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Adorable bebe! I love the little themed outfits at Janie & Jack. I figure my kids will have enough hand me downs that I can shop there for special things! So you came to MA for your community health? Seems like a long way for a clinical rotation. Did you live closer to here before or are you native to California? The insurance requirements here are pretty good. Some plans obviously better than others. My boss tends to change insurance every year so I want to get this show on the road before another potential change in April.


gtree- those are good nicknames for the little guys. Didn't one of your embryos kind of look like a peanut when they gave you the picture? I wonder if that is the one that looks like a peanut now! Are you going to post the new picture for us to fawn over?


Chrissy- homeschooling does sound like a lot of fun. It is amazing how quick the learning goes when there aren't 30 kids trying to keep up with one lesson.


AFM: I got a hand me down activity jumperoo (used 3 times) and a Baby Bullet with steamer (used never), and a Moby wrap from my cousin yesterday. Also my sister gave me a nursing shawl and swaddler last week. All that combined with buying maternity clothes I'd say I'm doing my share of sending out good vibes to the universe. We are ready please!!!!  Today is CD10 and no sign of any EWCM yet, what the heck! DH is travelling CD14-15 so this show needs to get going.

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BEBE - I freaking love Janie and Jack, I wish you lived closer we could go together. Maybe I'll go later today and buy some stuff :) 

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Peanut and Dino!!



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So funny how they looked right next to each other on the first u/s and now they get their own pictures. baby B really does look just like a dino. Love them!

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Love, love, love the u/s pic, gtree!
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gtree - a peanut and a dinosaur! that's exactly what they look like! that should be your nursery theme! you can frame the sono pics to tie it all together :) what a gorgeous sight!


bebe - how you holding up, lady? hoping you are having a very enjoyable sunday! i love the onesie (i call everything a onesie, too) and apparently i'm the only one who doesn't know about janie and jack? must google... looking forward to hearing your climbing beta numbers!!


toothfairy - sounds like you made out like a bandit! why don't you whip up some baby food with that bullet and tell me if it's worth it :) i really want one (and a baby to go with it). so what's this caribbean trip?? where to, exactly? how long? what awesome things will you be doing there? sounds like a perfect getaway before pregnancy! to answer you questions... i was supposed to hear back from the doc on friday but never got a call. i'm hoping that means he's really taking my inquiry seriously... or it could just mean i've been overlooked. we'll see if i get a call tomorrow. i have not had my amh retested. i actually never had my vitamin d tested, either. but when i read that it could interfere with amh numbers i figured it wouldn't hurt to start taking it. i'm also curious if the dhea has made an impact. not sure if i ever posted this but it gives me a lot of hope so i reread it often. i've never had an AFC done, either. i guess that will be done the cycle i start ivf? have you ever had a follicle count? i'm wondering if that gives you the max number of eggs you could potentially develop that cycle or if it is possible to end up with more than what's on the initial count? more googling for me, i guess... all i know is when i had a baseline sonogram before doing iui they did not do an AFC (they were just looking for cysts) but i could tell by how hard they were looking for follicles that i had a pretty low number. i wish they would have just counted the darn things for sure so i could have something to compare the ivf cycle to. i do hope all these expensive supplements i've been swallowing are making a difference! that's funny about your cousin's "twins" who are 3 years apart... i guess if i could put in a very specific order i would want to have two children one at a time... i will of course be thrilled with twins... but if i could be blessed enough to have two pregnancies and a greater chance at having at least one natural birth, that would be so very wonderful. but the one thing about IF, i don't have my heart set on any particular birth scenario anymore as long as i get my babies!


skj - hope you are enjoying your family vacation!


sherry - how's it hangin'?


afm - i'm in PA. had some free time today so i did one of my favorite things... took a long drive through back roads. lots of fall colors (don't get much of that in FL) and rain (we do get a lot of that). heading back to orlando late tomorrow night then to austin on wednesday then back to orlando late thrusday night and then friday evening... we go to vegas for dh's birthday! i'm very excited!

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Hi Toothfairy, yeah, I used to be on the east coast. I went to grad school in Connecticut, so I ended up having to do one of my pediatric rotations in Springfield, MA. I have sooo many friends in MA, including one of my best friends (she's in Northampton). That is so fun that you got all that baby stuff!! Definitely sending good vibes out to the universe. :) Yay!!! I'll be praying for good (and quick!) CM for you (only IF girls would understand the importance of praying for such a thing for a friend, haha). Sending you lots of speedy baby dust!


Gtree, oh my gosh, I laughed until I cried when I saw Dino. That is the cutest thing ever!! I wish we could go to Janie & Jack together, too! Their stuff is pricey, but sooo cute, and they have great sales. Any opportunity I have to buy something baby for a friend's shower or birthday, I always go there. Did you go this weekend? :)


Indie, hi babe! I'm holding up :) I have these little moments of panic, and then these bigger moments of excitement, so it's balanced out. Looking forward to getting the bloodwork tomorrow at lunch and then finding out Tuesday. It will be 4 hours shy of exactly 4 days past the first beta when I have it done, so I figure my number should at least be in the 80s if things are going well. I'll be sure to let you know when I do! So did you google Janie & Jack? Cutest baby stuff ever. You have a busy week coming up! Where are you guys staying in Vegas? So fun!!! What CD are you?


AFM, well my temps keep climbing, which is good news. Am still quite tired, and cheapie sticks still getting darker when I test. Didn't buy any other cheapies to test out the theory. Eagerly awaiting my beta! Hoping to update you all with good news. Hope you're having a great Sunday night, everyone!

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Hi everyone

Bebe...ive got everything crossed! Its getting uncomfortable!

Indie...wow that sweet baby puppy has grown.

Tf...yeah that...cant they just leave some with us for use at the appropriate time

Hey chrissy, skj, shell,

Still in BK but headed out by noon...cd33 no af...feeling miserable..bfn as of yesterday...it isnt possible yet still i test...next o seems hopless and i feel fluish...eeke...

Dh isn't really religious..md, phd, has had his head in all kind of experiences...suggests people ivf all the time...but he hits a wall personally when it comes to handing over his 'genetic material' and having it out of his control...ugh i dont get it...im judt trying to respect it...

Ok gotfa get moving here so more later
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Bebe- i wish you'd get your results today so we could all cheer! I wish you were still on the east coast, wth!

Sherry- never lines up in a convenient way. I really don't want to drive 2 hours to the cape thursday night, really...

Indie- i've got lots of comments for you esp after reading an article last night. I'll post it later & make my comments. What CD are you & when is your testing? My CD3 b/w & AFC should be oct 28th.

AFM- still no sign of EWCM.... annnnoyed
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Wow, I am tired. I kind of panicked this morning though because I forgot to take my progesterone last night. I took it this morning, but it made me a bit nervous because my breasts were less tender this morning. If fatigue is any indication though, things are going well. I of course have been POAS with IC everday, and today's line is as dark as ever (but still not quite as dark as the control). My chart is starting to look triphasic too, so I'm keeping the hope. Getting my P4 and beta today, and hoping, praying, begging and pleading that everything will look good. I won't know until tomorrow -- the suspense is starting to get the best of me. I did quite well over the weekend though, overall. Please pray and keep good thoughts for this outcome! I'm starting to get quite attached to the idea of being pregnant (oh and, as timing would have it, a friend emailed me this morning to say she's pregnant -- total accident!). Please, please, please, please.


Sherry, thanks so much for crossing everything!!! I'll let you know as soon as I do! I'm so sorry you are feeling crummy. :( I'm really hoping that DH budges about IVF in the future, especially since there doesn't seem to be a religious conflict of any kind. I can't recall -- does he want another child as much as you do?


Toothfairy, thanks :) I wish I could get it today too -- I keep reminding myself that by waiting until today, I should have a pretty clear picture about what's happening, whereas if I had done it after 48 hours I might still be in a bit of limbo.  Sorry no EWCM! Are you taking EPO?

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bebe - i love that your temps are climbing and your chart is starting too look triphasic! and that your lines keep getting darker! you are going to feel so much better when you get those darn numbers back! how cool that you have a friend preggo at the same time! so i've been meaning to ask... other than ovulating late... what was different about this cycle? what do you think contributed to the bfp? tell us everything! i did google janie and jack... way cute! we are staying at trump towers in vegas. got it through hotwire. tickets were with delta skymiles. so it's a pretty inexpensive trip for us, which is great considering all the expenses that will be coming up in the very near future!


sherry - i'm sorry you are feeling icky :( hope your cycle resolves itself soon so you know what's going on!


toothfairy - looking forward to your comments! will give me something to read while i'm sitting in ATL later tonight. don't know when i'll have testing... did cd 3 bloodwork back when i did iui so i doubt they will do that again until i'm ready to start ivf?


afm - cd 4 today. gotta run. check back later!

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Sorry to have been a stocker lately and not partaking in the convo I'm just trying to get away from all the trying and stuff.... but..... Like bebe I have good news.... Got up this morning, even more tired then usual....decided at my lunch break after feeling like I could barf to get myself a test stick and well it was super faint but there it was, even asked my co-work, she saw it too..... Wasn't thinking it was possible this month at all!! Sending hope to you all!!
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Hi, Indie! I love your new avatar :) So cute!! What a furry bundle of love! Well, let's see . . . here's what I can recall being different this cycle:

  • I was less wound up emotionally because I thought it so impossible
  • We strictly BD every other day except for that one time we skipped a day, and I used pre-seed every single time (I had not been good about doing that previously). I made myself stay in bed with my tushie propped up for 30 minutes (also had not been great about waiting the whole 30 minutes previously). Also tried to have my own 'O' after BDing, but didn't do this everytime. We also only did fertility friendly positions. ;)
  • I drank and ate whatever I wanted, and had a small glass of wine most nights (my last acupuncturist actually told me she thought this helped with blood flow to the uterus -- who knows)
  • I continued with a once-a-day prenatal, 100mg of B6, CoQ10, baby aspirin, and a boatload of folic acid (although I would forget my nighttime dose frequently). I started prometrium morning and night once O was confirmed by thermal shift. I stopped EPO and fish oil. My acupuncturist thought that I was taking too many things.
  • I did acupuncture once weekly, and took whatever herbs she wanted me to take. I also am trying to eat only warm foods and drink, but with the very warm weather here in southern ca, I haven't been good about this. I've tried to remember something I read in another holistic fertility book: 80% is perfection.
  • I tried to do more 'laying around' which is hard for me, but my acupuncturist pushed it pretty heavily. She said this was more important than exercise for me.
  • I would only have one decaf coffee in the mornings, and then maybe a tea with a little bit of caffeine in the afternoons.
  • I was overall a lot more relaxed


Vegas sounds like just the perfect thing for you right now. Play some craps! I love craps :)

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Greenmum!!!! Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What DPO are you???



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Greenmum!! What?!?! Send us a picture of that BFP.  Congrats to you!!!  Let's keep them coming!



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Sitting here at LabCorp and trying not to freak out! It's not like I'll get the results now or anything but so nervous!
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Greenmum- that was a sneak attack mention of a BFP!!! We need more info lady!joy.gif:joy:joy
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Just got in the door...but wow!!!!!,, greenmum!!! Congrats!!! Yes more details!!! 3 bfp in a months time! Lets keep that trend up!!

Bebe....are we at the mercy of lab corp and your re office??? Or can you call for results..it only takes hours for a preliminary!!

Man...they need to hurry.
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Well, I'm told I'll know for sure by tomorrow -- a little at their mercy. Hoping to know my lunch. Hoping my afternoon tomorrow is full of joy and happiness!

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Indie- that is the article I read (and re-read) last night. I think the most interesting for me was how many women with endo have raised antibodies and what a difference treatment makes if you do have them in successful IVF. I know my IGG and IGM were tested, both came back on the higher side but I don't know what that means so I am going to bring it up at my consult. I'm taking into account too that it is a 14 year old article (1998 if I remember correctly) and obviously things have changed since then but it still helped me to get a better understanding of the effects endometriosis has on fertility and to be honest about what to expect with IVF. That said, I looked into EPP for IVF that you asked your doctor about and I have to say, I'd push it. Really, I don't think I'd invest 10 grand in IVF without it. It seems like it really does make that big a difference in egg quality. 

Now as or the other comments- I'm excited for you to get your AFC and see where you stand that way. You never know, if it was just the vitamin d you could be surprised with lots of antral follicles. Did you have your DHEA tested? After typing up my medical history (including all my u/s and b/w results for each cycle the past year) I saw how many things I've actually been tested for. My DHEA was 167 which seems fine, in range anyway (whatever that means). That article does bring a lot of hope to increasing egg quality though. I think I did have an AFC when I very first did my CD3 testing but either I don't remember the results or they didn't tell me. Maybe it is something they just do with IVF, not sure it matters much in IUI since they aren't hyperstimming. So what are you thinking for a start date?? I want to see how close we will be if we are both expecting December cycles.

Thank you for saying that about your 'birth plan' means less now after all you've been through. I was hell bent on a home birth, it is just what I feel like I want and need from a birth experience. That after all this I want a beautiful perfect delivery. You are right though, I will take whatever gets me my beautiful healthy baby, no matter how it comes. I think hearing that puts me at ease that after all this even if everything isn't perfect and now I imagined it that it will lead to my perfect completed family and that is the important thing. A beautiful uneventul home birth would be great but you remind me to see the end goal.

I'll tell you how the baby bullet works as soon as I have a baby to make food for- unless of course you want some sweet potato apple puree- I have the tools to whip it up! It looks very cool though, she gave me the steamer to go with it so I'm way excited. Just need like 10 months of pregnancy and 9 months of breastfeeding before I can try it out. Better store that in the attic winky.gif

Caribbean trip- Oct 20, 1 week, St. Croix, hotel on a private island. It is past O time unfortunately but I'll take it anyway. 

I can't remember if I had anything else to add. Did I forget anything?


bebe- waiting on pins and needles for tomorrow. I am really confident your numbers are going to be awesome but a little piece of mind is great too. When did they schedule your dating ultrasound?? You will have to be super excited about my RE visit on Wednesday since you ditched me and got preggo on your own ROTFLMAO.gif I like your list of what you did differently and your advice that 80& is perfection. I think we all need to remember that. Aso thanks for the CM prayers. True friends pray for each others mucous, didn't you know that?



AFM- Itty bitty start of EWCM tonight. I mean, nothing anyone who doesn't inspect their toilet tissue would ever notice, but I got a tiny bit of clear with stretch with was not there the last few days so I am hoping O is on its way. I am thinking of dropping my dog off with my sister and taking a trip to the cape Thursday night for a booty call (desperate times!) and then just spending the night with my husband and driving right to work Friday morning. We will see what my OPKs show in the next day or 2. If O isn't coming til Friday I will just skip Thursday. No biggie.

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