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OB- Best in the state, according to the staff at Maine Med - Because they either go to her or her on call Dr with was my old Dr, she is more fertillity based then he was. I have complicated past, ectopic and Bicournate uterus... Lot of fun. I


actually interview a midwife once and she turned me down! Said to me : "you need someone who can do a C-section if needed... not me.... you are high risk and I don't need to lead you on" I was glad she said that.


Stroller - B.O.B. - I have read nothing but good things and all my friend have them.


Car seat - hand be down from my friends infant.... Greco?



Bebe how you feeling?

I am Feeling very tired and getting some nausea - nothing bad but I could take a big Ole nap right now......... Zzzzzzzzzz

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Shell - Hugs. Sorry about your loss.
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Bebe- no clue here on the carseat or stroller, i think my sister & cousin both have the chico carseat , my sister has the snap & go stroller & a maclarren & a jogger but I'm not sure of the brand. I plan on a midwife if its a singleton, probably an OB with multiples but i think ill start with midwife either way. We actually want a home birth if possible but as inide expressed before, my wishes arent as concrete anymore.

Welcome back skj! Cant wait to hear about your trip once you are rested!

Greenmum- embrace those sleepy feelings, you're growing a baby!

Sherry- false alarm means he could come anytme though, right?! Have a great visit with your hunny smile.gif

AFM- 3dpo... Alread bored with the 2ww. I hate to symptom spot so early too when I know theres nothing going on. I had my 2nd meditation class today too... I need to work on gettingup early to do one in the AM & one at night. Progesterone supps make me so sleepy & picky about food. I'm supposed to make ginger peach pork & coconut rice but I just don feel like it. I feel like a dang pizza!
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AGreenMum10 and Bebe: Congrats!!!


Bebe: Midwife if I can again. Loved midwives the first time 'round. I had planned on a home birth, but labour is a lot more hurty faster then I'd anticipated. But I did manage to get to 7 cm dilated before demanding the epidural. I just really didn't want a c-section. And they are c-section happy in this city.


IF I had the option of buying a new car seat again, I'd buy the baby to toddler car seat.  The one that can be installed front or back. The one we have now was a gift, and is only backwards facing.


The stroller we bought off of kijiji.

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IUI went really good today... Fingers crossed.... Thank you for all the hugs... I am leaving for Chicago Sunday to lay my Gramma to rest .. . well Here is to a 2 ww !!

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Glad to hear it Shelly- did they do more blood work or ultrasound to check your follicles?

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What's everyone's plans this weekend?
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Greenmum, thanks for the info on the stroller! I'm doing well. Definitely less energy and sometimes outright fatigue. Tender breasts, but not shockingly so. I think my areolas have started to enlarge and maybe a little bit larger breasts but not much. That's really it! Kinda wish I had more symptoms. No nausea! I'm glad you found a great OB. Trying to decide!

TF, I'd really like a midwife too but also think I want a hospital birth with my first. I love the idea of a birth center but have no idea if I will want an epidural. But really don't want an epidural due to c-section risk. Also do not want hospital interventions. Such a hard choice. Finding midwives that do hospital births here are tough to find. Did find an OB here who really supports natural birth but he is just four years out of residency and also he is about 1/2 hour away. Plus, the hospital he is associated with is not really one of the top hospitals. Any thoughts on that? Needing guidance. Anyway, if it helps during your TWW, I had virtually no symptoms! Just to ease your mind with spot checking. smile.gif

Devilish, thank you!!! So will you have a hospital birth with your midwife? That's exactly what I'm trying to have. I am afraid of c-sections, too, and want to hold out on the epidural as long as possible! Thanks for the stroller tip!

Shell, do glad your IUI went well!! I hope your grandma's funeral is a real celebration of life! I love the idea of your grandma's passing blessing you with your baby and that baby would have a piece of grandma in him/her! smile.gif thinking of you!
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Hi Chrissy, I'm at the conference but will hopefully be leaving at noon. Not sure exactly but hoping to go to a baby store! All these fun things I never allowed myself while TTC. smile.gif how about you?
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HI Ladies. Glad to hear all the good news during my absence!

bebe - are you in san diego? I have a friend there who had a natural child birth in a hospital with an OB. I can ask for his info if you'd like. She really, really liked him.

shell - glad your IUI went well. I"m in Chicago! I'll be sending good thoughts for your family into the Chicago air. As for flying during the TWW, I flew twice during my tww with DD. I don't think it does anything.

TF - Ugh. I hate when the tww feels so long. I hear ya on the food cravings. Such exciting news about IVF. I'm so excited and hopeful for you. This thread is on the up and up!

Greenmum - is this your first baby? I'm sorry I don't know much about your background. So glad you have an OB already picked out.

AFM - Trip was amazing. So relaxing and great to reconnect with DD and DH. It was just what the doctor ordered. I O'ed on CD14, first time ever. My chart is looking good, but I"m on twice a day crinone. No drugs otherwise this month. Feeling calm and not leaning one way or the other.

I heard back from my OB about my thoughts on endo. He said that he didn't think it would be affecting things in terms of fertility. I think that's the second or third opinion that's been teh same, so perhaps I need to let it go.

So, if this month isn't it (I'm 8 DPO), it's on to three cycles of injectibles and then IVF. I'm just trying to let life happen and not force things. It helped that there were very few preggers in Brazil and Argentina. smile.gif

Can't wait to catch up with you ladies!
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SKJ, glad you had a great trip!! Post a pic or two! smile.gif good luck this cycle!!! Yes, I'm in San Diego. Would love the name of the OB!! Thanks so much!!
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Bebe: We had actually planned a home birth for DD (she was born in 2010). We are trying for our second one and are having secondary infertility issues. I apologize for not being clear. In the birthing class we took, they said if you wait until after you're 4.5 cm dilated before you get an epidural, you reduce the risk of having to get a c-section. In Ontario, they won't give epidurals until you are at least 3 cm dilated (I made it to 7cm dilated). I was only in labour for 13 hours, fortunately and did not require a whole lot of medical intervention.

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Bebe- here's the info from my friend: "Nikolas Capetenakis he's the best. I recommend my doula too dawn Thompson. Both are in Encinitas."
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Skj- this would be I guess, I've had 5 other losses.... 1 ectopic, 1 chemical, 2 miscarriages at 7 weeks, and 10 weeks.... And my levels I know my levels are dropping... I just tried a test it was super light, feeling fine.... Awesome looks like my new number will be 5.....
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SKJ, thank you so much! Wow, I looked him up and he sounds fantastic! I'm so grateful, thank you! Please tell your friend thank you for me, too! I'm going to call him on Monday.


Devlish, ah, gotcha. Well I think I found the solution to my problem with SKJ's recommendation . . . so we'll see what happens! Really, really want to avoid c-section if possible -- they are c-section happy here, too. I would love to do a birth center or home birth maybe with my next one . . . I have a few close midwife friends (unfortunately none that live here), so I definitely love midwifery.  I just feel a bit more comfortable with a hospital birth for my first, and just need to avoid the unnecessary interventions if possible! Definitely going to hold out on the epidural as long as possible.


Greenmum, how do you know your levels are dropping? Did you do another beta??

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Greenmum-I'm so sorry for all your losses. Life is just not fair. I really hope that your levels are still going up and that your urine was just too dilute. I'm thinking sticky thoughts for you. hug2.gif
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Greenmum- have they tested you for immune issues or NKC. You'd think with your history they would be trying to figure out what the cause is. I'll keep praying this time is different & the the urine was just dilute.

Skj & bebe- thats awesome you can network like that! I feel like the octors around here are very 'natural unfriendly' so I'll def need to search for a recommendation if I decide to go with an OB.

Develish- interesting about the epidual/ csection correlation. We are planning for natural but it is good to know should the need arise. I'm really anti cesarean.

Afm- 4 dpo. Slowest 2ww ever. 6 days til vacationnnnn! I'm feeling really bummed that I'll waste a whole cycle on bcps and such. I wish we could just start right in. Hate waiting...
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GreenMum - Did you retest beta or will be retesting beta? Don't worry about the line being light one day. Some of those tests are just wonky enough to drive you batty. I'm sorry for your previous losses.


Bebe - Didja go to the baby store? Buy anything else?!


Skj - Glad to have you back!!


Tooth - Hope you have a wonderful vaycay!


Afm - on cd8 and just relaxing.

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TF, there is a huge correlation between epidurals (particularly those given early) and rates of c-section. As part of my graduate thesis (praxis) I was working to determine the effects of acupuncture on labor duration, and part of that was researching why the rates of c-section are so high. The basic intervention chain goes something like this: Epidurals usually slow down labor, especially when given before 4cm and in first time moms --> mother then given IV Pitocin, increasing the dose every 1/2 to 1 hour --> stronger, longer contractions --> baby's heart rate dropping -- baby in "distress" --> emergency c-section --> OBs congratulating themselves for "saving your baby". Certainly this doesn't happen to everyone, but it's what I've been most afraid of. Also, hospital policies such as IV placement, constant fetal monitoring and not being able to eat/drink, it can make laboring to beyond 4cm hard.  So anyway . . . findings were mixed, but there was certainly enough evidence to show a statistically significant decrease in active labor time, which could make all the difference. So I'm super happy that SKJ put me in touch with this OB, who from his website and reviews seems to have a very holistic approach. I totally understand the concern about not wanting to wait, but just think of it as an extra-long cycle that ends with a BFP! :)


Chrissy, we are going to the baby store tomorrow, but I did surprise my mom with the news tonight with an anniversary present of an adorable baby outfit. It was super fun. So glad you are feeling relaxed!! Baby dust!

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I have my beta tomorrow morning..... Wish me trippling thoughts.....
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