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Greenmum- Still praying for a sticky baby & rising numbers!
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Bebe- i watched ' the business of being born ' and 'pregnant in america' so i was familiar with the link between induction & csection but i dont think i've ever heard that defined link with early epidurals! Thats why I love this group, you all bring knowledge we may otherwise miss. I still want to try as hard as i can to not need one at all but if i do i'll stick it out til labor has progressed.
Any new baby clothes, huh? Huh? We're waiting for something else adorable!
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Greenmum, praying for you!!!


TF, yeah I know, the correction is kinda crazy. I want to do the same and wait as long as possible (or perhaps make it all the way without -- makes for such an easy recovery!). I'm realistic though, and at least want to wait as long as I can. No new baby stuff, but we did look at strollers and cribs this weekend. Still worried that I'm getting ahead of myself to some degree, but then again I realized how much research one has to do to get the right 'stuff'. For example, we really do not want to purchase any important baby stuff from China, especially crib and stroller, so we did some research today and found that the seemingly only stroller that is not at least partially made in China is by Peg Perego - completely made in Italy. It's never too early to start figuring this stuff out.


So hey, check out my hopeful new OB's website (thanks to SKJ!) and his wife's birth stories . . . rather amazing I thought!




Hope everyone had a great weekend! Two more days of conference and then back to work on Wednesday. So not looking forward to going back . . . I'm sure I'm going to get hell for being away.

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Greenmum - I'm thinking good strong number thoughts for you today.

Bebe - I"m so glad the OB can work out!

TF - sorry for the painfully slow tww. I hope this week goes by faster.

AFM - Man, I woke up in the worst mood. I"m 10 DPO and my chart couldn't look better, but I just feel like i'm out. I'm having some light cramps and feeling really sad and down. It's strange, I didn't have my hopes up this cycle, but I guess having the month off from the RE was just so nice I don't want to start up with all the nonsense again. I have to do 3 rounds of injectibles before IVF and I just want to petition my insurance to be able to move straight to IVF. I'd be willing to try one round of injectibles to see how I respond, but three seems like such a waste of time and money.

Sorry to be such a debbie downer.
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Sooo, I have good news... My number is over 360, doubling time of 1.2 days..... I'm over hours, scared, and just overwhelmed....
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Greenmum - joy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gif
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Greenmum- that is wonderful! joy.gif I think after infertility it doesn't seem real until you are holding your baby. Just remember we are here to support you & are all focused on a perfect outcome.

SKJ- i think once you've succumbed to the realization that IVF is your best option every cycle without it seems like a ticking clock. I'll keep hoping for you that those are implantation cramps. Are you on progesterone? What is your normal LP?

Bebe- i'll take a peek when I get home. i'm happy to see you excited about your OB. I've never really liked any OB I've seen so I hope theres one like yours out there for me.

Chrissy- you're in the most hopeful part of the cycle. I love that part. No expectations or sensations, just regular life.

Indie- are you hooooome yet?? Did you buy a onesie that says I'm what happens in Vegas??

AFM- 6 dpo... Really... Only 6 days?? I cant wait for vacation...
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energy.gif Greenmum!


Be back later for personals.

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TF - I'm on twice a day crinone, which is why my chart looks so good smile.gif I emailed my nurse to see what's in store for me for next cycle. I think having at least something to look forward to helps.

Sorry the tww is dragging on so slowly. What's the plan if you don't get a BFP this month? Are you doing BCPs? I'm sure you wrote all this down, but I must have missed it while I was gone.
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Skj- i'll be taking BCPs and getting CD3 blood work & ultrasound. I will find out more Wednesday, they havent given me a calendar or meds yet but will in just TWO days!! I'm going to ask for crinone instead of PIO. The idea of IM shots freaks me out. DH is afraid of needles so I have to do it myself, which is fine but not IM.
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SKJ, I agree, your chart looks terrific! Sorry you are not in a great mood. Hopefully by now you are feeling much better! I've had those days!! I made the appt with Dr. Cap today -- excited!


Greenmum, YIPPIE! So great!!! energy.gif


TF, yay for 6DPO! I know how slow it goes, but how exciting to be moving onto the next step in 2 days! Love the onesie idea - ha! :)


AFM, had another beta drawn today because, well, I'm just some kind of lunatic.  But anyway . . . I have my U/S on Friday and then my first OB appt on 10/26 (which happens to be my birthday, so hoping it goes well!).  Wish me luck and prayers!

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This is what I got in the mail today. Are you f-ing kidding me! I'm in their INfertility program. Grrr!
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Skj- seriously?! That is redicccculous. That would ruin my day.

Bebe- i totally dont blame your continued betas. I'd have an iv with a running check if i could.

Speaking of ruined days, baby on fb born yesterday, one scheduled tomorrow & my 20 yr old cousin just announced shes been hiding her pregnancy, shes 28 weeks. FML. When is our turn again??

Also my boobs hurt

And, i have a pain --above my left ovary (thought it was constipation, its not...tmi sry).

Also, i have been eating red meat and low fat dairy and peanut butter. Like a big eff you to my fertility challanged body, if i am going to be on bcps soon i can eat sour cream pringles and shepards pie guilt free.
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Don't you just want to punch the advertisers directly in the balls for shit like this. Cause, you know, you don't feel bad enough about it as it is that they feel the need to rub it the eff in.

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Devilish - you made my night smile.gif thanks for that!
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SKJ, I got something like this from my insurance company too, and it completely ruined my day. Sorry, babe!!


TF, sorry about all the pregnancy announcements ... bah! I totally understand what it feels like. Good for you enjoying your food and doing what you need to do. Maybe that'll be just the ticket to get you your BFP - worked for me! ;) Seriously . . . I think it's good for you right now. Thanks for getting it regarding my betas. I had to speak to a different nurse today since mine was out of the office, and while totally nice, you could tell she thought I was a little looney.

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TF - I often think it would be beneficial to just give up all my "alternative" treatments/strategies. I think it just makes me less relaxed, but I'm too scared to stop doing them. So, good for you for telling your diet to suck it smile.gif

AFM - I was shopping in Buenos Aires with my MIL for clothes for DD. Of course there were tons of adorable baby clothes. MIL bought this little onsie as a good luck token. Hoping I brought back someone to wear it smile.gif

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Hi everyone!!  I was out of town last weekend and have been so busy with work.  Greenmum and Bebe - so glad to see things going so well!


Hope you all are having a good week! 

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SKJ, love your little outfit and sending you good wishes to have a little person to fill it soon!

Alright so I promise this is my last one but got my beta back: 6723 smile.gif
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Can I just say how much I love seeing those little heart beats on your siggies gtree & bebe!
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