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Sherry, just a quick note while at work to say that I think that might be a BFP! I don't want to get ahead of ourselves, but the test line that I see looks as thick as the control. Right?! I count you as 9DPO.

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so now i read bebe's post and she sees a thick line!? is it a thick line?! if it's a thick line i'm about to get waaaay ahead of ourselves...



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Sorry about all the BFNs greensad.gif I hope it´s just too early for you ladies.

afm - my acupuncturist wrote back and said it is nothing to be alarmed about and totally normal for my cycle to be wacky while starting out on herbs. That made me feel better. I´m CD 10 and no spotting since early yesterday morning. No idea when I will O, but my temps have been all over the place. This morning at 515, my temps was 97.7. At 730, it was 98.2. So, my chart is all wacky. But, I´m feeling great and enjoying myself and trying to live in the moment. For all you chart stalkers: http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/SKJ2011

QOTD: I read a blog by and RE and I always go back to his advice: "Take the path of least regret." I also think a lot of what the woman says in the visualizing pregnancy visualization is really helpful. It will happen to each of us at the perfect time. Believing that helps to let go of controlling the details.

Here´re some fun characters on the brasilan keyboard that I keep hitting ç â á ã

ETA: I see a white line with two pinkish shades on either side of it Sherry. There is definitely something there. no idea what it is yet...
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skj - i forgot you are taking herbs! that's awesome... now you have a perfectly acceptable explanation! sweet! and i would imagine your temps would be all over the place with traveling... watch. this is totally going to be your cycle!

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No news yet.... EEERRRGGGG I will write when she calls .... Just didn't want to leave ya'll hangin

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shell - the wait has to be so frustrating! keep us posted!

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Sherry - I dunno. It looks weird to me. Hope like heck tomorrows frer shows a huge positive!!!


Shell - Hope you hear soon!

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I don't know but to me Sherry's line looks thick but not quite exactly in the right spot, so maybe it is two thick lines on either side of a skinny white line. I still think a real possibility though!

Shell, can't wait to hear the news!

I am so frustrated right now. I have the most horrible boss. Not that I can imagine this a possibility, but when my loan repay contract is up, please do not let me do something foolish like resigning with these lunatics, would ya?!
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Sherry - FMU can't get here soon enough.  I definitely see a thick line!  And your girls are so cute!


Indie - My pup has been barking a lot at night lately and then I have to get up and pee erghhh


Shell - hope you get a call soon


SKJ - Of course, the herbs!

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hmmm. i saw a thick line..but i dont see it now 4 hours later...and yeah after I looked at the pics i saw the white line too....i dunno....I feel PMS-ish, face breaking out, bloated, tired, getting grouchy feeling...crampy, no sore breasts is sight....soooo it's more of a feeling.  I know that you all understand...not so much the BFN because it's early, but just the change in how i feel...


anyone else testing again in the AM?  I bought a two pack of frer so two left and DH arrives on Thursday to close on the house!!! what a great double celebration it could be!! Then back to Brooklyn for the long weekend. 


right now...I wish I packed a heating pad...



SHELL CALL!!!   eeeeke

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TF - Ugh I don't think I have any prometrium, otherwise I would send it your way.  Did you talk to the pharmacy and get it resolved?  I have my fingers crossed that I can stop taking the Endometrin this weekend.  

I'm glad that you bought the maternity clothes.  There were a couple of times I bought some baby clothes over the years and then just pretended they weren't for me and hid them under the bed.  Now I am mad I didn't get two of each! :)


PS. I am already wearing maternity pants and don't want to ever go back to anything else.

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That is for the circle + bloom download. $34. Can't remember now what they are normally but I wanted to share.

Heading to my laptop so I can write a real post!
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Gtree - I kept a couple pair of maternity pants and a few shirts. They are just so comfortable.


Shell - Any news?

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gtree- Thanks! They actually did fix it no problem, the pharmacist was very nice and she said it would be ready at the desk whenever I can pick it up (they offered to deliver it but I don't need it til next week). I love that you are wearing maternity pants! I wear yoga pants to work every day so I'm incredibly spoiled!


sherry- I see a thick line but I can't tell if it is gray or pink and it seems off center from where the test line belongs. I can't wait til tomorrow to see a new test. Your girls are beautiful! I thought one couldn't make the trip, it is so nice to see everyone there together! 


indie- oh my if my dog even shuffles in the night he gets put in the hallway (i am a very light sleeper!). We live next to a small airport so it takes a lot to get him barking. I'm sorry you had a rough night but it sounds like you did get some productive thoughts together. Restless sleeping really is the worst though.


bebe- sorry about the BFN I hope it really is just too soon


shelly- any word from your nurse?


QOD- "Give us good Lord, the grace to work for the things we pray for" I know it is in my signature but I use it as a gentle reminder that the work I am putting into this for a reason. Other than that it is music, I know I posted my list of IF friendly songs before but I usually listen to my IF playlist when I need that 'something' to make me feel better. I'm not musically talented but I love lyrics (I'm not a writer/singer/performer of any kind). I just feel like different songs make me feel 'thats it- that is the emotion I feel' and it calms me.


AFM- AF is on her way out - 3 whole days long with a little spotting today. I had my charting appointment tonight and she made me feel more like I look forward to my NaPro appt Friday. I know they don't 'work together' in beliefs but I feel like I can grow from both of mindsets so I have questions for Friday. I need to know what is going on with my left ovary. Need. To. Know.

Hubby told me today (when I was complaining he is going to cape cod next week at my ovulation day) that can't we just do IVF now because this whole sex thing is getting old. It was meant to be funny but it makes you think, have we been trying so long that having sex this often is boring?!

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Indie, well I'm hoping you are only 10DPO because then 1) you have a better chance at a BFP this cycle and 2) we synced up again (although I think you lapped me, darn my stupid long cycles!). I seriously need some Power of Now in my life. I am so focused on the future right now, it's not even funny and what's worse, is that several years ago while I was in grad school, my mind was here today. Always looking towards the future and then looking forward more still. It's quite difficult not to be right now -- can you lend me your ear? Thanks :) Not only am I constantly focused on the future with all this TTC/IF business, but then there's all these other things, like our debt being paid off in 2 years, and my loan repayment contract being finished in 1 year, 7 months (plus days, hours, minutes, seconds . . .). I know it's not good to always look to the future, but in less than 2 years the future is looking so good! I can't help but believe that we'll be pregnant by then (we must, right?), and that we'll be debt-free, and I'll be out of my contract so that I can go part-time and regain some sanity in my life (not to mention getting out of this crappy job and away from my lunatic boss!!). Ok, thanks, I feel a bit better. I have to remind myself that 1 year, 7 months will go quickly, right? Thanks for listening :) Clearly I need to work on a good answer to your QOTD but I love the ones you shared.


Sherry, even scanning quickly passed your POAS and it looked positive to me but I agree the test line is a bit off center. Loved the pic of your girls!! What a lucky mama.


Gtree, maternity pants! How cute are you? So please please tell me your secret about how you took the plunge to IVF without totally freaking out about the financial aspect? Like maybe you are a gazillionaire, or you love to gamble in Vegas :) Anything helps me to take the plunge.


Toothfairy, your quote is what of my favorites, and I can honestly say that I've sat in a bathroom stall (OK, maybe not the holiest of places) and repeated it over and over. I'm surprised I never told you that. It's a really beautiful one and has kept me going quite a few times. I really do understand about sex getting old . . . my DH and I had great sex the other day when we weren't "trying" but when we are, it can be torture! Forced sex no bueno. Glad you had a good charting appt! What happens at those appts btw? They wanted me to start doing that . . . worth it?


AFM: I had a terrible day thanks to my horrible boss. She's making me decide if I'd rather go to a conference that I've had scheduled for a YEAR, or to take a day off to spend time with a friend that's visiting from the east coast. She's awful!!! That couple with my BFN just sealed the deal for a truly crappy Monday. Bah.

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10 dpo bfn...still
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sherry... still early. still early. still early. that is our mantra :) in light of your QOD the other day... have you and dh made in any headway in the IVF conversation?


shell... did they ever call back? i think you had a problem with that office being slow to call back about other bloodwork in the past? sorry they kept you waiting for so long! check in with us...


skj... the path of least regret... that is a great thing to remember. i would definitely regret not trying everything possible to have children. so that surely puts things into perspective!


gtree... maternity pants! ohmygosh... you are having babies! i'm still so excited about that! and i love your heartbeat siggie. can't wait to have one myself!


bebe... so sorry about your crappy boss! i don't think it's bad to look to the future if that makes you feel happy... i think worrying about the future is where we get ourselves in trouble. both are mind projections but it's better to visualize something that makes us feel good in the moment than to obsess over something that may or may not happen and makes us feel tied up in knots in the moment, you know what i mean? your future does sound awesome! debt free? woohoo! done with a crappy job? WOOHOO! and, yes, you will have a baby by then as well... it sounds like a good way to occupy your mind, to me! i do wonder if we've synced back up. i have no idea when i will start AF. i'm leaning towards being 12 dpo today...


toothfairy - i also love the prayer in your signature. gentle reminders are the best :) i agree with bebe - timed intercourse is no bueno (though she said "forced sex" and that made me laugh). there are already so many obligations in life...  bills.. work... chores... it seems kinda ridiculous that sex has been added to that list because of IF! i think for both our dh and ourselves the biggest turn on with sex is feeling wanted. timed intercouse makes it a "have to" and strips it of the magic. i know we always have our best sex when i'm not ovulating simply because it isn't forced. but, hey, it sounds like your dh is fully on board with IVF now!!! :) i have been fantasizing about getting pregnant with twins and then no longer having to worry about this ttc business ever again. of course, we wouldn't avoid pregnancy and if it happened it would be a lovely surprise but can you imagine no longer having to be controlled by our cycles? ahhhhhh. it feels good to think about... then again, i try to remind myself that while i won't miss much of what comes with infertility... this is a part of my life i will never get back so i might as well enjoy it.


chrissy - what's going on in your world these days?


afm - like i said to bebe i'm leaning towards today being 12 dpo (instead of 13 or 11). My breasts are getting less sore and i imagine i will start spotting tomorrow. we have our ivf consult tomorrow afternoon. i'm excited! and nervous! dh and i were talking last night and it *looks* like we should be financially able to pull the trigger as early as november or december. it all depends on what the doc says tomorrow. of, course, that means i will be so hoping to get a free baby this month :)

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Indie: Haha, oops - I suppose "forced sex" isn't exactly correct, haha. That sounds bad. Timed intercourse - better. ;) You are so right and that's a great way to think of it -- if the future thoughts make me happy and keep me moving forward on a positive path, then it's probably healthy. Sometimes that preoccupation with it though definitely doesn't feel healthy (kind of that "waiting for my life to begin" kind of feeling), so I need to keep tabs on that. I wish so much that I had done things differently. Regret is a tough cookie to swallow. So - you're IVF consult!! I can't wait--absolutely cannot wait--for the details!!! How did you decide on your RE? I think our IVF timing would likely be December/January/February -- somewhere in there. I forget, and I don't know how I can't keep this straight at this point, sorry, but did you do injectables/IUI cycles at all?


Sherry: It's early! Wait until 12 DPO to call it either way.


Shell: Thinking of you!!!


AFM: Oy, what a terrible night's sleep. BFN at 11DPO this morning. So frustrated all around between work and TTC/IF. I'm keeping my eyes open for other positions, but I'm really limited where I can go because of my loan repayment committment. I hate being locked in like this--I truly feel imprisoned.

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bebe - ROTFLMAO.gifi had a good laugh at the forced sex comment! i can totally understand the prison feeling with your job... i would imagine knowing you are "stuck" there makes it that much harder to cope with the craziness. i hate feeling stuck. to answer your question, no, i have not done an iui with injectables. the one iui we did (with only clomid and a trigger shot) cost us like $1300 out of pocket. injectables will bump that up to closer to $2,000. it just seems like a better use of time and money to go the ivf route...

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Weird, I have a teeny bit of brown spotting today 11DPO. Maybe I O'd on a different day? Even weirder because I'm taking oral progesterone.
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