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charley! your job sounds fascinating! book tours? are you an editor? ghost writer? do tell! do you blog? seems like you would have a lot of fascinating stuff to post when it's time to move to vermont... i know i'd read it smile.gif can't wait til your lap. come on already!

gtree and bebelove... are we seriously all three at 5dpo?? that is wild! so much fun!

afm: new symptom alert! woke up out of a sound sleep early early this a.m. due to a wicked (i use that word too even though i live in... florida! there, i've come out of the closet just a bit more) sour/metallic taste in my mouth. and it hasn't gone away all morning. it's seriously strong and gross and brushing/chewing gum/eating/drinking... nothing is takin it away. i know 5dpo is likely too early for this to be a pg symptom but it' definitely something i never get in the 2ww. so it's fun to think it means something wink1.gif

sherry... you home yet??
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Indie: yay for the new symptom!! That's a really good one that's common in pregnancy but not often before AF. Exciting!! Keep the symptoms coming!

AFM: well first, TGIF and second, I'm constipated. Ha. There's my only new symptom. I'll take it!

This is really crazy that the three of us are 5DPO!! I love this!
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bebelove: yay for constipation! (we should all just celebrate each others bodily functions, no?) ROTFLMAO.gif


gtree: what's going on in YOUR body?


afm: 6dpo. crazy sour/metallic taste is gone. had it ALL day yesterday. i read somewhere that it can be due to fluctuating estrogen levels... so maybe it's an lp thing that i haven't paid attention to before... no other symptoms today to speak of other than my breasts are just starting to get heavier and sore-ish... so nothing out of the ordinary.


sherry! are you baaaack?


toothfairy/msd/pearlina - hope everyone is having a great weekend!

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Good morning, everyone!


So if I can just take a moment to vomit my thoughts all over this page, I'd appreciate it.


I swear, you guys really are such a lifeline to me right now. I know that there is somewhere I can turn to have people who really understand, which is priceless, so thank you from the bottom of my heart.


So my sister-in-law had her 3rd baby yesterday . . . this was a surprise pregnancy (she is 39), and of course it stung to hear the news last night. When she got pregnant she did mention that she felt bad because it was "our turn", and of course her getting pregnant and having a baby doesn't exactly change my fortune in having one, but ahhh, it still stings. Seeing the newborn photos, and all the happiness and excitement -- I just want it so much. All I think about is having a baby. I really don't know how long I can keep this up.


We are attending a reunion with all our graduate school friends at the end of the month, and I fear for my sanity. Literally, every single one of our friends has at least two kids now. Every single one. The friends we are staying with up there, she is pregnant right now with her second. That's going to be so hard to see her all cute and six months prego. Wahhhh. I know I'm being such a baby myself, but I just want to quit my job and lock myself in my house until I get pregnant! Is that so ridiculous?


In keeping hopeful, I did have quite a dream last night, but I still don't know exactly what vivid dreams mean. I can only hold onto the hope that might be something. 


Indie: Yay for heavy BBs! I don't have those right now, but would feel more hopeful if I did! I think your signs and symptoms are looking quite good!!



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Indie - Keep the symptoms coming! It all sounds promising.  


Bebe - Another one of my friends had her second baby yesterday too.  It was all over Facebook seconds after leaving the womb.  It weighed in at over 10 lbs.  My MIL asked me last night if we plan on starting a family any time soon and I just stumbled over the question.  The last thing I want is for her to obsess over my infertility.  I am her only hope for a grandchild any time soon.  We are here for your and feel free to vent anytime that you need to.


AFM: No symptoms at all.  Nada.  

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namaste.gif  6dpo (maybe).  2 days until blood test.  I don't think I can make it.  I need to know something.  Not sure why I am so restless this time around.

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bebelove: i feel for you, girl. i really do. i am often in a similar situation with my family... everyone has one or more children and every event is a huge reminder that we are not part of "the club". all i can say is: vent here and when you are with them... just try to breath in all the fertility! it's bound to catch up with you sooner or later!


gtree: i would be restless too! i hope they start monitoring you soon... not knowing whether or not you ovulated would be so frustrating... on a more hopeful note... i have a friend with pcos who is having her third child. apparently once that first one happens the rest follow pretty easily :)


afm: 7dpo and not feeling anything indicating that an egg is burrowing into my uterus :( i want to FEEL something. the stuff i do feel can be attributed to general lp stuff... bbs are still not full-on sore, just slightly... i've had lots of sensations in my ovaries but that obviously doesn't mean anything... i wish i had something today to keep me hopeful.


happy easter, my friends.

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gtree, namaste to you!


6DPO - yay! So you get a blood test in two days? Fingers and toes are crossed for you!! I need to ask for one of those so I can stop going crazy myself.


So FF has me as 7DPO and I did get a nice little additional bump in my temperature this morning (since we're reading into everything).


Question: do you guys drink alcohol during the TWW?


Happy Easter!

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Indie, hi, and Happy Easter! Thanks for the encouragement. I love the "breathing in" of fertility. :) I'll have to give that a go! I really feel hopeful for you -- you seem to have a lot of interesting symptoms! What do you feel in your ovaries? I feel little things here and there and then convince myself I'm making it up. I want to FEEL something, too!



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bebelove: i will confess that i do drink alcohol (and coffee) during the 2ww Sheepish.gif  it's just that i've never found a compelling enough reason to avoid either. i obviously don't drink like i'm goin' to da club or anything like that... but i do like a cocktail here and there. and as far as coffee, i usually only have one cup in the morning and maaaybe two cups every once in awhile. from everything i've read and from conversations with several different doctors, neither of those activities will interfere with baby making. i do avoid taking baby aspirin on the days when i anticipate having a drink... simply because both alcohol and baby aspirin are blood thinners and i just assume it's best to not have too much blood thinning going on. on that note... when i watched the dvd of my surgery, my doc did mention that i had a small blood clot in my uterus... he wasn't concerned by it at all but i figured it was good enough reason to stick to a baby aspirin routine...


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oh, forgot to talk about my ovaries! (gtree, would you like a picture??) i feel quick, sharp pains... like what you would expect to feel around ovulation (but i typically don't). last night i was very much aware of it... it's more on my right than on my left. i really don't know what to make of it. i wish that i would feel something in my UTERUS though. that would make me much more hopeful!

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Indie, I also drink alcohol and coffee. I recently switched to decaf, and well, I do enjoy a glass of wine when I get home from work, and I'm wondering if that frequency is maybe a bit too much for successful ovulation and successful implantation? I read such conflicting viewpoints. But glad I'm not alone. I read somewhere not to act pregnant until you are pregnant, as a sanity-saving measure.


So I wonder if your "ovulation pain" is actually uterine pain radiating to the ovaries? Either way, it seems like a hopeful sign to me!


You have me thinking about taking a baby aspirin (but like you said, maybe just on the days that I don't have a glass of vino!).

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Ladies! I am loving your symptoms updates! This is all wonderful!


I can’t wait to be in the TWW myself!


I abstain from alcohol during the 2WW but I never ever abstain from coffee. Ha ha. I also try not to lift anything heavy. Truthfully, I’m just not much of a drinker to begin with, so passing on it isn't hard for me. . Last night I had too much to drink at a party – it just kind of came out of no where – another guest had brought some homemade blueberry wine and it tasted like soda and before I knew it I was way past tipsy. I had to go home. Since we won’t TTC for at least 2 more months, I figure it was ok.


Once in the 2WW I ate a medium burger and afterwards was so nervous. After I got my period, I felt foolish for being so paranoid. However, that didn’t stop me from freaking out another month when I ate a bunch of shrimp and sushi without even thinking about it. Both times I wasn’t pregnant, obviously, so it was all worry for nothing. I would say do whatever makes you feel the most comfortable. Eat drink and be merry. I remember once Toothfairy said “Drink until it’s pink!” and I think that’s a good motto.


Have you ever gone to www.twoweekwait.com? I find that’s a good site when I’m obsessing. I also track my symptoms at www.countdowntoprgenancy.com


Sherry! Are you back yet? Post Post Post lady!


AFM: Just gearing up for my lap! The nursing department called me last week to ask me a bunch of silly questions (have you ever been in the army? What’s your mother’s maiden name?) and they told me that I’m expected at the surgery center at 7:15am on Tuesday to meet with the nurse and anesthesiologist. I had no idea about this and feel kinda put out about it. First of all, it means my husband will have to walk the dogs by himself and ride the bus to work and it means I have to leave our house at 6:30am to get there on time! They said the meeting should take less than 20 minutes, but I can’t do it over the phone. Blerg.


Anyway – keep posting every little detail! I can’t wait to be in your shoes.



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gtree! your blood test is tomorrow! how long does it take to get the results back?


bebelove/charley: i know there was a study that showed that 200mg of caffeine a day (equivalent to two cups of coffee a day) raised estrogen levels in asian women, lowered them in caucasian women, and raised them (but not statistically significant) in black women... that's if it is coffee where you are getting the caffeine from. if the caffeine comes from soda or green tea... then it elevates estrogen levels for white, black, and asian women. but the study didn't show that it affected ovulation for any of the women. i guess you could theorize that it would affect ovulation eventually if it is playing with estrogen levels... and depending on how much above 200mg of caffeine one is consuming in a day... but overall, it didn't show a correlation. i find it fascinating because:


1) since i am white and i have endometriosis... coffee actually in *theory* should help keep my estrogen levels down (there are also studies that link drinking coffee to lowered risk of breast cancer and endometrial cancer - both estrogen related diseases)

2) it totally explains why green tea helps with the production of ewcm - since caffeine from green tea raises estrogen levels in all women.


crazy stuff!


charley: i spent several hours in different pre-op appointments when i had my lap... i had an appt with my doc, an appointment at the hospital with a nurse, and then because of my type of insurance, i had to go to a separate lab to get blood drawn... i remember thinking how much time it all took. i didn't meet with the anesthesiologist until i was being prepped for surgery though...

your surgery is getting close! also, i always thought the "drink til it's pink" slogan to be quite catchy :) 


afm: 8dpo and no symptoms to speak of. i'm not feeling very confident that things "clicked" this cycle. i'm already looking towards next cycle to keep my spirits up... it turns out if we conceive this next cycle then we could potentially have a baby on our anniversary which would be pretty cool. i'm also thinking we need to cut out any, um, oral activity in our bd sessions since saliva can affect sperm. sigh. i wish i had more of a sense of hope for this cycle but things are strangely quiet in uterus land...


how is everyone else? we are missing some peeps!

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Hi, back, no sharks, been catching up...and not 1 second to myself in over a week. No really. RE today. Will post as soon as i acheive sanity....well that might never happen....so will post. O later then tomorrow when everyone is out of my personal space!

Indie! No! Dont get that 8dpo sinking sensation!!!, hope hope hope. Although i always feel like i know i'm not at 9dpo.
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sherry!!! is it weird that every time i think of you steve perry is singing your name in my head?


can't wait to hear about DR AND the RE appointment!!

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Welcome back Sherry!!! I hope even if you weren't left alone that you were able to enjoy your vacation and you came back with a lovely tan. Hoping the doc had good news for you today!


Indie/Bebe/Gtree- I <3 the symptom spotting. I am excited for my next O so that I can symptom spot with no abandon, the last year has made me so blase about TTC and all it's let downs. Seriously looking forward to some hope in my life.


Gtree- test tomorrow?! I hope it shows a nice high progestone level so that you know O has occured.


Indie- Ovary pain, interesting. Maybe the 8dpo let down turns itself into a 12 dpo BFP. That research about caffiene is so interesting, seriously interesting. I had never heard about any of that before but I will certainly avoid green tea... my estrogen is whack enough!


As far as coffee, tea, alcohol. I believe in drink til it's pink, in theory. I'll be honest I usually chicken out with drinking in the 2ww, if I am in a social situation I may sip a cocktail or glass of wine at snails pace but there was a 'once upon a time' where I drank freely, these days I just don't 'care' for drinking ever but I think a lot of that is a side effect of 2 years TTC. There is no research to show it has any ill effects, I'm just a crazy person. I'm not a coffee drinker anyway, nothing against it I just don't have a taste for it so really a cup a day is not going to harm things.


Charley- that is really annoying that they just told you. All of my pre-op was done morning of, so I got there at 730 did bloodwork and then around 1030 my nurses, nurse anesthetist, anesthesiologist and my doctor all came and talked to me and my mom. Really though, why would they tell you the day before that you have to be there the next day... sorry :( BUT, only 4 more days!!! I am so excited for you!!!


AFM- I think I finally O'd- for real- yesterday. no more EWCM today. It puts my next O a week after our weekend trip, blurgh... Also, DH will be away that week and O will probably be Thursday or Friday so I don't think I'm going to waste my femara prescription on that, boo hoo. I've got a hankering for Twix bars... thinking about taking a trip to CVS even though it will interrupt my watching The Voice!

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Charley: Sorry about all the annoying pre-op stuff!  You'd think they'd make this as easy on possible.  Thanks for your views on caffeine/alcohol during the TWW. I think I'm going to avoid alcohol in the last week and limit during the first week. That's my compromise to myself, ha! I love twoweekwait.com. It's great for those really obsessive moments.


Indie: Thanks so much for the study info! Good to know! I used to drink so much green tea, but haven't been doing so in awhile. I really should start up again! So my friend is 3 months pregnant and I am constantly reassured by the fact that she had ZERO pregnancy symptoms until she was 6 weeks along . . . seriously, don't use hope yet! She was beyond shocked when she got a positive, so hang in there!  When are we testing? haha.


Sherry: Welcome home!!! Can't wait to hear about your RE appt!


Toothfairy: Congrats on the real O! What a great feeling, especially with good EWCM! Yay! Such a good sign for the future. Maybe you'll O early next cycle? Don't lose hope! But I do understand -- anytime DH has to go on a work trip I panic and immediately check my calendar. I totally get it and it's such a disappointment when it conflicts.


AFM: I've been of course tracking my symptoms like a crazy person. Last night I had some nausea and was tired, and today I have a lot of creamy CM and a backache, which is rather rare for me. However, I did get a pedicure on Saturday, and I let the massage chair go to town on me, so I'm thinking that might have something to do with it. I also have a "sensation" on my right side since yesterday - kind of like a pulling sensation, but not constant. I'm going to test on Friday, which will be 11-12 DPO. Praying!



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so i have this awful habit of writing a post and then going to click on another tab to check on something and instead hitting a bookmark that takes me to another webpage and it completely wipes out my post... GAH. now i have to do this all over again...


toothfairy! so happy to hear from you! i'm sorry about your O timing conflicting with dh's travel :( what a bummer. but at least you will have vacation to distract you! i totally know what you mean about becoming blase about symptom spotting after all this time ttc. i STILL feel silly about it, even now. there is a voice in my head that mocks me every time i do it. it tells me i am foolish. but i am pushing through it this time... i gots to get my fun, somehow! :) hope you got your twix bars. and stay away from green tea AND soda (even diet) to keep your estrogen from rising... though of course this is all based on ONE study... and we all know how much studies love to contradict each other!


bebelove: thank you for your encouragement about your friend feeling zero symptoms... but can i just say YOUR symptoms sound VERY promising?!?!?! keep us posted!! you could be this thread's first bfp!!


gtree/sherry: awaiting updates!


charley: hope your pre-op appt is going well and not terribly frustrating :)


afm: 9dpo. BFN. after telling sherry in a pm that i didn't have any tests at home and figured i wouldn't test until 10dpo at the earliest... i found myself at target and picked up some hpts while i was there. and once i have them in the house... all bets are off. yesterday, after posting that i wasn't feeling anything in the a.m., my bbs got progressively sore throughout the day and are still very sore this morning. and i *think* i had some uterine sensations yesterday... but i'm not entirely convinced it wasn't all in my head. today i woke up very, very tired despite plenty of sleep and was slightly congested. all of this could mean nothing at all. but it's enough to keeping me hoping and testing :)


post post post!

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Hi everyone!!!


Soooo DR was great, clear blue water, sun, sand, snorkeling.  We went off the resort found some locals with recomendations did some horseback riding out into the country.  Did some ATV riding out as well. THAT was a blast!! Ate some fish straight from the sea into the giant pot on the street to be fried in...and survived!!! pics in my profile- Good trip.  Came home to- drop in from in-laws-blah- flying DD5 out to DD2 to travel to their dad for easter and break the news- that didn't go well.- blah again-  Her edc is nov. 3rd.  US is good.


Gtree, bebelove and Indie- you guys have me with that teetering on the precipice feeling!!!!! omg so close and i just read 2 bfp stories!!!!  WE NEED A BFP! don't make me get out my pom poms!


Indie- test!!!! ugh when? tomorrow? wednesday?  i cant taaaake it!!! i am so excited for our threads first BPF! 


Toothfairy- yum twix- but gluten!!! i cheated while away and have just made it to a craving free day 3.  Where is vacation?  did you say and i missed it in all my catching up?  and whats up going forward- femera still?  iui? or going without for awhile?


Ms. d, pearlina- whats going on ladies?


Charley.  I hope your pre-op is smooth.  It sounds like miscommunication- thats crazy to expect you to come in like that for an ambulatory surgery.  Jeeze!  Do you get a video?


I wish i could watch everyones videos! ,-sick i know but i cant help it.


AFM:  well- we talked a bit on the trip.  DH admitted to feeling like its just not meant to be and that we need to focus on what we have...then i thought he should scope me to  see whats going on in there- after hsg- and if i have scarred and twisted tubes take them out- he was aghast- no way- and has BD'd with a renewed energy- haha- i think he wants this way more than he says- me well- i was also feeling the not meant to be - and that perhaps with recent events life has another path planned for me- i was in a commit to stop wanting mode- then  got a pos opk yesterday- cd13- earliest its been since clomid- and something just pops inside- you know- yes it is the act of peeing on something- and getting a smiley positive- hmmmm.  Of course i figured after 2 months of dominant follicles on the right side...well my chances weren't great.  So off to the RE i go.  we discuss my very long LP which she attributes to the prometrium.  also my very brief period which she also blames on the prometrium...after an "are you SURE your not pregnant..I assure her i'm not.  US- well- she had a VERY hard time finding my right ovary.  I am concerned about this as ive been having r side pain.  she gives up and goes to the left- but she is suprised to see only a few small follicles- so back to the right- after some gymnastics- WITH THE PROBE IN PLACE_ OUCH- she see's most of the right- nada- zilch- a few could be follicles- so- either i ovulated early- and i have no idea why  or how that could be because my temp is below coverline now- but i didn't temp or opk til monday.  or i'm just not ovulatory this month- that is kind of VERY unusual since i tend to have so many follicles that people are afraid to stim me.  ugh!  so i'm no feeling so hopeful,  DH however was great- we ate ice cream snuggled into a movie- and then orered take out for dinner- and this AM BD again- he is getting more into this than i am now-


so i am CD 14- i think- although my period really wasn't- might have o'd- might o again sometime- i have never had any of this happen- God bless the women who have long irregular cycles with no idea whats up- i hate this!  i guess its down to temping.  I had a shift today- from 97.3 to 97.9, but that IS my coverline temp...so...inconclusive.  y best hope is that i o'd and got the positive just before the appointment....but that is a slim hope indeed. 


EASTER sunday- down to just the two of us- went to China town for dinner- walked through soho- over to a movie house- saw the Hunter-strolled back holding hands enjoying the art in people and grafetti form- it was nice- not what i'd choose- i choose a houseful of kids- little girls crammed into ruffled but tights- an easter egg hunt and sunday Mass and brunch- and a ham baking in the oven....but even thought i was far from what i'd choose- it was still nice- so i will try to apply that to my life.






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