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Shell - I would trust your gut too. Are you on clomid? I can't remember if you are on both. If so, I have read that clomid can give false + opk. It does seem fast to be triggering, but I triggered that early on my clomid cycles. I think I would do the follistim bc you only have one decent follicle on your good side. Good luck!

Time for bed...
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Thank you SKJ ... I think I might just do 25 ... I mean she had me doing 75 ... Yes I was on clomid also... This has never happened before ugh

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My advice - think about each scenario. Let's say you don't do the follistim tonight and end up with a bfm, would you wonder if you would have done the injection you could have had a bfp? Then think of the reverse. You do the injection and get a bfn, would you blame it on the injection? That's how I made up my mind to trigger later than my re old me to. I would have thought of the what ifs too much if I did the trigger earlier.
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Shell, I would BD tonight and follow protocol. Your RE seems really responsive and on her game, so I would have faith in her plan. That's what I would do in this case, but of course I'm not you and I can't feel what you're feeling. If your gut instinct tells you to that it's happening now, then I say listen to that feeling! Also, I agree with SKJ . . . play out the scenarios and what feels best to you in the end!


Greenmum, with wonky temps and an unclear DPO, I would just have faith in the next set of numbers. I stressed about it so much this weekend. What I did read again and again is that it doesn't matter where you start, only that you are doubling!

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Ohhhh So many "what If's" ... and i want to live with a "oh Well'.... we BD last night so we should skip tonight... I guess i am just going to go with protocal... and if worse case I get a BFN ... BUT I still have left over follistim 450 IU left over ... so that could go twords next cycle... right? I should not get so worked up... I will never sleep tonight AHHHH  I can't wait to get back my blood work!

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Beta Levels in Early
Pregnancy and Beyond
Weeks after LMP Days after conception HCG level for single baby



3 Weeks 7 0 to 5
4 Weeks 14 5 to 426
5 Weeks 21 18 to 7340
6 Weeks 28 1,080 to 56,500
7 to 8 Weeks 35 to 42 7,650 to 229,000
9 to 12 Weeks 49 to 70 25,700 to 288,000
13 to 16 Weeks 77 to 100 13,300 to 254,000
17 to 24 Weeks   4,060 to 165,400
25 Weeks to Birth   3,640 to 117,000
4 to 6 Weeks Post Birth   Less than 5

 GreenMum .... Maybe you are still early!!

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Thank you shell and everyone, I would be shocked if my numbers rose.... Every symptom is 90% gone...... Along with my hope..... I feel so tired of this...
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Greenmum - Don't lose hope just yet. Stranger things have happened. Did you repeat the test?
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Shell- I probably would have taken an extra dose of the follistim to get them a little bigger/more mature but I am a known rulebreaker (for some reason I seem to think I'm smarter than my doctors). I hope the IUI went well today anyway!


greenmum- Are you doing a second beta? I am thinking it is just too early too. Crossing everything for you!


bebe- still happy dancing! Did you go get yourself a super cute outfit to celebrate??


SKJ- how are you doing lady? enjoying your time away? we miss you!


indie- I learned a little more about IGG and IGM- apparently they are tested in regards to something specific. Like mine were tested for lupus and APLA (antiphospholipid antibodies) and the results were normal. I didn't realize that when I was reading my result. I guess they can be measured or any type of infection (chickenpox even). I asked my new RE today about EPP. He said with endometriosis he hesitates to recommend EPP because estrogen makes endometriosis flare and they want to keep the inflammation as low as possible for an IVF cycle. I'm not sure that with low AMH it outweighs the risks though, ya know. If it improves the egg quality enough that it makes the chance of flaring the endo worth it than it is worth it. I guess that is what your doctor is trying to decide, I hope! I would be interested to see how your DHEAs have increased since you have been supplementing. Wouldn't it be nice to be a doctor and just get to do all these blood tests whenever we felt like it. I'll update on my appointment below. 


AFM- I had my visit with the new RE this morning. I liked him (but that may be because I am agreeable to the idea of IVF whereas before I felt like they were pushy). The new office I do like much better, I felt like a person instead of a number (it was still very busy but much more personable). There are a few things he needs still from my old doctors & I re did a bunch of bloodwork today, DH has to redo his SA. We go back for consent signing next Wednesday, have my CD 3 b/w the 28th and then I start BCPs followed by a week of Lupron before stimming. I will find out next week what my drug protocol will be. I am looking at retrieval at the end of november and trasnfer beginning of December. We also talked a lot about what to return. He felt strongly about only doing 2 if it was a 3 day transfer but if we have a strong blast at 5 days to only do 1 because the risk of twins is so high. He left the final decision to us, my husband agrees with him (not on the twin team I guess!), I understand the increased risk of twin pregnancies but I really would hate to think 'what if' we did two and only one implants and it isn't the one we would have picked if we only did one. Also he said we can decide after retrieval if we are going to fertilize all or just some (to reduce the number of embryos) and discussed freezing. We aren't sure about freezing- on one hand it would be nice to have backup should the first cycle not work, on the other hand what if it does work and 2 or 3 years from now we get pregnant on our own and then I have to feel obligated about having a 3rd child because we have to use our frozen embryos. He did say we can return anything unused to the vagina (which he did make clear is still a form of discarding them even if they aren't thrown out in the labs trash can- thanks doc, I feel so much better thinking of it that way) .Anyway, we are scheduled for our IVF consents next weds and my day 3 bloodwork on the 28 (having my AMH tested, AFC, estradiol, FSH) and then I start BCPs. I'm not sure what protocol that is considered, guess I have some research to do. I wish I didn't have to do the BCPs but it makes sense because it helps all the follicles to develop at the same speed. Like I said above I asked about the EPP and he said for me and a history of endometriosis combined with the fact I had a good response on clomid/femara alone he would expect my response will be fine without it. Not enough evidence I guess that my egg quality is poor. We will see what the AMH shows and I will inquire again from there if necessary. Nervous/anxious about the whole thing. 

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Greenmum, this is so hard, but please try to have some hope. You seriously never know. Please update more when you do -- get another beta? I'm really sorry for your pain right now. xoxo


Toothfairy, wow, what a great appt! I thought yours was later in the day for some reason. That's so great that things are moving along! It sounds like you have a great protocol! It's good to feel comfortable with your RE while going through this process . . . that's why I kept switching! You gotta find the right fit. That's tough re: the frozen embryos. I guess in one sense though, if you don't freeze them they are just discarded, right? So either way there are "extra" embryos, right? I think you should still freeze, because you never know what the future holds and you may very well use them up! This is very exciting!!!!


AFM, I'm good . . . getting another beta this afternoon. Hoping for another doubling - prayers appreciated!

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TF - So exciting.  My questions.  Are you trying to only get 2 eggs?  Or are you going for as many as possible?  Also, is it an option to freeze unfertilized eggs?  Would you be open to donating fertilized ones?  Would endo affect your egg quality?  I think because of your age and healthy lifestyle that you will have some gorgeous eggs (and a strong likelihood that just one will stick!)


Bebe - Your numbers are great! I am sure you'll get a double.


Greenmum - Try not to get too down, you are pregnant, those numbers are going to double!!


Shell - hope you had a wonderful IUI :)


Indie - how are you, my dear.  Will you PM me your blog?


AFM - My first appt with the OBGYN today.  I got to see the twins again, they are growing and right on target for 8 weeks and 5 days.  Spotting afterwards, was to be expected but I don't like it! I am headed to Chicago for the weekend.  Let me know if any of you are there! :) 

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greenmum, i'm so sorry. i do hope you get a nice surprise but i also know all to well that really crappy feeling of realizing 90% of your symptoms are gone. please keep us posted and we will keep a positive thought for you so you don't have to, k? grouphug.gif


shell - update, please! what did you end up doing?


skj - are you back home? i agree with toothfairy, we really have missed you!


bebe - prayers going up for your beta! so who all have you told? you need to go buy some maternity pants to match gtrees!


sherry - did AF show yet?


toothfairy - can i just say how happy i am that we are going through this together? it makes me feel so much better to have someone in a somewhat similar situation to bounce stuff off of...  that's a good point he made about EPP and endo. and i think it's very possible that you do not have a low amh and your ovarian reserve is just fine despite the endo/chocolate cyst... you definitely have age on your side. i think i will still risk the possible endo flare up in favor of getting better and more eggs simply because of my age and my amh level. can you believe i still haven't gotten a call back from the RE office, even after calling again yesterday? tomorrow it will have been a week. i didn't have time today and will not have time tomorrow to harass them. if the answer came back that he didn't want to do the EPP because of endo i would at least respect that answer while at the same time pushing for it... but i swear... if i have to chase them down for a half-assed response then i just don't know what to think. i might have to start considering going out of state. and WOW you are going to be transferring the beginning of December?! that's so soon! i'm so excited for you! you will definitely be pregnant before the end of 2012! what a wonderful christmas gift! that is a tough call about transferring one or two... i suppose if your freeze then if the one doesn't work you go back for the other... seriously, though. i have 100% confidence that you are going to be pregnant before the end of the year and for what it's worth... i always pictured you ending up with twins :) i totally get your nervousness and anxiety... it's just a big step with a lot of moving parts... but it sounds like you are in great hands! ohmygosh, you are going to be a mama soon!


afm - like i said to toothfairy... still haven't gotten a call back from the RE office. it really sucks feeling so unimportant. it also shakes my confidence. a lot. i just don't know what to do about it... do i go to a lesser (non-ranking) RE in town and just push for the protocol i want? do i just do whatever this doc wants to do? do i go out of state? i can tell you my lazy and impatient personality does not want to take on finding another RE and putting in the extra time to start a cycle with a new office... but i also don't want to proceed if i'm not feeling confident. so hoping i get a call back soon and it alleviates all of my concerns so i can just feel good about this...

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GreenMum: I am so sorry... I would feel defeated as well ... But the good thing is that I read that if you did have a chemical then its a lot easier to get a sticky healthy pregnancy the next time!! Let us know how your beta's turn out Thursday  ((HUGS))


TF: I really wanted to be a rule breaker but I would rather blame the doctor if I end up with a bfn than myself LOL Your RE sounds great!! So excited for you ... I would definitley put back 2 , but that is me I wouldn't mind twins ;-) but my  DH doesn't want twins either...But ultimatley i usually win with debates over my body haha


AFM: So I did not do any more follistim... But my blood test came back and I did not have a surge.. I have no Idea why that stupid clear blue easy smiley face popped up the other day and messed everything up!!! So My new protocol is I am supposed to trigger with ovidrel tonight and IUI Friday at 4 pm ... But I am going to break the rules a little and trigger Thursday morning at 4 am ... that gives a good 35 hour window before iui ... me and DH had BD every other day (today included) ... On Other news my Gramma was put in Hospice today and she should be passing any day now ... My mom is having a really hard time with this ... I couldn't imagine losing my mom!! But Gramma is in a lot of pain with the bone cancer and all... so I think we all just want her at peace now... So i may be making a new life as my Gramma is losing her's ... Sometimes the circle of life doesn't seem fair.


How is everyone ??? SKJ what is up?? Indie, Chrissy, Sherry? Green tree... How are you feeling?

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Indie ... we must have posed the same time!! lol .. I would be so frusterated too... If and or When I have my IVF I want ALL the attention on me like i am the number one patient... LOL I am that way now with my IUI's ... but I feel i have a great RE this time... I would demand attention also!! Good Luck!! So I guess you don't know what your protocol will be yet... So excited for you and TF for just going for it... that may be me in 2 and half weeks... We shall see.

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Indie - Can you switch to a more responsive dr. or nurse in that practice?  I hate when they don't respond!  Ick


Shelly you crack me up.  

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Shelly - just read about your gramma.  So sad. Our thoughts will be with your family.

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Indie- I am glad to have you going through it with me too. I think it was the same with the LAP. Power in numbers! In your case I agree the EPP is worth the risk of an endo flare up, again just from reading some blogs for people it worked for. You don't have the leisure of seeing what works with the first try and then changing things for another try. I tried to impress that on my doctor today that I understand they learn a lot from what doesn't work but I'm not interested in what doesn't work I want my best chances the first time. Also, I was reading the IVF consent for another place, they require 1,000iu of Vitamin E from the start of your cycle as well as 81mg of aspirin and using vaginal progesterone from the night of egg retrieval to soften the uterine muscles. I of course cannot find it for the life of me now but you better bet if they think it makes a difference I will do it! Thank you for your positive attitude, I am very hopeful to be an expectant mama by Christmas. You too! Your transfer will be in plenty of time for a Christmas BFP! About your doctor, really a WEEK later and they haven't told you anything. The trouble with switching at this point is you would lose at least a whole cycle with making the change. It sucks that is what it comes down to but it is true. I'm not sure even if I hated this doctor I would switch at this point, time is precious. I do hope they will take you seriously though, the evidence is so strong that the EPP is what is best for your AMH levels.


gtree- we will stimulate to get a number of eggs and likely only elect to fertilize the 10 best. I'm not sure about cryopreserving unused eggs, maybe I should inquire about that next week... that could solve the problem too now couldn't it! Are you showing enough for a belly picture yet?!


bebe- yay for another beta! Any headway on an OB so we can see a beautiful inspirational ultrasound picture from you??


Shelly- so sad about your grandmother, it is a strange process knowing they are hurting and will be at peace. We lost my grammie last year and it was a long last 2 weeks. The initial feeling is relief and I found the emotions of her loss took a week or 2 after the funeral to kick in. I'll be thinking of you and your family as you go through the process and praying for a BFP to commemerate her life. 


greenmum- still praying that your numbers are doubling but I know that feeling that it isn't sticking must be terrible. Take care of yourself- I'm still crossing everything.



AFM- As far as transferring, I talked with DH and my mom and his mom. We all agree we will push for 2 because we are not going to freeze anything. I feel strongly that if I have 2 great quality embryos that they both deserve a chance at life, we won't discard them if they are meant to be our children and that way if only one sticks or nothing sticks we won't be having that 'what if' feeling. Honestly, since I did my first Clomid cycle I have felt deep inside that we will parent multiples but I would be over the moon with one so I don't want to seem ungrateful if we get a singleton! 
Back to current news for a second, I ovulated yesterday- serious sneak attack in the ovulation department! I had EWCM one time right at bedtime Monday with an nearly black OPK it was so dark, same thing Tuesday morning, EWCM a little all day, negative OPK at night and I had cramping all afternoon Tuesday. Today- nothing, just a little chilled but no breast pain or spotting or any discharge. Seriously if not for the OPKs we would have totally missed it. So we got 2 good BD sessions in and now have to take a break til Saturday (DH travels) and then a break through Tuesday because DH has to re-do his SA. 
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shell - i'm so, so sorry about your gramma :( you and your momma are in my thoughts... do you think your clear blue digital opk could be goofy? like maybe it's time to get a new one? didn't you get a positive opk well into your 2ww last time? i never thought about it before but i wonder if the digital reader can get messed up? just a thought. i really hope you get your bfp this time and don't have to join us in the ivf party. but if you do... you know ima be hitting you up for every detail of your protocol! lol. i think i deserve to be treated like i'm the only patient if i'm getting ready to invest such a large sum of money into the practice! i'm so glad (and jealous) that you love your RE so much :)


gtree - i hadn't thought about possibly switching doctors in the practice... i wonder if they would be cool with that? i think if i were them i would feel awkward taking on another doc's patient? but it might be something to consider. i will pm you my blog in a minute. but beware, it ain't great. i used to blog regularly several years back and then i got a wild hair to start a new one and i think i've posted just a handful of times and the last one was probably a month or more ago... but maybe i'll post more if i know someone is reading it ;-) yay for seeing the boys again! and yay for good growth! my dream is that one day my travel will line up with one of y'alls travels and we can meet up!

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toothfairy - vitaminE! that's a letter of the alphabet that i'm not currently taking! lol i am currently taking the baby aspirin but have never done progesterone... and yes, that's exactly why i am hesitant to switch... losing time. time is also a factor because of finances... at some point i'm just going to have to pull the trigger and not stress about it any more... i like your plan to put back in two. and crazy about the sneak ovulation... glad you got your bases covered with bd!

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TF & Indie - let's all have twins yay! We can start a new thread - Not so scenic route of mothering multiples! :)


I don't think switching to another dr. in the practice would be awkward.  I think if he doesn't care enough to call you back, he is not going to care so much for you to have a different RE.  At my place, you just got the dr who was walking past your room for the daily check ups, so I only really needed my RE when I had questions and she was so good about calling me the same day.  Maybe if you explain that you need a doctor who is very high touch?  My friend also goes to my same clinic and her dr. is one of the founding partners and is terrible.  She hates him.  I went on the website and chose one of the younger doctors (and also a woman) and I feel like 1. she is not jaded 2. she wants to build up her numbers and reputation 3. i just like women better.

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