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The worst part is I have to go back in on Monday. I feel so broken. It took us 10 months to conceive the last m/c and then 7 months to conceive this pregnancy. I don't know if I have any more fight in me. This is just so unfair.

ETA - also, the slow doubling can be a sign of ectopic. I O'ed from my right this month and this is the first time I ever got pregnancy from a right side O, despite O'ing way more frequently from the right. Hoping that it's not ectopic, but if it is, that I don't lose my tube.
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i know this hurts so much. but i do have to say the fact that you got pregnant again gives me a greater faith that injectables and iui will be exactly what you need. it seems to me that your body is working fine... it knows how to get pregnant. but since your progesterone was so low without supplementation... maybe your eggs just need a little help. and i know the injectables will do a great job in recruiting stronger eggs and more of them to give you a greater chance of pregnancy. i really think injectables will be your magic bullet.


i'm so, so sorry. and i don't want to be overly pollyanna... but i know you will have a successful pregnancy very soon.

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Skj- I'm sorry..... I've been there too many times, my heart aches for you...

Bebe- holy scaryness Batman!! Glad things are better... Phew!

Sorry just want to let you know the ultrasound was okay, measuring 5weeks 2 days and according to my LMP I should be 6 weeks 2 days but I ovulated on Saturday/Sunday on the 30th of September.... CD 19 or 20..... Age thinks I'm still early and implantation was later with ovulation but u have another scan next week on Wednesday.... I'm happy, scared and trying to be positive.... Thank you for all thinking of me!!!!
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Greenmum - Thanks for the update. I think the dating sounds just right if you O'ed nearly a week after "normal" O timing. Thinking good thoughts for you for next week. And, thanks for the thoughts. I hate that you know all about this sucky thing.

Indie - Thanks. Part of me just wants to keep up with acupuncture and skip the RE since my body was able to get pregnant twice on my own with only needing progesterone. I do think I have a hormonal imbalance that acupuncture can fix. I'm curious what the RE will suggest. I really, really hope this isn't an ectopic, b/c I think that would mean having to wait a while to try again.

ETA: The more I read, the more scared I get that this is an ectopic. Apparently non-doubling betas and low progesterone are often associated with ectopics. Stepping away from google...
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On my phone but wanted to send you hugs, skj.
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SKJ, on my phone but wanted to say I'm so sorry about this news and that I'm thinking of you. Don't look at Google anymore - it's a scary place! Do you have abdominal pain? I always had low progesterone so don't chalk it up to ectopic just yet. Where's Sherry? We need her to weigh in. Hang in there, honey. I agree with Indie, your body knows what to do and with a little help from injectables, I bet this would be a success story in no time. I'll be thinking of you.
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Skj..i am sooo sorry that this is going on. The waiting is awful. I have seen them improve after a slow start. I know the thought of an ectopic can be scary but they can often be treated with medication. Please just be sure there is nothing in the uterus first!!! I have seen a few awful stories that people were going to take the meds and at the last moment they found a heartbeat. I know this is crazy but try try to relax...you know the importance of mental balance a mantra...you have co tributed so much that way..tune in to your body as much as you can and try to listen to what its telling you. Knitting is good!! I crank oit sweaters when i am stressed!

Big big hugs!

Indie...isn't it funny that we know the cycles and sex schedules of people we have never met. I can not think of one instance in my entire life that i have announced my intent to bd to even my closest of friends! Haha

Bebe..i forgot to say i love your picture...i keep looking at them.

Greenmum yay! Im sure you cant wait til wednesday!"

Goodnight all...and afm...no idea..i think i didnt o....

And Shell!!! Use your eggs!! They will pluck some good ones!!
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skj - real quick... i clearly remember you having uterine cramps before bfp... i think that is a good indication it is not ectopic. thinking of you.
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Yeah. I've had cramping this past week too. The stretching kind. I'm worried about ectopic bc of the numbers and my endo suspicion. But, I'm gonna hope for an iu pregnancy. Hoping for a quick resolution to this crappy situation.
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you've also had an hsg recently, right? i think that's a really good thing, no blockage and they were recently flushed out. i'm so sorry you have to wait for answers and to be able to move on again. all i can say is it just is isn't fair. plain and simple as that. just. not. fair.
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SKJ, I don't have anything very useful to add other than I'm thinking of you. I am hoping that one way or the other, things are resolved quickly for you. Big hugs.

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Thanks everyone. The waiting isn't so bad now that I'm pretty sure this is isn't going to end well. In orther news, I threw my back out this morning. Awesome!
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Aww, SKJ, man, when it rains it pours!! Sorry!

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Geez, SKJ. Hope your back is feeling better.

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oh man. i'm sorry skj. i hope you are feeling better this morning. how did you throw your back out??


so i'm cd24 and i'm already spotting. i either A) ovulated and am 11 or 12 dpo and spotting earlier in my lp than usual or B) i did not ovulate. either scenario is just AWESOME. right? and, yes, i did break down and test a time or two or three... not pregnant. to top it off i had TWO very vivid dreams of looking at a bfp and getting really excited and just getting ready to run out the bathroom to tell my dh when my dream self realizes i am dreaming and wills myself awake. this happened TWICE. so mean. i am considering trying out a different acupuncturist for herbal treatments for the next three or four cycles before ivf. i'm also either going to cut down dhea to 25mg a day or cut it out all together since i've been on 75mg for four months... i'm a little worried about it's effects on my estrogen... i am still feeling overall pretty good but i'd be lying if i said i wasn't bummed right now.


isn't it time for toothfairy to return?? we miss you, tf!!

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I'm home! St Croix was beautiful. We had a lot of fun doing adventures and snorkeling/swimming/sunning... and I got my period Friday.  I am pretty convinced it was a chemical pregnancy but that is another story. Super crappy. Fortunately the sunny sunshine and wonderful vacation distracted me from all that. Went for my first u/s and b/w of the cycle this morning. I start the BCPs tonight (booooo).


I was hoping to return to lots of good news but it looks like SKJ needs a lot of hugs and support right now. I agree in thinking it probably isn't ectopic but this is all terrible regardless. I am so sorry this is happening to you & especially coinciding with the due date of your last m/c. 


Indie- I cannot believe those nurses. Seriously.... I am amazed at the ignorance and lack of understanding.


I browsed the last 84 (!!!) posts while I was gone but need to read through more thoroughly to write to everyone. For now I need to brave the food store since we have nothing in the fridge and are expecting Sandy in the next day or 2. 

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Welcome back TF! Sorry about the CP greensad.gif But, yay for starting on the path to IVF! Glad to have you back. We missed you!

Indie - I see your loss was also in October. I now seriously hate this month. Also, sorry about the spotting. I bet this cycle was wonky b/c of those stupid nurses stressing you out. I've read that your should only do DHEA for 3 months at a time. So, maybe take a break for now and start it up next month? I am all for finding a new acupuncturist. I believe the herbs had a lot to do with my pseudo-success this month.

Bebe - how was your OB appointment? I asked my friend about hospitals and she went to the one with shared recovery rooms, but she didn't have anyone else in her room. Honestly, I wouldn't let the shared thing bother you too much (it totally sucks!) if the birth experience is going to be what you want.

AFM - I POAS this morning (wondfo) and it was positive, but not as dark as the control line and didn't show up right away, so I'm hoping that means my hcg is dropping and I can get some closure here. If this is just a run of the mill m/c, I'll be happy since that means I can get pregnant from a right side O. Disappointed to find myself in this position again, but I know that there are others out there that can relate to me unfortunately. I just wish I could get pregnant faster if I'm going to have multiple losses. I'm hoping that acupuncture + injectibles are my ticket to a take home baby. I had so wanted my kids to be 2 years apart. When that timing window passed, I got comfortable with 3 years. Now, I'm looking at 3.5 - 4 years. I'm just worried it will be like having 2 onlies. I am 4 years older than my brother and it definitely didn't feel like that, but I just worry.

Hope the rest of you ladies are enjoying the weekend. Thanks for all the support over the last few days. I couldn't have gone through this without you ladies.
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Just got the call with my results from this mornings tests. I am cancelled. I have cysts that prevent my cycle starting. They didn't call them cysts, they said leftover follicles likely caused by so many months on stimulation medications. We are feeling really sad and defeated. My options are to take 2 months of bcps or to just wait out this month and see how things look at my next period. I don't want to take 2 months of bcps, it just seems wasteful. At the same time I can't take my letrazole to get a good egg this month because I could make things worse. So we are looking at a January IVF which means no 2012 bfp. 

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I'm so sorry tf. I really wish life wasnt so unfair for us IF ladies. I think I would take a month off. You never know what can happen. Is there a risk that you'll be in the same boat again next month if you don't do the bcps? So frustrated for you.
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dammit. i'm so sorry, cait. what a crappy couple of days we've had. my one worry with doing two cycles of bcps would be over suppression and then another cancelled cycle. i think a natural cycle is a good idea. you just never know when a bfp is going to sneak up and surprise us. though i know both you and i are a little past that level of hopefulness. i want to hear more about this chemical pregnancy!
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