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Hey Indie


well.....he is just a pia.  Scientificaly ivf made sense- so he said- then everytime i tried to make an apt. he balked- or had an excuse- for about 2 years after  first had my tubal reversal scheduled.  he decided he couldn't have some guy in a lab manipulating his genetic material into a child- so science went out the door- tr surgery happened- here we are- being as "natural" as possible.  grrr


I hope RE makes me feel better- my labs are good.  i don't know about O- last month was R side...before that i had a couple times in a row on L side-


I know if i had any hope of testing- i could- i probably will...because you do not have endo!


That said- good luck tomorrow- this may sound crazy but i loved having my surgery- i was just so excited to be getting somewhere with it all- yeah it was uncomfortable but i even cherished the pain as a step in the right direction.  I hope you are not too stressed.  I sure will be thinking of you- i was this am!


I am BLAH!  i want injectables! NOW!!!! i wonder if i can do it on the sly....i don't even care about being honest right now-


have a great day tomorrow- I will be in despair awaiting your update so try to be kind to a poor hopeless old woman.



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Indie- Tomorrow is the big day!!! I can't wait for you to get the polyps/endo whatever else is muddying up in there O.U.T. out!


Sherry- I know how frusterating the first few days of a new cycle are... I hope your RE appt offers you some insight. Your follicles should actually be pretty good by March 5 if you are CD 5/6 now. You never know about which side you will ovulate from, so far I had 2 on the right, one on the left, 2 on the left and one on the right, one on the left, and then one on the right and 2 on the left.... so theres no rhyme or reason- Try Try Try!!!


Day 4 of injections tonight, no side effects, no bruises... first u/s on friday. Not much going on here. Expecting 5-8 inches of snow tonight, hello winter!


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Cbaa- you snow scared me!! I had to check the weather! Wow- so how are youfeeling?? Thats my only concern with the gtopins. What day did you start?
Well i'll be cd11 when i go. It would have been ok before clomid when i o'd day 14-15. Now it seems i am stuck at cd17. 6 days prior to o.

Indie- good luck again!!!!

Im feeling better already being excited for you two!!
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GOOD LUCK INDIE!!!!!!!!!!!
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Indie - good luck! Hope all goes well.


I have not had IVF conversation with DH yet, I don't know that we are to that stage yet of really considering it.


I am a little bummed, we should have BD this weekend, but DS is sick and I spent most evenings taking care of him. We managed one time. Hopefully that's a winner.


Do any of you do temp charts? I am considering doing it. Just curious if you need to do it every single day or just around the time you expect to be ovulating?


On another note, I appreciate you all being open to me being in here with you. Alot of the time I feel a bit guilty because I do have my DS, but TTC#2 is my issue.

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INDIE!!! I cant stop thinking about you today. I hope it went well, and that DH was good.

MsD. I temp. You need to be consistent to get a good picture. Same time every day. And. Haha i feel a lot guilty sometimes i have 5 dd's. I like the idea that we are a mix of situations here. Pretty soon we will even have some post BFP members keeping us company.

Cbaa- whats it like!!! I want to be there!

Gtree....aren't you back yet??!!??
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ms. d no need to feel guilty! i certainly understand the desire for another as much as i understand the desire for a first. it's all the same kind of wanting... i agree with sherry, it's nice having people who are in different places in their journey/lives...also, i used to chart/temp prior to going on clomid. it definitely gives you good information and i'm glad i did it - helped me to understand fertility a bit more. i may start up again but i had a problem with getting too obsessed with the chart. it's easy to do when all you want is some kind of clue that you are pregnant.


cbaa that's a lot of snow! glad you aren't experience any side effects from the injections. are you giving them to yourself? if so, what's that like? you may have already told us that but forgive me my brain is foggy at the moment. when does dh go out of town for work? i know that's coming soon, right? you will still be able to "try" but not as actively, right?


sherry - yay for good labs. i don't think you will need ivf... but it is frustrating to know it's an option your dh won't consider. i know it makes me feel less crazy when i know there are a multitude of options available to me. did you ever look into circle+bloom meditations for natural cycle? i am going to start listening to those as of this next cycle. might be one more way to get centered in all this madness.... also, time to lock up your tests! no early testing for you this cycle! heehee but more about that in the AFM...


AFM - surgery is done! glad to get to check that off the list. i'm feeling loopy still and sleepy and sore around my incisions but other than that i am mobile and fine. haven't had to take any pain meds yet and that's my goal to stay away from them. had some nausea and threw up once after the surgery but that's gone now. which is good. i am much better dealing with physical pain than nausea... i only want to throw up if i know there is a good reason... like a baby inside of me!


anyway, the stats: it was stage 2 endo. had it and scar tissue in the cul de sac, on one of my ovaries, on my bladder... and i'm not sure if i am leaving out anything... i haven't talked directly to the doctor after the surgery. he talked to dh and gave us a dvd of the surgery - which was AWESOME to watch. but the narration was muffled and so i am going to have to go back and watch again since the narration has all the pertinent info. i do know that one of my ovaries was tethered to something (bladder? not sure) by scar tissue. he made note that that would likely be the source of my pain. it was neat to watch him laser it away and see my ovary set free! it was cool to see him point out all the sites of endo and watch him "fix" it. and to watch the polyps get removed from my uterus. overall, the doc said to my dh and on the dvd that the surgery went well. i'm on pelvic rest for a week. going to take the bc for a few more days since i want to make sure i am healed a little more before starting my period.


anyway, stage 2. i can live with that. it also makes me feel a bit vindicated for all of my surety... i  think i have a good idea of what my body is doing and it's nice to have validation that i really do. i'm also thankful that i did find an endo specialist and that i didn't mess around anymore until i had this addressed. so there it is. i feel like i'm back on track! well, almost... forgive me for grammatical errors and the like... i seriously still feel foggy. i didn't have this much left over side effects from anesthesia with the d&c that's for sure! thanks for all of your well wishes and prayers and support. :)

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Wow!!! I didnt think youd post tonight!
I cant believe it!!! Your so not endo-ish! There goes the knowledge base.

I'm glad its done. Im so excited for your next cycle.

Afm at follow up appts for dd all day. Keeping busy...thats about it...boring. i want snow. I really miss it.

I really do like our different circumstances- because when the desire to have a baby is so strong inside you and it's just not happening- the pain, sadness, frustration and need for support is there.

Rest well indie...the future looks bright!
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Indie- I certainly wasn't expecting to hear from you so soon! YAY for being done with the laproscopy. In my opinion, it is SO cool to have a video to see exactly what was holding you back (literally!) so now you can move forward. I will be looking for all of the details when you are feeling 100% gain. I'm so glad now you are endo free, so glad. DH starts travelling around April 1, so we can certainly still give it a go, but no more meds/IUI since we can't commit to sexy time around O. I am giving the shots to myself, in the belly- DH is afraid of needles and to be honest, I like having control over technique. It hasn't been bad, honestly.


MsD- I think what makes us special is that we all come from different walks of life with different experiences. I'm glad to have you here and that we can support you.


Sherry- What are you up to now? You can have the snow, I was happier without it! we were lucky only go get about 5 inches and now it has just rained on and off. Clocks change next weekend, that means winter is officially over!  No real side effects with the FSH. I feel like me, today I was a little emotional but O time is always stressful, finding a balance between BD and IUI, poring over follicle sizes and estrogen levels and to trigger or not to trigger, lining thickness, ya know?


AFM- 2nd follicle check today- wen't yesterday and had 1 on the left at 16mm (worst response in 5 cycles- and cost so much more). Today I had 3 on the left 17.8, 11.6, 13.7, and one on the right 10.8. They are having my trigger tonight, I assume it is earlier than in the past since my 2 femara cycles my LH surged before trigger. Going for IUI Monday, CD11. Early O for me... too early? I don't even know how that effects things... I mean if the follicles are mature and not rupturing prematurely, then does it matter if it is early? Anyway, my 'monitoring' days are over... 16 days til beta.

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I'm back, I'm back, I'm back!!!  Amazing trip to South America and have been swamped with work for the past week.  So glad I found our new fancy thread here.  Sounds like you all are doing well, I am still catching up.


Got my blood test done last Tues (as soon as I got back) and left a few messages with the dr.  I got a call on Friday from someone at the office (turns out doc is out of town) and the caller said that I ovulated! And then got confused and it turns out she doesn't know how to read a blood test.  And I did not, in fact, ovulate.


This means next week I will need to take Provera to bring on AF and then 150mg of clomid which will make me gain more weight (yes Ms. D - the worst) and turn me into an extra crazy crabapple. Please keep sharp objects away from me!  


I get so mad at my body for not ovulating.  Seems like it should be simple.  I am going to ask Doc for metformin this time. 


So glad to be back, I missed all of you!





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Hey gtree welcome back. Im glad to hear you had a good time but sorry that you didn't O.

Indie- i hope your doing ok. Things like these sometimes soak in in different happy sad stages. Im sending you positive thought. I just read over a lab billing sheet that indicates sperm washing is $190. Then the actual iui. That kit costs aboit $30 plus the office visit. Not sure if any of this helps.

Cbaa- hmmm somehow i thought you'd O early but also be full of ripe follies. Im glad at least you feel well. Good luck tomorrow!!

Ms. D hows it going? Any more thoughts on charting. I dont mind it or feel too obsesed with it. Perhaps because i did it on and off for years to avoid pregnancy. It feels like one free and natural thing to do. It really helps me believe the opk and pinpoint O.

Afm. Re tomorrow. Not sure what will be. I was feeling -ok- if not great, then of course dh gets a call from some relative- and starts giving her options- use the opk for 3 months- then we will do clomid and iui, then injectables and trigger with iui, then perhaps icsi or ivf. He says it so calmly and reassuring. He hangs up- i say iui? And he says no- natural- i could cry strangle him or both right now. On the good side i have kids coming in and out over the next two months to visit and a spring break trip to the dominican republic- yay! I just dont feel mentally geared up for tomorrows apt.

Ah well-
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gtree - so frustrating to be told one thing and find out another! I'm sorry you are having trouble ovulating :( i'm sure they will hit that magic formula soon and get your body in gear! glad you had an amazing trip to SA... what kinds of stuff did you do/see?


cbaa - details... well, i'm now back to feeling 100%. my incisions itch a bit but they are not nearly as sore. i can sleep on my side now (which is my preferred way to sleep) and i can wear pants that button up. so let's see... what you can expect... i had my surgery on thursday morning and it's now monday morning and i finally feel back to normal. so give yourself a few days to recuperate. i was never in awful pain, but it was uncomfortable and does get in the way of doing normal activities (like bending over and taking shoes out of your puppy's mouth!) i managed to get through the whole experience without any pain meds or anti-nausea meds. my purpose in avoiding meds is just that i didn't want to be constipated. it already took me like 2 days to poo after the anesthesia. things that i experienced that you may or may not experience based on what they find... 1. distended belly. they had to leave like a liter of anti-scarring solution in my abdomen so i had a belly for a few days. 2. trouble peeing. since i had endo on my bladder and the bladder was manipulated during surgery i had issues with urinating up until yesterday. i would have to strain quite a bit to go (which is no fun for the incisions) and it was difficult to ever really get it emptied. no infection or anything, just difficult. but that has passed as well. 3. gassy and gas pains. i was rather gassy for the past few days (since they fill you up with gas for the lap) and i started having shoulder pain as a result (they warned me of this) on saturday. you just need to lay with your feet up and it relieves it. 4. sore throat/plastic taste in mouth. this lasted for about two days and was a result of the tube they put down your throat. not a big deal.


i had two incisions... not sure if that is because it was both a lap and a hysteroscopy (sp?) the incision in my belly button hurt the worst. barely felt the one in my pelvic area. i hope your doc gives you a dvd of the surgery! it's super cool. if you have any other questions, let me know. oh! enjoy the anesthesia going into surgery... that part is always fun. i tried to make myself stay awake as long as possible. but it wasn't long. i remember being wheeled down the hall and then i have a vague, very hazy memory of the oxygen mask going over my mouth and being told to count backwards from 10... i only remember making it to 9.


sherry - dominican republic!! i went there several years ago and loved it. what will you be doing there? i will be waiting (im)patiently to hear about your RE appt!


AFM: stopped bc two days ago. just waiting for AF to show up. won't be able to ttc this coming cycle but will be curious what my cycle looks like after two weeks on bc and being endo free... time will tell!

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Hello everyone,


Cbaa- thinking of you on this fine day.  I hope you had a super iui.


Indie- hey! glad your feeling well.  that shoulder thing is the worst.  I started stool softners and enjoyed my percocet.  1 incision for the camera (scope) one for the tools.  Hysteroscopy is vaginal like a D&C.  it must seem funny taking birth control.  We are going to Boca Chica- we went once before in our early days together- just the two of us as our first real trip together. This will be a kid trip.   I've been longing to go back.  DH was in favor of someplace new but i got a good deal.  It's a much smaller area- only two resorts on the beach- much smaller than punta cana.  I think the ocean and beaches there are THE most amazing.  so blue!  and I love to snorkel so the huge coral reef is a big plus!  I am SO excited!!! Of course I hope I'm a week late and puking my brains out the whole time!!! fine with me!!  Where did you go in DR?


Gtree- yes do tell- ttc and travelog! 


ms. D - so how many dpo?


afm: RE today- GOOD NEWS!!! dominant follicle on the RIGHT SIDE!!! YAY!!! She also gave me Crinone 8% just to try...from there things get tricky.  she suggested another try at clomid...ugh....the next step could be gonal f or similar- BUT she is concerned about ectopic- i am at higher risk because of the reversal, and with only one tube it is a concern.....decisions, decisions.  I cant imagine having a BFP in utero and one in the tube too...or just one in the tube... and having to take methotrexate. 




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arrg my post!!! is GONE


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oops it's there.  :-)


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sherry - YAY for right side dominaaaatioooon (read that as if Oprah were annoncing it) woohoo!!! here's to being this little thread's first bfp! you got this! i actually can't remember where in DR i visited... i was there on a mission trip in the middle of the boonies and then spent time on the coast. it was just an overall amazing experience. i'm so jealous! also, i love that you are our resident nurse with the inside scoop on things like why i have two incisions... so very handy!


how is everyone else doing? msd? gtree? cbaa?


i am stil waiting for AF. i do feel vaguely crampy so hopefully that means something is on it's way. i was hoping to get AF knocked out during my week of pelvic rest 'cause i'm ready for some action. but so far... nada. any ideas how long this should take?



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Hey indie, thanks for the cheer. Cd 12 and waiting.

We ended up in a remote village for a day after dh befriended a local who picked us up in some beat up tiny old truck for a tour. It broke down, in THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE! NEXT TO A GROUCHY BULL. Then we hoped on the back of some of those crazy motorcycles you see everywhere and they took us to a cluster of ummm dwellings and we had a great time. They killed a chicken for us and the little boys climbed trees and brought me mangos- all in all quite an experience. DH is an adventurer- this time will be tame with kids in tow.
Cbaa will ne getting her bfp because she cheated with an early O.

Anesthesia can delay a period. Did they just remove the polyps or do a d&c removal? That could cause a delay for sure. Throw in the birth control and who knows. A sudden stop in it can bring it on. Vitamin C can also bring it- but causes stomach upset at that dose.
I Would bet you may get some post week action prior to af.

Soooo they want you to skip this O?

I should O this weekend- but MIL is trying to get DH to come haul some things around for her....he doesn't realise he is in mortal danger if he misses it. I will have to warn him tonight.
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ooh you better make sure you set dh straight. can't miss that O, yo.


yes, i have to wait out this coming cycle. so i will just be keeping you ladies company. i'm a little sad at the moment. i'm feeling pelvic pain that is very familiar. i was hoping i wouldn' t feel this after the surgery. it's not uterine cramps and it's the same type of feeling that i've had on and off over the past year and a half. maybe it's just my pelvic area being irritated as i approach AF? i was hoping with the endo and scar tissue removal that i would no longer have this type of pain. blah.


as far as i understand they just removed polyps though i think he said on the dvd he was going to scrape down part of the lining. i won't talk to the doctor until the 15th.AF must be on her way though... my breasts are sore. for some reason i'm just feeling very impatient about getting this first post-op period out of the way.

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Y ou're sensation may be affected up to a week afrer surgery. I am assuming they laser ablated the endo implants. You have burns in your pelvis that are healing, and probably starting to hurt. At least two weeks if not 6 until you should feel a more reliable sense of what the surgery accomplished. So a partial d&c. Going off the pill will give you a hormonal fluctuation that may mimic oms- that uterus just needs to cooperate and shed any lining that may be left. I hope it does, but hmmm.

I understand the impatience. I cant imagine taking a hiatus right now. Even though i thought i would this month.

If he goes I will follow him and be very grouchy!!!
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I did not convince the Dr. to give me Metformin with my 150mg of clomid.  She said we could try it next month, but I am not a patient patient.  Let's just hope the 150mg of clomid does the trick.  I have another blood test in the morning and then should start Provera on Friday when she confirms that I did not O naturally.


My trip?! I went to Carnivale in Brazil.  Most amazing thing I have ever seen.  


My DH is on a business trip this week, so it is just me and the pup and trashy television.  


indie - I am glad you are feeling better!  There is no freaking way I would watch that video. horrors.gif

cbaa - sending good thoughts your way


I am throwing a baby shower for my best friend in 2 weeks.  She is pregnant after ttc for over a year and 3 cycles of clomid that did not work.  Gives me hope!

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