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Sherry, OK, I'm being a little crazy now, but you really don't think I should be worried about my beta? Maybe I should have pushed to do it yesterday :(

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Oh Indie i am so excited for you!! I can't believe those percentage!! so i have only a 14 % chance of getting pregnant this cycle :-(  DH told me yesterday this is our last IUI ... We have to get financing for IVF or we just have to wait till till our savings is back up, So I started to cry... I mean he is right!! but its scary to think my ttc is coming to a end... So its either this iui works or we just stop or get IVF financing...  So we may be doing IVF the same time!! ... I think you should enjoy a drug free next couple months before ivf ... that is what i would do :-)


 Sherry Test AGAIN!!  if AF isn't here then there is still hope!!


Bebe: I always know that when i get Pregnant I will just be a nervous wreck for the first trimester too!! I bet your Beta numbers are super High come monday :-) So what did DH say? is he super excited too ??


AFM: cycle day 4 ... I started my 100mg of Clomid last night... I should be receiving my box of follistim in the mail today.. I am really praying this one works... we already blew through our savings from ttc the last 13 months ... So we either get IVF financing or stop ttc after this ... and that upsets me , I am trying to say my QOD over and over... I would rather live with a 'OH WELL" than a 'WHAT IF" ..... Dh had Knee surgery and he is doing good... just laid up for a while, he is also on antibiotics ( I hope that doesn't screw anything up) I mean they clean his sperm before injecting me... but I read somewhere that antibiotics are bad when ttc ... ?? I am going to start meditation soon also... I need to stay centered and calm this month!!

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Bfn x2 fmu and current...i guess since my bd is on limited days i am past the realm of reasonable!

Come on af!!! Lets not ruin next month. Perhaps holding that baby will bri g me luck!

Question: trying to decide about an hsg next month.....if they show blocked i know i am out. Is it better to know or have hope?

Enjoy your pregnant weekend bebe. Go buy something baby and let that bean know your expecting it!!

Gtree- same x2

All else....round up the wagons we are back on the trail ladies!!!
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bebe... deeeeep breaths. repeat after me... OMMMMM...OMMMMM namaste.gif


in all seriousness, though, while it does suck to have to wait out this entire weekend to get your second numbers you DO know that your hcg is going up. if it was 21 on the evening of 11dp and then you got a positive digital the very next miring that is more than double in less than, what, 12 hours? that's a GREAT sign! with that said... i still know that i would totally be obsessing if i had to wait an entire weekend to get my second numbers and i'm sure by now i would have stocked up on digitals to pee on throughout the weekend as well as researched which pregnancy tests are the least sensitive and pee on those a well! ROTFLMAO.gifso, while i will encourage you to be calm and zen... i'm quite sure i'd be going nuts if i were in your shoes!


thanks for your feedback on the ivf stuff. i do think i will go natural and not mess with clomid or femara these next two cycles. i'm still waiting for a call back from the RE's office and i'm starting to think i won't hear from them until monday. hopefully that means he is actually going to take time and do some research/look at my chart some more. i did talk to a different nurse when i called yesterday and i liked her waaaay better than the other nurse i have been dealing with. not sure if that other nurse is still there or not but i do know i will specifically be asking for this other nurse from now on.


shell -  don't put too much stock into the percentages my RE gave... honestly, he could have just pulled them out of his arse for all i know! but it really did make me realize how much these offices make off us doing things that have a low rate of success... i have to keep reminding myself that it is a business and like bebe said... money always wins. i am very hopeful for you that you will not have to go the ivf route! we are in the situation as you and your dh... paying out of pocket. and when it comes to ivf we will be paying part cash and partly through financing from several different sources... so if it doesn't work... well, there just isn't any money left over for a round 2. that's why i feel like i have to be a giant pain in the ass to make sure that he is putting me on a protocol with the highest chance of success.


sherry - keep on testing, girl. bebe has inspired us all! i hope either way things work out so your conjugal visit lines up (i laughed when i read that!) ETA: just saw your question and wow, i don't know... i think i would go for it and if they are blocked i would then start working on dh hardcore about ivf :)

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Just a quickie. LOL So happy for Bebe and Gtree! Sorry about the bfn, Sherry, but glad the house closed! I'm waiting for af. Today/tomorrow/Sunday is when she'll arrive. Might test in morning just cause I'm insane enough.

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Shell, my old new RE told me the same stats as Indie, but I already had such a difficult time believing that. It never quite made sense to me from a realistic standpoint. So if we just said that we all had an 15-25% chance of pregnancy depending on our age with regular old-fashioned intercourse, how does that percentage drop when we give a very controlled circumstance of ovarian stimulation to time ovulation with trigger for ovulation, along with an IUI to actually give the sperm a stronger fighting chance . . . how is that lower at 14%? I've never understood that -- I swear those statistics are based on very old-school circumstances under worst case scenarios. I remember reading in one of my fertility books that pregnancy statistics in the first place are based off records from 17th century France or something insane, and our chances of getting pregnant in a natural cycle is actually much higher than what I quoted above. Anyway, all that to say that I don't really buy it. However, IVF stats are obviously quite accurate due to reporting to the CDC. Anyway, DH is cautiously optimistic. :) Oh, and I wouldn't worry about the antibiotics -- in fact, depending on the antibiotic, it could even help!


Sherry, sorry about the BFN but keep testing! What DPO are you now?  If it were me, I'd definitely want to know and would have the HSG. I don't think the BFN month after month is better -- it's torture and I think mentally it's better to know what's going on and deal with it, good or bad. Just my 2 cents!


Indie, Ommmmm! I'm so trying. I have this inner anxiety that just won't quit and I keep getting freaked out by it which of course only makes it worth. I keep calming myself down by recognizing, again and again, that I do not have any control in this process, and all I can do is take good care of myself and have faith. So much faith. So that's what I'm going to do. Or try. Maybe. Ommmmm! I really do need to take your advice and get some really bad pregnancy tests and see what happens! I have the pink internet cheapies from Amazon -- Wondfo, maybe? Do you happen to know their sensitivity? I'll look it up! Yep, you just stay on top of your RE -- the squeaky wheel gets the oil! Also, perhaps if you are assertive enough, they will not want to string you along and will do everything they can to get you pregnant quick and get you out of there! ;) Whatever works, I say!


Chrissy, when I tested on CD11/12, I was simply doing it by matter of routine. I had two BFNs the two days prior and was simply doing it before I went to the Resolve meeting and drank a bunch of wine. It's always worth another shot. It's not over until mean ole' AF sings!


AFM, trying to stay calm, and going to do some meditations this weekend. Anyone have a meditation they think would be good for keeping calm in my situation? Went to acupuncture last night and she did some points to calm my uterus and to keep me relaxed and nourished. She did one point on my left index finger that hurt like H E double L! Man. But then it calmed down and I told myself that was my uterus calming down, too. She did 7 points on my scalp, and four points in my ear. I now have these little acupuncture "buttons" in my right ear until I see her next week. She also has me doing an American Gingsing tincture that tastes like dirty treebark (I'm not quite sure what clean treebark tastes like, but you gotta trust me on this), as well as 1 ounce of Gogi berries every morning (which I don't love). But! Whatever it takes, right? I've backed off all my supplements and am just taking my prenatal. Praying, hoping, and trying to have faith!

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Oh bebe. We get lots of quants that low prior to when af was actualy due. I think you were about 10 dpo amd probably only implanted after your last bfn and before your bfp. If they are under 50 docs often say at least 72 hours or 2 days past when af was due...yours is tricky. Ive seen people mention buying a low sensativity 40-50 test to see if it still popped up bpf. Hang in there....this is mundane to them even though it feels urgent to us....i would want bid quants....haha

October would be my 3 month hsg...but i think im not ready...getting used to dh seperation and with dd due...and a house to move in to and fix up...i need that could be motovation....them holidays....im kind of thinking Janiary...6 months out..i just dont think dh will ever budge on ivf...

Ah well....

Im sitting in a hot tub trying to bring on af...haha
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So I just looked up the sensitivities of CBE digital, FRER and Wondfo and they are all 25! So hmm, I guess my digital didn't measure my beta at 50 like I thought. It is nearly impossible to find a test that shows pregnant only at 50. It looks like maybe Walgreens and CVS "early result" cassette type pregnancy tests measure at 50. Wow, who is hitting up CVS on the way home? This girl! Talk about not obsessing -- I really shouldn't test with one, should I? I'm going to be a lunatic if it's negative! But I guess better to know over the weekend than on Tuesday. Oy vey!


Sherry, thanks for your encouragement. I would have liked to test every day, but I'm glad that you see lots of low quants initially. I almost never order them since we do not do OB care here; we get the + on urine and send them off to OB.


I think January sounds great . . . wait until the holidays are past, get settled in a bit more, and work on DH in the meantime. :)

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Bebe stop driving yourself crazy! Relax this weekend and just enjoy being pg!!!

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Thanks, Chrissy! I needed to hear that. :) I actually bought a onesie from Target tonight (and no cheapie prego tests!!).

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Yay!!!!! Bebe

Indie.....wow..its starting to sound real...ivf...here you go!!! Suggestion....that good nurse....take her a small box if chocolate or some token with a card that thanks her for the reason you just said...that she was helpful and nice and made you feel more confident when you were anxious. Not only will you keep a great allie but you willbecome more of a person (vs a patient) to her co workers...in my office rxperience...z little thanks to the good apples is the best investment you will make.....and its just good karma...haha

Oh shell...big decisions huh....i hope dh is feeling better and not drivibg you crazy...

Chrissy...so did you start homeschooling?? I mean more officialy?
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go bebe, go! post a pic of the onesie! this is so very exciting! the way i understand the iui statistics is that it just doesn't give you much more of a chance than timed intercourse (which is why i was so hesitant to try it and then to continue it) unless you truly have an issue with cervical mucus or sperm making it past the cervix to get to the egg. otherwise, just getting the sperm closer to the egg doesn't really help matters. so  i don't think the chances actually drop with iui... it just means for someone in my situation, i already have single digit chance of getting pg each cycle (that was the real shocker for me... i didn't realize it was that low) with the use of clomid or femara and timed intercouse and so iui doesn't help increase those chances. when you throw in injectables it increases chances simply because of producing more eggs as targets... but the iui procedure itself doesn't necessarily increase odds of pregnancy. but with ivf you add in the injectables plus things like assisted hatching, etc and that's when the percentages start to jump. i actually think your chances of pregnancy with iui and injectables (if you weren't already pregnant right now!!! wooohooo!!!) and anyone else who has normal ovarian reserve would be much higher than someone in my situation. that's what i take away from it, anyway...


sherry - what a fantastic suggestion. thank you for that. i won't see the nurse (if i were to see her) for more than a month so i am going to make a point of stopping by the office when i'm back in town on tuesday to drop off a little thank you. and yes, you are right... waiting 'til january would probably be best with all that you have going on and with he holidays coming up. when is your dd due again? you are about to have all kinds of baby vibes rub off on you! that should kick things into gear!


toothfairy - where you at, lady? hope you are well!


gtree - how are you and the boys doing? what kind of preparation have you started doing for birth / arrival of babies? or are you just trying to make it through the haze of sickness before you start thinking about those things? probably the latter :)


chirssy - wave.gif

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Hi my friends!

I just dropped off my extensive medical records history at the new RE. Yup, don't know if I updated that on here but I decided last minute to make the change. I switched to #3 on the list in MA (namely b/c it is like 9 minutes from my house!) and so far they have been so much better than my last place. A person actually answers the phone when I call (instead of constantly leaving messages that need to be returned, nearly always at a time where I am back at work and can't answer or call back). AND when I e-mailed to make an appt she e-mailed me back (old place never did anything through email, made me crazy because of my work and not being able to use the phone) AND she called during the time that I said I would be available (lunch hour for most places). Then they made my appt for this week (even though I had to haul arse to get my medical records- they aren't 100% but hopefully good enough) instead of making me wait until after my vacation. AND she set me up with one of their best doctors (I googled him, of course). So I picked up my IVF consent booklet today & hopefully will be starting the same time as indie. Expecting CD3 bloodwork Oct 28th, and doing whatever protocol from there, retrieval etc in December. I know it probably isn't the best strategy but I am trying to just keep my eyes on the prize and suppress my religious conflicts. Separation of church and state... errr uterus. In other news, my NaPro doctor seems to think my cycles are continuing to look better. He prescribed 4 days of AMOX prior to ovulation which increases amount of cervical fluid. Apparently the quantity of CF or the heaviness of your period is not linked to insufficient hormones or lining (seems weird to me but he is the expert). So I will try that. Hopefully this month is it... sure would make my life a lot simpler.


Indie & Shelly- the financial side of IVF must be so scary, I really don't think it would be on my radar at all if I had to pay 10,000+ for it. One and done though. We are all going to be on the successful side of those percentages.


Bebe- I am glad you bought the onesie and not any more tests! I have faith you are doubling and doubling so just focus on the positive and enjoy your pregnant self right now before the morning sickness and ish sets in!


gtree- taking good care of those baby boys? Your ultrasound is just in another week right?


Chrissy- ohh yes the homeschooling, what is the news?


Indie- I got the same statistics from my RE, that IUI is like 14% ad injectables increases the odds to like 19%... I think it takes into account infertility diagnosis to begin with, we aren't the average woman. Also IUI bypasses CF which can be minimal when on a medication protocol. What were your clinic's success rates for your age for IVF? I wonder why that website only goes to 2010, I'd like some more recent statistics please! I think my clinic has a 79% singleton rate, I'd like to be in the 21% that gets multiples, jus sayin.


Shelly- Does Clomid make you crazy? I was a serious bat ish crazy person on Clomid (didn't realize it of course until after I was done taking it). I think that may contribute to how terrible sad it feels to get a BFN, the clomid just screws with you so much. Since being on Femara I haven't had a single ugly cry after a BFN. I feel sad, but not that all consuming soul crushing defeated sad that I felt on Cllomid.


Sherry- For myself I'm a get ish done kinda person so I'd say do the HSG now and just know once and for all but I understand the conflict of your DDs due date and holidays and hubby being away. You really don't think he will ever re-consider IVF? Is he Catholic too?

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toothfairy - hahaha... separation of church and uterus! that made me laugh! you are going to make one amazing momma and i know for sure that you deserve the opportunity. super cool that we will be doing this together! sounds like you made a great choice with switching REs!! according to the list bebe posted, my clinic's success rate for my age group is 52.7% with the highest (CCRM in Colorado) being 60% and national average being 38.4% . it's gonna have to be good enough for me because they are the best in FL for my age group (and they are like 3 miles away from me!). i did find an RE website in the carolinas that posted their pregnancy rates per embryo transfer by AMH level (haven't seen anyone post that before) and at my level (crazy effing low) it was 47.1%... so i'm starting to understand a little bit why my doc seems kinda nonchalant about my amh level... he thinks because my FSH is only slightly elevated that i should be fine. i guess i should be happy that i haven't gone through the horror stories i've read where people with my AMH level are advised to go straight to donor eggs. he hasn't brought that up once.  i really do need to be focusing on the positives here :) but considering my chances for pregnancy first time through ivf are only a little better than 50/50 (at best) i do want to be as confident as i can be that they are tailoring treatment to my situation. i've been running scenarios through my head trying to figure out the best one so i can start praying/meditating/visualizing on it. the doc seems to think i'd be able to produce enough embryos to freeze... i'm skeptical. i guess best case scenario would be either a twin pregnancy or a singleton with possibility of FET later on. either way, i do hope and pray that i have enough to freeze because if this first round doesn't work a FET is a heckuva lot less expensive than having to go through the whole thing all over again.


i got some great info on protocols for diminished ovarian reserve from this RE (number 9 on the nat'l list for my age group) and protocol number 3 is what i'm waiting to find out about from my REs office.


and in the meantime, we will both be hoping for a less complicated, free (for me) baby :)

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When do you expect to hear back from the doctor? So much to think about! I hope you get eggs to freeze too. My aunt told me she always thinks it is funny that a cousin of hers has 2 girls, one from a fresh IVF and one from a FET 3 years later. She says it is funny to see the two of them because they are 'twins' 3 years apart Anyway, I'm interested to hear what they will recommend for me after reading that website. I am going to ask him to test my AMH since it has never been tested. I think I asked before but I can't remember your answer, have you had your AMH retested since you've been taking Vitamin D?


Looking though my bloodwork  my D was at 31 back in February and now it is 49 (ideal is 25-80) so at least now I am above average. 


My cousins little one turns 1 on Monday and we are missing the party since it is the Saturday we leave for the caribbean, so we are heading over there to celebrate tonight. Happy Birthday little girl!

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Bebe - I know how it feels to want to test and test and test. So happy you bought a onesie. Post pic?

Shell - How ya doin'?

Gtree - Still fighting the morning sickness?

Sherry - So, hot tub bring af? lol

Tooth - Sounds like you took a huge step in the right direction by changing docs.

Indie - wave.gif How are things, dahlink? (LOL)


AFM - af arrived about 10 p.m last night so I'm counting today as cd1. So a new month begins. I got pg with ds in October so maybe this is my lucky month. HA! Re: homeschooling: we started back in September and so far so good. He's learning and remembering things I forgot we covered. DH is really getting into helping with school too when he's home. I balance everything with school, housework, chores, cooking, etc so it's good to have a helping hand. Amazingly school lasts about half an hour unless ds decides he really likes something then we do that until he gets tired of it.


Ok, I better stop there or I'll keep going and going. LOL

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Hi everyone!  So many exciting things going on!


TF & Indie - So many exciting things to look forward to! 


Chrissy - Good luck this month!  


Bebe - still so excited for you! I think your beta number is just fine and Monday will get here soon! 


AFM - More ultrasounds yesterday.  Baby A looks like Mr. Peanut and Baby B looks like a dinosaur...  I was released from the RE and told to stop taking the endometrim.  Today was the most anxious I have felt about all of this yet.  I think because I am still trying to get an appt with an OBGYN and nervous to start something new.  

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Indie, you are so right about the statistics about IUI -- none of us fit in the "normal" category and so that's why it ends up at the 14% or whatever, but I've still always questioned that. I'm so excited for your IVF plan!!! You could be the next one with twins! Or maybe you and Toothfairy both at the same time! We have so much excitement to come in our little group -- I love it! I tried to post a pic of the little sleeper outfit (I call everything tiny a onesie, haha) but it won't insert correctly. I'll wait until I get some cute stuff from Janie & Jack to post! Is Janie & Jack everyone -- do you guys know what I'm talking about? Their stuff is sooo cute!


Toothfairy, this is so exciting!! Separation of church and uterus, ha! I know it's hard for you, but once you have a baby in your arms you will know it's a true gift from God! I know what a big step this is for you. You and Indie could both be pregnant by Christmas!!! Seriously, MA is awesome for covering IVF in their healthcare plans. I loved when I did a clinical rotation there in community health. It was so easy -- you could actually order whatever you needed for your patients without any problem!


AFM, chilling out a bit, which is good. I'm enjoying the moment. Quite tired and off to take a nap! Hoping you all are having a terrific weekend! xo

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Chrissy, here's to October being your month!!!


Gtree, wow, you are moving right along, girl! I laughed out loud at the peanut & dinosaur babies. So, so cute. I can totally understand your anxiety, but this is a great, just amazing, next step! So happy for you!!! Thanks for the encouragement. :)

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Cute little lightweight sleeper with monkeys and giraffes. Oh but you wait until I get to Janie & Jack!

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