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I'm Back!! Funeral went well... I am emotionally and physically exhausted , Glad to be back home... I am taking today to Chill out and relax and enjoy my quiet home lol


Greenmum: YAAAAAAAAY I just knew it would work out!! So happy for you!!


Bebe: Those Beta's are GREAT are you sure you only have 1 baby in there??? LOL


Gtee: How is the morning sickness? My friend was having it so bad that she actually lost weight so they put her on Zofran


SKJ: that onesie is adorable !!! are you wanting a boy? I find myself saying "him" all the time when referring to my Soon to be baby


TF: ohhh Ovary pain?? maybe you are going to get a free baby??


Indie: how was your trip??


Sherry: How are you?


Dolphin, Devilish,: how's it going??


So what CD is everyone on????


AFM: I am 5 DPO ... I have been pretty pre-occupied so i havent been obsessing ... but I havent even had sore brest this whole cycle.. I litterally feel nothing!! I had some cramping for a couple of days ... but that's it!! I am not going to get my hopes up this time... I think it would be really nice and a good distration for my Mom if i am pregnant though ... It has been tough on her losing her mommy :-(   But we are onto IVF next cycle if this doesn't work out in our favor.. Still trying to remain hopefully optimistic though .\

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Aloha ladies! I don't know how you all are able to check in so often. I wish I could do a better job keeping up. innocent.gif


GreenMum & Bebe - congratz! Exciting seeing more good news.


Shell - sorry for your loss. Hope good news is coming your way soon.


AFM - I had an ultrasound to check my follicles. I am still not very educated on all the correct terms. He had a hard time locating the right side, but he said the left side looked good. Next month I am scheduled for my HSG test. I've had to do blood work twice. This RE office gives you all your test results one time, so I won't get an real results of explanations until after the HSG test.

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Shell, I'm glad to hear that the funeral went well and that you got a day to chill out at home! I'm pretty sure there is only one baby in here, haha. I guess I'll find out at my U/S Friday, although it will be really early still, only 5w6d. So this cycle that I got pregnant, I had zero symptoms. Like none. So who knows . . . keep going about your life, with a future plan in mind, but just keep that sparkle of hope. You really just never know. blowkiss.gif


Dolphin, thanks! Good luck this cycle and with your HSG!!!

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Shell - glad the funeral went well. You sound in good spirits. Fingers crossed this is your month!

MsD - good luck on your HSG. I hope you get e fertility boost after!

Bebe- yay for u/s on Friday! So exciting!

Afm - I'm depressed. I have no motivation and am eating my feelings. I'm not sure what happened but I need to get over it. I'm 12 dpo and my temps have gone down a bit. I had acupuncture last night and my chart isn't looking good in her opinion. I'm on more herbs to get things sorted. She said to not do ivf until the spring to get my body in order. Ugh. I'm still waiting to hear from the re on what I'm doing this cycle.
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So on a whim, I took an OPK and it was pretty positive:

I'm too scared to go buy an HPT and I have only OPKs at home. Thoughts?
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SKJ, get thee to the pharmacy and POAS!!!

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Originally Posted by bebelove View Post

SKJ, get thee to the pharmacy and POAS!!!

yeahthat.gif  DO IT DO IT DO IT!!! Love the onesie by the way- so stinkin cute!


MsD- good luck at the HSG! I think for most women it is super easy, just take some Advil beforehand. Even the discomfort (like period cramps) only lasted about 30 seconds.


Shell- Glad you made it back and you are able to do some relaxing at home. Is your mom close by so you can keep up with her? It is very hard losing a parent/grandparent. I am still hoping your little bean is growing strong so you get your BFP this month.


Indie- When do you come home lady?! I feel like you've been gone for years...


AFM- Had my consent signing today. Got some bad news. DH morphology is only at 0.5% (normals is 4-6%). The doc says there isn't much we can do about it (especially with only 6 weeks or so until egg retrieval. I don't know WTH happened. He was 6% a year ago and he is only 27!!! On top of that I tested positive for anti-thyroid antibodies. Which increases miscarriage potential from about 5% up to 25% and could someday lead to hypothyroidism. Fanfreekintastic. My AMH was 1.04 which he said is only slightly above what they like to see so he is going a little agressive on my stimulation meds. I got my calendar. 3 weeks BCPs, start Lupron during the last week of BCPs and then continue it for about 2 weeks. Get a breakthrough bleed, do a suppression check b/w and u/s, then start Gonal F 225iu daily. I feel exhausted and am not even considering that this month could have worked with what is stacked against us. Oh, so we will be doing ICSI because of the sh!t morphology... he has a repeat SA in 2 weeks  but lets be honest, what is going to change in 2 weeks??

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OMGGGGGGG!!!!! I cross posted with you!!! SKJ- THAT IS A LINE!!!!!! YOU ARE ARE PREGNANT!!!!!!

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gah!!!!!! skj i told you!!! south american sex makes babies!!!!! man, we are on a roll!!
i think it's funny that both your acupuncturist and bebe's thought you weren't going to get bfps... ha!

i'm on my phone right now. gonna try to get to a computer to post to the rest of you
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SKJ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are pregnant, girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YIPPIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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TF, I'm sorry about all this bad news. I will say though that DH had a terrible SA the first time, and he started taking vitamins, getting exercise and keeping his laptop off his lap, staying out of hot tubs, and all of a sudden his morphology was perfect (it was only 3-4 weeks later, no joke). So don't lose hope on that front yet . . .


All in all this is all the more reason to get this show on the road and get your BFP. That's why IVF was invented. You are totally going to get there . . . I can only imagine how frustrated you are, but I have such a good feeling for you. I'm excited that things are progressing -- you have your calendar and plan, and away you go!!!


Indie, hi!!! How are you??? How was Vegas? Yes, South American sex makes babies . . . just like VEGAS! ROTFLMAO.gif


Man, what's in the water this month? Hahaha.

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I totally have survivors guilt. I want this so bad for everyone else too - not just me.

TF - Sorry about the bad morph news. WTH is right! Maybe DH was having a bad day or something. Ugh. I really hope you get a surprise BFP and don't have to go down this road. So, is there anything they can do about the m/c risk? They can do PGD or something, right?

AFM - So, I'm having period like/gas like cramps. Otherwise, I have zero symptoms. I am in total and utter shock. I only peed on the OPK so I wouldn't have to refill the crinone. My temp dropped a bit this morning, which also has me freaked out. I'm just thrilled that I got pg with a right side ovulation. So, now I can rest assured that all my systems work. Taking this one day at a time...
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SKJ, I totally understand the survivor's guilt part, but I also know that everyone here wants this for each other, and we're all going to stay put until everyone gets their BFP! I personally would have never survived this without you guys. I'm so happy for you! It's so nice when it's a total surprise! I had a couple temp drops too that had me freaked out. I've since stopped temping! Although I did trade temping for beta after beta. I also had cramps the first week or so. Now just some back pain and fatigue. I like the one day at a time attitude -- that was me for awhile and now I'm getting all attached to the idea and am scared to death for my U/S on Friday. But, we will all just keep moving forward and sticking through this together until we're each holding our little "bebe" in our arms. I think we should have some great get together one day with our kids. :) ENJOY this moment!!!

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Thanks for the enthusiasm ladies!

Thanks bebe . That's just what I needed to hear. Love all you ladies!
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ugh can't get on mdc from IE for some reason... tf- what was your tsh? mine was 1.9 and they said as long as it is under 2 i am fine but now i'm wondering if i should push for an antibody test???? sorry about the SA coming back crappy but that is encouraging what bebe had to say..

i promise to get back and do personals for everyone... eventually!
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TF, also, if DH isn't taking a Stress B-Complex, I'd have him start one right away.

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joy.gif skj!!!!
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bellyhair.gifOMG that is 4 BFP's joy.gif WHOOOO HOOOOO YAY SKJ!!!! I am so excited!!! Please do not have survivors guilt!! cause we are ALL going to get a BFP .... ... SO very Happy for you!! did you say that your 12 dpo?


TF: that stinks about DH's SA .... But you can definitly improve that quickly!!  IVF was made for fertility issues... I need to get tested for all that stuff too!!!


Bebe: so do you have any symptoms yet? like sore breast or morning sickness?


AFM: Still no symptoms other than very vivid dreams about me being pregnant craving Ice Cream... LOL a little crampy like feeling today.. I guess 5 DPO is still early huh? # TRYING NOT TO OBESS............ 

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Thanks shell and Chrissy! Btw, I flew on two flights on 6-7 dpo. So, doesn't seem like flying in the tww hurt.
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