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Sherry, we cross-posted and I missed you. I used to be on the east coast (NYC) but now we're in California. That's too funny about DD! ;) Oh my gosh, look at the puffy pink little sweater!! LOVE! Ahhh, I want it so much! I have a "baby fever" board on Pinterest fully of goodies (including baby decor -- seriously awesome baby rooms). I'll see if I can post something.


OK, so this isn't baby decor, but this makes me happy every time I see it and I think it's a perfect image to start our weekend (you've all seen the movie "UP" right?)


So cute I can hardly stand it! Up!

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definitely a BFN... even on the frer gloomy.gif I spent all morning having a good cry and texting everyone that knows i am trying that it didnt happen... there are a few nosy people that know I am trying and I know they will bug me come monday... I think i am turning my phone off that day irked.gif

No AF yet I am sure that is the prometrium.. I think i am going to stay on it all weekend so i can drink wine cause day 3 of my cycle I start meds all over again UGH I have vowed not to tell anyone this time around!! except ya'll of course lol Not even my mom... I just don't want to feel like the weight of the world is on my shoulders again... one good thing that came out of this cycle is that this is the longest cycle I have had... longer Lp .. I love it!! at least I know the 200mg of prometrium works !!.. Also I plan on being on a soup diet.. i love soup so it won't be hard except i crave chocolate a lot... I need to lose some weight and feel better about myself.


Indie: I live in the DFW area so like 3 hours  away from Austin... i have a lot of friends that live in austin too , I admire you for keeping busyand keeping your heart soft ... Oh how I wish i could take another month off to just relax... but I know i wouldn't relax cause my eggs are ticking away with every cycle and then I have the whole blocked tube thing sooo I have no clue what side I am going to ovulate on :-/


Sherry: I have a good feeling your Pregnant!! you and DD will be pregnant together just like in that movie with steve martin and diane keaton?? ugh brain fart I can't think of the name!! I am doing my nursery in Dr Suess theme , Light colors with a bold red here and there , if I have twins I want a murial of thing1 and thing 2 ... I have it all in my head so perfect when it's all in my head ... how can I make this all a reality?/


Bebe: Have a awesome day of fun!! hippie.gif I Love the book Idea lol i think my book will be titled "how to have a babyon a soup and wine diet" ... Also I love the "UP" photo!! That was the last movie that my husband (that passed away) took my DD to see at the movie theater... just the 2 of them.


Well Weekend is here and I plan on drinking and going to the movies with DH maybe i will even eat a bite of sushi

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I deactivated my Facebook too.... I am going to try and go 30 days with no fb

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Indie- ugh I'm near Boston, I wish you'd come to Boston! I think I'm losest to Greenmum (maine) and gtree(jersey) and sherry (new yoooork).

Sherry - whereabouts in ny are you now? My inlaws are upstate, not far from schenectady. I hope you're decoratingbyour baby room soon! I vote for the early date, i'm not sure how the heck it thinks where it put the crosshairs now.

Shelly- enjoy your sushi & beer at the game (so fun!!) Love your dr suess theme, so creative!

Bebe- loved UP, great way of thinking to start the weekend.

Skj- i listened to the meditation, first time I fell asleep, second ime i got the whole way but felt fidgety ( turns out i only got about 5 minutes in the first night!!) i love it though! Good find, thank you!!

QOD-thank you for sharing your question sherry. It might be fun for just anyone to take a turn. I love asking questions but I'm a good sharer! My answer, I like the jungle theme. We dont plan on finding out the sex unless its multiples and evn thn we will do a cake at the baby shower to find out so we have neutral baby goods. I'm thinking natural palate, greens & browns.

AFM- AF started while I was waiting to go in for my physical. I got my referrals sent in & got 2 shots (DTAP & Flu) as well as bloodwork. Good news, my mama is visiting! I'm ready o be babied for the weekend.
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bebe- cute pic!
shell - enjoy your fb break!
toothfairy - yay for being babied by mom!
sherry - our baby room is a gender neutral 100 acre wood (winnie the pooh)

i think skj is in brazil so we probably won't be hearing from her for a bit
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Bebe - Pic is soo cute! I loved that movie. Specially the dog.


Shell - I'm sorry, hun. Enjoy your weekend of movies, sushi and drinking. lol Good luck staying off fb for 30 days.


Tooth - Glad you got the referrals and shots. Sorry about af, though.


Indie - Sup? lol


Gtree - how you doin'?


How are the rest of the lovey ladies doing?!


Afm - nothing new I have some "symptoms" but chalk it up to my mind playing tricks on me. I'm on 9/6dpo. Haven't tested yet but do have a cheapie if I can't hold out until Tuesday.

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Hi. Good morning!!"

Bebe I LOVE that picture! And yeah pinterest is addictive! I hope you had a good 'fun day'

Shell i love the suess! Good idea...the "things" go up to 5! Just saying!

Tf sorry about af...glad you got things done! Schenectady is about 300 miles away but on the way...i am the exact other side of the state. Enjoy your mom time. I understand the other side of that! Getting ready to pamper my oldest (24)! Its nice now that it s so apreciated.

Indie....are you going to leave us hanging all weekend?

Chrissy...how about you?

Afm- temp still high...triphasic???? I know the charts mean little other than predicting o, but its easy to get caught up!!

Enjoy the day all
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don't mean to leave you hangin', sherry smile.gif

bfn at 3:15 this morning (can never make through the night without having to get up to pee). i don't feel pregnant but then again, i don't feel *not* pregnant, if that makes sense. i guess i have just enough lp symptoms to keep me hopeful. so i catch myself thinking... well... i'm not charting so maybe i'm only 9dpo today and not 10? at least i will know for sure by monday so i can get my head back into work. so much to do!

will be back later...
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Hi ladies! In brasil so only a second to say hi and ask for your help...

AF ended on CD 5. CD 6 was nothing, but last night (CD 7) I had some pink when I wiped. Since then, I´ve been spotting pink or brown. It´s not a ton, but definitely there. I had some spotting two of the three cycles i´ve taken Clomid and it was similar. i´m not taking anything this month, but read that clomid sticks around for 6-8 weeks after stopping it. Do you think the spotting is related? I´ve never experienced this before and Dr. Google is saying pre-menopause! Trying not to freak out.
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skj! nice to hear from you! i don't think you are premenopausal... but this does make me wonder about endometriosis again... i know clomid can worsen endo and maybe you are just now experiencing symptoms? i am on my phone and can't do much research at the moment but i did find this link that might give you somewhere to start... http://en.allexperts.com/q/Infertility-Fertility-2572/2010/4/Follicular-phase-spotting.htm
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also, i swear i'm not trying to diagnose everyone with endo! lol i just have been following threads for two years and it always seems like spotting/low amh issues tend to end up being endo. that link i just posted suggested polyps or fibroids but you just had an hsg, right? i would think they would have seen either of those things if that were the case. unless they only looked at your tubes and not your uterus? anyway, i do want to calm your fears about premenopause... i'm sure whatever it is is very much fixable. did you talk to your RE about it when it happened last time? what did he say?
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SKJ - I really don't think you are pre-menopausal.  I have always spotted at weird times when changing meds.


I love hearing about the nurseries.  I really have no idea what to do.  I don't want to do 2 exactly the same, but they obviously need to match somewhat.  If any of you have suggestions for twin boy nurseries I am all ears.  I do love the Jungle theme, TF. I think that is so cute.  I also like bright colors.  


AFM - feeling sick all of the time.  Eating animal crackers by the bucket full.  


Hope you all are having a good weekend!!

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Indie - Thanks for the thoughts. I had brought up endo with my RE and he basically said it wasn´t worth treating it. That if I do have it, it´s either not affecting my fertility, or the treatment for it would be the same as I´m doing now. When I asked about the spotting on clomid, the nurse basically said if it´s not as heavy as a period, don´t worry about it. It´s impossible to not worry about it. I´m considering asking my ob/gyn about endo b/c I feel like I might get farther with that doc than my RE. I did have a saline u/s of my uterus and there is nothing there. It sounds like from that post that it could be low estrogen. My estrogen on clomid was normal even though I had the spotting. It´s always something! I guess I can write off this cycle...

gtree - thanks for the reassurance! Are you thinking you are having boys or did I miss a big announcement?!?!?!?

My DD´s room is pale blue with a mural of 2 monkeys, butterflies and a tree. We had to cover the whole thing a couple of weeks ago because she´s now terrified of it! And, she´s in love with monkeys. So strange.

For names, since DH is brasilian, we want names that work in all languages we speak. That´s how we decided on DD´s name -> Maia. We haven´t talked names since then. We generally don´t agree on many.
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Ok so my temp spiked up this morning to 98.31 and i got a shadow on the Dollar tree test??? Ugh so frusterating... I am taking a frer tomorrow morning... I mean I couldnt have had implantation yesterday could i ?? that would be too late right?? So confused right now... i just can't wait to find out one way or another!!   Gtree does that mean you know that they are both boys??

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Hi all


SKJ- i have wierd bouts of spotting AFTER clomid...and with prometrium...are you having wild brazilian BDing??? haha perhaps thats all!!  best answer out there


Awwww Indie...early but yeah...stay pliable...im having an issue trying to keep myself in check!


Gtree- WHAT??? DO YOU KNOW???? or you just have girls ideas?  will you nursery them in the same room?  Ohhhh I'm gonna be on the lookout now!!!!


IM GOING INSANE HOPING FOR A BFP!!!! I cannot escape babybrain and soon i will be unpacking and looking through all the haul!!  I'm not going to the shower but get the best part of brining it  all back and setting it all up!  yay...and ugh...I wish i could run away to some hotel and poas for the next several days and get myself over a BFN and then return. 


Ah well game face on here I go!  Lovely day for a drive!

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Quick question:


Who all is testing Monday?

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Me...9dpo i hope
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skj - i am not a doctor, but i play one on mdc ;-) i REALLY don't think it's low estrogen and i REALLY don't think it means you are out this month. especially if this spotting started when you first went on clomid and your estrogen levels were fine. if anything, i think there is something in your body that is responding to the rise in estrogen (polyps, fibroids, endo, something). and if it is endo... your RE could be right that it isn't interfering with your fertility... it's just maybe flaring up due to the way clomid works with estrogen (and, like you said, it's still probably in your system). while endo interferes with a lot of women's infertility... there are also many women who get pregnant with it and you were pregnant not too long ago in addition to having a 2 year old dd. also, it looks like both sherry and gtree has had weird spotting when on clomid... so it could be any number of things. i think you have as good a shot this month as any!!!!! get that brasilian bd on!


shell!!!!!!!! i'm on pins and needles!!!


sherry and chrissy - i probably will be testing monday... and before then as well :)


staying "pliable" :)

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Indie - Thanks. I emailed my acupuncturist, RE (nurse already responded to say she´ll talk to doc on Monday) and my ob/gyn. Nothing I can do about it, but I want to make sure I´m not ignoring something that can be fixed, you know?

Shell - Your chart still looks pregnant to me!!!!

Ladies testing - Best of luck to all of you. Fingers crossed for some BFPs to join Gtree!
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hahaha yes, it is 2 boys.  because we did the day 6 transfer, they were all tested and the two that went back in were boys.  I don't know how I kept that quiet.


Sherry - I am hoping hoping hoping for a BFP for you!!


SKJ - where in Brazil are you? I love it there.  

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