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Lucille - Welcome!

Indie - Thanks for your thoughts. I'm feeling totally torn. What you said about the stronger ovulation makes sense. I think I'm leaning towards giving injectibles a shot next cycle. That way, I can see how my body does on them and if they seem to address my low progesterone issue. I guess I'm hesitant b/c I feel like acpuncuture + herbs is so much more customized to my particular situation and injectibles are the next generic thing they give us IFers. You know? So, I'm scared that the western approach isn't getting to the root of my problem.

Yay for EWCM. I hope it lasts and you ovulate. Didn't you say that your cycles are nice and regular (with the exception of last month?). I'm thinking that last month was a fluke and you'll have a nice chance this month.

TF - Thanks for your thoughts too. So, while I wait for AF, we will be trying on our own. Once AF shows up, I go in for baselines and then start on injectibles. I think I'm just gonna go for it and try my hardest to keep my expectations low, but trust my body to wok at the same time. It's such a fine balance.

Ooh! Ovulation spotting has happened to me but once - the first m/c cycle. I really hope it's a great sign for you this cycle! Tons of EWCM + O spotting! Yippee! If you ever figure out the robot technology, sign me up!

Snow!?! Not ok. It's just barely November greensad.gif

Ms D - Yay for the all clear on the HSG. I hope you get the fertility burst that happens right after and you are good and knocked up well within you window.

Sherry - sorry about the witch getting you. Grr.

Chrissy - how are you doing?

AFM - Just hanging out, waiting for things to happen. Trying to make decisions and not getting very far.
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SKJ, that is a very tough decision, but I know you'll make the right one. Go with your instincts and do whatever you think will give you the least regret later. That's how I started making decisions at least. I think TF is right to suggest letting things settle for a month and then going for injectables. Do you have to pay out-of-pocket?


Sherry, sorry to hear about AF. I think it could have been a chemical as well but who knows. Hugs!!


Dolphin, glad the HSG went well!! That's great news!


Lucille, hi, and welcome! peace.gif


TF, snow? I sort of miss snow, but then again, loved that I was in a dress yesterday! Enjoy with a big cup of warm tea! I forget, do you work full-time or part-time? I'm just dying to go part-time but need to finish out my loan repayment contract first (another 1.5 years). Good for you enjoying a vanilla Chai! That'a girl. :)


Indie, EWCM! Yay! Hope it keeps up and you ovulate nice and perfectly. Sending O luck your way and BD like a fool! Yes, clothes fitting a bit tighter, but some of that is random daily bloating. Looking forward to my U/S on Monday and meeting another OB. Most mornings I'm munching on crackers for mild nausea. Other than that, always going to bed early, and fighting to get through the work day. Sooo wish I could go part-time. I'm so hopeful that this could be your month!!

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Welcome.gif Lucille :-)


SKJ: I am glad your numbers are going down fast.... I agree with Indie, I would wait at least 1 cycle before starting injectables... they are so expensive and really hard on the body. Its so confusiing all the choices we have to go through !!


Ms D ; yaaay on great hsg!! they are very uncomfortable!! so why are you stopping ttc in a few months? is it just the stress? if so , I totally understand that.


Sherry That has got to be so frusterating... maybe Indie was right and it was a chemical?? your GS is so freaking ADORABLE!!! i am super jealous lol


TF: that is weird a red bleed? during ovulation? has that happened to you before? maybe that is a good sign that a little bean has been burrowing into you!! that would be AWESOME!! and yummmmm on the chai latte so good!! I wish we would get some cold weather... send it our way I will definitley take some snow lol


gtree: how are you ?


bebe: do you have a baby bump yet? I can't wait to see your sono pics


Greenmum: How are things going??


Devilish and chrissy hola.gif


Indie: ewcm is GOOOOOOOD!!!! I am reading this book staying positive!! so stay positive and believe you will ovulate!! believe you will get a bfp before ivf!! I think we are close to the same cycle again... I have to look up what cd I am on LOL ...  am enjoying this No temping!!


AFM: OH WOW I am already on CD12 sheeesh time flies... I have been have lots of ewcm and I have been extremely HAPPY ( I think it's the 4mg of estrace i am on) it really takes a lot to upset me these day's ... I love this awesome drug lol , I have been reading this book " your best life now" 7 steps to living your full potential... by Joel Osteen  It's pretty awesome... I am trying to remain stress free and relaxed..... I thought about doing acupuncture again before IVF but then I thought of the cost and we are already spending 17000.00 give or take a few hundred and it stressed me out hahaha... So i think I will just do 1 session right before implantation and 1 right after implantation.... any thoughts? This friday is my nurse teaching class and my hysteroscopy with mock embryo transfer ... eeek i am so excited !! its starting to feel really real!! ... I went to a babyshower last Sunday and UGH I was so embarassed... the pregnant momma was standing in front of everyone when we (me and DH) were leaving and she was said " OH, Thank ya'll so much for coming and I am sure ya'll will be next... it will happen for you Shelley, and if not yopu can always babysit our baby" UGH REALLY??? call me out in front of everyone then insult me by saying I can babysit your baby?? Like that is even the same thing!! I wanted to say ummm thanks but i do not want to babysit your kid I WANT MY OWN... but I just smiled and put my head down and scurried out the door as fast as i could!!! DH just hugged me and kissed me ... then we laughed about how ghetto her babyshower was... I know it was mean, but it sure made me feel better hahaha

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ohmygosh, shell. i would have wanted to punch that chick in the face. who makes comments like that??? ugh. i know this is an awful thing for me to say as a woman... but some women are just bitches. they are grown up versions of mean girls. seriously, there was no reason for her to make that kind of a comment AND to do it in front of everyone. GRRR. i'm so mad!


on a brighter note... so glad you are feeling so good! excited for you!!! i feel you on the acupuncture thing... that's the same reason i have yet to pull the trigger and go back. that ish is expensive.


bebe - wishing you a dark corner at work so you can steal a nap! :)


skj - i hear you on the customization of acupuncture vs. the cookie-cutter medical interventions... that has always been a source of conflict for me in my head. i think i've only thrown myself into the medical intervention side because i've seen so little success with acupuncture and endometriosis (as far as getting pregnant goes. it seems to work well with pain management) but since you have already had a success and like say, pseudo successes with acupuncture... i think you could totally go that route and address the underlying systemic issues. i like the idea of doing one round of injectables to get more info. then you may have more data to make your decision. or at the very least, if you find that the medical intervention route is too stressful once again... that would be a good sign to go back to strictly acupuncture. as for me... yes, my cycles have been super consistent but i've also been on (mostly) femara and a couple of cycles of clomid since my sugery. i think the only other non-medicated cycle i had i didn't ovulate either (but that was also during the time i found that my RE office didn't give me the right info on my amh level and learned for the first time that it was so low... so that stress could have played a role in not ovulating then...) anyway... a lot of words to say - who knows! time will tell i guess... :)

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Indie : yes she is a big mean girl!!! she is jealous of me ... she wants my house , she wants my ring, she wants my relationship that I have with DH .... so when she got something she knew I have been trying to get it; feels like she has just rubbed it in my face!! I just hope and pray this IVF works and we get twins :-)  .... I don't rub anything in her face... but I sure did clean my wedding ring before I went to the shower ( muhaha) .... I really wouldn't call hera "friend" more like a aquaintence who stalks my every move.... OH she also stole my whole "Dr. Suess" theme... I was so irritated!! But it was fun shopping for the baby stuff .... I just can't wait till its my baby i am shopping for....


Bebe : we must have crossed post LOL I am sorry your so sleepy... I get that way everyday around 2 ish ... and so i am terrified i will just be sleeping all day when i am pregnant haha maybei will just sleep the whole first trimester away and go back to work during the 2nd lol ( a girl can dream right?)

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TF, I realized that I didn't really respond to the red bleeding in your last post -- what is the timing between the bleeding and Oing? I seriously think it could be implantation!


Shell, OMG what a dumb-dumb that girl is to say that to you. Seriously!! Well, you just hang in there because you are *so* close to your BFP! I am starting to realize people in my life that I just no longer need . . . it's very freeing to decline invitations from those people, unfriend them from FB, etc. Sounds like she's the perfect candidate to say adios! I'm so excited for you -- you are right there in the thick of it! Soon you'll be doing the real transfer -- I can't wait to hear about each step of the way!! Come on Baby Shell Twins! twins.gif So AFM, it's hard to say if it's a bump that I have, or if I'm just bloated! Wow, especially after I eat I feel like I look 4 months pregnant!

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Shell - Boo to her! That is not cool. I have to say that when I read it I was thinking, you just wait missy b/c I"m gonna have twins and show you smile.gif

Other than the shower, I have to say that you sound great. I'm so happy the ball is moving and that the hormones are agreeing with you. That for sure seems like an excellent sign. So, how long are you doing the estrace? What happens next? So exciting!

OH and I totally think doing acu right around transfer would be perfect.

bebe - thanks for the vote of confidence. DH basically said I need to figure out if I can be without added stress during a medicated cycle. So, I'm trying to figure out how it will feel. I feel like I've done a whole lot of work on my emotional health, so hopefully I'm able to cope.
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Shell- What a jerk. I really think people just dont.get.it especially regarding infertility. You are SO close though. SO close! I'm glad you feel happy on the estrase, YAY!


bebe- Nah, I'm only 2 DPO. I used to get dark brown bleeding from the chocolate cyst and now I have been getting red bleeding possibly from the cysts. It probably means I O'd a little later than I thought but yeah, only 2 dpo so no implantation. Can't wait for your ultrasound Monday! I love that you talked about unfriending people on FB because I just did that today. Started because of political annoyances and then continued just because I had so many people I don't even talk to! Felt good.


SKJ- It is so hard to keep the stress down especially when so much is invested in the process. You are definitely at a good place emotionally with your meditations so hopefully you can manage and get that BFP. 


indie- I'll cross everything that your EWCM continues and you made that baby stick! Again with the wishes for cervical fluids, har har har, Did you have disappearing EWCM last time??


AFM- I am having a little discomfort by my left ovary where the cysts are usually at and my boobs are super sore. GO AWAY cysts. That chai latte was a bad idea earlier, gave me a stomach ache- oh well, it was good while it lasted. The snow so far was just a dusting. I took a few pictures but it is really hard to see the snowflakes. Our Thanksgiving list is up to 43. Seriously, how am I supposed to get 43 people seated at my house (and cook all that food!). I feel like I'm hosting a wedding instead of a Thanksgiving.

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Hi everyone, Thanks Mindless Chrissy, glad to be here. Thanks so very much Toothfairy, your reply was really educative! Thanks Indie, cant wait to know you all better too. Hi SKJ, I believe sincerely that you will make your own baby, and that will come sooner than you expected. Baby hugs!!! MsD, that's definitely a good step to a lovely BFP and I wish you the very best. AFM: I still have tingling sensations in my breast today. Doctor says to wait till next month and see what happens with my period. If its still not back to normal then I'll have to go in for tests. Just trying to have my inner zen and believe that everything will be alright soon.
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Thanks a lot Bebe, sure wish I could feel what its like to be pregnant again. Do steal little naps when you can. Hi Shell, so sorry you even had to attend that baby shower. Trust me I know what it feels like when people shove their pregnancies and babies at you...feels like a big taunt! and you have to hold your temper thru all of that! aaaarrrrrgg!!! Sorry I have been reading the posts from bottom to top (silly me!). Will get around to understanding all of this real soon. PS: why do my posts seem jumbled up? someone pls help!!!
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Hi, Northeast friends -- how's the snow?!

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Originally Posted by bebelove View Post

Hi, Northeast friends -- how's the snow?!

TF - I hope your cysts are melting away and things will be good to go next month, or better yet, you won't need it b/c you'll have a BFP in a couple of weeks. Eek! I'm sure 43 people wouldn't even fit in our place. That's just plain crazy! I bet it will be a ton of fun though.

Lucille - Good luck with your cycle getting back on track. I like your inner zen idea.

AFM - I started my C+B natural cycle CD last night. I'm just going to treat this month like a normal month. I'm still spotting ever so slightly. I'm going to do my best to hold off on BDing until the bleeding is 100% gone, but we haven't BD'ed in weeks and I"m getting antsy. Other than that, just twiddling my thumbs.
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Only an inch or two here. Already melting!
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Hi, friends!


Well, I'm exhausted today. I woke up at 2:30am feeling like something was stinging or biting me on the back, and so I got up to take a look and everything looked fine. It turns out I have a muscle in my back that is spasming, and is quite annoying! I don't know what I did in the night, but I'm hoping acupuncture will help tonight. I'm feeling a little worse for wear. I have a finger that somehow also got infected, so dealing with that and do not want to take antibiotics. I know I'm just being a big whiner right now, but needed to whine to someone! DH isn't very good with whining, and of course I can't be too whiney at work. ;) Hoping to get some relief tonight!


Hope you all are doing well! xoxo

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bebe: I'll join you on the whining. I have a cavity. There is a lot of whining on this subject going on in real life. Also, I forget when you asked but I work full time. Two 9 hour days, a 12 hour day and a 6 hour day. Wednesday off, half day Friday. Like you, I dream of going part time.  Mostly because of my boss more-so than dislike of my actual job.

Sorry about your muscle spasm. That is the worst especially when they interrupt sleep! How did you get an infection in your finger? Sounds terrible. Is it a cut that you could put ointment on? They say amoxicillin is safe for pregnancy but I understand wanting to avoid whatever you can.


SKJ- we are thinking 5 tables downstairs and 2 upstairs. We have a big open room with fireplace on the first floor but right now it has a treadmill, weight bench/weights and couch down there so it will have to all be moved. I'm excited to have everyone together and feel very blessed that we have this close a family but it is a little overwhelming. I'm also praying for a BFP. I wasn't 2 weeks ago pre-o but now I feel more wishful that it would just work and we could skip iVF all together. Enjoy your BD time! Which C + B meditations do you have? 


indie, sherry, shell- notes.gif post please!

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TF: sounds like ew have the same work schedule... I am Monday , Tuesday, Thursday 12 hrs Wednesday OFF and Frida half day we get to leave at noon... bu we never get out ofthere till 1 lol..... You are a hygentist right? ... how are your ovaries feeling today? I am praying those cyst GO AWAY!!!! :-)


Bebe: you have every right to whine lol.... You are growing another Human in your body!!! that takes a lot out of a person!! I hope you feel better soon.


SKJ: what is a C + B natural??


Lucille ; Inner zen is good!! and definitley needed when going through IF


AFM: well nothing really new to tell.... Tomorrow is my Hysterscopy and Mock transfer :-) I am excited!!! I am so busy all weekend UGH i am tired thinking about it!! we have 4 surgeries tomorrow BEFORE 10 am .... then I have my Dr appointment... then a birthday party for one of the girls at our office!!  Then Saturday , I have a wedding Shower for my step daughter ( My deceased husbands daughter) so that will be awkward being with all my old sister in laws and stuff and DSD real mom!! then me and DH have a going away party to attend that night... Sunday we are Christmas Shopping... So I am exhausted already haha

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bebe - Man that SUCKS about the back. You poor thing. I hope it stops annoying you and you can get some sleep. And the finger too?! Ugh. Whine away - that's what we're here for.

TF - I"m glad you has some hope this cycle. And, if it's not a BFP then you have IVF right around the corner! I have the natural cycle Circle + Bloom meditations.

Shell - good luck tomorrow! How exciting!!! I hope you find a moment to rest this weekend. Sounds crazy busy.
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Hi girls, I had what was to be my 7 week ultrasound, turns out we never got beyond 6 weeks and there was no heartbeat.... I'm oddly not as sad I'm just in disbelief that I am here again.... Sorry I cannot focus enough to read you comments I'm just out of it..... 7 losses feels like too much.... Not fair.... Hubs is taking it pretty hard....
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No no no! Greenmum, I am so beyond sorry. I wish this wasn't happening to you. This is so unfair. You will be in my thoughts. I'm just so sorry.
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Oh Greenmum, I'm so, so sorry. This is just terrible news. I'll be thinking of you and sending you love and hugs from afar.

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