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I am back!! From San Francisco (so not too much sun) treehugger.gif.  While there, AF came and I am on day 5 with still a heavy flow despite the clomid... I guess no thinning for me.  Today I started 150mg of clomid (I do days 5-10) and am cautiously optimistic that I will O this month.  It is bound to happen some time, right?  


Welcome to you Charley!  It helps being able to come on here and say anything and have the support.  But please don't post pics of your ovaries.  I just can't handle that.  I think Indie loves that stuff, so send it her way. ROTFLMAO.gif


I was hoping I would come back to some bfp posts, I have a feeling there is one coming up soon!  


BeBe - good luck!


I'm sure to be posting a lot over the next few days as clomid makes me psychotic and emotional and there is only so much DH and DP (dear puppy?) can take.



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Indie: I don't know what kind of puppy, but I love Dachshunds! I think in the end, we'll probably just rescue a pup from a shelter.


Sherry: I'm sorry about DH. :( I've been there . . . men are just never as good as understanding as women, and believe me, my DH has disappointed the hell out of me more times than one, especially with TTC stuff. Hang in there! Where will you stay in the DR? We were there a couple summers ago. Still keeping fingers and toes crossed for you that you might get a BFP!


Charley: One of my bestest friends lives in Northampton! It's such a lovely town :) Vermont is beautiful too -- my husband and I spent an anniversary in Woodstock. Thanks so much for your HSG story! That really helps, and makes me feel a bit more relaxed about it. Hopefully I'll get pregnant this month and wont' even have to do it! ;) I hope you get the answers you're looking for regarding your HSG. I have a good feeling for you. Let us know how it goes!


AFM: I just finished my last Clomid pill for my 3rd round last night, and I was a bit moody today! I'm so hoping I will ovulate and get pregnant and I can just stop the obsessing, stop thinking about my urine, stop spending so much money on TTC supplies, and just feel rather normal again. I'd love to have a new hobby that didn't involve peeing on something, or into something! I'm worried because the way my RE had me take Clomid this cycle ended up being from like days 2-6. I ovulated on time with 5-9, and I think I should have just done that again. Well, if it doesn't work out this time anyway, I'm going to get a new RE!

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sherry! what's the word? i'm excited for your vomiting! (odd sounding, i know) check in! check in!


gtree - welcome back! sf is such a great city. ahhh. my heart belongs in california. i laughed so hard at your ovaries comment! and i think this month looks really good for you! looking forward to some psychotic posts... keeps things interesting ROTFLMAO.gif


bebe - oh, how i know what you mean about wanting to stop all the obsessing. i've actually had a forced break from poas-ing and other obsessions and it has done WONDERS for my poor taxed brain.


cbaa, msd... hope to hear from you two soon!


afm: so i went ahead and started femara last night. i started to question if yesterday was cd2 or cd3 based on the bleeding prior... it's so confusing! i mean, i definitely knew that the day i originally counted as cd1 was for sure AF because the bleeding was definite AF bleeding... but that lasted a day and now it's back to spotting. i guess it's possible that my lining was pretty thin post surgery and it was only like a 19 day cycle... annnnyways... i figured i'd go ahead and start femara last night. of course, i forgot to temp this morning. i'm so out of the habit. but i will MAKE myself remember tomorrow morning. look at me... diving back into thick obsession territory. i decided to ditch south beach (no carb/no sugar diet) and stay with a restricted calorie diet but still be conscious about not eating too many carbs/sugar in that calorie allotment. i'm feeling a little less grumpy now but still would love to dive into a chocolate cake. and that's all for now...


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Hi Ladies! 

 It's been a little while since I've posted. Had a Dr. appt this morning. I have one good egg on each side! Yay! they measure at 10 (not sure which unit) and need to be at 18 before they drop. Dr. said no need to do the trigger shot, he thinks it will happen on its own. The craziest thing happened...I have been a complete emotional wreck! Crying spells, moody, bitchy. I don't usually have symptoms like this until close to that time of the month. Are these also signs of ovulation? I'm not doing the test strips for LH surge this month either. Dr. said to start trying in 3 days and do it every other day for about a week... maybe longer. The way I've been acting my poor husband probably moved out. (haha) I'm having a hard time trying to figure out what all the abbreviations mean! 


Best of luck to everyone!! 

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I wish I could post more thoroughly but U'm babysitting my niece (shes been asleep over an hour), but I only have my iPad so it is too hard. Thinking of you all & laughing along.

Charley, I'm in Bedford (near Concord/Lexington). i'd love the pictures, I'm a big science geek!

Sherry- def still a chance but I know the progesterone can give you pregnancy symptoms... It is a killer that way!

Gtree- welcome back! I am hoping for a BFP for you this time too!

Indie- i love that you are a rule breaker too! Free'd ovaries do your thing!!

Pearlina- will prob take 3-4 more days for the follies to get t 18s, usually grow 1-2mm a day. Yay for O!

Bebe-ew i don' miss the clomid moods! Hope they pass soon!

AFM- i'm getting a brazilian wax tomorrow to prep for surgery... Hehe. Thats all the excitement you get from me when i'm on hiatus!
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Indie: I felt the same way this cycle with starting Clomid. My period is so wonky, I'm not quite sure what to count as the start of my period, and my RE didn't seem to concerned about it, so I just went and ahead and started on Friday, but I swear I should have waited until Sunday. I'm glad you're doing Femara though! Do you have any side effects?


Pearlina:  Good luck this month! I've been super bitchy too, which is really very, very unlike me. What we go through!!


Toothfairy: Yes, Clomid is yuck! I swear I didn't have any symptoms my 1st cycle, and then just a little my 2nd, but boy oh boy do I feel it this month! I hope everything is smooth sailing for you!


AFM: So yeah, just waiting to O! I had the worst day at work, and I'm just completely annoyed. Maybe it's the Clomid making my response just a wee-bit more exaggerated, but I swear, people need to save their drama for their mama! My blood was just boiling this afternoon (and I'm one of those annoying positive, happy people usually!). My DH gets back from a work trip on Saturday night. Hoping we can BD, and it sticks, and I get pregnant, and then I'll go part-time at work and life will be great. ha! :)

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Hello everyone! Happy Spring!


Let’s see…


Bebelove: About the charges from my botched polyp removal – my OBGYN did take her fees off of my total, but I still had to pay for both nurses, the anesthesiologist, and for the space where they did the surgery. I think the RE inserted the catheter during my exam just to see if she could do it, since everyone else had so much trouble! I mean, 3 other doctors couldn’t get one in, and once I even had to have novacaine near my cervix so that doctor could cram it in! That was during my IUI. I hope you get to avoid having an HSG because you get your BFP. However, if you find yourself needing one, it won’t be that bad. And I’ve read that pregnancy rates can increase 3 to 6 months after having one. I don’t know how true that is though – but I take hope wherever I can get it.


On a personal note, we have to miniature dachshunds! They are the best dogs ever, but we often say if we get a new dog, it would a shelter dog. We had reasons for choosing their breed and I’m so glad we did. They are very, very hard to house break though, which I worry about once a baby is in the house.


Toothfairy: Your lap is next week! Yay! You’re that much closer to getting a BFP! I do O on my own and my FSH numbers etc are really good, and our RE thinks we have a pretty chance after my lap. In a way, I’m glad to get it over with so soon in our attempts, because I like avoiding the drugs and what not. I have subscribed to that blog you mentioned a while ago about the NaPro Tech and I’ll be interested to follow your progress. If it is cheaper OOP, I’ll check it out for sure. Do you have to be religious to work with them? I’m not Catholic. I’m glad you said the 13th is a lucky day, because everyone keep saying “Oh no!” when I mention my surgery is on Friday the 13th. Good for you getting a bikini wax! Maybe I should do the same.


Indie: We have a lot in common! I can relate to how your DH was making you feel. Re: It’s not like you have cancer. My DH is very sensitive and supportive, but he has no clue how I feel about all of this. He listens to me and says (mostly) the right things, but still. No clue. When his first SA came back low, he was so casual about it! He actually shrugged and was like, “oh, well!” When something is not right with me, it feels so personal and like I’m letting both of us down. He just seems to move on without all of the self-doubt. Maybe I should learn to be more like him. Do you think your cycle is so strange from the pill? I have been spotting everyday since CD1 and it’s not getting any better. I have no idea if my cycle will be back on track after my surgery on the 13th. I wasn’t good at taking the pill as a teenager and I’m no better now. I’ve only skipped it once, and that was a hassle.


Sherry: Throwing up? That’s a good sign, right? Sorry to read about your DH being a jerky comforter. Why can’t (most) men get this?!? I hope your trip to the DR is healing. Will you be going to your daughter’s apt with her next week? I hope you’re feeling good about it. Your account of being at Target in Brooklyn made me laugh! I think I know the guy who was drooling on your car. Ah, Brooklyn.


Gtree: Your name makes me think Giving Tree, which is one of my favorite books. I’ll be heading to SF & Berkley later this year and I’m excited about it. I haven’t been there in years… I love looking at those kind of pictures, but I understand that most people don’t – so don’t worry, I’ll never post them in a public place! I’ll spare your eyes! J


Pearlina: Yay for good eggs! Good luck!


I’ll do a separate post later about my RE appointment and what she said. I just wanted you all to have something new to read if you check in on this beautiful Friday.

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AFM: My appointment with the RE to discuss the horrible results of the HSG went great! She seems to be very hopeful, which is what I wanted. She said she’d scheduled an hour for the polyp removal and so she’s just going to add an hour and do a lap as well. Yay! She said she it looks like the hydrosalpinx was created by endo. She’ll know more once she gets in there. She wants to totally take my right tube out. This is ok with me, because of the discomfort I feel, but I did ask her how it would affect my ovarian reserve. She said as long as the right ovary doesn’t need to come out (!!!) that the left tube can work with the right ovary (and vise versa) if need be. She said she’s going to get rid of any endo and remove the tube and polyp and then we should be good to go. I am grateful that she has some good solutions and a positive attitude, but having anything removed makes me kind of nervous. Well, not the endo being removed, but an actual organ.


Also, I am a bit disappointed that the RE STILL doesn’t have all of our records from my OBGYN. I mean, I only had to pay a co-pay for our visits, but I do know that just a consult with her costs $875 and during our consult, she had no information in advance. At our meeting this week, she asked about DH SA and my FSH levels and I had to remind her that the information she was asking for was with our first doctor and could she please re-request that info if needed.


After our first meeting I was upset about this and this time I decided to say something. I said something like, “Our fertility journey is like a puzzle to me and I’m trusting you to put our puzzle together. Before we meet next week for my pre-op, I need you to have a clear picture of all of our factors. Please make sure our file is complete, and it would ease my mind if you reviewed it before we get together. I want this to work and with our soon to be lack of insurance, we don’t have much time to catch up or wait for you to be informed. Please respect our situation and our time.” She blinked a few times and then began laughing and said she would do just that, and that she would be glad to put our puzzle together and she would do our best to make sure we could have a successful pregnancy. It was hard to do, but I’m glad I said what I said. I think my casual, go with the flow DH was a bit embarrassed though. Oh well. The upside, aside from standing up for my care, was that on the way out of the office, her nurse stopped up to say all of our records were being faxed over as we spoke and that our chart would be complete by the end of the day.


In other baby-ish news I wrote to the midwife I mentioned and asked her to meet me for a glass of wine. She agreed! Yay!


I also have an appointment with an acupuncturist who specializes in fertility today. She said she works a lot with endo and tubal issues and she says she can help a lot with inflammation. She’s pretty expensive and since I’ll be moving out of the area in 3 months and gone the whole month of May, I’m on the fence as to whether or not I should even do it. I know of lots of ways to get inflammation under control – and the thought of paying her 75 bucks a session, 3x a month, makes me think that I could buy a whole lotta kale for the same price. Have any of you had success of any kind with acupuncture?


Also, I’m looking for good fertility podcasts. Do any of you have any recommendations?


OK – I’ve been putting of my taxes for MONTHS. My appointment is tomorrow, so I better get to sorting and filing a year’s worth of receipts.This is my least favorite part of being self-employed.  Har har. Sadly, I’m not joking. Now if I can only stay away from these boards! I’m reminded of the time I tried Internet dating and was on match.com like 8768723 trillions times a day. I am constantly looking to see if there are updates from you ladies!






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I saw Hunger Games tonight.  Did any of you read the book?  Well, I did, so I obviously knew what was going to happen, but cried through most of the movie... thanks clomid.  I actually had to take a xanax half way through.


And Bebe, I know exactly what you mean about work, I had that day Friday.  Doesn't it sometimes feel like if you could only get pregnant all your troubles would melt away?  Sending OOOOOOOOOOOOOs your way and then send some back my way next weekend!


Toothfairy, maybe you should get vagazzled after your wax, I'm sure the doctors would appreciate that.


Indie, now I want chocolate cake.  The kind out of a box with duncan hines frosting.  


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charley... it sounds like you did a terrific job standing up for yourself with the RE! i'm so proud of you! i have a lot of thoughts/comments on what you shared but will have to come back later to post them... just wanted to pop in and say yay for you!
gtree... vagazzeled... you make me laugh!
ok, will come back later to post more thoroughly. hope everyone is having a great weekend!
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Ok sherry. Where's your update?

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Oops sorry. 12 dpo was a bfn. Currently 14 dpo waiting for af...probably tomorrow or mobday. My last lp was 16 days. Hey everyone. Im just laying low and working through my thoughts.
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Charley - thank you for sharing your story. It's inspiring to hear everyone's story.


Sherry - wow! One of my good GF and her DD were pregnant at the same time. It was early in our friendship, so I dont' know her feelings on the whole thing. But it happens.


AFM - I did not use OPK this month (1st month off clomid). I feel like I coudl still tell when I hit O - I had the O cramps and the mucus. Thanks for the suggestions for temp'ing.

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Charley: Well, I'm glad to hear that at least some of the fees were reversed, but still - so frustrated for you. Thanks for the optimism on the HSG -- I keep hearing about enhanced fertility for a few months, so at least there's that! Aww, you have doxies, too. :) They are so sweet! I'm so, so happy that the appt with your RE went well and you feel hopeful! I have a really good feeling for you. :) Let me know how it goes with the midwife -- I have a few midwife friends and for a time thought about becoming one myself.


Gtree: I'm so glad you get it! Thanks for the O luck! I'll send some your way soon!!


AFM: I have my U/S tomorrow to see how the follies look - fingers crossed! Hubby got back from a work trip last night, so we BD, but now I'm debating whether we BD every night or every other. It probably doesn't even matter, but I wish I knew the right strategy! No +OPK yet - will update when I know more!

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sherry- ugh I was hoping you would be our first BFP-- come onnnn...


bebelove- good luck tomorrow! I hope your follies are bright and beautiful!


Charley- I am in Bedford- out by Concord/Lexington. I'm so excited to meet another Massachussian!


MsD- so you are post O and we can obsess with you now?


AFM- I was just reading and filling out my pre-op stuff and I have wicked butterflies (I know wicked is only used in Massachusetts... sorry!)... Ugh the anxiety. I just can't wait to get it over with.

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gtree- I am so jealous you saw the hunger games!!! I was too busy all weekend and now I won't get out until maybe the Friday before Easter-- I just want to see it already!!! Did you love it? I know the books have to be way better but I like to see the movies anyway (I read all 3 books in under 2 weeks, I'm an avid reader).


indie & gtree- vagazzaled- I had to tell DH that! Unfortunately I had a reaction or somethign to the wax and my vajayjay looks like a rare spotted toad- as DH says, found only in captivity... har har har... I've been using neosporin and hydrocortisone creme... it is looking better but still scary so the dazzling will have to wait!


charley- also regarding endo- I've been seeing an acupuncturist for endo- also very pricey- 1-2x a week and my mom has been amazing by paying for it. But now with surgery I am considering cutting out acupuncture, but I LOVE my practitioner -- I think I've said this already. Anyway, 6 weeks on pycnogenol (pine bark- an herbal supplement) 50mg 2x a day- and I had NO cramps this past cycle... 6 weeks on supplements did what 6 months of acupuncture/RE treatments etc couldn't do. Anyway, it is cheap enough if you get it online...


Sherry- when and where in the DR are you going? We are going in October and trying to decide where to go. We are thinking the Occidental Punta Cana. We have a timeshare so it is hard to choose!!!


Sorry I had to do 2 sets of personals- just couldn't read both pages at the same time!

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Toothfairy: I went to school in Connecticut and lived in Manhattan, so I love your use of the word wicked. It makes me think of all my girls in the northeast. :) Of course you're anxious and nervous, but it will be over soon enough!! I think the waiting period of anything nerve-wracking is just pure torture. Deep breaths! I also saw an acupuncturist off and on for the last 15 years, and then with all this fertility stuff, I was seeing one every week for 3 months, and I definitely did see progress, but I got impatient and decided to start Clomid, which of course she did not want me to do. I haven't gone back since starting Clomid, but have been thinking of finding someone new. It is so darn expensive though! We do have a couple places near me that offer "group acupuncture" for much less cpst like they do in China, but I love being in a private room on a warm table and getting that personal attention. While I was in school I did a rotation in Hong Kong and I just LOVED how they practiced medicine there!  There's not "eastern" or "western" medicine, but just medicine and acupuncture is included in any treatment outlined for whatever ailment one suffers, Whatever works . . . works! Love it.


Well OK girls . . . I'm going to stop stalking the forums tonight. I'm feeling a bit stressed about tomorrow and how this cycle has so much pressure on it. Agh!  Have a great week, everyone!

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So I had my U/S this morning, and just as I expected, I only have a 10mm follicle on the right.  For some reason I feel like it's not going to grow. I go back Friday for another U/S to check. I just knew that my timing of Clomid was wrong. I had spotted for 3 days, then had a period for 3 days, then spotted for another 3 days. Because I did have some very minor red blood on the first day, he couldn't that as CD1, and then I started Clomid 2 days later.  I intuitively felt this was wrong, and should have trusted my instincts. Do you think with timing of Clomid that early could cause me to not ovulate this month? Thoughts?


I just feel really blue today. Maybe it's mood swings. Bah. :(

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Updates from any of you lovely ladies?

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It has been so quiet... Where is everyone??

Bebe i'm sorry to hea your u/s results... Been there, it sucks. I hope there is better news at your next check!

Did my bowel cleanse today. It really wasnt as bad as I expected but now I am tired & hungry & have a killer headache... Tomorrow is surgery day. I appreciate the thoughts & prayers.
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