender OHSS and a bit puffy.... and My head feels like its going to explode... I am testing again Friday if i get a BFP then I will probably just stop the prometrium .... This one is hitting me different I REALLY thought this was my time... I am older and things are just down hill from here on out... i must accept that. :-(


Sorry I feel just horrible

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Sherry, oh poor thing now you are going to go crazy over this! Well, I hope your body is just super duper sensitive and that your next time to POAS is + too! I've never had an evap, but man I would go nuts if I did!


Toothfairy, I can only imagine what things you might have read . . . I'm sorry if any of it was upsetting. I'm so sorry for another BFN. That makes it especially hard with your niece. Hopefully having these appts coming up helps to ease the pain a slight bit, because you are going to get a new plan and get your BFP! :) Today, I say indulge your feelings, watch your DVR, and then go for a nice walk later to clear your head.


Indie, I loved just reading that you think so! Having twins would be a huge blessing!! How's the analyzing going? :) I am always doing that, well, except these last cycles since my chances are so slim. Funny too, because I'm not having much of any symptoms at all while going natural. Hmm.


SKJ, here's to a new cycle! Just keep up with your mantra and you are going to get there! Your mantra has seriously helped me in those times when doubts and sadness creep in. Your trip sounds just perfect! DH and I have been wanting to go to Argentina for years. Yay for you!


Sherry, thanks for your encouragement, and I hope by some miracle the egg was still good and the spermies were still alive! Stranger things have happened, right?! Love the priest joke . . . such a good reminder to help ourselves when the right and honest opportunity presents! Enjoy your Starbs in a can, ha! ;) Oh, and thanks for the journal article -- I'll read it tonight!

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Oh Shell, I am so so sorry you didn't get your BFP but please don't throw in the towel yet. If you are DPO9 it is still so early. I totally feel your heartbreak and pain though, and I'm sorry that you are going through this. I wish I could give you the biggest hug. It's such a painful struggle sometimes and it's hard to not put some blame on our DH for past decisions or expectations. I still think you need to give it a couple days though!

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Sherry - No Starbucks around me so the only way I can drink it is from a can. Yuck. So glad your girls are coming to visit. Have a great time!!!!


Shell - Any news?


Tooth - Wow you have a lot going on! Sorry about the bfn.


Indie - Why is the 2nd half of the 2ww so stressful? I'm with you on wanting to analyze ever thing.


SKJ - I'm sorry DD is having a rough time. Just hang in there and it'll pass. Sometimes you need to take a few steps back and just let go. A hard lesson I learned with DS.


Afm - I'm in the wtf? mode. I tested this morning and got this: (Dunno why it made the pic wavy)



ETA - Tell me I'm off my rocker and I'm just seeing things.

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chrissy - the wavy picture makes it hard to tell... i *think* i see something... post another!?!?! shell - BIG HUGS, my friend. you are not out yet. and even if you are... you still have another IUI and IVF to look forward to. you still have time and you still have hope! bebe - i'm not doing a very good job of keeping the analyzing in check :) getting away from my computer tonight will help! chrissy... post another pic, please!
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oh Shell---i had some feeling that you were having a bad day- and jeeze your pumped full of junk to make you feel hateful and hopeless!!! try to remember it's not you...i am afraid to even go back to  the clomid- i was psycho on it... How do we keep our hopes up but not so up that we end up crashing? 


Bebe- i like your chances...it made me wonder if i was on the late side to bd and i think i need some vaginal pH strips...hmm?  we have 20 million hours til we can test...just saying


Ms.Chrissy...not sure if i see a line...hard with the waviness....repost!!!!! eeeke!!!  hurry!!!!!


Indie- you know it- straight up caffeine, refined sugar, dye and chemicals- no redeeming nutritional value!!!!!!  no more choking down wheat grass juice and pineapple core!!!!!


Ms c-!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! again !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Shell - Oh honey. I'm so sorry. I really hope it's just too early. This emotional rollercoaster is the suckiest thing every. How are we supposed to want this so bad, yet not get our hopes too high? It's a no win. I fully believe you will be able to give DH a little bambino, but I totally understand all your emotions. I wish I could give you a hug IRL.

Chrissy - How many DPO are you? Post another pic!

bebe - Thanks! I'm glad my mantra is helping. I'm just gonna keep it up and go with Indie's suggestion too. Love this thread!

Sherry - yay for your girls being home all at once. How fun!
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Oh hell Shell. I'm sorry. I didn't see your post when I was typing out mine. Many hugs to you!


Dh says it looks like 3 lines. 2 side by side and faint and, of course, the negative line. I think he's gone off his rocker, personally. lol Although he told me no more testing until Friday. I think he's on to something there, at least. I'm only 8/4dpo. I still say it's bfn. He wanted me to ask you ladies.




ETA - Ha! I knew he was seeing things.

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hmmm I don't see it....I have seen the lines on either side of what would be the test line of a FRER....stark white but a hint of shade on each side...how funny that he voted us judge...

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That's what he says he sees. A light coloring on either side of the + line. I thought I saw a hint of something but as the day went on it ended up being nothing. I think he's gotten used to me saying "I'm gonna ask the ladies on the boards what they think" that now he tells me that, too. lol

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Just a quick post for my sanity to tell you all that I just had a patient here for eye pain who ended up being pregnant. Um, you'd think she'd have led with "my breasts are raging sore, I'm exhausted and oh hey, I'm late!!". Glad I had to drag that out of her and then give her the news, which of course she was completely ho-hum about -- "my boyfriend wanted me to get pregnant but I don't really care". Oh good, so happy you got your BFP then, but I still can't have mine.

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Chrissy- I definitely see a shadow on the first (wavy) one, but I don't see anything on the second one!


Just for fun I wanted to post a picture too but I couldn't figure out something interesting to post. Another day I guess.



Shelly- so sorry to hear about your test today, I hope that it changes in another day or two, 10 dpo is still early. I know the symptoms are awful when you're on so many meds affecting your hormones. It is normal (I have to remind myself this) to feel mad/angry/hurt/resentful- good thing is it usually passes in just a few days. Take it easy on yourself (and your hubby). Sending love and hugs.


bebe- It would be nice to take such a thing for granted right. We will never experience that blasé emotion to a BFP. Lucky little sunofabeach. 


sherry- enjoy the weekend with your girls. It sounds wonderful that you will have everyone together!


Question of the day--- I was thinking it might be fun to do silly questions to keep the fun in TTC. Anyone want to share their ideas for baby names to pass the time? I'll start since I am bored and avoiding doing my fertility yoga DVDs (starting them hardcore this month, my last ditch effort to BFP before IVF).


Our short list:

boys: matthew, andrew, derek


girls- analiese, gracia, maran, coeli (ch-ay-lee, latin for heaven)

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girl - Catherine Elizabeth


boy - (DH's pick) Sydney - after the hockey player Sydney Crosby. My picks are Mathew and Jacob.

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