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Oh Greenmum I'm so sorry to hear this. 7 times is too much, so unfair and so sad. 

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hug2.gif greenmum. I am so very very sorry.

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Thinking of you green mum.

Where is everyone? Shell, indie, sherry?? Thinking of you ladies too.
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Hi my friends,


I think I have caught up.  We are back in Jersey, WITH STILL NO POWER.  For now we are at my in-laws and hope to return home next week. 


Greenmum - so sorry.


Shelly - So excited for you!!  I look forward to your updates.


TF - fingers crossed for you this month.  sounds very promising!


Indie - hi dear!


Bebe -  love your pic! I wish we got those every day.  So glad you are doing so well.


AFM - SECOND TRIMESTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and showing.  I've missed you all so much and am still at a loss until I am home on my computer instead of this dial up.  I'm ready for some Christmas/Chanukah BFPs!! 

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Gtree - So glad to hear from you. Wow. That sucks there's still no electric there. Yay for 2nd trimester!!!

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Gtree- glad to have you back! I hope youre back in the comfort o your home soon. Was your family thrilled with your news??

Greenmum- still thinking of you.

AFM- i'm spotting. I only ised the progesterone for 2 days & then stopped bc i wasn sure i needed it. I think the bleeding is that I confused my body so i started mupy progesterone again today. Its probably too ate but its better than spotting for another week before AF comes. Crossing everything my cysts are gone next week.
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Hi gtree! Sorry about the power, but yay for second tri!!

Tf- ugh. Sorry about the spotting. I think progesterone is good to shrink the cysts. Check out this link http://www.fertileheart.com/forum/topic.php?id=1832
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wave.gif hi ladies


back from our weekend at the beach...


greenmum - i'm so terribly sorry. i don't even know what to say. 7 losses is just incredibly unfair. it seems especially cruel after seeing a healthy babe on your last scan. my heart aches for you.


skj - hoping you are well. has the bleeding stopped? where are you in your cycle (as far as you can tell, anyway).


gtree - yay for second trimester!! and for showing!! i can't imagine going through that storm and the aftermath while pregnant... so happy to hear that you are close to getting back to normal. we've missed you!


toothfairy - sorry about the spotting. keeping my fingers crossed tight that your cysts are gone... and hoping you get a bfp even before going to ivf (any chance that spotting is implantation spotting??)


shell - i need to go back through the thread but i don't think i saw an update from you after your mock transfer? are you getting super excited or what?? :) :) :) 


sherry - hi lady! hope you are enjoying lots of cuddles with the little one!


afm - very nice and relaxing weekend at the beach. i'm cd 11 today and thinking i may be ovulating already? had my usual soreness yesterday (which was missing last month) and all kinds of ovarian discomfort. feeling defeated... i really think endo is back and i don't like that i am ovulating early. i feel like i'm walking around in a ticking time bomb of a body and i'm just ready to get to ivf already.

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Greenmum: I am sooo Sorry :-( I just don't even know what to say...


Gtree: so good to see you on here!! and YAY to 2nd trimester... that is when you can relax and just enjoy the pregnancy ... Sorry about the no electricity that has to be horrible.


TF I heard that progesterone helps with cyst somewhere also!! I hope they are gone!!


SKJ: have you ever had a hysterscopy? so they can check the uterus for blockage and such?


Indie: ohhh i so would love a relaxing weekend on the beach with my hunny!! so jealous .... So you think the endo is back? will that effect anything if you have IVF?


Sherry,Bebe,  Chrissy, Lucille : blowkiss.gif


AFM:  Well I had my Hysterscopy and moch transfer and everything went great!! he said my uterus looks healthy and normal, and he is very sure we are going to make some healthy babies :-) the nurse did say something odd though.. she said I had a long canal to the uterus?? maybe that is why DH sperm was not getting to the egg in time?? he does have a little low motility... hmmm... well IVF/ ICSI will solve that problem lol ... So this is my Protocol ... I am on a EPP/ antagonist protocol  Estrace 11/2 - 11/20 , mock transfer 11/9 , provera 11/13 - 11/20 , dexamethasone and baby asprin start 11/13 , Sono and E2 appointment 11/23 , 11/25 - 12/04 stay on dex and asprin and start antibiotics (both me and DH) and Menopur 150 iu 9am , Follistim 150 IU 9am , Follistim 300 IU 9 pm  Starting Ganirelix when they say too and taking the ovidrel when they say too .... then egg transfer around 12/06 then starting Progesterone P4 oil (injection)  the day after ER , ET 3 - 5 days after.  then i start estrogen patches 1 week after ER  ........ So that is my protocol... i am VERY EXCITED!! come on Twin's (fingers crossed) cause this is our last shot :-(

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bebe - thinking of you today! i believe you have your ob appt?? keep us posted!


shell - how interesting about the long canal... i'm so excited for you! things are moving along so quickly! come on babies... :) i don't think the endo would interfere with doing ivf but who knows. like tf says... wish i could see what's going on inside of me!

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Good morning lovely ladies!

I'm sooo tired. Silly me had a second DECAF cappuccino and it kept me up last night. How sad is that?!?!

Indie - Welcome back! Glad to hear you had a nice time away. I"m sorry that you think you O'ed early. I wish February would hurry up and get here for you. As for endo and IVF, I remember reading that IVF is basically the best way for someone with enod to get pg and that a lap is usually not helpful for women over 35, so I think that even if the endo is back (boo!), IVF will be your golden ticket. I sure hope you get a magical BFP before February though.

Shell - Yay for your cycle going so well so far! I'm so excited for you and your twins!

AFM - I'm your cycle buddy Indie! I'm also CD 12 today. I have no idea what is in store this cycle since it started with the m/c. I had a touch of "transitional CM" yesterday - on the verge of EWCM, but not quite. I've been doing OPKs every day since I don't know what this cycle will be like and so far no positive. I'm just trying to take it one day at a time. I'm so done with all of this TTC nonsense. I just want this phase to be over. I'm not looking forward to any more interventions. I'm still unsure of what to do next cycle. I just don't have much faith in any of this and part of me just wants to give up.

I asked the nurse which meds I will be on. It took two emails and a phone call to get a response and then the response was, "usually gonal or follistim". Way to make me feel like you are even considering me as a person instead of a number.
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Me again. I'm having issues with my subscriptions. Would someone be so kind as to post a new message to see if my subscriptions are working? Thanks! blowkiss.gif
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I cant get a lot in right now but I'll post so you can check your subscriptions!
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skj - sorry about the vague answer from your nurse. i know all too well that frustration of feeling like you are just a number. do we really have too high of expectations to think that they would be tailoring protocols to our unique set of circumstances?? and if they are going to have a cookie cutter approach... i would love it if they would provide a nifty decision tree that at least explains their cookie cutter thought process, you know what i mean? at least i would have something to look at that says i have a, b & c issues so that means i get d, e, and f treatment. i really need to manage an RE office. i could so drastically improve their service. also, i'm so done with the ttc nonsense as well. really. DONE. like, i wish i was on birth control right now so i didn't even have to think about where i am at in my cycle and what may or may not be going on inside of me. what a weird thing for me to wish for... birth control.


sorry. in a bit of a funk today.


tf - hope the spotting has subsided now that you are back on progesterone.


bebe - can't wait to see your update.

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Indie - sounds like we are having the SAME cycle. Ha. I hope we both end up knocked up. I'm sorry I can totally relate to the feelings you are having. Why is this so hard for us? So few people have to think about all this crap. I just dont' get it. At the same time, I realize how lucky I am in a lot of ways. This process is just so exhausting. I think I've resigned myself to the idea of just doing the 3 cycles of injectibles to get them over with so I can do IVF in the spring. I mean, why am I even bothering with the other stuff? If I had unlimited TTC energy, then sure, acupuncture + herbs would be reasonable. I did my C+B meditation last night and was overcome with the fear that I would have a baby with severe disabilities. I could not handle that at all. It's always SOMETHING. Grr. I need to get my positive mojo back. As for going on birth control, I don't even have the discipline to take the month of my m/c off. I guess I'm doing all this to myself, huh.

Bebe - Can't wait to hear your latest update!

ETA - Thanks TF. Still not getting emails...
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Shelly - Sounds like a great protocol.  Keep us posted and get ready for bloating and bruises and MOOD SWINGS.  Let DH know now that he will have his wife back in a month... Also, be sure to eat with that anti-biotic, I learned the hard way.  Did you test positive for MTHFR?  I did and am also on the baby aspirin.  


I am back home finally and went and bought a fancy new router today so I could finally be on my own laptop and talk to all of you.  Happy Veterans Day!

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SKJ- Thank You for that thread! I don't know where you ladies find these things but I'm sure glad you did! If they aren't gone next month I will start taking the milk thistly and dandelion root ( wish i had heard about that before 7dpo!) I'm sorry your nurse wasn't more personal. As if the process wasn't hard enough, being blown off just makes you feel useless. She probably just doesn't have any idea what the doctor has planned for you but it really is her job to find out and answer your question. When do you have another appt to actually speak to them?


indie- IVF will take away as much of the guesswork with endometriosis as possible. Of course there are side effects of endo that you can't control with IVF (prostoglandins/inflammation) but as far as egg ferrtilization and development it is the best way around it. I am thinking my cysts won't have shrunk enough and we will be cycle buddies for a February IVF after all. I'm glad you had a nice vacation. It isn;t terrible to O on CD 11 (I did this month too). Just means that your cycles til February will be over quicker! 


shelly- you have a lot to be getting excited about! You are only a month away from babies!


bebe- Ultrasound today and no update? We're waiting for a new picture!


gtree- What a relief to finally be back home, safe and warm. Did your area get a lot of storm damage (other than the obvious lack of power). It is so nice to see your ticker past the 12 week mark. I like your new picture too!


AFM- I think as of this afternoon the spotting has stopped. I am regretting not doing the progesterone those 2 days and nearly certain it destroyed any chance of success this month (though lets be real, those chances were pretty slim as it was). I'm feeling normal other than the progesterone side effects. I wen't on a mini shopping spree tonight (but I was really good and kept it to one outfit---- and a bra, and an extra tank top...). I needed a new Thanksgiving outfit, I'm the hostess after all!! DH is gone until Friday which leaves me bored and lonely.

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We missedour 1 year anniversary. It was Nov 3rd. Happy Anniversary ladies. Lets not stick around another year.
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Greenmum, thinking of you.


Toothfairy, thanks for joining me in whining -- sorry about your cavity. :( Boo . . . dental stuff freaks me out. I suppose less so for you! ;) Yes, working full-time is for the birds! I'd love to work a few 12-hour shifts and be done. Perhaps in a future job! That's nice you have a day off during the week. Must be nice for errands! I'm bummed that you have a crappy boss too -- seems like there is a lot of bad bosses out there. I wish so much mine would just decide to go elsewhere and let us be! Thankfully my back is doing much better since acupuncture. My finger infection was strange - kind of came out of nowhere. I didn't want to take any antibiotics, but Keflex (good for skin infections) is reasonably safe in pregnancy if I had to. But still didn't want to. Then a doc I work with who is there part-time (and who I love) recommended trying topical Zinc oxide and the Neosporin I was using, and it worked like a charm! Anyway . . . I sooooo want you to get your surprise BFP! I want everyone to have theirs by the holidays -- everyone deserves it so much! So . . . I'm wondering about that spotting of yours. It seems to be the right timing for implantation spotting, maybe?


SKJ, thanks for allowing me to whine! :) I'm sorry for the stupid nurse -- why do they not understand that we are looking for details? Personalized details? Is that so hard? Sheesh. I love Indie's ideas of giving patients a decision tree! Anyway, please don't give up! Why did the meditation make you worry about disabilities? I'm sorry :( There seriously is always something to worry about!


Shell, how was your very busy weekend?! Phew! I got tired just reading about it! Wow, this is so exciting for you! I'm so glad everything is going well and the RE is encouraging! This is going for work for you, girl!!!


Gtree, yay for being back home!!!


Indie, yay for a weekend at the beach! How lovely and relaxing. I am hoping your body is just gearing up for a big super ovulation and that's why you are feeling O symptoms early! I did have my OB appt today -- thanks for remembering! It was awesome and we are so happy to have found this OB!! Got another sonogram, and everything is looking good. I forgot it in DH's car, so he'll probably scan it for me tomorrow and I'll upload it. :)


AFM, so everything went great today! Baby is measuring right on schedule at 9w2d. I'm going to get a genetic bloodtest soon using the new test (either Harmony or MaterniT21). Very excited to not have to worry about amnio or CVS. It was great to see baby again (who is the size of a grape!) and hear the heartbeat (170 bpm). I'll upload the sonogram tomorrow night -- it's kinda funny because either the head or rump looks like a triangle in the picture! Hoping that was just the angle. ;) So we love, love, love our new OB! He's really holistic, kind, gentle, warm and all around exactly what we were looking for. It felt completely personal. Plus, the hospital he uses has private suites with tubs and a great mother/baby bonding philosophy (it's a smaller hospital that I really didn't know much about, and apparently have a very wonderful, supportive staff who do all they can to support a woman's birth plan, whatever that is!). The whole thing was just perfect. :)

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GreenMum - so sorry about your loss! My heart aches for you guys.


Shell - wishing you all the best!


AFM - my followup appointment for all test results is next week. I can't wait to have a plan. Our window is closing soon, because we decided for us, we want a baby before we turn 45... which means it needs to happen in the next 2-3 months.

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