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SKJ - They are definitely getting darker.  I so hope this is it!  And I am glad you are doing betas tomorrow.

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SKJ, I have a good feeling about this -- can't wait for the new beta!!!

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I am just poppin in to tell everyone I HAVE 6 FOLLICLES yayaaayay so 2 extra sizes 10,11,11,13,14,15 ... I still have at least 3 more day of stims  and ER is on Saturday (tenitlvley)  ... Sorry i am at work .. i ahte to be so short !! I am so happy ... VISULIZATION WORKS ... I am visulizating 2 more eggs so I hope to have 8 at ER time

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Shelley - YAY for 6!!! That is SO awesome!! They should be perfect for your ER!  Such good news.  Try to take it as easy as possible this week.  I'm sorry about your headache, I blame the hormones.  Also, I drank a TON of gatorade.  It helped a lot with the bloating and maybe will help keep you hydrated.  I also had OHSS, so was extra distended.  I am SO EXCITED FOR YOU!  Also, I did the ICSI (not sure if you or TF mentioned that).  I also sat and envisioned them implanting and being folded in.  And I wished on a  star every night.


AFM - okay, so this  morning I had the tiniest bit of pink spotting.  Basically my discharge had a pinkish hue to it.  Then it went away.  I did freak for a second and tell my DH, and he never knows what to say.  I've been doing a lot the past couple of days, lots and lots of walking, and I've been sore, so am just going to take it easy today.  I wonder if this is super common but most women don't inspect every single time they wipe and analyze.  The nice thing about not having a job anymore is that I can totally prop my feet up and send good vibes to the babies.  Yesterday, I went to Buy Buy Baby and was completely overwhelmed.

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Shelly!!!!!!! Such amazing news!! I'm over the moon. I'm going to do some more visualizing now too ! Go follies go!!

Gtree- spotting is always scary, but usually means nothing. I had some spotting with dd and I think some of it was because I got easily irritated when I wiped. You have south more blood going thru you and lots of it concentrated by your lady parts. I'm so sure it's nothing but resting sounds like s great plan.

Thanks for the encouragement ladies.

Tf- I just went to a new dentist and really liked everyone in the office. I had to tell them I was preggers and they were so enthusiastic about it. I said I was nervous bc of the previous two mcs and the hygienist just said, this is the good one. It's so nice to hear that smile.gif
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oh my goodness, shell!! that's WONDERFUL joy.gifi'm joining the visualizing party, too! grow follies, grow!!!!! i'm so happy i want to cry!


skj - ah that is great about your dentist office celebrating with you! i feel so sure that this is the "good one", too. like SUPER sure.


gtree - i agree with skj - there is a lot of blood directed at your lady parts and i'm sure all the extra movement is to blame for the spotting. but i'm sure it is startling nonetheless. i guess you are going to be forced to slow down one of these days... might as well start getting used to it :) i love that you visualized your babies being "folded" in. that makes me want to watch a some videos on the implantation process so i can sharpen my visualization skills...


everyone else... hi!! looking forward to some more updates!

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SKJ: ohhhh its getting darker!!! love.gif I just know this one is going to stick and grow into a beautiful baby boy!!!

VISULIZE!! it works ... visulize that baby growing bigger and stronger.


Gtree; OMG how scary, but I remember spotting all throughout my pregnancy with DD 1 & 2 ... Just put up your feet and have DH pamper you... after all you are growing 2 babies.... I pray daily ALL DAY lol, and I wish on every 11:11 I see... I haven't wished upon a star yet.. but I WILL... and I am meditating and visulizing, We are also doing ICSI with assited hatching too (if need be, on the assisted hatching) ... I LOVE BUY BUY BABY!!!


Indie: thank you for visulizing my follies growing :-) I am so excited !!


OH GTREE: question: how big did your follies get when you went in for ER?

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Super cool, Shell! Grow eggies, grow! Go eggies go!

Skj- good looking BFPs! Yoga, my friend, yoga!

I'm on a roll with the cheers, hunh?! On my phone- shorty here- just wanted to get those good vibes out there an also say...
If this cycle doesn't work for me, there has got to be a serious problem. I mean, I feel like that a lot of the time, but between the HSG, preseed, so much BD at what seem like the right intervals, no antihistamines, herbs and acupuncture... Oh crap, you know what I left out? Breathing exercises and yoga at 6 am. I take it all back- I wasnt trying hard enough! I guess it's my fault after all!
I'm just in a silly, sarcastic mood- I do, though, feel like this has been a perfect, perfect cycle for me and feel really good about the necessity of further interventions if I get a BFN in a couple weeks.
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Geez a lady can fall behind quickly with you guys! Seriously, I've got 3 tabs open to make sure I can respond. Thank you for the welcomes!


Shell - I really am hopeful for you! All it takes is one right. I hope you get your moneys worth. Awesome follicles!


Gtree - No, I've never tried metformin. I would have to request a fasting glucose test if I wanted to get a prescription I'm sure. Honestly, I am almost positive the results would come back negative for it if I did. Plus, the side effects to metformin sound less than appealing. Interesting that it was like your body almost rejects the hormones needed to grow follicles. Maybe that is my problem. We'll see if the injectables make a difference in my response I guess. I hope the spotting is nothing but "normal".



bebelove - Seriously, it's scary. I mean what if we do all this and spend the money and it doesn't work? Because there is always that risk...plus it's happened before. You're totally right though and I can't wait for this to be something I no longer have to think about and to just be a little part in our whole story. Meantime, it sucks.


Indie - It was almost worse to recover from the blow of them finding nothing wrong with me than it was to physically recover from the procedure. No, I hadn't heard of that website. But the meds are the ONE thing my insurance will actually help out on.


Lucille - Go back and do it. Punch him in the face, eat his head off. Sometimes it really makes me mad that DH and I have sex a lot, and it's great, but why can't we make a baby? Find a Dr that will listen to you if your intuition is telling you something might be up! You're trying for #2 too?


SKJ - Oh honey, I really hope this works out for you and this baby proves the nurse wrong! Your progesterone is within normal pregnancy limits. I never wanted to do betas either. And didn't. But this next time I will. I can't go through it again and not know if there was something I could have done (ie low progesterone). And lady, stop buying and using HPTs! They will tell you nothing at this point except that you are pregnant. HPTs are quantitative not qualitative. Save up your $s. My apologies if that comes across as rude. Do whatever makes you feel good. Even if it's peeing on sticks. Maybe the BV is a good sign then?


jpack - Thanks. My avatar reminds me of DH, DS, and me so that is why I like it/chose it :)


TFairy - How long until you start lupron now?


AFM - I have been really struggling with knowing people in real life that are due THE SAME DAY or with 2 days that I would have been with my last loss. I want to be where they are now. 


Some of you were talking about your jobs/what you do a while back. I'm a doula and birth assistant. And I want let infertility steal my joy from what I do. Though that isn't always easy. Anyways, I was at most of Sun night/half of yesterday. A lot of birth workers find that sometimes births interfere with their cycles because of all of birth hormones - like random spotting or getting AF a few days earlier. Now I have renewed hope about ovulating since I do seem to ovulate better if I go to a birth around the time I my body starts gearing up to ovulate.


My acupuncturist also said my pulse was different today and that sometimes it's like that close to or during ovulation (or could just be from my lack of sleep the last couple days). I spent $30 on 10 days worth of herbs too. Trying to stay positive.


Have you guys checked out The Bitter Infertiles podcast? I listen to it while I'm running :)

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Holy moly- A friend of mine found out today she is pregnant with Triplets after a clomid/IUI cycle. Her second medicated cycle after 2+ yrs TTC, they have no fertility coverage from their insurance... I can't imagine. What a handful!


Sila- Some days are quiet around here but it has been very busy with everyone having appointments. Good news about ovulation coming on time with your births, probably has to do with endorphins... I'm glad your job brings you joy irregardless of your infertility. Sorry you are surrounded by people due around your m/c due date, that must be tough to deal with :( Like I've been telling you all, I'll host you and get you a job at my front desk for a while so you can get IF insurance. I have a guest room which clearly is not being transformed to a nursery any time soon! I'll check out the pod cast!


SKJ- YAY for another line and for a good dentist appointment. My office is very supportive like that. I have a good feeling about this one too, something just seems right about this. How long will it take for your Dr office to get the beta # back to you? I know my Dr office does them but it takes 2-3 days for results whereas the RE get them that day.


jpack- There is always 'something more' you could do... just do what you can and leave the rest up to whatever higher power or force you believe in. Just do your best every day and don't feel guilty about missing a day or something or eating something off your 'diet'. I say these things to make myself feel better about skipping my meditations and eating whoopie pies :)


Taking a break from personnels for a quick thought... If I hear one more effing thing about the effing princess and her effing pregnancy I will break my TV. I don't care. Eff off.


gtree- Hoping the spotting went away! I love your visualizations and your wishing on stars. 


Shelly- YAY!!!!! That is awesome!!! How big do they like to see them to be considered 'mature' for retrieval? Something I suppose I should have asked my RE but have not. Gtree, any info on this area??? I'm taking notes on everyones positive visualizations!


bebe, sherry (miss you!)- wave.gif


indie- What can we visualize for you lady? I'd be happy to send you some good vibes.



AFM- Tomorrow I start my lupron!! This process just seems to be going soooo slooooowly. One more week of BCPs, 13 days until my suppression check. We have a lot planned on the weekends so that will go by fast but the weeks just go SO slow. Today our new doggy (fostering for ~ a year) wouldn't go out with the dog walker so he was stuck inside while I was at work from 630 am -8pm. Just another thing to work out. Wish me luck on my first shot tomorrow!! Also, gtree or shelly--- I have to do the lupron between 7-9, On friday we are going to a show in Boston... we were planning on going in around 3 and won't be home until 10-11. Do you think I can just bring it with me??

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TF - I think they retrieve from anything over 12, but they want them to be 15+, 18-22 probably ideal.  Shell is well on her way to that!


I think the 7-9 is so that you get the shots close to the same time every day.  I did mine 9-11 because I was up later.  I think either start them on the later end, like 9, and then do it as soon as you get home from your show, or take it with you and do it in the car.  I took mine to a couple of places, and the only pain is keeping them cold, but it can be done! whatever you are most comfortable with.


For my successful cycle, I used old HSG that was expired for the first 3 nights. I of course called the doctor emergency line, and she said not to worry about it, and everything turned out fine, so if you are a little late or mess up a dosage, I think it is okay, even though I am sure you will be super exact!


I am so so so excited you are finally starting the shots! I didn't think they were so bad, even though there is one that burns, I don't remember which one that was.  I guess you will find out soon enough.  lol.gif

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Love this... don't even tell me you haven't done this. I know you all and am familiar with your google addiction. Admit it. You laughed and we needed it.

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Ahhh, one that burns?!!??! I used Gonal-F already and it didn't burn, I haven't used Novarel (the trigger, but that is only one time so if it burns I will survive). Could it have been the Lupron... you take that for a lot of days to forget if it burns. Guess I will find out tomorrow!

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It's the menopur that burns!! OMG Soooo bad!! i hate it!! everything else is cake :-)  So Gtree: do you remeber your egg sizes? lol i know that is a lot to ask... i am just curious.  I didn't take Lupron or BCP ... so i don't know about those... the only shot's I am currently doing are Follistim, Menopur, and ganerelix .... I start progesterone shots i think ER night... and that is gunna stink cause they are intra muscle shots .... that mean DH has to stick my hiney , and he is ex military so he is not gentle (even though he tries to be) then I will be starting a estrogen patch at some point.... I am still taking my baby asprin, and deximethasone. TF: it feels like a long process when you start , and then it's like WHAT?? time for ER ?? WOW that went fast ... lol


Sila: a doula? that is awesome!! I have to have a c-cection :-( so i can't use natural childbirth... i wish i could though. i am going to have to check out that podcast.


Jpack : yaay for good timing... remain positive!!


Oh TF : About your friend!? I am so jealous!! how lucky is she.? 


AFM: again... lol .... I forgot to add earlier that i had to buy more menopur today... 279.98 ... I told DH Merry christmas hunny!! lol sheesh I am tapped out!!  that was 7000.00 in meds I have spent in 3 weeks... OMG ... I keep telling myself that it is ALL worth it to get my babies :-)

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Shell - I think my follies were between 13 and 22, but I had around 30, so I don't even think they counted every time.  I would say most of them were around 18 for the ER.

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Shell, 6 follicles!!!!! So awesome!!


Gtree, sorry about the spotting - I'm sure you just did a wee bit too much! How's it going tonight -- hopefully it's calmed down. You know how much any kind of spotting freaks me out, so I know how you feel! 


SKJ, how are you doing tonight?? Things are looking good!!


Sila, oh how lovely to be a doula!! 


TF, yay for starting your Lupron! I know it feels like forever, but this next step makes you even closer to getting your baby! I'm so excited for you, and then next 13 days are going to zip by, I promise! Whoa, triplets!


AFM, we had our 12 week OB appt today and it went great! We saw all the anatomy on ultrasound -- the spine, the arms, everything . . . he put his best guess at the gender in an envelope for us. He is 85% sure it's a girl! Whoa! We opened it over dinner to celebrate that the appointment went so well, and that the Harmony results were all negative!!! So relieved!! Off to bed soon, friends, but just had to share the good news! Thanks for all your love and support, loves!

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Oh Bebe: yaaay a Girl!! I just knew it!! I tell ya I am so good at guessing these things!! So glad all it good with the baby!! Pictures??  what a happy day!


Gtree: thank you... I hope all mine are at least a 18 :-) or bigger...

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Hi. Sorry. Here. Reading. Cold turkey no temping. Charting. Hoping ( much)....but thats not why i am missing. Renovations: putting in ceilings. Baby. And traveling traveling to brooklyn. Dh comes tomorrow.

Bebe....i am so warm and fuzzy at your news... sweet baby girl strawberry!

Hey all. I will plan on being back in a bit...for a longer catching up.
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Yay yay yay Bebe!!!!!!! Fantastic news. What a huge relief about the blood test. And girl! So exciting!

Yay for the next step tf!!!

Anymore spotting gtree?

Hi sherry!

Come on big fat follicles Shelly!

Sorry for the quickie. On my phone. Blood has been drawn and now we wait.
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bebe - oh, a girl!! and a healthy girl to boot! you must be on cloud 9! i can't even imagine the sense of relief and excitement you must be feeling... i think that must be the absolute best moment of pregnancy so far! next stop - feeling baby girl move!


 sherry - so happy you checked in! look forward to hearing more about what's going on in your busy world...


 toothfairy - that link on dr. google was so spot on. oh man. i totally saw myself in that. my google searches have gotten increasingly strange over the past two years. i need to read the rest of those. yay for moving forward with meds! i know if feels like forever but things are moving along! wow about the triplets... when you say they don't have fertility insurance that doesn't mean they don't have coverage for having the babies/nicu/etc does it? cause that would be seriously scary. i can't imagine triplets. as for what you guys can visualize for me... how about a confidence-inducing ivf consult on dec 18? i would so love to leave the appointment with this new doc feeling confident that i am getting the best treatment possible and that this is all going to be worth it. i just haven't had that experience yet and i want it so badly!


 shell - you are seriously freaking me out. $7,000 for meds!?!?!!? oh good god. i hope we have enough money for this...


 sila - that's so great that you are a doula. i haven't listened to that podcast but i'm guessing i should start...


jpack - it sounds like you have all your bases covered... i'm thinking we are going to have another bfp really soon!


 skj - thinking of you today! did you test this morning? i didn't even think about the fact that it might take longer to get results from the pcp vs. the RE... i'm hoping you have a lovely, dark hpt this a.m.!


afm - feeling kinda blah. it's little hard not to feel 'left behind' with all this wonderful stuff happening for so many of you! but it really is a wonderful distraction for me at the same time... i'm just biding my time, i guess. i'm cd 12 today. no clue about ovulation and we haven't done a good job with keeping up with bd'ing anyway. never got a call back from my pcp but after bebe suggested waiting for the RE i'm ok with that, i guess. actually, i think i've just lost my will to fight for attention from doctors in general. like i said to toothfairy, if you guys would send out some good vibes for me for my dec 18 ivf consult with new doc, it would be much appreciated. i would just really like to feel confident and hopeful, you know what i mean? i'm still taking my supplements (though i stopped with dhea and i'm wondering if stopping is what maybe screwed with my cycles?) and i have 5 lbs more to lose to get under 130, which i would love to be before going on all the ivf meds.  i'm also getting ready to book tickets to go to hong kong in mid-march and now possibly manila, too. that will pretty much happen right after finding out i'm pregnant or finding out ivf didn't work. i'm not sure how to feel about the timing but i don't really have much of a choice.


i'm just trying to take things one day at a time right now and not think too far ahead. the holidays will help with that. we will be hosting my family's annual christmas eve party for the second year. there will be around 40 people. potluck, thankfully. i am not as brave (or crazy?) as toothfairy! :) dh and i decided to just stuff each other's stockings (not a euphemism!) this christmas so i'm trying to figure out the coolest possible gifts that can fit into a stocking...


looking forward to more updates. i love how active our thread has been lately!

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