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Come onnnnnnnnn.... 1035 pm, getting ready to sleep. ++OPK and obvious EWCM. seriously?! I'm so tired & work a 13 hr day tomorrow... Agh!
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popping for just a sec tf i laughed so hard at your positive opk post! ahahahaha oh man... i feel ya. greenmum congrats!!! loving our stats right now! hoping chrissy gets a sticky bfp next since she was the one who officially broke the spell... ok i'll be back tomorrow!
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So this from this am and I just did a blood test.... waiting now for the results.

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Toothfairy, I am waiting on pins and needles too . . . I have this little dull pain on my right side (which I would get sometimes -- I've suspected a cyst) for the last couple days. Kinda making me nervous! I am so eager to get the results . . . breath, breath, breath. I POAS this morning with an IC and it was as dark as ever, so hoping that's a good sign. It made me feel better at least. I do not have a dating U/S scheduled yet. I don't even know who to go to! You'd think I would have done my research by this point. I'm going to wait for my beta and then figure it out. I am SUPER DUPER excited for your appt tomorrow . . . I actually still have mine on the books! It's going to be an inspiring and positive appointment for you -- I just know it! Please update right away - I just know it's going to be great! So, sorry for the timing, but hopefully you guys BD last night and now you are on your way to your own free baby!!! :)


Greenmum, yay!! Very clear BFP! What DPO are you today? I'm waiting for my results, too!!


AFM, I'll update when I know something . . .anything! xoxo

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I'm 11 DPO today or I might be 9 my chart is all wonkie, I forgot to temp when I went to a journey concert on the 28th and 29 and my temp was slightly up on the Sunday the 30th so that may have been when did O.... We didn't even make hot coffee weekend, we did it Wednesday night and Tuesday, Monday....it was so crazy - I actually got mad at my hubby for not making coffee when I needed him to.....
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bebe - i am thinking and praying and visualizing you jumping up and down with glee over perfectly perfect beta numbers! can't wait to see your update!!


Toothfairy - thanks for that article! i asked my RE about immune issues related to endometriosis and he said that nothing solid has been proven so they don't treat unless it's a diagnosed hashimotos or the like... sigh. there is is so much gray area and everything makes me so nervous! i have been worried about immune issues and trying to figure out what i can do on my own to address it. i started taking l-carnitine faithfully a while back after reading this study from the cleveland clinic. can you tell me more about IGG and IGM? these are tests I have not had. What are they and under what conditions did your RE or Napro order them? ughhh. I'm trying not to freak out. At what point do I stop advocating for myself and just trust? I haven't answered this question for myself just yet. I can't wait to hear about your consult!!


Thank you for your feedback about EPP. I still haven't heard back. I called into the office today and was told that they would leave a reminder for the nurse and I *should* get a call back this afternoon. I don't know if that means the nurse never asked the doctor or if the doctor never got back to the nurse... but i'm feeling rather defeated about the whole thing. If I get a call back with a generic answer about me not needing EPP I'm afraid I might explode. I appreciate you saying you think I should push for it. I need to have that kind of support to help me grow a back bone. I'm just not sure what pushing for it will look like. Do I send him further information making my case for the protocol? Or do I just say "if I am going to proceed with you I need you to agree to this protocol, period." ? 


I did have my DHEAS tested. It came back at 76 and with the range being 45 to 270. I figured I was on the low end of normal so it couldn't hurt. I do have to say I feel so much better emotionally these days and I really think it has to do with the DHEA. It didn't happen immediately but after a couple of months I realized I am feeling much less depressed even though nothing has changed in my life situation (as in, I'm still not pregnant). While I still get anxious and sad over this whole TTC business... I just feel like I'm handling things so much better these days. As far as it making a difference with my amh or egg quality/quantity... that remains to be seen.


Depending on how this cycle and the next go, I anticipate starting AF sometime between Nov 28 and December 1 and that would be my IVF cycle. With EPP that means I would start estrogen priming a week prior so maybe sometime around Thanksgiving? And then stimming the beginning of December. Everything has to line up perfectly with the IVF class/finances/and their willingness to follow the EPP/Antagonist protocol for these dates to be correct... but this is what I am anticipating. What about your dates?


I'm really excited to hear about your consult. I love to compare notes!


Shell - thinking of you! aren't you about ready for your IUI now?

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joy.gifBeta 272!!!! joy.gifProgesterone 52.5!

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you are pregnant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Yay bebe !!!!!! So pregnant! Awesome numbers!
Greenmum - you're next! Whats your number!

Indie- as always i cant get back toyou in one short line so you'll have o wait til im outof work.

Afm- took care of business last night & feeling tired today. Still having pulling on the left but a little on the right so we will see what tomorrow brings. Hoping o will be tomorrow morning & we can get in 3 good bd sessions. The amoxicillin is giving me a bellyache :-/ i tried yogurt to battle it but so far still feeling icky. Wish I had a personal ultrasound machine to check in on my ovaries. Okay back to work I go. Will check in on greenmum later!!
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Thanks so much, Indie and Toothfairy!! It finally feels real. babyf.gif


Toothfairy, great job taking care of business!! ;)

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Congrats bebe!!

Afm - still waiting on bloods....
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Yay Bebe!

Congrats GreenMum!!

Nice job getting it done, Tooth. LOL
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Bebe - Fantastic numbers! Now you can have a calm and uneventful pregnancy :) Any symptoms yet?  


TF - get it done, girl! I know what you mean about picturing your birth experience a certain way.  I am trying to come to terms with the fact my Obgyn is going to want to do a C-section with twins.  In the end, I just want healthy babies!


Indie - Will you know what your ivf protocol is prior to Dec?


I can't believe it is only Tuesday! I am going to bed.

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Hi all!! WOW so much going on!!


First CONGRATULATIONS BEBE AND GREENMUM!!!!!!!! flowersforyou.gif How exciting!!!!


TF: I love all your IVF input ... If this IUI doesnt work out we are starting the IVF process ASAP as well... I talked a little about it today with my Dr and She said that is a reasonable expectation and that she would start me on estrogen or something like that right away... and not do bcp.. i still am praying this IUI works thought.. (More on that in the AFM part... very interesting stuff) ... I still hope you get your free baby!!!!


Indie: wave.gif  I am so excited about your IVF also!! I haven't had a chance to read any articles yet .... with DH having his knee surgery I have been taking care of my needs as well as his and I have been cooking A LOT I love to experiement ...... I need your input on my AFM pleeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaassssssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


Gtree: How are you feeling? have the morning sickness subsided yet?


Sherry: How are things? did AF show up yet ?... and Clomid makes me a horrible bitch UGH (sorry)


Chrissy: How are you??? what cd are you on?


So what is everyones plan for this cycle? or next ?  I really NEED some HELP can ya'll read my AFM and tell me what you think???


AFM: Ok so I am on cd 8 wacky temps,  vivid dreams (about BFP)  So I af ended Saturday a little spotting Sunday then monday I did a opk and negative Tuesday (today) I did opk and got a smiley face??!!! So i called RE and she wanted me to come in for sono and blood test... I went and got my LH drawn (results tomorrow) but I had 2 on the left (blocked side) sizes 12 and 16 and then one on the right at slightly over 16 ... She thinks I am ready to go so we scheduled my iui for tomorrow ... I get home take another opk and its negative!??!! UGh so i call RE and she said ok maybe just a faulty test strip .. so she said lets hold off IUI until we get the blood results... But she said that if the LH comes back positive we will still do it tomorrow but if it comes back negative then we will  trigger tomorrow and iui on Friday.... I AM ONLY CD 8 ?? i am so confused ... she told me to hold off on the follistim tonight ... OK so these are MY thoughts... I want to do 25 iu of the follistim tonight ... then Trigger Thursday and iui friday ... with a sono before IUI ... My last IUI and I feel like it is going so fast... I thought I had another week to prepare for IUI and the horrible 2 ww that I feel like I JUST got over from the devestation of last iui not taking.... I really trust my doctor but she only knows so much about bodies... I KNOW my body inside out. also i have had some cramping on my right side today... but that is all... OH and I also had the most amazing dream last night that I took a frer and got a BFP and I was so scared and excited ... I didn't want to wake up!! So PLEASE LADIES THOUGHTS? HELP HELP HELP

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HELP I keep refreshing and no help greensad.gif...... Should I do the 25 iu of follistim??

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Beta 7.9 Progesterone 21.9
Retesting on Thursday beta....
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shell... i'm sitting here trying to think of what i would do... i think you are right, you know your body best. i say trust your gut. i'm really at a place where i think we need to take charge and design our own protocols. keep us posted. big hugs!
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Shell - I've never done iui so I can't be of any help but I hope someone gets on here and gives you some feedback.


GreenMum - No worries. You're still early.

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greenmum i think we keep cross posting... i agree with chrissy... still early. fx for you!
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Dh said I should just listen to the dr and be a good patient... UGH I dislike him sometimes!! hahaha  I guess I will just follow protocol UGH ... still CD 8 ?? what is up with all this... I guess its outa my hands at this point!! I will not be getting overly worked up this cycle.. Thanks for the input Chrissy and Indie <3


Greenmum... its still early Thursday i bet its a lot higher !! positive thoughts

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