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bebe - ugh, i know this is so anxiety provoking but truly, there are so so so so so many people who have spotting through their first trimester. you saw that lovely heartbeat. you have a healthy bean in there! on the upside... maybe the spotting will get you an extra u/s to see your little one a little sooner? big hugs to you hug2.gif

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bebe - I'm sorry you are going through a scare right now. I had some spotting with DD. It's super scary, but as Indie said, lot's and lot's of women spot during early pregnancy. I would call the RE or OB and ask them what to do. They will probably say nothing, but at least you'll have heard from a doc. Hang in there and big hugs to you.
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oh, skj, i just read the part about today being the due date from you m/c. i know you have to be feeling all kinds of things right now. i'm still wondering about the doubling time over all... since we don't have the exact numbers yet, we can't do any figuring but i am wondering if you just double closer to 72hours vs. 48?

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Ok. Here are the details. It's not looking good:

Thursday at 830am 53.4
Monday at 830am 161
Doubling time: 59.9 hours

Wednesday at 715 am 252
Doubling time 72.7 hours.

she said they like to see at least a 66% increase over two days. That would have meant 267. So, it's not super far off. I asked what my odds are and she said that it can go either way, but that we will know on Friday. If the numbers are slowing down, then I stop the crinone.
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ok, so i know we just won't know for sure until friday but i did find someone on the internets who posted this in a thread:




I had very weird, slow-rising betas, so I asked my RE a LOT of questions. He said that the minimum rise every 48 hours for a viable pregnancy is 59%.


this keeps me optimistic for you

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My increase was less than 59% in 47 hours. It's about 57.7% So, not looking good. I've read countless stories of people being off the charts and still having a viable pregnancy. I think I'm taking the next two days off a work. I can't handle being there. And, DH is traveling this Thursday and Friday.
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shit. i'm sorry, skj.


worst time ever for dh to be gone. promise to keep you company here.

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Thanks Indie. I don't know what to think or feel. I don't want to get my hopes up, but I don't want to already mourn this pregnancy if it's not gone yet. I want so bad to be "that" person with the miracle story, but I just don't think I will be. I mean, I've not been very lucky so far on this IF road. And, I'm not sure what to do if this pg does't work out. Do I go on with injectibles or trust my body knows what to do? I know I don't need to decide any of this now, but I want to have a plan. The timing of this pg was going to be so perfect. How am I going to get back on the horse after this?
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i wish i had answers for you. you are in truest limbo until friday. i think the only thing you can do is meditate as much as possible. probably not the visualization meditations, since i'm guessing that will only increase your anxiety, but straight mindfulness meditation. just focus on your breath. practice being present with your dd. get immersed in an activity that forces the voices in your head to switch off and for your mind to focus . i know this sounds silly, but that game bejewled works wonders for me. it's almost hypnotizing. i can't have a racing mind and play that game.


as far as for future plans... if it helps for you to get a plan together, do it. but if it makes you feel worse to think about all those things, don't. you have time to figure it all out and you may not need to have a plan, anyway. we will be here to help you process that stuff if that time comes...

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My heart aches for both SKJ and bebe.

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I'm at the ER because I totally panicked. Waiting for the doc now. Please pray and fingers crossed?
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will be watching for an update.

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A quickie. Bebe waiting for all is fine update and skj it'll be fine.
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Sending all the positive pregnancy vibes I can muster Bebe.
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Bebe - I cannot believe you went to the ER!  I am so sure they are going to tell you that this is perfectly normal and you are going to leave with a new picture of your little bean.  I spotted again yesterday.  I think I overdid it at the gym.  I've been spotting a little like you described like every week.   I hope all is okay and that you rest up tonight.


SKJ _ I am holding onto hope for you too.  I hope Friday gets here fast with good news.


Indie - thanks for keeping us all sane!!

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Thanks for the good wishes ladies. I've been reading that the benchmark is that hcg goes up by a least 60% every 2 days. That would mean that today's beta should have been at least 257.6. That would be for exactly 48 hours. My tests were about 46.75 hours apart. So, I think my number (252) probably falls within that range. So, I'm totally borderline. I read someone on the internet say that if the embryo is willing to hold on then so am I.

I know there is nothing I can do to change the outcome, but I'm going to keep the hope alive because why not.

Thanks so much for allowing me to process all this with you ladies.
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SKJ - You know as well as I do that it's not over until it's over. Until then you ARE pg.

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bebe? any news?

skj i think it is entirely reasonable to keep hope alive. come on friday, hurry up!
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Bebe - please update. it's been about 4 hours and change and we're getting worried.

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Hey you guys, sorry for the delay but everything is ok, at least right now. I started having cramping along with the spotting which is what made me go to the ER. I also didn't want to wait until my birthday on Fri, when I have my OB appt, to find out bad news. Thankfully ultrasound and beta were ok. Still have some weird stomach pains - more short and sharp now rather than crampy I think. I supposed to drink a ton of water and stay in bed for next two days. Probably just protocol but I'm doing it. Anyway, thanks for your messages and support and sorry to be such drama! I'll write more in the morning.
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