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Indie, thanks for your comforting words about symptoms coming and going . . . I'm back to no nausea this morning -- wondering if TF might be right, because both mornings I've woken up without nausea were after dinner with protein the night before (we eat vegetarian a lot). So, perhaps the protein at dinner keeps my stomach settled a bit longer. So I was getting all excited about getting a doppler, and then I was reading a chapter in the book last night "Gentle Birth, Gentle Mothering" and it had a whole section on why U/S might be bad for babies, particularly dopplers. WHAT?! I am trying to remember that people get tons of U/S all the time, and it's considered one of the safest imaging out there, but still it's now in my head. Thoughts? You crack me up -- I love rituals, too. I'm not specifically religious, but I do believe in God. I love Judaism actually. I had a Jewish boyfriend for a couple years and I would go to Temple with him and loved it. It was probably the most connected to any religious group I've ever been. I just made sense to me somehow. Anyway, enjoy the ceremony - I bet it will be very special. This weekend we are going to a friend's son's 2nd birthday party, and then to a friend's grand opening of a jewelry store.


Greenmum, aww, look at baby!!! That's so amazing. What is your due date?


SKJ, here's to moving forward, friend!! I'm glad it's not too eventful, and like a normal period. I'm hoping for a super-duper burst of post-m/c fertilty for you! I'm squeezing my eyes closed really hard and willing it to happen! :) Thanks for the encouraging words about symptoms, and for just getting "it". I will be so happy to be in the 2nd trimester -- definitely will let me breath a little easier. My next U/S isn't until 11/12, so I'm going to just have to hope, pray and relax in the knowledge that my body will do what it needs to do. I'm sorry that other mom didn't know how to respond in a more humane way - like wow, I'm so sorry! That's all she needed to say. Show some empathy, people! You don't even need to know the struggles of IF just to be kind and empathetic when someone shares bad news. Good for you for just saying it how it is!


TF, I'm goign to try to take your advice and enjoy my 2nd nausea-free day. ;) So what do you think about the doppler issue that I posted in Indie's section? I really think it's probably fine - just curious of your thoughts.


Gtree, hope your power is back soon (like today!!). Miss you!


Sherry, yay for DD!!!


AFM, I'll be 8 weeks tomorrow. Hoping and praying things are moving right along! As I mentioned above, I have an OB appt on 11/12 and will be getting another U/S then . . . the U/S and doppler debate is running through my head. Anyone else hear anything bad about U/S? Anyway . . . nothing else going on - so looking forward to the weekend!!

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I am at work ... so a short little wave.gif and to say My consult went amazing and I have ALREADY started the process... I start estrace 2 mg twice a day (as of know) .... He thought I should use my own eggs also :-) I will tell you all the protocol later .... EEEEK I am so excited egg retrievial will be Dec 6th

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Shell, YAY!!!
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Shell that is awesome! Sounds like you are doing estrogen priming, right? Lucky duck! I'm glad they agreed to use your own eggs and so jealous that you are starting now. My ER won't be until around Jan 4th and thats only if my cysts are gone by Thanksgiving.


bebe- I don't know anything about  the u/s --doppler controversy but personally I think the peace of mind is worth it. Go with whatever you feel is right though, I think when I get to that point I will do some more research on it (so feel free to share what you find!!). 


Indie- Have fun at the ceremony! That is one of the best parts of religion for me too. Just being in Church is calming to me and gives me hope (one of the reasons I go every week). I know you said your DH is Hindu, did you grow up with any religious background? I am always curious about others religions. One of my patients is Muslim and it was my first experience learning anything about their faith. It was interesting to break that stereotype because of what we see on TV.  


SKJ- Are you doing anything nice to treat yourself? I feel like you deserve something special.


AFM- We are having a quiet weekend. Raking leaves and cleaning the house for Thanksgiving. We're having 25-30 people here. I'm trying to think of ideas to decorate my downstairs since I we don't have room for that many in our lving/dining rooms upstairs.

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GreenMum - Somehow I missed your post. I'm in love with your little bean!! Congrats!

TF - I'm not doing anything to treat myself. I've been making things for DD and trying to remind myself how lucky I am to have her. Maybe I'll try to squeeze in a massage this weekend.

Wowza! That's quite a number of people coming! I can't believe it's already almost thanksgiving. Where did the time go?

Bebe - I would get a doppler if you think it would give you peace of mind. Once you start feeling the baby move, you'll feel much more confident about things. A doppler can hold you over until then. I haven't done any research on the safety of it for baby, so I'd look into it a little more. I guess it depends on how often you think you'd want to check. I think I won't get one b/c I'd want to check it ALL.THE.TIME. And, I'm sure that's not a good idea.

Shell - YAY joy.gif This is so, so exciting! Makes me want to jump on the ivf train asap. I'm so happy for you.
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So much has gone on since I've been out.


Sherry - Hope DD delivered and is ok. Want to see pics if possible!


SKJ - So sorry you're going this this loss. Your DD is adorable!


Bebe - Symptoms come and go as you go along. My mom was 8 months pg with my older brother and fell down a flight of stairs. They are both fine although he's a jerk. lol


GreenMum - AW! Baby!


Indie - I just want to tell you that you rock! You're such a huge supporter for all of us.


Gtree - Hope you guys are doing okay.


Hugs to everyone I missed.






We knew since 8 dpo. Some reason tests are slightly darker with 2mu. Oh, our electric came back on at 11:56 p.m last night. lol


ETA - Pic doesn't do it total justice. I guess the light line is okay for 11 dpo. I'll freak if it's not darker in a few days.

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Chrissy- Hurricane surprise! Congrats and sending all the sticky vibes to your little bambino!


ETA- EWCM at CD8, early O means early AF means IVF starts sooner (like all those acronyms?). I didn't get a + OPK yet because we went to the movies and I drank a lot of soda so my urine was dilute but I'll try again in the morning!

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Congrats Chrissy!!! Sending super sticky thoughts your way.
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Well, that was stupid of me. I'm going to take a wild guess and say this might be another chemical. The line is not dark at all. If anything, it looks lighter. FML.
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Oh Chrissy. I'm so sorry. I don't even know what to say. I wish there were words to make this situation better. You'll be in my thoughts.
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Chrissy I'm so sorry. 

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Thanks SKJ and TF. It never crossed my mind that I'd have another chemical pretty much back to back.
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TThat really sucks. Have you done all the rpl testing? Do the docs have any idea why this is happening? I'm so sorry you are going thru this again.
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I had testing done years ago before I was pg with DS and the only thing that showed up was the mthfr. After all the bs I went through and the amount of doctors I went through just to get that answer, I dunno if I want to go through that again. The ob/gyn I was seeing earlier this year told me after that loss (at 11 weeks) that some women miscarry more then others and there's just no explanation. He said he'd refer me to the same people We started to see when I did get pg with ds but dh doesn't want to go there anymore. It's a long 2 hour drive down and with ds along it'll be worse. I just don't know what to do anymore. I'm so on the fence about trying vs not trying. I would really love a 2nd kiddo but I have ds.


I'm so confused. :(


Eta - I as going to get a couple frer's for the next few days to make sure the line is gone but thought "meh" I'm not going to waste the money. Af should arrive about Monday.

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Hi all
I ask forgiveness for my long absence ( i am catholic haha)...so much reading i hope i remember all i've wanted to say...

1. Yes yes please can we have tea!!!! I need a circle of friends...women... i am feeling do isolated..only child and at times in my adult life i just wish i had some family to share things with. I am so thankfull for all of my sisters here.

Mchrissy- so sorry....one of these must stick...it did before. I love your pic of ds!!! And sometimes when i read posts here i really do laugh aloud...your comment about your brother cracked me up!!! I think i want to start a study. Whenrver i come across a jerk i can ask if their moms fell down stairs while pregnant with them. I could start in Indies RE office!! Or with skj's coworker!!!

Skj sorry also...i hope your peace and moving forward attitude run deep within you...and a puppy...really...i might have said something bad....i am thinking it

Shell- O. M. G. How exciting!!! How many will they put back??? 3???

Indie...enjoy the ritual...and i am so feeling you on the "did i o? Why is my cycle on time thing?"

Tf....i hope your still feeling that sun...

Gtree....the storm sure hit some hard...i hope things are coming together for you. Something to tell those boys about in the coming years

Greenmum beautifull...i just held on of those...

Ms d...update us!

And jeeze what did fake babymomma say...it was gone when i got on!!!

Afm cd 27...???dpo but bfn this am....

So dd contracted on and off thursday...called me from roadside thursday morning half way to school and i made her go in!!
It was like a flashback to her middle school days! Your not really sick/in labor!! Go to school!!!
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Part 2 sorry my phone was acting funny so i posted rather than losing it

So friday morning i was poas about 530 am when i got a text from her about contracting since 4:21. I was just reading it when i got a screaming call that her water broke...as she bent over to dry her hair...baby moving fine DOPPLER read fine!!! Not contracting too bad so i hopped in the shower got 2 more calls Bout mucous and fluid and how do i put pants on....as i am rinsing my hair i can see through the curtain in the shower window- thst i HATE- that she is pulling out ofthe driveway!!!! Wtf? So i call her- no answer!!! Then she texts me that she decided to go to the atm (12 miles away) because it is rent collection day!!!

Insane!!! So dd#5 refused to go to school and miss it- we packed up for what might have been a full 24 hours of hospital sitting...so she gets bsck from the atm...fluid and mucous running down her legs..and i wash her up while she stands there on the phone haha.

Boyfriend made it back from work and we started the drive (30 minutes) to the hospital...got settled and they checked her by 8am to be 4cm, 100% & -2. I was surprisedhow far she was! Got the paerwork etc done...contractions were every 3-4. She sat in the tub for about 10 minutes and decided she wanted to get started with IV etc. For an epidural...got it going and checked her at 8cm around 10:45 Had a quick and easy epidural and slept on and off for about an hour. Then she felt "like something is in my but" and she was complete! Dd#5 who was gonna go to the waiting room decided to stay in the corner...2 pushed and we could see head...and dd#5 ended up at bedside for the rest. She pushed likea champ for about a half hour and out he came ( first babes average 2 hours of pushing). I cut the çord while we all dried him off. 12:28 pm. 8 lbs 4oz 21 inches fuzzy head and healthy lungs. And he latched on and hasnt stopped sucking since!!! I suggested we call him dyson or hoover.

They should come home this morning!

And that by no means was a typical first labor!! I am glad it was so easy....but i almost feel like it has all been too easy for her!

So...thats it. Waiting for af..dh was stuck here last week during sàndy. Finaly rented a car and got home wed. Night. House and office fine. No damage...
More later!!!
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Bebe...jump gently...enjoy those finicky symptoms...and i got dd a doppler on ebay for about $50. I showed her how to use it and we have dnjoyed it for both entertainment and reassurance. It probably saved us at least 2 ER trips...and There are warnings against everything!!! I did daily us with an echo machine with my dd#4. She is my calmest smartest and was the best baby!!! Your momma sense will lead you
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TF, thanks for weighing in on the U/S. I think I'm going to get one. I've wanted to go to the ER about 12 times lately so I think either way I probably need it for reassurance. I'm sorry you have to wait so long to get started. Take comfort in knowing that you will be pregnant in 2013. I know it. What a nice big Thanksgiving celebration your hosting! Did you figure out how to decorate downstairs? We are having quite a lot at our place for Christmas so I'm starting to think about all these things, too. Here's to Oing early! Hope you got a +OPK and are DTD!!

SKJ, how are you? I hope things have continued to progress well. I've been thinking of you a lot!

Chrissy, I'm thinking of you. It's not over until it's over. When is AF due? If you don't get her right on time I'd do another FRER. I'm so sorry you have to go through this right now. It's really unfair. I'm still holding out hope for you, friend. Thanks for the comforting words and sharing your mom's story! Sorry about the jerk-ish brother!

Sherry, nice to from you and congratulations on your grandson! I loved the birth story. You crack me up! Glad DH made it home, too! I appreciate the advice and i think I'm going to get a Doppler!

AFM, well with the time change I was up at 6:15am, which is not how I roll on Sundays! Had a busy day yesterday so went to bed really early. We are going to have lunch with my parents today and then I'd really like to do a whole lot of nothing!! So tired. Nausea not bad. Need a Doppler to calm me a bit, although not freaking out. I am sort of used to feeling uneasy now and am able to roll with the punches a bit better. Saw my work friend yesterday who recently had a baby and is heading back to work in 2 weeks. Yay for me, sad for her. Made me think how hard it will be to go back to my horrible workplace when the time comes. Can't wait until I'm able to go part-time!!
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Sherry- congrats!!! I am sure he is the most handsome boy. Glad to hear that your husband is okay & back to work too.

Bebe- it will help keep you calmer for sure. Did you tell your family yet?

Chrissy- what a tough place to be in. Im surprised the testing didn offer any answers. Is there anything new they test for now that they didnt before. I'll still pray this is the one that sticks.

AFM- watched What to expect when youre expecting last night. It was cute, some funny parts but the cliche stuff annoyed me. Oh well, guess I was just feeling likevsel torture yesterday. Day 3 of EWCM today & still no +OPK. Hoping we can keep the BD sexathon going until we know O has come.
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Sherry - Congrats to you and the parents! How exciting and wonderful! Glad delivery went so well. So, what is his name? LOL I don't think the survey would be conclusive since my 2nd older brother is a jerk, although not as much of one as oldest, and mom didn't fall down anything with him.


Bebe - Happy you're doing so great! Hugs!


Tf - I thought about watching that but just haven't got around to it. Just picked up Abe Lincoln Vampire Hunter and am gonna watch that tonight. Go go sexathon!!!


AFM - Af due tomorrow if it's on schedule. Had some good talks with dh and got his input on things. I didn't pick up any tests and won't be going to the store until Tuesday so if she doesn't show up by then I'll buy some.

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