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Originally Posted by SKJ2011 View Post

Hi ladies. Just a quick drive by.
For those of you interested in meditation, I've been listening to this and I'm considering getting this. I'm currently on the hunt for a discount code.
Back later with personals.

I know this is super old. I just downloaded the meditation along with an infertility self hypnosis. I do have a discount code for the Circle + Bloom if you are still looking for it. I haven't purchased it yet as I am waiting to see if we BFP before IVF but if we end up with an IVF protocol I am definitely buying it. Let me know if you still need the code!

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Good morning...my temp is up. Again Im sick! Ugh...something or do i just have a bug?? Im hating this 2ww and getting way way too hopeful...ok and tsunami...and my chart has changed my O date to something crazy....omg what if i didn't o!!.....dude

Indie...when are you testing?

People when is your ivf plan...

Names? Well culturaly DH has day names for the day of the week the baby is born...but also I want an american name soooo

Boys: Lincoln, Booker, Atticus
Girls: Jane, Betty(my aunt) or Cecelia...for the song...

My current girls names are Haleigh, Ashleigh, Kyleigh, Emaleigh& Lileigh

TF i like the question thing...it's nice to get to know everyone better and also a positive thinking exetcise...is that you in the pic? You look just like I imagine..
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toothfairy - love your new profile pic! it's so cool to put a face to your name! it inspires me to find a somewhat obscured photo of myself to put up as a profile pic... i also really dig the question of the day idea. can you believe i was thinking along those same lines just yesterday? we must be on the same wavelength.


as for baby names... we haven't come up with our short list just yet... more or less have batted around ideas. when we first started talking about children my dh said he liked the name india for a girl and i love the name indie for a nickname (hence my screenname) so i think we would have stuck with that if the first pregnancy ended with a take home baby girl. but we're not exactly tied to that name. we've mostly talked about girl names... kennedy is another one i recall us both liking. boy names are harder. i would love to name our son narayan (my dh's middle name) and let him go by the american name "ryan" if he wishes. we will likely have a combination of american and indian names (dh's family is west indian, though dh was born and raised in the states) . is it weird that we have been ttc for 2 years and have baby furniture... but no baby names?


what's the next question! biggrinbounce.gif



sherry - ugh... sorry for the confusion about O! did you have any other tell-tale signs of O other than temperature to help you pin point it? is there any chance you O'd earlier and had appropriate bd timing... and are pregnant?! :) how fun that you will have all your girls together! hope you have so much fun!


afm - 8dpo. will probably test tomorrow or saturday. no tests at home so if i want to test i have to go buy some. i read through a bunch of 2ww/bfp symptoms yesterday and it helped to remind me that there is no point in symptom spotting. everyone has a different experience!

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bebe - i just realized i didn't see your post from yesterday. i feel for you having to be in a position where you tell other people they are pregnant. that's just hard - whether they are excited or not. :(


chrissy - did you test again??


shell - how you feeling today? hug2.gif

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sorry for my outburst yesterday... i felt like a baby having a huge temper tantrum cause i didn't get my way!! just call me veruca salt (off willy wonka) I want it NOWWWWWW !! .... I am still depressed, I don't want to leave my house so I have been skipping work... My temp is starting to go down 98.28 ..... No af yet... I guess that is the prometrium,,, But still helps to lengethen my LP ... I am stressing about wanting IVF so bad... But stressing that if it doesn't work I will be stuck paying a bill for the next 6 years for something I wanted but didn't get!! I am testing tomorrow.. DH thinks I just need to wait and do my blood test on Monday like the Doctor said... HA I can't do that!!! he came home yesterday cause he was worried about me.. he said if this is getting too stressful to stop... I told him i can't do that until I have tried every avenue!! I promise I will be back for personals I have to run a lunch up to DH .... My Girl names : Julia Reece (after my granny and daddy) or Georgia Reece (after DH's grandmother and my daddy)  Boy names ... that is hard so far... I like Max , Sam, Jack, Roenan, Reece, Riley ... Dh likes Brick (lol I think he is joking) I hope. 


Thank you all for being here... I REALLLY thought I was pregnant... I am still in disbelief :-(

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shell, girrrrl... you know not to apologize for outbursts! this is the place to have 'em! i'm still hopeful for you. but if this isn't your cycle, what's your next steps? are you doing an iui immediately or do you take a cycle off when doing injectibles? your dh sounds very sweet. hope you are being kind to yourself today!

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Hello, lovely day here! Fall is in the air! I went "to town" to do laundry and wander around all the little shops- i fpund the perfect buttons for some sweaters i had made, took some art for framing apraisal and chatted with all the seniors in the laundry..just what i needed after two days of work from home isolation and madness!

I have decided not to let some phone app discourage me...but i will probably post my chart here anyway for opinions.

Shell we are here to understand when no ome else can. Vent away. Obvioulsy none of us have had the Varuca luxury of. What we want when we want it.

Im thinking about a pic as well Indie. I dont care that anyone here see's me but I might not like patients in in all our private issues if i am rcognized.

Oh Bebe- i missed your post too...it is hard..sometimes when i do that and people so casually decide to terminate i think i might implode!!

Post ladies...
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I'm stuck at work til 5 but I'm waiting for a patient so I,m just hangin out. Got a nice little pre-AF headache to annoy me. On top of that I'm tired & a little cranky. All AF symptoms.

Thanks for the picture comments, I was just playing around on my macbook & thought it was cute. It is funny how in some ways it looks like me but in others it doesnt.

Ahh she is here. Off to the grind.
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sherry - looks like you are 3dpo today? looks good, right?

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Ohhhh To add insult to injury I am friends (fb friends) with this 44 year old woman... she tried to kill herself a couple months ago cause life was too hard... she works at a strip club as a cocktail waitress and she is about to be homeless but guess what!! SHE IS PREGNANT!! just out of the blue... she thought she was too old to have children so didn't use protection with her EX BOYFRIEND... she broke up with him last week... apparently he is a loser..... UGH THEN >>>> my other pregnant friend found out she is having a boy and is begging me to come to her stupid baby shower.... AND she is inviting my DH ex wife??? UGH WTH .... I also took another dollar tree test this afternoon... BFN ... I bought a good one for tomorrows first morning urine... I already know the outcome it will be... greensad.gif ...


Sherry: your chart looks awesome I am so sosososososoooooooo crossing my fingers for you!!! how long have you been ttc this time? for me its been a year... well 13 months to be exact!! I never thought it would be this hard cause I have been pregnant before... i can't even get pregnant now ( I am feeling so sorry for myself today)


TF: sorry about the pre AF symptoms... i don't have any symptoms at all... I am thinking its the prometrium ... but I guess I will be stopping that soon... so I will be joining you on the AF visit


Indie: 8 dpo 2 behind me!! I am praying for you to get a bfp ... I am trying to be kind to myself today... I got out my fall decorations and decided to scrub my house and make a nice crock pot dinner.... its helping me get out of my funk a little,,,, i mean me being a sad sack is not going to make me all the sudden be pregnant!! I want to go straight into another IUI ... back to back and then ... IVF I guess... then if that doesn't work... i guess I am out of the game..


SKJ: I gave up caffeine and alcohol for the longest time... i started drinking my diet dr pepper again though and starbucks... i got sick of feeling like I was in a bubble and then BAM a huge BFN when i get a BFP I will give it all up!! of course I can't drink on my medicine but the first 2 day's of AF I am enjoying my wine!!


Bebe: Ugh I feel you ... I mean I just want to slap people like that... they et pregnant and just don't even care .. or some don't want it and abort.. It infuriates me!! I have been questioning a lot of things latley.. I told DH today that it just isn't fair!! and he said noone ever said life was fair baby.. NOT what I wanted to hear....  how many dpo are you?


Chrissy: Don't you just hate that 1 blarring line?  everytime I see that my heart just sinks more and more and more... maybe you will get your 2 lines soon!!


i am glad i get to have a place to vent... i know ya'll understand when noone else does... has anyone ever been scared to stop taking the progesterone supplements? I am still taking them every night until I do my Beta on Monday... for fear that maybe I am one of those people that do not get a bfp until 14 dpo ... I remember back when I was pregnant with my 12 year old dd I got a bfn before I got my bfp.... but I didn't chart or actually even know what my cycle days and dpo any of that ment... I mean I knew when i was supposed to start.. I use to chart my self like ok I started af on the 1st so I will start on the 1st next month ... lol I wish i was 10 years younger !! It sucks getting old :-( ... ok I am sorry here I go on another rant... i need to go do something to keep me busy so i am off to wash the dogs .. OH FUN :-/

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I was gone for 2 days and there are a million new posts. I love it!   TF - good idea with the names, it is so interesting what everyone likes.  I love the name coeli, one of my good friends is caeli, no one every knows how to pronouce it, but it is different and special.


Chrissy,  I saw something in the first picture, but didn't see anything in the second.  Have you tested again?


Sherry - Sounds like you had a good day going to town!  And your chart looks great.


Shelly - I am sorry for the disappointment hopefully you'll get a bfp on the fancy test.


Indie - I am looking forward to you testing!!  I hate having to wait.

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Chrissy, did you retest?! RETEST!!


Sherry, omg when are you testing?!  I feel like it's a million hours until I can test! Knowing it's likely negative is helping not build expectations too high at least. Looking upward and onward to my next cycle (although don't get me wrong, I can't help but think *maybe*, just maybe). You on the other hand are getting me excited about your possibility! I think you O'd on CD17 from looking at your chart (but what do I know, ha!). Our IVF plan . . . probably October will be natural, November/December maybe Shel's protocol (Clomid/Femara + injects maybe?) and then I dunno, IVF in the new year perhaps.


Toothfairy, love the new pic and love the daily question. Andrew is one of my all-time favorite names!


Here are mine and yes, I realize the boys all sound like they go to boarding school: shine.gif

Boy names: Grayson, Asher, Blake, Parker, Bennett, Bradford, Alden

Girl names: Sophia, Kate, Reese, Emmy, Sabrina, Chloe, Emma, Lauren, Emily (all with the middle name of Elizabeth - my fav!)


Indie, I *love* that you have baby furniture. You are too cute!! POAS, girl! Come on baby Indie!!


Shell, oh gosh, please please please do not apologize. Uh hmm, do you recall my recent little mental breakdown? We have all been there. I'm just really sorry . . . I can always relate to when I think back to that cycle when I was *sure* that I was pregnant. That BFN was like a knife in the heart. I hear you about IVF--I think I've said that before--I'm so scared that it won't work, and then what?! I admire Gtree so much for taking that plunge in faith, and having it work out so beautifully! I'm wondering about your next steps too (although I still think you have a chance this cycle). What was your protocol this cycle? What did RE say regarding chances and next steps if this cycle didn't work? Sorry about the crazy FB friend -- I swear, we should all just start doing crack and living on Cheetos and Pepsi, and I swear we'd be pregnant in no time!! I'm DPO6, but like I mentioned to Sherry, it's not terribly likely that I have much of a chance so I'm not really stressing about it.


Gtree, hi! How are you??


AFM: DH and I got into a big argument last night, and it was very upsetting to me. He's such a great guy, but I swear sometimes he is just a jerk! I'm hoping we can smooth everything over tonight. I'm DPO6 today; not holding much hope due to my wacko natural cycle. I have a day off tomorrow though, so I have a great day planned with acupuncture, massage, shopping and a haircut followed by dinner at night. So glad to make a little time for myself. :) Hoping that my next cycle will be a good one and that I might O in some reasonable timeframe. Something tells me though that I won't . . . I know my acupuncturist believes that in 3 months my cycle will just be remarkable, but it's been 6 weeks and it's not, so how exactly is she going to turn it around in another 6? I'll give her the chance, and then enough! Perhaps 6 months of acupuncture would do it, but I don't want to waste the time or money without any guarantees. I know y'all get it.

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Gtree: How are you feeling??


Bebe: Sorry about the argument with DH ,,, I did acupuncture for a long tme,,, 65 a session was just too much money to be spending getting stuck by needles LOL Your day tomorrow sounds AMAZING!! I wish i could get over my funk and try to have some fun....I andmire Gtree too and i know I will try it if all else fails ... sooner rather than later... My protocol for this cycle was : Cd3 and 4 I took 50 mg of clomid... Cd 5,6,7,8,9, i took 100 mg of clomid cd 7, 8. 9 i also did follistim injections I continued the follistim till cd 13 @ 50 iu except cd 13 it was 25 iu (cause I ran out)  then trigger on cd 14 and IUI on cd 16 ,,, bd on cd 17 ........ waiting UGH  !! .... Next cycle I am doing IUI and then if that doesn't work I am starting the IVF process immediatley I want to hurry before all my eggs are gone.


But I find out for sure Monday Oct 1st with a blood test... and I have tickets to the dallas Cowboy / Chicago Bears game that night... Me and my Daddy are going to watch the Bears kick some cowgirl bootie!! If I get bad news at least i will be able to get totally drunk of my arse at the game..

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Good morning
Super insomnia...blah

Bebe- thank you!!! YES!!!!!!! On cd17....if not I am so out! I wil officialy test with a frer in Monday...and i am sure i will poac (pee on a cheapy) 10 times or so til then....i hear you about dh- mine can be a supreme @$$! And also he delayed our ttc about 2 1/2 years soooo yeah sometimes everything is his fault.

Indie- no!! Ignore the STUPID crosshairs!! And go buy a test or 20! Omg!! Are you still non fb?? AND any job news??

Shell thanks and yeah...i feel you on that ticking clock and the late entry guys who kind of muck up your feelings and plans!

Tf- thinking of you....
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P.S. CRACK...PEPSI...CHEETOS...I REALLY ACTUALY BLURTED A LAUGH OUT LOUD WHEN I READ THAT!!! I have used tbe same line- substitute Koolaid and chips....
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oh good grief. i just typed out a post and lost it. let's see if i can recreate it. ready? go!


gtree! how you feeling, mama?? give us the low down!


shell - wow, that is crazy about your fb friend. sigh. just... sigh. i guess if there is a bright side it's that she is 44, doesn't take care of herself, and is pregnant. if it can happen for her, it can happen for all of us, right? hope you have a great time at the game with your daddy! any news this morning?


bebe - so sorry about your argument with dh. i hate hate hate arguing. it takes me forever to recover and shake off the bad feelings. hoping you guys are doing better today. i know what you mean about still hoping for a bfp even though the chances are slim... we can't help it, can we? really hoping for a nice surprise or a nice O next cycle for you...


sherry - oops! didn't realize that being 3dpo was bad news for you! my sense of time is all screwed up right now. yes! cd17 O is what it is! that makes you 10dpo today? what do the cheapies say??? fb fast still going strong. don't know if i'll ever be tempted to go back? it's crazy, but i feel so much clearer and lighter without it. i think i just get information overload pretty quickly and if i can cut out the noise i feel a lot better. pretty sure i'm a highly sensitive person. as for the job... they probably won't start interviews until mid october. which should be interesting since it looks like i will be out of town more than i will be in it during the month of october. we shall see what unfolds...


toothfairy - hope you are feeling better. stupid AF. i'm anxiously awaiting our next question :)


afm - 9dpo. bfn at 4:15 this a.m. my goal right now is to keep my heart soft and open no matter the outcome. i know that probably sounds goofy but i don't know how else to explain it. usually around this time is when my heart starts hardening and the bitterness sets in... trying to move through this part of my cycle in a lighter way this time. if that makes any sense at all. so i am going to be in Philadelphia, Austin, Atlanta, and Vegas during the month of October. Anyone near any of those places? :)

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Haha Indie.  I hate when that happens...ok I forgive your agreeing with the stupid app...I think I O'd on cd 16-17..today is cd22...so 5-6dpo or so...i have my mind set on Monday to waste my frer too soon...no cheapies yet.  I can't handle another evap.


I totaly understand keeping your heart soft....just like in labor...keeping that body limp eases the pain of contractions...it's when we tense that we feel it most....


I cannot seem to get that concept across to DD,,,every braxton hicks she has she tenses and holds her breath while repeating "ow ow ow"  ugh!  I think she needs an epidural...now perhaps.


I have travel jealousy!!! I would love to go further south!! Phili is the closest but not that close...I'd love to go to Atlanta...oh sigh...All you midwestern, southern, heartland folks are gonna have to hit the east coast where the rest of us are...gtree...toothfairy...Bebe(?)  ...skj (where ARE you)


gtree- whats the word- whats the next step- another u/s?  or just hang out and incubate? 


afm my temp is still up...yay...but it is so early...I am needing distraction on this rainy trapped in my prison day...


can I post a question:  Fantasy Nursery Decor?  (gtree x2)


My DD is doing a cowboy theme...I have done primary color baloons (dd#1&2 back before gender id was common) Noahs Arc (dd#3) Classic Pooh (dd#4) and girly flowers and pink (dd#5)


Now I am drawn to nuetral colors and natural fibers...simple and clean as can be...not sure why the big change as i had always done things up big before...now is such a different point in my life...and I dream of one of those completely impractical round canopy cribs....I feel it like being hungry!!!! yikes


skj- you seem like a mdc guru- if i post in a thread can i delete it later?


happy friday all- get your posts in before the weekend.

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I was just experimenting with photo upload....I left this hanging in our Bedroom in BK when I left...I am always making things for the current group..or the one coming up...this was just something sweet for us.  The only aquired baby thing so far.

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Shell, thanks for sharing your protocol . . . I'm really curious what new new RE will say where to begin (come on 10/10!). Hang in there, babe! I'm glad you have some plans with your daddy!


Sherry, I really don't see how your app determined you O'd on CD20. Clearly not an expert here, but I really think it was CD17. GOOD LUCK!!! Glad I'm not alone with our DH's making us wait to start trying . . . it's so hard for me to not let that get to me once in a while. Yep! I think I'm going to start doing some crack, get pregnant, and then write a book to make millions -- "The Unorthodox Secret to Your BFP!"


Indie, it's so true that if that lady who is 44 and obviously taking poor care of herself can get pregnant, there's hope for all of us!! 9DPO so early . . . I have a strict policy about not testing until DPO10 these days . . . it's so early, keep your head up! I totally understood your description of keeping your heart soft and was good imagery for me, because I do the exact same thing. I was I was near any of those places so that we could get together!!! Enjoy all your travels!


AFM, I'm off soon for my day of fun!! So happy to have a day to myself :)

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