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TF - I floss! I have wonderful oral hygiene. I actually love going to the dentist so that they can rave about my beautiful teeth.  With that said, I haven't been in quite a while.  It is on my to do list.  BCPs are the devil.  Just remember that.  Yes, I spotted the whole time. It was like my period never really stopped I felt like, and then when you stop taking them, you get another period even though the RE says you don't.  They told me I would stim for 7-10 days, but it always went on the long end, the first time (When it was cancelled) was 12 days and I think on the second go round I triggered on day 10.  It all depends on those follies and how fast they grow.  I also did a 5 day transfer (which took place on day 6) and had the PGD testing done and any "sick" embryos were removed (there was 1 with a problem).  This also told me the sex.  I don't know if I said it here, but I have 5 boys and 6 girls on ice.  Knowing that is both comforting and makes me a little sad.  Hopefully I will have the opportunity someday to donate them and give a baby to someone who can't have one, unless I decide to have 13 children...

When you do IVF and Shelley can probably vouch for this, you are just a cog in the wheel.  You go in when they tell you to go in, take meds when they tell you to take them, do shots, etc etc.  Thinking for yourself, totally optional.  I wish the days would go by faster for you! I put a star on my last pill and every day it was like a step closer.


Shelley - You aren't even bloated yet! Just you wait my dear.  hahahah.  I looked about 6 months pregnant until I was at about 12 weeks.  I had terrible heartburn one night.  I actually drove to walgreens for tums at 10:45 at night.  Maybe you should switch up your prenatal.   I think the chewables are giving me heartburn now.  I try to drink milk at night, too.  One of my friends who did IVF said that after she had the baby was when she was the thinnest she has been in years. Hang in there and keep us posted!


Bebe - A NP!  Brilliant. Thank you so much, you made me feel a lot better.  My numbers were and have always been totally normal.  I read that HCG can cause the TSH to drop, so it is normal for it to be on the low side during the 1st trimester, and that the HCG normalizes around week 12, so my second blood test was week 13, so I am hoping because I am having twins, and the HCG is higher than most people that my TSH just hasn't had a chance to go back up to where it should be.  I am going to ask for another blood test and see if there is an increase.


Indie - I think you would be an amazing therapist, you seem so level headed and wise.  I think it is good that you know your limits as well, someday you will be an amazing IF counselor!


SKJ - so glad you had a good day with DD, we are here for you no matter what you decide.


Jpack - where are you in your cycle?


AFM - much less worried about the TSH numbers, will be going to the endo on Dec 11.  I'm about to be unemployed when my notice period finishes, but I'm a recruiter.  I used to work for Google back in the day which was amazing (they had heated toilet seats)!!  Then I went and ran the recruitment function at an international Bank or the past 5 years.  Friday will be 16 weeks and I'm feeling good, sleeping a lot and eating a lot ;)

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Indie, I am absolutely not an expert on this whatsoever, but my knowledge on the topic is that any evidence of those antibodies does increase miscarriage risk. However, did this info come from your RE or just your PCP? I have to believe your RE will be more well-studied on the topic (although we have all been burned with that line of thinking!) and do know the limits of where the line of risk is drawn. TSH of 2.5 is fine, although I would say that I like my hypothyroid patients near 1.2 and I know REs like their patients around the same. 0.5 seems low to me, but then again, REs might draw their line differently. Tell me more about the cardiovascular stuff? Did I miss something? Anyway, I would make sure you run all this by your RE, and let them know you don't want to take it slow -- you want to go with their 'end' plan now, including thyroid stuff. Are you on Levothyroxine?


That's so funny you do consulting/training -- that was my original career! I was a corporate trainer. I've thought so much recently about maybe combining my medical knowledge and training knowledge somehow -- doing healthcare consulting or something (I hear you on flexible schedules!). Also wow, your an MFT! That's so great! I am not at all surprised!


I love that you had that pregnancy dream. I think that's an amazing sign!!


Toothfairy, so the thyroid labs are definitely a bit confusing. TSH is what stimulates the production of T4, which converts to T3. If you're TSH is high, then you are hypothyroid and if TSH is low, it's typically hyperthyroid. It's not always quite that simple, but that's the basics. When you take Levothyroxine, you are supplementing thyroid hormone, which keeps the TSH suppressed since it thinks that your body has enough hormone and doesn't need to try to stimulate any. So yes, Levothyroxine typically lowers TSH and increases actual thyroid hormone. However, in regards to the presence of antibodies, they do change the picture a bit. He may have you on Levo as preventative -- do they monitor your TSH with any regularity? I would ask for the actual TSH level next time. I would definitely clarify what your provider is thinking and what is your actual diagnosis the next time you see him/her.


I'm so excited that everything is starting for you -- I can imagine how hard it is to manage expectations and understand the whole protocol, but no matter what girl, it's happening!!


SKJ, I'm sorry, IF sucks and the ups and downs are a crappy part of the whole thing. I'm just so hoping you get a BFP this cycle! Very interesting career -- how did you end up pursuing a PhD? I keep thinking about my doctorate to put me on a tenure track in academia, but phew, I don't know. 


Shell, I love that you and DH work together. That's how DH and I met! I miss seeing him everyday.  Shell, FRIDAY!! How exciting. Can't wait to hear the update!

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Gtree, I'm so glad you are feeling better about the thyroid stuff! Pregnancy does wonky stuff to most people's thyroids in one way or another, at least it seems so.


Did you work for Google in Palo Alto or NYC? That's hilarious about the toilet seats! We've had a few friends work there over the years and I can't believe nobody ever told us that, haha. 16 weeks!!! Wow - that's so amazing. 

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On my way to the airport. It's not even 5am. Just popping on bc I had a terrible nightmare (damn you crinone!). I don't like flying. I dreamt I had over slept and missed my flight. I finally got to the airport and it was super windy and one of the landing planes crashed into a ball of flames. It was so vivid. I started to have a panic attack and kept saying, "I'm not going!" Over and over. It was bad. And, in the dream we were worried that my business partner's wife was on the plane. I did have a moment in my dream where I realized that I forgot to temp. Ha. So even in the worst of times, still focused on ttc.

Anyways, hoping that getting this off my chest takes away any bad mojo.

Will do personals when I have a moment.

Thinking of you.
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Gtree Wow, so glad about your anxiety relieving about the TSH, and crazy about your brood on ice! Amazing what a difference knowing gender makes. I can't fathom being pregnant with twins! Wow is all I have to say! And very, very cool! 

I'm CD10, still spotting (catching the spotting hate train! I kinda curse every time I see it).


SKJ- awful about your nightmare - hope you made is safe and sound! I always have anxiety dreams about not making a flight, but that sounded extra awful!


Thanks for the thyroid primer, Bebe! you may regret sharing your profession ;)


Indie - I have to say, I only had pregnant dreams right before my BFPs (miscarriages, but still - very cool and very good luck, I think!) Very interesting about the therapy and glad I'm not the only one balancing a couple different options - Shell too, how much do you work at each job? I kinda like doing two different things! (and sorry about the bloating - how uncomfortable)!


TF does it matter what kind of floss one uses? I like the thicker, kind of fuzzy kind, but my dentist gives out the thin, waxy kind. I've always wondered, does it matter? (critical, life-or-death stuff going on here, I know :).


QOD: I became an attorney to work in tribal economic development and -- go figure -- my husband got a job in Massachusetts (and will hopefully get a subsidized Masters while we're here). So I ended up in my home town, with very little Indian Law work. I still practice a little, but it doesn't pay the bills. I sell residential real estate with my mother for a medium sized locally owned firm. It's fun, super flexible and my mother is great at it so I get to learn from her. We get to pass DD back and forth, and I have the advantage of selling houses where I grew up. So, that's what I do!


AFM I'm on CD 11, stilllllll spotting. I'm blaming it on the HSG, but really, WTF?! After the HSG I had some EWCM for a couple days, but I usually O CD15-18, so just OPKing til then. I'm a little miffed that I didn't do anything else this month, I don't see the conflict with continuing to clomid and monitor on top of the HSG. Too late now, though! I did call and I'll be getting a report on the HSG next week, and back to a clomid monitored cycle next cycle. I decided to try some preseed for the first time and it arrived today. I don't usually have a CM dryness issue, but maybe a PH problem? Has anyone done a post coital test?  I'm also continuing to see my acupuncturist. She's amazing (like she was a doctor in rural China in the '60s and '70s). However, she is of the opinion that you can't force anything and fertility meds abuse your body. I get it, but it's not really what I want to hear right now. Yeah, these things take time - I get it. Things happen when they're ready in the cycle and flow of nature - sounds nice but... I run out of patience really quickly... it's a character flaw.

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SKJ, ahhh, sorry about your terrible dream! I am not a huge fan of flying (but am a huge fan of travel, so I deal with it), but that kind of dream would be terrifying before a flight. Glad that you are keeping your priorities in order in even the worst of times though. Ha! ;) Hope your flight was easy-peasy!


Jpack, I actually work with a Native American community myself! Very interesting work you do! Actually, I think working in real estate would be awesome. I love seeing other people's homes, and I love the perceived flexibility of the job. That's one of the things I'm missing in my job is flexibility. My next job will be different! Anyway, sorry about the spotting!  I'm glad you're getting your HSG results next week and can keep moving forward. My acupuncturist felt the same way about fertility drugs, but it's hard when you're in the throws of desperation. I also believe that modern medicine has done so much good, despite some of the risks. Eastern medicine is always going to look down on fertility drugs, but there is only so long a girl can wait!!


AFM, getting a little nervous for my next OB appt. I'll be 12 weeks at that point, so if everything is OK on U/S then I think I'll be in a calmer place going forward. Also need to get my Harmony results back!! That makes me a big time nervous nelly!

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skj - whoa! what an awful, awful dream. i'm so sorry. that's a terrible way to start a day of traveling. hope you have a much better rest tonight.


bebe - how funny that you were also a corporate trainer. that was also my previous career before going back for my master's... so much in common! thanks for the info on thyroid. this most recent appt was with my pcp. i'm trying to get as much addressed before meeting with my new RE (same practice) on dec 18. i really had hoped that he would put me on thyroid meds now but he wants the RE to be the one to do that. i'm wondering now if i should push the issue... as for the cardiovascular stuff... my blood work came back showing me super high risk for heart disease (despite my bp/cholesterol all that being perfect - some new test that looks at the particles in your blood?) my dad at a quintuple bypass 1.5 years ago (he was only 51) so i'm not surprised that i'm all kinds of at risk...


anyway, i want a belly pic! come on... you have to have a belly pic for us by now, right?? :)


gtree - you crack me up with your shameless bragging about your teeth. aren't you special? that's way cool about working for google. they are pretty much the dream corporation, right? 16 weeks! i can't believe it!


jpack - another interesting woman! we have such cool ladies on this thread. sorry about the spotting. and that's part of the reason i had to give up on acupuncture (though i'll likely start up again during ivf) - it's hard to hear conflicting advice... sometimes you just have to pick a path and go for it. i totally believe acupuncture works wonders but i also think that having a divided mind about treatment can be crazy making. i think sherry had a post coital test (she doesn't post as often right now) i'm not sure if anyone else here has done that...


shell - i'm not looking forward to the bloat but hey, we gotta do what we gotta do, right? CAN'T WAIT for you friday ultrasound!!! you better post as soon as your appointment ends!! seriously, don't you dare leave us hanging!


afm - nothing new here. nothing. new. at. all.

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SKJ - I know you've heard it from everyone already but WOW what an awful dream. Glad to hear you made it to the airport and hopefully your flight and travel has been uneventrul. Where you headed? I wish one of you would visit Boston. 


Indie- That is so frustrating that they want you to wait til you see your RE. It is so weird that we have so many similarities. I had a great article about anti-thyroid antibodies and IVF. I'll try to find it and send it to you. Basically you can use it as back up if your RE won't take you seriously. http://www.bellaonline.com/articles/art21171.asp   Look! Found it that fast! (my mom had emailed it to me). Good thing is it isn't terrible or hard to treat, just necessary to deliver a healthy babe. Your pregnancy dream sounds amazing. What a nice sign to rekindle your hope.


bebe- Thank you SO much for the explanation. I like to consider myself pretty well versed medical wise but some things are just too deep. At my first appointment he told me my levels but I didn't write them down. He did check my levels a month after taking the Levothyroxine and said they were 'much better' but he didn't give me the number. I'm not sure how frequently they want them checked but I will ask next time I talk to my nurse. My actual diagnosis is just anti-thyroid antibodies. The Levothyroxine is a preventative. Are they going to give you another photo for us at your ultrasound?? I second indie... we are going to start chanting. belly pic. belly pic. belly pic.


shell-Tomorrow is your big day! You better update us ASAP. I'll be checking in from work!! I had 17 cysts the size of mature eggs and didn't notice any bloat so I think I can take it! 


jpack- Spotting is the big s.u.c.k. It could be caused by the HSG, right? Pre-seed has a lot of followers. We tried it for a long time but for some reason it always caused burning on my end... Post-Coital testing isn't covered by MA insurance (at least not mine) so that might be why they don't do it. Trying the pre-seed can't hurt anyway, especially when you're on clomid. Are you doing IUI as well or timed intercourse? 


gtree- I'm so proud of you for having such good homecare! It really is good for yourself and your babies- oral inflammation is a reflection of whole body inflammation, so keep the gingivitis away keeps the other bad stuff away. BCPs are the devil but if I get 2 beautiful babies like you then they are worth it. The effing spotting though. It is pretty cool that you have all those frosties and that you know the sexes. Do you think (obviously this is a while away) when you try again you will put back 2 again or just 1? 13 kids would be quite a brood! My mom is one of 11 and my dad one of 9 (no twins on either side though). I know someone who would like to embryo adopt if/when you get there. We need to start bugging you for a belly pic too. The incognito profile pic isn't good enough!


So my boring old every day job is really depressing compared to all of you interesting people. I feel like I need a Masters in something or an interesting hobby to compete!


AFM- going on my 9th day of BCPs and still effing spotting. Kinda sad we are on BCPs this month because it is a full moon now right when I would be ovulating... Never did get any of my cycles to line up with the lunar calendar, figures now that I am not producing an egg, it would have lined up. I got my bill from the fertility pharmacy today. 101.54 That is for all my meds, lupron, gonal-f, pregyl (trigger), and crinone. My levothyroxine is around $4 and the BCPs were $12 I think, my naltrexone is $50... so under $200 for an IVF cycle. Anyone want to re-think moving to MA. I'll get you a job at the front desk of my office.


I just joined Pintrest. Anyone else waste countless hours browsing? I don't really have the hang of it yet but I can see how it gets addicting.

 My eyes are getting blurry, took me 90 minutes to write this (I was watching Grey's). 

Hope I didn't miss anything. Everyone checks in at once and it makes it so hard to keep up!

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Gtree: AHHHHH I am already HUGE... I have a size DD bra and my belly is so bloated it sticks out almost as far as my boobs!! haha ... this is a miserable feeling !! I can't wait to say I AM PREGNANT , NOT JUST FAT lol..... and that is GOOD news about being skinny after IVF ... I can lose it quick I know I can :-) ... 16 weeks!! yaaaay  I agree we need belly pic's ... I can put one up of my belly too... it is beautifully decorated with bruises and bloat... I look like a heroin addict LOL


Bebe: I am so jealous that you got a free bebe!! I am HAPPY HAPPY that you did... but oye all this money and weight gain has me very stressed...and stress is not good :-/  any medical advice on how I can calm my nerves ?? I am a huge worry wart!! ... anyway How are you feeling?? I wanna see the baby bump pic!!


SKJ: I am so sorry you had such a crappy dream!! think positive thoughts before going to sleep... I always count all my blessings and try to imagine my future babies or something calming... like laying on the beach listening to the waves.


JPack : I love working with DH , even though we really don't see much of each other lol I am usually in the back with patients all day.... I do assist the doctor in the morning with surgeries till noon... then we have lunch and after lunch I clean teeth all day :-)  until around 4 then I am logging in all my notes for the day till the remander of the day. I do not do paralegal work anymore... but I used to work for a criminal attorney, he wanted to sleep with me.. I said NO WAY EWWW and basically got fired , that was after 6 years of doing ALL his work!! So after that i was just turned off by the whole profession and went back to School.  I remember spotting a lot when i had my HSG also.... But I hear you are most fertile for the next 3 cycles after a HSG !! :-)


Indie; what CD are you??  I hope you get a BFP before IVF so you don't have to go through this stressful situation!!


TF: OMG ummmm yes can you get me a JOB ?? LOL My meds cost me 6656.28 .... and my other pills cost 75.00 !! Maybe I should have ordered my meds from a MA pharmacy .... I love pinterest I am addicted!! it's like shopping without spending money , I  think I have a total of 50 boards lol ... they have great ideas and recipes , cute clothes, and cute baby pic Ideas and such. I watch Grey's also ;-) ,,, I thought I would be able to handle this bloating also, and i mean I can handle it! it is just so uncomftorable, and all my scrubs are super tight around my waist, NONE of my jeans fit... so its strech pants and long sweaters for me... yoga pants when i am at home lol ... It will all be worth it though !!!


AFM: I have been in such a fog today!! I think that I gave myself 300 iu this morning instead of my 150... I can't remeber... so i might have given myself 600 IU of follistim today  :-/  I wish i could remember UGH ...  So my RE office called me today and moved my appointment to 9:45 am ... So they can get my labs back, before my nightly injection. I hope I have a lot of eggs!!.... QUESTION ALERT???? Ok so if I have say 3 eggs tomorrow... and I still take my injections till say Monday can i have 5 or more eggs by then? I mean Am I growing eggs or just making the ones I have bigger?  I guess I am a little confused , and I don't want to sound like a stupid head and ask my RE that question HAHA .. Ok I am off to bed, I will post as soon as i get home tomorrow WISH LOTS OF HEALTHY EGGS PLEASE !!!

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Good luck shell!!!

Posting from my phone so keeping this short.

Thinking of you all. Will do personals tonight!

Btw, my chart has clearly gone triphasic. Trying not to get my hopes up bc I know crinone can do that. http://FertilityFriend.com/home/SKJ2011
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shell! i think you are at your appointment right now getting a wand shoved up your hoo-ha (you're on central time, right?) can't wait for an update! will be checking in all day! as for the egg question... not 100% sure but i don't think you'd be producing more in the next few days, just maturing them. with that said, they don't always have the exact number of eggs from the ultrasounds... i have heard of them retrieving more eggs than what they originally thought... can't wait can't wait can't wait!!


tf - thanks for the article! i've called and left a message with my pcp office... i may have told an itty bitty lie... ok, i did tell an itty bitty lie. i told them that my RE appt isn't until feb but that "they" said to go ahead and have my thyroid treated through my pcp... i'm not not super freaked about the thyroid or antibodies (since the antibodies are really low compared to what i'm reading in other's experiences) but i also don't see a reason not to reduce my tsh to a more appropriate level especially given my pcp does that for all his other patients... we'll see if i get a call back.


skj - oooooh... getting excited for you! don't forget to check in tonight!

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Shell - I think my new bras are F, so I got you beat on that :).  As for your eggs, aren't they counting follicles?  For me they counted follicles over 10mm, so if you have 3 over 10, then you could absolutely have more that grow past 10 by Monday and the ones you have will just get bigger and you will get MORE bloated.  Sometimes follicles have more than 1 egg, too.   Can you look at your follistim pen and see if it is set on 150 or 300?  


TF - how many more days of BCP?  God willing, I got through all of this again, and yes, I will put 2 back, by then, I should be a pro, right? PS. My husband wants 2 more boys, that is still up for debate. loveeyes.gif

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I can't tell you how much it warms my heart that I know I have you guy's to have my back and support :-) ... Ok So I went and had my bllod drawn then the sono and I have 4 Follicles all the same size ...1 is a little bigger than the rest but not by much... My RE saw the dissappointment on my face because I was hoping for MORE!! but he said his wfe only had 3 follicles and they had twins andshe was 41 ... so that made me feel better ... he also said that it is good that they are all growing together and are the same size :-)


Ok so i admit I was a little gloomy , but then I talked to my MIL and my Mommy and they boh got so excited it got me excited !! ... It looks like ER won't be till Friday or Saturday ... then I am probably doing a 3 day blast and putting all 4 back in at once :-)  So i guess i will not have any popsicle babies... But that is ok Because this is it for us... It just HAS TO WORK!!! 


So for know i am on 150 iu menopur , 150 iu follistim , and 300 iu follistim EVERYDAY till Tuesday when i go back in... i start my Ganerelix Sunday ... I really hope i don't have to order any more meds... this is breaking the bank!!


I am starting to eat lots of avacados , and pineapple everyday.... any other suggestions to make my uterus sticky?? lol


SKJ : Beautiful Chart!!! How exciting!!


Indie: lies to a dr office don't count lol ... I am sure they lie to us all the time!


Gtree: I am right behind you in the bra department... LOL but you are 16 weeks preggo with TWINS and I am not even pregnant yet... I just can't imagine bloating anymore... I am going to be wearing Yoga pants everywhere . I was just calling them eggs.. But yes they count follicles ... i didn't know more than 1 egg could be in a follicle ;-) that makes me VERY happy !!

I am still scared ...

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shell - how exciting!!! wow, i've never heard of them putting back in 4... you are going to end up with twins for sure! eek!! that's awesome that your doc has experience with his wife going through ivf at 41... i think that has to make him more understanding of your concerns. and thanks for telling me that lies to drs don't count... lol. now if only they would call me back!!


gtree - you HAVE to have some girls! you are going to be outnumbered! can't let that happen!


and seriously, you guys? double d's and f's??? you sure you aren't moonlighting on some pay per view sites?? 

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Thank you :-)  He usually will put back 3 for someone my age... i think 5 is tops... I am just wanting all of them back in me and then it is all up to God :-)  If I get all 4 then it was ment to be...But i highly doubt that will happen . lol  HAHA Maybe i should moonlight somewhere for more money hahaha

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Yay shell!!!!! So exciting.

Waiting for train. Been feeling funky all day. I really hope I'm not getting my hopes up. Can't help but wonder...
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I'm back. I'm on the train but the internet is sucky, so let's hope that I don't lose anything.

Shell - I know i just said it but I'm So So So exicted for you!!! And, your RE sounds great. He's supposed to reassure you and what better than to tell you his own wife's experience, which is so similar to yours. I am excited for your ER and ET. Yay!

And, as for the bra size thing, I don't even weat one b/c have no boobs. I'm a barely A, seriously. when I was pg and bfing, I was up to a C. I thought they were HUGE. Ha. I'm so ok with my no-boobs. I think DH has come to turns with them too wink1.gif

I've heard sunflower seeds are good in the TWW?

Indie - nice work on the lying to the doc. good for you. why not? I hope they call you back. What is up with these sucky docs not getting back to you? Thanks for the excitement about my chart. I'm not sure what to think. I'm trying to stay indifferent, but come on. Just glad that I was traveling for work and had no time to obsess.

TF - Sorry about the spotting. Ugh! But, that is AWESOME about the meds cost. And, I made an appointment for me for the dentist and for DD too. I'm hoping this one is nicer than the last. And, I don't think your job sounds boring at all! I love how we are all so different on this thread. I think about how we would never have "met IRL, and I'm so happy to know all you ladies.

JPack - sorry abou the spotting. It really sucks. I hate it and it totally gets me in a funk. FWIW, I had spotting at random times last cycle and got my BFP, so I hope it means nothing. I asked my RE about post-coital test and he basically said it's worthless and that studies have shown no correlation b/t the bacteria present and pregnancy rates. Who knows.

gtree - I'm always so impressed with people that work at google. So cool. Sucks about getting let go of your latest gig. How are you feeling about it? And, we need a belly pic. I love seeing how the body changes!

bebe - I am a sick person in that I LOVE school. So, after trying out life with just a BS (ha!), I decided I should go back to school. The PhD process is crazy intense and unless you need a PhD to do what you want to do, I'd think long and hard about it. I wouldnt' do it again if I had the choice I don't think. We need a belly pic of you too!

AFM - I'm feeling funky like I said. I scared to even admit what I"m feeling for fear I'll jinx it. I'm going to see what tomorrow's temp is and then decide if I should test or not. I'm really scared to test b/c I think I've gotten my hopes way up all of a sudden. But, I'm reminding myself that if it's not meant to be, there are some positives. My due date would be sometime in August and it would be hard to have a newborn and transition DD to preschool. So, if it doesn't work out this month, maybe it's for the best.
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You asked for it!! Please keep in mind I AM NOT EVEN HALF WAY THERE.



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Awww Gtree So cute!! ... I swear i am as big as you!! wait till next week I will be bigger lol


SKJ. ..I wish i had no boobs at this point LOL... I did purchase mine though haha but they have grown I only bought a size C !! Sunflower seeds I am tarting tro eat right now lol


anyone else have thoughts on what i should eat? I started taking Folic Acid today... Just to be safe ;-)

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Shell - I'm not sure if I posted here, but 4 days after my transfer, I went into a maternity store and the lady guessed that I was 4.5 MONTHS.  I'm not even that now!  So, I bet you get a couple more follies before the ER.  All it takes is 1 really good egg, but I am hoping you get and transfer 5!  Let me know if you will be taking endometrin...

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