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It all sounds do exciting Shell! Wow!

Great pic, Gtree! I literally can not imagine being pregnant with twins! With DD, I never did get very big, I think my long torso kinda took it all. but the bbs... Goodness, in those first few weeks, I thought everything was fine 'til I saw the pictures later! I "shrank" quickly, except for them- I just underestimated the capacity of human parts to get so ginormous in so little time! And for me to be completely oblivious to the magnitude of the situation at the time!

SKJ I haven't gotten through a cycle without getting my hopes up- sometimes later, sometimes earlier, but I can't seem to keep my hopes down. I don't know what is up with that, sure wish I could control it myself. So, it's not like I have any zen advice, except that I try to stay busy, and I try not to beat mysel up about it- I'm pretty sure it's an unalterable part of my personality.

On my phone. More later!
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My temp crashed this morning and I had some spotting despite being on crinone twice a day. I'm 11 dpo.
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Sorry for the triple post! Don't know how to delete them.

eta- here's a better pic.
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That looks pretty positive to me... So sorry about the mixed messages, skj! How are feeling now?

Shell- I wanted to add, I'm sorry about your crummy experience working for that lawyer! Sounds awful! Yeah, I'm not that kind of lawyer (in lots of ways;)
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uhhh I would call for a beta- They had already confirmed it was down to zero at the start of this cycle so.... that positive should certainly be a positive... I'll be crossing everything for you!


I'll be back momentarily with the rest of my personnels...

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gtree- Seriously cute belly pic & I love your shirt. You certainly look bigger than 16 weeks but you are having TWO babies! I can't believe someone said 4 1/2 months that early. Also, willingly having FOUR boys... Might as well have all 13 babes and start your own baseball team! Also, 11 more days of BCPs. Starting Lupron on Wednesday!


Shell- Another whole week of stims?! How many days have you stimmed for already?? I think I said this before but they told me 6-10 days of stims... You're making me nervous about a never ending stim cycle!


Also, to shell & gtree--- Those are some serious boobs. I'm a B on a good day. I was a C back in the day but somehow regulating all my hormones shrunk up my boobs. That is one thing I so look forward to about pregnancy. Bring on the boobs!


indie- That kind of lie doesn't count. I'm not gutsy enough to do something like that but go you for doing it! It will be better to get started on treatment earlier. 


AFM- I got my big bag o' meds yesterday. I really don't have that many meds. Lupron, Gonal-F, Novarel (trigger), Cronone, estradiol (for post transfer). Lots of needles in there! Today I am off to torture myself at lunch with my 8 mos pregnant former co-worker who never asks about me and when I used to bring anything up would tell me I just need to relax (even after I had surgery and was diagnosed with all those problems). Ugh. I dread it. Then I need to make a list for Christmas.... I have no motivation to shop and need a box to put away all my Autumn things.

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SKJ - I see a line!  I say BFP and bring on the dancing ladies.  Go get a FRER and let us know!

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gtree - love your bump! And, your shirt is so cute.

shell - that lawyer sounds awful!! I can see why you switched careers! As for boobs, I think about buying some when I'm all done having kids. That and laser hair removal.
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jpack - thanks for commiserating about the hope cycle. It's so hard to stay level headed.

tf - yay for meds. Good luck with your lunch. I hate when people don't even try to understand what you are going thru.

afm - I was so sure I was pg yesterday. The temp this morning really thru me off. But, I took it twice. First it was 97.9 (low, but above cl) and then 98.17, which is the highest it had gone before it went triphasic. I took it 30 mins earlier than normal. So, can't say it totally crashed. Just expected it to be higher. And no spotting since a bit on my underwear when I woke up. I have one frer. I'll take it tomorrow. I just hope it's not another chemical. I do feel pretty shitty though, so hoping that's a good sign. Only time will tell.
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on phone so this will be limited...

skj- yay!! when are you going for beta?
gtree- loved the belly pic! thanks for humoring us!
tf - good luck with lunch. and yay for meds
jpack - hi!
afm - lying didn't work... never got a call back. sigh.

be back later
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Beta on Monday...
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Hello everyone! okay let's see if i can remember everything...


Gtree: lovely lovely pic you have there. wow, I cant imagine how you must be feeling now with all that weight! I really am praying and hoping to get a twin pregnancy too, sooner than later.


Bebe: I know everything is going to be just fine. All your tests will come back with positive readings!


Shell: Oh you lucky lucky woman, tell me how you feel knowing that it has all begun? sorry for the bloated feeling, but feeling bloated is one feeling your going to be having for some time till the baby(s) are born!


Jpack: I really do not know much about all the medical stuff, i gotta tell you i am not passionate about medicine in any form (written or practical)! and hey! I'm a lawyer doing real estate too. Its fun having some free time to yourself sometimes, but other times it just plain sucks when the clients are not buying up.


Toothfairy: haha i do not like flossing, but i brush as often as i can convince myself to. i can connect with the boring aspect of your job, sometimes mine gets that way when you seem to be doing the same things over and over again. And oh those meds those meds, I keep asking myself why there are no proven alternatives to them?


bebe: for the boobs, i seem to switch between sizes these days, cant say why. I am hoping they stabilize and I can actually say i am a size C with confidence.


SKJ: Yay!!!!! I have a feeling this is gonna be a really sticky one. Cant wait for those betas!!


AFM: just finished having a long talk with DH after finding out that I have lost yet another pregnancy even before it begangreensad.gif. He is all for the treatments, but I am oh so scared of drugs. will be seeing my OB/GYN on monday, and i am praying he will be understanding enough to explain how these things work to me cos I have no idea whatsoever. I am coming to terms with the loss, but i am just praying that something positive will happen soon.

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SKJ : joy.gifenergy.gif I am so excited!! Yayy for feeling yukky!!! I can't wait till monday !!


JPack ; I am glad you are not that kind of Lawyer lol ... he was just a huge douche bag! lol ... i like my Job in the medical profession better... I love my patients :-)


TF : I am on day 7 of STIM .... Let me tell ya , Gtree wasn't lying when she said she was miserable and bloated lol.... But next week is ER and it will all be worth it!! Looks Like I am going to have to buy MORE menopur though... so my 6653.28 bill is about to go UP and that sucks!!


SKJ : I wish i could do Laser hair removal.. But I am blonde and I heard it doesn't work on blondes ... so I am stuck with shaving and waxing the rest of my life haha and as far as the temp thing... i just don't trust temping anymore... wasn't bebe's chart wacky??


Indie: I want to go to ALL your Doctors offices and kick there BOOTIES!! where is the customer service??


AFM: Did I tell ya'll i am going to put back all 4 eggs or 5 if I have them? I don't think it would be fair to that 1 embryo to freeze it!! lol so no popsicle babies for me.

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Hi all. Just lurking on my friends SKJ and toothfairy. I've been considering joining you all and have started reading along to get to know you. Perhaps I will come back and introduce myself and tell a little bit of our story...


SKJ - Had you considered that it could have been implantation bleeding/implantation dip?

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Sila - Hey! Good to "see" you. You should totally come join us. The IF One thread totally slowed down and this thread is amazing. How are you doing? I'm so sorry that your lap revealed nothing. That's so incredibly frustrating. I hope despite that, you get a sticky BFP asap. Thanks for checking in. As for the implantation stuff, I did consider that, but can you get a BFP the same day as implantation spotting? With DD, I had spotting from 7 - 12 DPO, so I know anything is possible. Both my RE"s nurse and my acupuncturist said not to worry about the spotting, so I"m going to ignore it smile.gif

Lucille - I"m so very sorry about another loss. It's so unfair and so very difficult to experience. I do believe that your sticky BFP is out there. Can you remind me of your journey this far? As for the drugs, I was worried about them, but the way I see it, if you have a fixable problem, drugs could really help. I'll be thinking good thoughts for you.

Shell - Come on 5 eggs!!! How would you feel about triplets? bigeyes.gif
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Sila- you already know how happy I am you came by & I know once you're familiar with everyone & they with you this will be a perfect fit smile.gif

Shell- I'm jealous you get 4! So at day6 (yesterday when you ad you u/s) how big were your follicles? Blondie here too, no lasers for me. As for plastic surgery, as much as I'd love more boobs, my nose would be first. Ohh and the pharmacies in MA are still hella expensive, just the my insurance pays for it.

SKJ- so glad they gave you a date for Monday! How are you feeling tonight?

Lucille- i'm sorry to hear you had another loss greensad.gif good luck at your appointment. The meds are scary, that is why they srart small. When I did my first Clomid cycle I would never have agreed to injectables muc less IVF, ever. Yet here we are. Take it slow. There is always acupuncture & herbs if you want to start small.

Jpack- i never answered you about floss! I like waxed floss. Dental offices typically give out satin or glide because it is good for people who dont typically floss, it is thin & goes in easy. For people who floss regularly they usually use something thicker. My fav brand is J&J Clean Burst.

Indie- sooo annoyed at your doctors. Your appointment is coming up soon, right?

Afm- Dh morphology is still low so we are getting approval for ICSI. Hes taking me to dinner & to do some Christmas shopping. Also, my lunch got cancelled due to snow. I feel bad that really I just feel relieved.
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TF - I am getting so excited for you to start the "real" meds.  I hope you have some loose fitting pants!! I am not sure I would want to get my teeth cleaned by someone on these hormones! I was a scary woman when I went through it.  Are you going to give yourself the shots?


Shelly - hang in there!! you are so close.  I am sending you some twin vibes.  


Lucille - sorry to hear about your loss and don't be scared, you can do it.


indie - WTH?! PS. I am glad you are posting more on your blog.  sorry I am too lazy to login and comment on it.

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TF Thanks  for the tip about the floss, I'm going to have to look for it! Also, wow about your bag o'meds.


Lucille: I'm so, so sorry for your losshug2.gif ... are you a broker? Or an attorney who handles real estate transactions? Where I am, you aren't allowed to do both, and I like the broker side better. Holy cow, I did a purchase and sale agreement and closing and it was dreadful! On the other hand, I'm clearly bad with budgeting through months with no income!  Oh, and Nigeria?


SKJ I have to say, that's great about the spotting you had with DD I was going to ask about that, but I thought, " Oh, but if she didn't then you get into - well every pregnancy is different - and that never ends well." I have never had spotting as far a I remember with DD or with the m/cs, but I do think it's super common. I like to pretend it's implant spotting every time AF is closethumb.gif. Hmmm. But dying to hear if you plan to test tomorrow, and crossing fingers and toes for you for Monday!


Indie, that's super lame that lying didn't work- they'd just as soon leave you hanging for a couple months! You do have some shady doctors!


Hi Chrissy, Shell, et al.


AFM ( Somehow it doesn't don't feel right doing an AFM when there is a BFP waiting in the wings!) spotting did stop, OPKs are still negative, hoping to o soon, though, because I'm trying to lay off the antihistamines until after o, and it's gonna be a sneezy, hivey week! TF had asked about where I am, so I did two 50mg clomid cycles (Aug and Sept), this is my third cycle off since that, and I'll go back to a monitored clomid cycle next. Clomid seemed to treat me fine, I had no thinning and OK cm, even. But I just have so little patience. I'm a very eager person -- I try things all the time, and will throw myself into something easily. But if it doesn't work, I have to move on. In that way, I hate to keep trying the same thing cycle after cycle. I have to change one thing up or another. (Glad there are so many moving parts when TTC so at least I can tweak a thing or two every month).

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gtree- I'll do the shots myself, everything thankfully is subq so I've had practice with the gonal-f & trigger shots before. Our work uniform is yoga pants and a lululemon running top (not like any RDH you've ever seen, right?!) We wear full length white labcoats so work is pretty chill. I'm really hoping not to be that bloated just based on having 17 cysts that were almost the size of mature follicles and not feeling a thing or looking any different. You can 'I told you so' me in 3 weeks, K? 


indie- blog? share? 


jpack- You're so lucky the clomid left you unharmed. I did 3 months and was a certifiable mental case. Good luck without your allergy meds this week. What the heck is in the air right now that is making allergies so bad?? It always seems to happen that everything freezes and then my allergies kick in. 




I got almost all of my shopping done today. I'm a rock star.

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Lucille: I am so sorry :-( was it a chemical ? I don't know if I have ever had a chemical pregnancy... I was scared of med's too... and we were only going to stop with clomid LOL hello IVF !!


SKJ: haha we joke all the time "what if all 4 take?" well I guess we will be blessed with quad's ... I think My parents would sell there house and we would just get a big one together ... I just don't know , but I do have a lot of help :-)


TF: My follies were ( I think) he didn't tell me but i looked at the monitor lol... 9.45, 9.48 , 9.39 and 12  ....... I really cannot believe how bloated I am... I mean I only have 4 follies!! maybe it's the water weight? I have no clue.... I love your uniform! we have to wear Scrubs ... maroon (mon, Thurs) and blue (Wed, Fri) ... Tuesday is free day .. I usually wear scrub pants and my hoodie lol... you could literally keep meat in our office IT'S SO COLD .


Gtree: Thank you for the twin vibes!! I am so excited that this is my last week :-)  Also did the drugs make you hungry?? I swear I am always hungry.


Jpack : Clomid had me crazy too... at first I was good on it... but when they put them with the injectables WATCH OUT lol I was Grumpy.


TF: You are a rock star... I haven't even started shopping yet!!

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