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Pearlina: Thanks so much for relating . . . it helps to know that others get it! Yes, medical providers tend to be far too textbook but yet often lacking in knowledge of some of the critical details that make a difference. As for FertileAid, I thought about that supplement myself -- but I agree not to take it with Clomid.  It sounds like you may just need an HSG trigger, if you are in fact producing adequate follicle size on your own, but they are not popping out! Did you have an U/S to ensure follicle growth? Clomid makes the eggs grow, but doesn't ensure they pop!


Gtree: I agree, 2-3pm is said to be the best time for OPK. I took one at 10am this morning, and got a negative, then re-took one at 3pm and it was positive! On that subject, I NEVER get a positive from the internet cheapies -- I only get positive from ClearBlue Digital. Just in case you're like me!


Indie: YAY for being cycle buddies!! I got my +OPK this afternoon, and we did the BD with preseed shortly after, so here's hoping! I also got a temp dip this morning. We are so matchy-matchy!


AFM: I'm worried about work tomorrow -- it's going to be a stressful one I'm sure, and stress isn't helping me get a BFP! Don't you hate how one bad seed can just ruin it for everyone? It's especially bad with that one bad seed shares an office with you. Boo! Hiss! Wish me luck, everyone. Especially for good swimmers and a sticky bean! I'll check in with y'all tomorrow! xoxo

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bebelove... matchy matchy! haha that made me laugh. i hope work doesn't suck too much today. it sounds like a pretty stressful situation... especially if you have to share an office with the bad seed! here's hoping your bfp (and the best kind of distraction from work stress!) is on it's way!



AFM: i fully expected to have a temp rise this a.m. confirming ovulation yesterday but it dipped even further... my cervix is still high and soft so i'm guessing today is the day... cd14... which means my last bds were on cd 10 and cd 12. still in the window... not sure i will be able to get another one in this evening or not. dh has like 100% slow swimmers so hopefully the timing was perfect for allowing them to be where they need to be, ready and waiting. i only really had large amounts of ewcm on cd10 then less and less and more watery. if it doesn't happen this cycle i will console myself with the whole "i'd rather have a january baby than a christmas baby" line of thinking. but i'm still hope hope hoping for this cycle. if i don't get a temp rise tomorrow i will be thoroughly confused. i've never done the whole gear up to O and the back down and O later thing. and i can't imagine that i would gear up and *not* O being that i more often than not O on my own AND i'm on femara... but then again, anything is possible with the disruptions of surgery and bc pills and what not... oy. i just want to be in the 2ww already!


happy monday, everyone! post!

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Indie: I expected a temp rise this morning and didn't get it either, so perhaps we're both looking at tomorrow! Fingers crossed for you!!


When I got my +OPK yesterday around 2pm, I made DH BD right then and there. ;) But then we tried this morning and time constraints for each of us getting to work got into the way, so I made DH come home for lunch. Ha! Poor guy. I just don't want to miss the window! I have like ZERO CM, so I can't rely on those guys surviving for long! Here's hoping!


Hope y'all are having a great day. The bad seed at work is still BAD! But whatever. I'm cheerful and hopeful!

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So exciting for the 2ww starting for you both at the same time!! Funny if not for surgery I'd be at O right now too!

Bebe - sorry about the bad seed. I hope your cheer will rid the bad seed of the bad attitude.

Indie- swim little spermies, swim!

AFM- i'm exhausted after returning to work... I actually took an hour nap after lunch when my patient didn't show. Now just taking it easy, missing hubby while he is in illinois.
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cbaa... i'm glad you got that nap in yesterday! hope today is bit better... that must be difficult with dh away for long stretches... how are you feeling overall post-surgery-wise?


bebelove - i will totally take a page from your book with the bd'ing next cycle! dh and i watched a documentary last night (more in the AFM) and i think it helped him to better conceptualize the importance of always having sperm on deck! ;-)


afm: i'm calling it. yesterday was O. my temp rose this a.m. though not a huge spike. but i was up an hour earlier than i was the day before and i also checked against previous charts and my temp usually rises slowly... i can't really trust the temping part since i've not done it consistently for such a long time but my cm changed which is a good indication for me. i'm not terribly confident in our bd pattern, especially after watching "the great sperm race" (seriously cool documentary... you can search for it on youtube if you are interested... it's in 6 parts). next cycle i am going to be much, much more diligent in tracking and confirming O. but for now... i wait...


i'm going to be very curious how this cycle looks as a whole... curious if my lp will be any different post-surgery.


happy tuesday!



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ok, more obsessing... i don't know why i bothered to temp right around O and not for the full cycle... i really should be slapped :) i went back through my last three temps and adjusted them for the time that i woke up each morning (based on what i've read you should add .1 to every half hour earlier you wake up and subtract .1 for every half hour later you wake up) annnyway... doing that makes me go back to my original thought that i O'd on cd 13 (sunday) not cd 14. i really had "felt" like sunday was THE day in the first place and i think i'm pretty good with intuitively picking out my O day... so i am going to now call myself 2dpo instead of 1dpo. don't you love how completely haphazard i am with all of this?

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Hi ladies, just catching up on everyone's status and updates.


My update: no clomid, OPK or temp'ing. I think I have a good feel when my O comes. Since we have to travel later this year, I'd prefer to get a BFP after we travel, so we aren't so much activily TTC, but not trying to prevent anything either. I will put more effort back into it in the Fall. My OBGYN suggested DH get checking for blockage, he already did the SA test. When I asked DH if I could schedule his appt, he said he would think about it. So that's still in question too.


Sending you all good/sticky vibes!!

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Bebe - it sounds like you and I have the same job.  I get anxious at night worried about what will happen the next day and it is impossible not to stress. Hope things ware good for you today.


Bebe and Indie - I think we are all on about the same cd.  Today is my cd13 and my poor DH is trying to keep up.  It is not easy trying to coordinate everything with work and busy schedules.


AFM: I am too, obsessing.  Maybe you could all interpret what is going on (or just obsess with me) I have not O'd in months.  This month I was bumped up to 150mg of clomid.  I have been tracking temps, it is about the same every day (.2 difference at most).  On Sunday afternoon, my cheapie OPK was positive.  Then on Monday morning, my temp spiked by a whole degree!  Today, my temp was back down (shouldn't it stay higher?).  Do you think there a chance that I finally ovulated?  In my head I am convinced that I did, but I also thought I was going to win the mega millions.


I have a blood test on April 10 and will know for sure then, but oh the agony in having to wait!

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toothfairy: How are you feeling? Is your DH home yet?


Indie: Yes, that's my mentality too -- sperm on deck!! But with virtually zero CM, I don't think his guys are surviving for too long. I'm not sure if BDing tonight is too late, but when DH gets home from a work dinner (hopefully soon - I'm tired!) we can sneak one more in. ;) I'd love to check out that documentary! I've been adjusting my temps too based on when I wake up, although sometimes I confuse myself and change it in the opposite direction by accident and mess it all up. I don't think you're all that haphazard -- it's such a crap shoot anyway! Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom and then I freak out when I realize that now I don't have enough sleep time left to get a proper temp! So whatever . . .  we can only do the best we can, right?


gtree: Ahh, work stress. Doesn't really help this whole process, huh? Sorry you're experiencing this, too. How exciting that we're all roughly on the same schedule! Seriously, at least one of us just has to get a BFP! HA - mega millions! I also was completely convinced that I was going to win. Wouldn't that be great? So regarding your temps . . . I wonder if you are temping at the same time every morning, and if this was a true 1 degree spike? If so, I can't explain why it went down again so soon, but I think the spike would still be a very good sign that you O'd! Any breast tenderness or other symptoms?


AFM: Well, I'm also pretty sure I O'd on Sunday or Monday, but really haven't had a nice spike yet. So who knows. I guess we'll BD tonight just in case! I do have some unusual tenderness to my breasts - kind of like nipple sensitivity that is gearing up to be full-on tenderness? Of course as you can see, I've now hit the "over analyzing each and every symptom" phase of the month.  My temps have been so all over the place this time that I really don't feel like it's a good predictor of my real BBT. I think I need a new thermometer. I can't tell you how many I've bought and didn't like for one reason or another (beeps too much, doesn't beep at all, doesn't have a light, takes too long, doesn't take long enough - I'm crazy!).  Where did you guys buy your BBT thermometer?


Alright ladies, TWW - here we go! lurk.gif

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gtree - i'll obsess with you! what was your temp this morning? do you have a chart you can share? or can you post your actual temps over the past several days? i would have the same questions as bebelove... are you temping at the same time? if not, you can adjust your temps and maybe get a clearer picture. also, when your temp went back down after the spike, how far down did it go? it's not unusual to have the temp go down after ovulation if the trend of temps as a whole are generally higher than pre-O. have you been getting positive opks in your previous non-O cycles or is this a first? when you got your positive opk were you testing often enough to know that sunday's positive was the first sign of an lh surge? if it was the first positive opk (say, after a negative in the a.m. or negative saturday afternoon) then i *think* it would be more likely that the temp spike on monday was a fluke and that maybe it was yesterday that you O'd. tell us what your temp was this morning! i'm so curious now!


bebelove - there are so many variables with temping it drives me nuts too...when i was really into it i would freak out about going to the bathroom and only having a few hours left of sleep, too! and then there was the times i tried to continue temping while working overseas in a 12 hour time difference and i was never sure how the jet lag/time difference was affecting my temps... eventually i was just exhausted by worrying about it!  i think my latest thermometer was from the local drug store (CVS or Walgreens) can't remember. I've bought several over the past year myself! i tend to trust my cm and instincts the most... so i was really confused when i was on clomid and my cm was was all screwed up... are you taking an expectorant? that helped me quite a bit as well as drinking loads of water. green tea also helped quite a bit... i learned that when i was working in asia and was drinking a lot of green tea and noticed that holy cow i had a lot of ewcm.. and then i did some googling and found out that the two were related. if you don't get your bfp this cycle then maybe try those things out... but here's hoping that's not necessary!


afm: 3dpo here. to early to symptom spot but man, am i itching to! post post post! i'm all about obsessing this cycle!

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Originally Posted by bebelove View Post

I've now hit the "over analyzing each and every symptom" phase of the month. 

I've done that many times! 

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You are all so distracting while I wait wait wait. I hope someone gets a BFP this month, we have so much opportunity!


I'm headachey and emotional today. I think I O'd yesterday but it was obviously not a very strong O. I miss the gym, I miss walking the dog, buying groceries, being able to do anything without having an itcy ouchy spot on my belly. DH won't be home until Friday night, I think this is adding to my emotional mess-ness, I just want home to come home and he will be gone again Monday-Saturday then Sunday-Wednesday before he is home for a week and a half. Yup, we have 3 days together in the next 2 weeks. Poor me. mecry.gif

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Toothfairy - hang in there! You'll be doing all of your regular stuff soon enough and won't even remember not being able to.  


indie and bebe - thank you for obsessing! I have been tracking my temps on BBT app on my iPhone.  I track everything on my iPhone.  If only I could pee on my iPhone and get a plus sign, this world would be perfect.  But alas, no app for that yet.


I have decided I did not take temping seriously enough.  I was taking it around 7-ish every day and record it in celsius (I have a celsius thermometer, I was not converting it).  It has been 36 or 36.10 every day and on April 2 was 36.9.  Today was 36.10.  Now I am back to thinking that I didn't O.  No other signs to indicate otherwise.  


I also have about 23 words with friends games going.  

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Gtree- i had to laugh at the thought of peeing on your iphone. I'm sure those geniuses will think of a way eventually!! I have 7 wwf games, 5 are my sister. Do you play draw someting? It is my new addiction! I'll PM you my username! Hopefully your BBT will have an answer soon, i was so stressed by temping I stopped cold turey back in september.

So much for havin a dry day & o being yesterday... I had ewcm this afternoon... Only once, but it counts...
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Indie: Thanks so much about the green tea tip -- I used to drink so much green tea but recently haven't been doing so. I think Clomid is really my problem, so I'm hoping that if I have to do a medicated cycle #4, that I do Femara. So I'll do Femara and drink beaucoup green tea! I was taking an expectorant -- what dose do/did you typically do? I'm all about obsessing too, yay! Let's obsess!


toothfairy: Why do you think it wasn't a strong O? Sorry about DH being gone so much . . . my DH and I have been there (he was a management consultant and traveled M-Th for years), which didn't help our efforts in TTC! Hang in there.


gtree: yay for obsessing. As you can see, I'm all for it. Let's go crazy. :) Every time I notice my nipples are sensitive or whatever, I get quite excited. Ridiculous! . . . and, HA! We so need a POAS app on our iPhones!


AFM: Didn't get any O pains, so worrying I didn't O, which is just dumb. Work is getting a bit better, at least for now. Crazy people are unpredictable. I'm just trying to remain hopeful. Wishing baby luck for us all!





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bebelove - when i was on clomid i would take 400mg tablets of expectorant every 4 hours or so. this time on femara i just took one a day with my prenatals-extra vitamin b complex- baby aspirin routine. as for O pains... i think i felt what i could truly contribute to O pains only ONCE in all this time ttc. i am pretty aware of sensations in my body and i will feel aching and short, stabbing pains in my ovaries here and there throughout my cycle, but only once do i remember feeling a nice, discernible pain right at O time. i wish i was someone who felt it every cycle... that would be nice! instead i notice cm changes and that i tend to bloat on O day.


gtree - forgive me if you have already shared this... have you been monitored for developing follicles... and will you ever be given a trigger shot? seems like that would take a lot of stress off of you to have more monitoring. i know you get your tests done at the end of the cycle to confirm O but i can't remember what your situation is with monitoring several days after stopping clomid... also, i loved the idea of a poas app for the iphone!! you crack me up. i'm surprised i've never accidentally peed on my iphone in my many months of poas-ing. one day i am going to get into words with friends or draw something... sounds like something i would get addicted to, though!


toothfairy - who knows what your body will be doing after the anesthesia... i was sooo happy to finally get to AF! has your doc talked to you about what to expect from your cycles now that the endo and cyst are gone? i get the impression that you get a lot more information from your doc than i do from mine... that and i'm not even seeing my doc for a few cycles. so if you have any new info, share! did you watch your dvd? did you get a dvd?


charley, pearlina - hoping all is well with you both!


afm: 4dpo today. from my obsessive googling i've determined that the egg should be arriving in my uterus sometime today or tomorrow and then hopefully starting the process of implantation...i'm really trying to mentally keep up with where my egg is at throughout the tww. gives me something to do! :) no symptoms other than lots of sticky/creamy cm. breasts aren't sore but i've never noticed a clear pattern of when my breasts get sore during the lp. sometimes it's right after O sometimes not until right before i start AF. i did have like two dizzy spells yesterday, which never happens, but i'm sure that has nothing to do with anything... just something out of the ordinary. i also had vivid dreams last night but that was more likely due to eating onions :) so there's my report.


post post post!


sherry should be back tomorrow!!

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Indie: Yay for 4DPO! According to FF, that's me too, although I actually think I'm more like 3DPO. I started getting creamy CM today, and still mild sore BBs, but that actually seems to be going away. I really should have taken as much expectorant as you did on Clomid! Ah well, if it doesn't work this time I'm going to do Femara anyway.


So as for vivid dreams -- when people say that, do they mean "weird" dreams, because if that's the case I definitely had that last night.  I also woke up at 2am very nauseous, and couldn't really get back to sleep. Bah.  I think it's too early to mean anything baby wise, but weird!


Hope everyone is having a good Thursday -- almost the weekend, and couldn't be more excited about that!



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Sherry: I hope you’re enjoying sun and sand and fun in the DR! I don’t follow the news, but I haven’t heard of any shark attacks, so I’m assuming you’re safe and sound and snorkeling with abandon. Thanks for sharing your plant. I like your drapes too! I haven’t received the uterus plush yet, but I think I’ll make it my avatar once I do. I also considered ordering the t-shirt to wear to my lap. It’s almost time for your RE apt! I’m glad she calms you – I’ll be anxious to hear about your visit. I also hope you’ve had good news from your daughter while away.


BeBe: I don’t think I’m going to do acupuncture until maybe this summer. I’m going to try castor oil packs and greens to reduce my inflammation. I just can’t commit the time the right now. I’ll be away the whole month of May and then in June we’ll be packing and moving and trying to get the place we’re in now show ready. I do think that TCM and acupuncture works, but I also think one has to be committed to the treatment and sadly, I just don’t have the time right now.


Gtree & BeBe: I’m so sorry that your work is stressful. I think stress has a lot to do with our ability to conceive. I spend so much time stressing about my work. I recently discovered that I am always telling myself and others that I’m not stressed. I work for myself and make my own rules. But when I thought about “stress” I just thought about my personal life. I would think about my wonderful marriage, my pets, how most of my personal dreams come true… etc. and I never let my work stress factor into my overall picture. That is a mistake for me. My job is incredibly stressful at times. Like right now. My work is incredibly stressful right now! I don’t know why I haven’t viewed that stress as a part of my big picture. Now that I’m more aware, I’m trying to figure out what to do about it. Unfortunately, I haven’t come up with any ways to make it better. Is there anything you can do to lessen what you go through at work? Maybe get a new office space or win the next mega millions? smile.gif


I can't remember who asked about preseed. I have used preseed before. I wasn’t sure if I really needed it or not, but I bought some. We used it in conjunction with an Instead cup. I didn’t mind it and my husband didn’t even mention it, so I will continue to use it in the future. I bought a bunch of applicators from Amazon to help insert it. I recently read somewhere that you need to apply it half an hour before you DTD and I didn’t know that. I just popped it in right before we needed it. So I should investigate it more.


Pearl: I haven’t used FertileAide. Will you give us a report after you’ve been using it for a cycle? Good luck with your HSG test. I didn’t mind having one – except I didn’t like my results – ha ha. I wish I knew more about Clomid. I took it once and plan on taking it (or Fermera) again. As far as I know, I O on my own. I wonder why my OBGYN would prescribe it?


Gtree: My OBGYN who did my first IUI told me they only trusted the results from an AM test, however, I seem to get better results from testing in the afternoon. I bought a bunch of Internet cheapies and I use them in the morning, afternoon and evening. If I get a positive, I follow up with a FRER digital. That has always worked for me in the past. However, I am not one of those people that can not drink or pee for 4 hours before testing, so I just do it whenever I want. So far this wonky method has worked for me. What app do you use on your iPhone? I might be interested in that. I’ve never played WWF, but I am interested in that new-ish drawing game that seems to be all the rage on FB. Your work sounds so stressful and is it the reason for most of your travel?


I sadly don’t understand much about temping and O – but I have a good feeling for you. I think you had one of the best Os EVER. April 10th is so far away – why is so much of this process all about hurrying up and waiting. Hurry up and wait. Hurry up and wait. The story of my life.


Indie: I have such high hopes for you this cycle! I too am so bad at temping. I don’t even do it anymore due to my sleep problems. I hope once we move, and I’m not waking up to drive DH to work everyday that I’ll be on a better schedule and can maybe try again then. I don’t even check my cervix – and I’m lousy at noticing CM unless there is gobs of it and it can’t be missed. I laughed at your two updates in a row, you sounded a lot like me. When I’m in the 2WW I got this website where people list all of their symptoms by day some starting at CD1. This is one of my favorite sites, but it can hurt me too. I love me some symptom spotting.


MsD: I have a lot of travel this year too – maybe even Europe twice for work and a 14 city tour in the US. I find myself in this sport every 2 years and I just don’t feel like I can stop now. I hate to keep saying this, but especially at my age. In 2010 when I had loads of travel too, we also didn’t try hard but didn’t prevent either. I figure if we actually, hopefully conceive that my client will understand why I can’t do the travel. Or maybe I can drive more, rather than fly. Now that my DH won’t be working for someone else full time, he will be able to travel with me and that will be wonderful. We think we can do my travel after the baby comes together. If your DH has had good SA results, why would your OBGYN suspect a blockage? Wouldn’t a blockage be evident in in the SA results?


Toothfairy: I hope someone gets a BFP this month too! I’m sorry your headachy and emotional – that’s a drag. How can you tell a strong O from a weak O? I was talking to a friend yesterday who was doing egg retrieval last year and she said that she has weak eggs and so she went GF, 3 months later she had a second retrieval and her eggs were amazing. I thought of you and now my DH and I are considering dipping our toes into the world of GF. Where did you get started? I’m nervous that you say you can’t exercise for 4 weeks? No one told me that! I have loads of heavy labor ahead of my in May. We have to empty our new house, paint the whole thing, do a load of yard work, and clean out a store and garage on the property! I was thinking about doing a 14-day green juice cleanse in May. DH and I won’t be around each other that much due to me being away, so I don’t know if I can TTC again until June.


AFM: I’m just in this dumb holding period until after my lap next week. NEXT WEEK! YAY! I am looking forward to the recovery. I’ve emailed all of the people who need may need me and told them that I’m taking the week off and will not be online. I ordered the full box set of The Hunger Games and never watched Downton Abby – so I plan on doing both of those things. DH took Friday and Monday off from work, so he’ll be taking care of me for 4 days which is so nice. We live on the second floor and have to carry our little dogs up and down the stairs to go out – which we do 5x a day – so he needs to be here to take care of that – and me! He is very nurturing and I’m glad he feels so involved in this whole process.


We also bought a new bed last weekend. We’ve been sleeping on this awful mattress that is 7-years old. It was such a piece of crap and looked like two canoes were indented on it. It was a pillow top mattress and this time we went with a fancy organic, memory foam type of thing. I imagine we’ll co-sleep with our baby for at least a few months – and both of our dogs sleep with us and we’re both bigger people, so having a king bed for the first time in my life is so nice! Last night was our first night sleeping on it and it was amazing. I actually slept the whole night through, which I only do about 3x a month. So while it doesn’t have anything to do with TTC, I do think it’ll be helpful in our efforts.


I also started a hilarious book called “Let’s All Panic About Babies” it’s very funny and not really meant for serious baby learning, but it is making me laugh so much, and sometimes I need to laugh about babies and baby making. Have any of you ever read it? I checked it out from the library.


In actual TTC news, I started taking a low dose of the BCP 30 days ago, so today is CD30 for me. I normally have a 28 day cycle and therefore would have started my period yesterday or the day before – but of course I didn’t b/c of the pill. I’m taking it so my period wouldn’t interfere with my lap next week, b/c there is no time to reschedule if something goes wrong. Here’s my problem: I have spotted or bled every single day! I am using pads everyday and a few times have used a tampon, which I try not to do. I’ve bled through pads a few times. I have spoken with my RE about it at 2 different appts and she seems to think it’s no big deal. I am sick of it! It had effected our sex life and I have no idea how it’s going to effect my cycle overall. Any thoughts? I do know that if I was on the BCP to prevent pregnancy, I would be off of it by now. I couldn’t imagine spotting like this for this long normally.


Um, I am the longest poster of all time.


Anyway – I’m thinking such positive thoughts for all of the good energy flowing around all of you ladies right now! Go Go BFP’s!

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Charley - you do win the prize for long posts, but part of it is that you are so sweet to talk to each of us.  Can I just say that a king sized mattress is the greatest thing ever?  Maybe you will sleep soundly every night now!  My parents-in-law have a sleep number and the thought of that would make me crazy.  Am I an 80? no wait, I am a 32, no, I think a 65... When they dog-sit for our pup, my mother in law sleeps in another room and the dog gets her side of the bed.  Apparently his number is 25.  Who knew?! Enjoy Hunger Games!


Bebe/Indie - The race is on!  I have decided that I am 4DPO.  Let's all test at the same time and get a triple BFP ;)  


AFM - I have the most laid back non concerned doctor on the planet.  No monitoring yet.  If I did not O this month, she will put me on Metformin and we'll try one more month and then we'll talk triggers and follicles etc. (or I will just switch to another practice)  Because I have PCOS, she thinks if we can find the drug combo that works for me to O, then I should have no trouble conceiving.  I hope she is right!  I joined a gym this week, volunteered as captain of the softball team at work and bought a designer dress... DH says that will surely get me a BFP this month.  


I just downloaded draw something.  If I don't post for a while, that is why.  lurk.gif





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Charley: Thanks for your thoughtful post, and I'm sorry to hear that you've been very stressed, too! Clearly, this is not helping any of us. But . . . good luck with the lap next week! Yay! Soon it will be behind you as well, as you can move forward, knowing that nothing will stand in your way of a BFP! I hear you about the mattress -- DH and I sold ours when we left NY, and ended up buying a totally organic, latex mattress that we LOVE!  Here's to sleeping through the night! So my only thought with the spotting is that maybe you are on a low-dose OCP? Perhaps you need a more traditional strength to prevent spotting . . . something to keep in mind in case you need it in the future. But hopefully not! :)


gtree: This is so exciting that we are all on the same cycle day . . . we'll have to have synchronized POASing!


So gtree/Indie: any new symptoms? :) I had some creamy/sticky CM today, but not too much else unless I start really reading into everything. Which, of course, I do.

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