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Cramping usually means your bean in tucking in for the long haul. No need to apologize for anything.
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Middle of the night . . . having my usual insomnia, so thought I'd get up and say hi to you guys, and have a snack. I'm doing fine . . . still a bit on guard, but relieved that everything is OK so far. On ultrasound the tech asked about right-sided abdominal pain, because he said I had a cyst rupture, and he thinks it looks recent. He thinks it could be responsible for the spotting, and thought maybe the corpus luteum ruptured? He thought it was good that I was on progesterone. Bebe was measuring 6 weeks 4 days, which is exactly right based on conception date. Saw the heartbeat, which was 124bpm. Still having weird sharp little pains and a sensation in my abdomen that I can't quite describe. Going to take today and tomorrow to just completely relax.


Indie, thanks for all your support! Like I always say - you are a gem! I agree with your thoughts on the hospital - probably smarter to go with the hospital with the better reputation instead of somewhere that might force interventions upon me just to get a private recovery room. Still, seems so weird that all hospitals do not have private rooms these days. These are modern hospitals! By the way, I just love your great attitude about February, and I know in my heart this is going to work for you!


SKJ, I'm so sorry you are going through this scary time. How many DPO are you? Doubling time does start to slow at a point (I'm now doubling in the 58 hour range it seems). It seems so close that I just can't believe that the odds aren't in your favor. I'm staying optimistic for you. I know how hard it is to be when you're so scared and you don't want your high hopes to be shattered. But I do completely think things are going to totally turn around here. I'm so sorry about the m/c you had to go through and that this timing aligns so closely. Here's hoping everything is great and then you will have this new great memory to help ease the pain of your old one. I'm holding out every little ounce of hope for you, and then some. I think your doctor may just be trying to prepare you for the worst, because that's what they do. The U/S tech at the hospital--we were talking for awhile--he gave me this whole talk about how they will tell me the worst case scenario and put me on bedrest and make it all seem very scary, but that's what they have to do even if they are 99% sure things are OK. It's not really how I roll in practice, but I get it. So I think that may very well be what's happening here. Because then when they come back and give you the good news, you are over the moon. I think you will be over the moon soon. :)


Chrissy, thanks for your post and for your concern! I got home from the ER, and of course my husband had no idea I even went because I didn't want to worry him, so I had to get him past the shock and tell him everything. I really appreciate your concern and for checking in on me.


Devlish, than you so much for your comment and for thinking of me. I appreciate it so much.


Gtree, I know, I'm a loon. All I could keep thinking initially was that you had spotting too, but then when I started having cramping, well, I panicked. Not to mention that I just couldn't find out potentially devastating news on my 36th birthday. Hopefully all the little abdominal pains just give me a break and calm down and I can relax these next two days.


Hoping to go back to bed soon -- check in with you guys in the morning from the comforts of my couch while watching the Today Show. :One of life's simple pleasures rarely experienced these days. Thanks again, everyone. xoxo

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Hi all.
i have been reading along but im working 12-16 hours a day in the house plus dd, homework, real work, ugh! I did manage some god bone jumping and dh comes here again tonight but i dont think i o'd...my temps are weird up and down non ovulatory....im getting to the point with some acceptance that i believe this just wont happen for us...dd#2 39 weeks and ready to pop any day now.

Indie. The medical system is disapointing!!!, who are these people?? They shouldn't call themselves nurses!! I hope your change is for the better- forget that! I hope you are bfp rigjt now!!! And i like feb. For ivf. Post holiday.

Tf. Baking in the sun? Lucky girl

Skj. Prayers

Bebe!! Haha you crack me up!!! Good for you! Im glad you went!! We have all been patient providers and patient patients!!! You go girl! Your gonna be a great tigress mommy!! And double haha about clueing in dh!!! Omg.

Gtree- wow second trimester!!! Yay! Energy and glow and all the fun before they really take over!

Chrissy. Ever done a month on the pill to regulate? It's a pia but cost effective method that sometimes does the trick

Ms. D. Any news?


Lurkers and newbies hey...tell us about yourselves...

Im off to home depot...in the dark...no wonder my ovaries are confused...
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Bebe - So glad to see your news!  I am not worried about you one bit.  I had a bunch of cramping too and think it was the uterus expanding, but it is totally scary.  I think the sharp pains that I felt/feel are acute stomach muscle cramps.  Like if I sneeze or get out of bed too fast, it feels like a punch in my side, but I've read that is totally normal too.  I am glad you are taking a day to relax.  Sadly, I don't think honey boo boo is on demand.  You're going to have a great bday! 36 is your year!

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bebe - So glad things are ok. I think it's good that you went to the ER if that's what you needed to be reassured. No apologies needed!

AFM - Sorry I'm slacking on personals. I'm sure you ladies understand. So, after reading about another woman in a very similar situation to mine who ended up having a healthy baby, I'm feeling more optimistic. With the m/c, I had a lot of dreams that I was bleeding well before we knew that something was wrong. so, I feel deeply that my body knows if this is going to work or not. I sort of told myself last night to reveal the future in my dreams. I had lots of vivid dreams and none involved the pregnancy at all. So, I'm taking that as a really good sign. In a moment of pessimism, I emailed my acupuncturist asking what the next steps would be if this didn't work out. here's her response:

"Every individual is different when it comes to HCG levels.
Please stay optimistic and as much as you can stay away from any stress or stressors.
Be happy in the moment and don't think ahead. It is so important. Remember, the mind is very powerful and your thoughts affect your body. Just stay calm, happy, optimistic, send nourishing thoughts within you."

So, I'm doing my best to take her advice. I'm really glad that I was in a more optimistic place before bed last night. I woke up happy. I think that says a lot.

And, I just started to have cramps last night, which I take as a good sign just like Chrissy said smile.gif They are those dull, aware of your uterus, type cramps.

Thanks for all the support. Hoping to have more info between 1 and 3 on Friday.

ETA: Two babies born yesterday on FB and another pregnancy announcement today. I just deactivated my account.
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so happy to hear all this good news this morning!


bebe - wow, what an ordeal. i'm so sorry you had to go through something so frightening. but i'm so happy that you got to see your little bebe again and that all is well! i would have totally been at the ER myself if i were in your situation. even though, logically, what you are experiencing is totally normal... you factor in the fact that it is YOUR baby and all of that rational thinking be damned! i think it's very good thing you have today and tomorrow off and then the weekend as well. four whole days to relax and rest your body and enjoy your birthday!!!!


skj - so happy to hear you found some positive stories to keep you in a good place! i really think everything will be just fine. i just want to hurry up and get to that first u/s so you can start feeling some relief from the worry. i also had a very vivid miscarriage dream right after finding out i was pregnant the first time. it's kinda eerie how our bodies know so much! i'm glad those dreams have been at bay for you this time through. i've recently had a dream about a successful egg retrieval at IVF... so i'm taking that as a good sign that i'm on the right track myself... what a great reinforcement from you acupuncturist! good vibes all around!


gtree - i thought of you the other night when i watched honey boo boo. ha! you be careful at the gym! though i do know exercise helps to make the delivery so much better. any news on your OBs views on natural birth vs. cesarean with twins?


chrissy - wave.gifagain! so... if you get pregnant every three to four cycles... shouldn't we be due for another bfp soon?  stick stick stick!


sherry - SO nice to hear from you! thank you so much for being angry on my behalf about the stupid RE situation. sounds like the house is coming along? how exciting that your daughter is so close to popping! i forgot, was there a name picked out yet? i have a good feeling for you once you get past all this recent family/moving stress... your time is coming. blowkiss.gif


shell - how you doing? check in!


afm - nothing new. zip. nada. zilch. 2whistle.gif

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Bebe: I am so relieved!! what a horrible ordeal to hae to go through!! ((hugs))


SKJ: I love your attitude and i truly believe that this is going to work for you!! I mean your Beta;s ARE increasing not decreasing so that is GOOD!!!


Gtree: I watch Honey boo boo just to drive my DH crazy LOL


Sherry: Don't give up!!! It just has to happen for you!! I am so excited about you DD at least you get to have that baby around (so jealous)


Indie : you should complain to someone about that RE's office!! those people should get out of that profession if they can not be compassionate!! HMMMPH  what cd are you on?? should you be due for AF soon? maybe you will get a free baby!!!


AFM: I am still depressed but hiding it rather well.... My IVF consult is on Nov 1 st (next thursday) Soooo I have been googling like crazy...have ya'll ever heard of Med vacations? they send you over seas for the procedure ... like Russia... i am starting to think about a egg donor and they are only 10,000.00 for all the medical plus Donor plus plane fair and hotel stay in Russia... I don't know I guess I need to wait and see what the Doctor says... I just know that this is are last shot ... I know a 20 year olds donated egg would work better than my 40 year old egg.... and If i use a donor in the USA it cost like 30,000.00 to 40,0000.00 EEEEEEK


My mind is all over the place And I am just terrified this won't work either  ...

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Shell- russia is cold...i'd go here!!!! ^

Lay on the beach and bake those beans haha hang in there

I have the first floor of the house done! Just in time for dh. Since he was here 2 weeks ago we have a paved driveway, hardwood floors, new plank in the bathrooms and a total change in paint and palate! Whew! Now on to the basement! Ugh.

Dd was contracting every 10 minutes for about 2 hours today then they fizzled out...the waiting is worse than any of my own. I wish i could do it for her.

November is around the corner, time for our next bfp

Indie...you are avoiding the dpo count...you must be like cd22 or so.....

Anyone else ready to test...?
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Sherry, hi! I know, I'm crazy, but glad you get it. Now I can go to my appt tomorrow without too much fear! ;) Here's hoping your cycle will be like mine and you'll get a nice late temp spike that will lead to your BFP!!! Keep BDing! Good luck to DD!


Gtree, thanks! I get those sharp pains too when I sneeze or get up too quick. Look at you at 11 weeks!!!


SKJ, I think you should be optimistic and I'm so glad that you are feeling good about things! Your acupuncturist's advice is great! What's also great? Deactivating FB! I swear, it's the hardest thing when you're on this journey. Good for you!!


Indie, thanks!! It was so nice to do nothing today (and by nothing, I mean I laid on the couch for, oh, 7 hours, then took a shower, then laid around a bit more, then went to acupuncture. Besides having the flu, I don't think I've ever done that before. Ever. It was luxurious. DH wants to do all these things tomorrow for my birthday, but right now I'm so exhausted that I just want to lay around!


Shell, thanks so much! I'm sorry you are having a hard time right now. Biggest, hugest hugs!! I looked into the Czech Republic (Prague is one of our favorite cities anyway, so I figured it could be a great trip) - maybe also look there? I like Sherry's Cancun idea, too! Russia scares me. I'm hoping though that this conversation is a moot point because you will either get a surprise BFP before IVF, or your RE will reassure you and you will feel great about going for it close to home! I really understand what a difficult decision it all is, especially when you factor in the donor stuff.


Weekend plans, everyone?

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thinking of you this morning, skj. lots and lots of positive beta vibes going out to you.

be back later
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Second that!! Good luck and keep us posted.
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happy birthday, bebe!!!! jumpers.gifpartytime.gifchampagne.gif(non-alcoholic, baby-friendly champagne!) 


hope you have a wonderful, wonderful day and weekend and wow, what a great birthday birthday present you are carrying around with you!!


sherry - oh man, your dd is so close! that's great about the house coming along... you are a machine! 


shell - i've been to both russia and cancun and both are awesome though i probably would go to cancun for ivf - like sherry said, lay on the beach and bake the bean(s)! will they be redoing your blood work at your IVF consult? can't wait to hear all about it!


afm - cd21 (you were close, sherry!) and i'm guessing 8 or 9 dpo. breasts are crazy sore. but nothing else to write home about. 

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Happy happy birthday bebe!!!!!

Thanks for all the good vibes. I'm really proud of myself for being so calm yesterday. I'm waiting for my blood draw now. Starting to get nervous. I keep telling myself that my body knows what to do. If this pregnancy is meant to be, it's meant to be.
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Thanks, Indie and SJK (love my champagne -- thanks for a glass)! 36 is here (wow, time flies)! DH is home today, and went to get me Starbucks (I'm letting myself have a decaf latte this morning). Going to enjoy a nice, relaxing day and then dinner with hubby tonight.


SKJ, I'm thinking of you and sending you big, fat pregnancy vibes!! I have such a good feeling for you. When will you get the results? Hang in there!!


Indie, you are not testing this time, right? There's such sanity in that. Keep us posted! I really feel like you are going to get your free baby before IVF. Just putting it out there to the universe!

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Nurse said to expect a call after 2pm (central time), but that she will email me if she gets the results sooner. Eeek!!

Watching say yes to the dress and knitting dd a sweater to keep my mind occupied.
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Happy birthday, Bebe!!!!

Skj - eagerly awaiting awesome beta results.
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OMG. The suspense is literally driving me insane. I've been refreshing my email like a mad woman.
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and i've been refreshing this thread like a mad woman!!
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252 -> 373

Nurse said to prepare myself for the worst.
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i don't know what to say. this is so unfair.
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