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ugh. i've hit full on obsessive mode and i can't stop. my brain hurts. i hate when i get like this!


sherry - i am so jealous of your DR trip! it sounds fantastic! i wonder if traveling/progesterone/stress has affected your cycle? maybe you geared up to O but backed down and will O later on? or maybe this is just a fluke anovulatory cycle. either way... frustrating. but i'm glad your dh is showing increased interest in getting that baby made :) i'm also glad everything is going well with dd... but sorry to hear breaking the news to her dad didn't go so well... but now at least you can talk to him about it! when is your next hsg?


i've gone from being rather chill about conceiving this cycle to desperately hoping against hope that i am. i hate when i get like this because i just can't focus on anything else! i need to break the internet. it's too tempting to waste all of my time googling instead of working.


where's my baby, yo? gimme my baby!

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Haha indie! I am having an obsessed day as well. Trying to google what the heck happened! Oh well. Yes my life the past month has been either crazy emotiinal and hectic or overly relaxing and indulgent. My hsg will be after next af. May is one year since my surgery and if both tubes are blocked we get a partial refund or a credit towards ivf.

Good luck staying calm and focused. I am completely obsessing with you.
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does anyone else jiggle and squeeze their bbs obsessively to see if they are still sore? i do this non-stop. typically they stop being sore a few days pre-AF so i'm so obsessed with making sure they are still sore as a possible pg sign. i look ridiculous. it's a good thing no one can see me. it's so frustrating because before my m/c i never got super sore bbs. so that was my first sign. but since then sore bbs happen more often than not... some months slightly sore, others (like now) very sore... so it's really not a good sign to go by anymore. but because it's the most noticeable sign... i obsess.


somebody give me a tranquilizer.

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Sorry i dont want to intrude... But  Indie 1976 I do the same thing ... I had to laugh at your post about googling on the internet all day ... I find myself obsessed as well and do the same thing!! lol  I am having my first hsg test next Tuesday.... So nervous

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shell! you're not intruding at all! glad to know there are other obsessive googlers out there... i always worry that one day google is going to make our internet searches public... how embarrassed would *I* be? Sheepish.gif


good luck with your hsg! several of us on this thread have either had one recently or are about to have one... the procedure itself is quite painless. i was more concerned about the potential of getting bad news. but a very sweet nurse held my hand and assured me that if i did get "bad" news it wouldn't be anything they couldn't fix. that was very reassuring and i hope it's reassuring for you, too. keep us posted! :)

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Oh I would be very embarrassed lol .... That is encouraging about the hsg redface.gif I am just worried about bad results as well.... Everything else has been fine with me so far ! the only problem that we for sure know of is DH has low motility ... So if I check out good, then we will probably try a round of IUI. ... I am also seeing a tcm and have treatments once a week. Yep I am VERY Obsessed and try everything haha ... Thank you for replying.

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Indie: omg, I think your symptoms sound so promising . . . I'd love to have a uterine sensation!!  Don't you lose hope at 9DPO - that's just so early!! Somehow I managed to not test this morning . . . I think I'll hold out for Friday but maybe not because then I'll just have a crappy day at work if BFN. Bah. I am also in FULL BLOWN obsessive mode, which also makes my brain hurt. DH kept asking me if I was OK last night because I was SO quiet. Just sitting there rapid-firing searches into Google on this and that pregnancy-related matter, and I just couldn't relax! Obsessed is seriously my middle name. I told DH this morning that I seriously worried for my mental health. I keep losing and then regaining hope, too. It's a wild ride. Haha, give us our babies!!! You totally made me LOL too, because I can't stop touching my BBs! I look like such a weirdo! Yesterday at lunch my friend and I were talking about all this (she's currently 4 months pregnant) and I was telling her that I really don't have as much BB tenderness as usual, which is sort of deflating me, and while we were talking I kept grabbing them to make a point and then realized, um, hello, we are sitting outside on a patio on a very busy street with lots of passerbys . . . maybe I should stop grabbing myself?! I totally get it. I wish mine were as sore as yours - it would give me more hope!


Sherry: You don't lose hope either . . . maybe your body is just working up to O late! I swear, before I was doing Clomid, I think I would miss my surge entirely because I wouldn't be BDing every other day when I got to day 21-25 because I assumed I was out. I could be pregnant by now! So don't lose hope, and BD!!


Shell: Welcome! If I don't get a BFP this cycle, I'm going to have my HSG, which I suppose would just be in a couple weeks. I worry about bad news, too. We're all in this together though - hang in there!


AFM: Well, yesterday I was super tired, had to urinate a lot, was constipated and had a lot of back pain. I have a lot of creamy CM both yesterday and today. I felt super tired this morning. I think the back pain was due to the massage chair I was in on Saturday while getting a pedicure. Still have it a bit today, but not as bad. I was rather hopeful about that symptom until I remembered about the chair.  Bah. Obsessing!! Tired! Already feeling a bit blue about a possible BFN and trying to snap out of it!

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Originally Posted by toothfairy2be View Post

...we have 3 days together in the next 2 weeks. Poor me. mecry.gif

Sorry to hear that. Bummer! ((hugs))


Originally Posted by CharleyInVT View Post


MsD: I have a lot of travel this year too – maybe even Europe twice for work and a 14 city tour in the US. I find myself in this sport every 2 years and I just don’t feel like I can stop now. I hate to keep saying this, but especially at my age. In 2010 when I had loads of travel too, we also didn’t try hard but didn’t prevent either. I figure if we actually, hopefully conceive that my client will understand why I can’t do the travel. Or maybe I can drive more, rather than fly. Now that my DH won’t be working for someone else full time, he will be able to travel with me and that will be wonderful. We think we can do my travel after the baby comes together. If your DH has had good SA results, why would your OBGYN suspect a blockage? Wouldn’t a blockage be evident in in the SA results?


DH's SA was in the lower-average range. I guess blockage is a common issue with men over 35, so it was suggested to check it next. I did recently read an on-line article stating it is fairly common and I believe it's an easy thing to correct. I haven't done any research yet.

bebelove - you mentioned age being an issue, I just wanted to give you some hope... I was 41 when I had my first. We are having issues TTC#2 (which brought me here).


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Hello again

it sounds like we are ALL obsessing today...except toothfairy- she is tough like that.  I am home today- it would have been better to work- i am so obsessed- i need to go back to the beach!! i hardly thought of it at all. 


Ms.d and shell good to see you!!! 


Haha LADIES let go of your breasts!!! you will make them sore! i check by briskly tromping down the stairs and seing if it hurts. 


I will be hsg-ing after AF.  It is my second.  I always say- take advil- 3 of them half hour before- take benadryl also- and focus on the fact that your tubes will probably be clear AND it will increase your odds for a few months! 


It hurts like a contraction but only lasts about 30 seconds.  I have 1 blocked tube and they really pushed the dye hard.  That didn't hurt just the passing through the cervix part. 


surgery and hsg's all around huh?  we are getting busy- now lets get down to business!!!


Ms.d.  that is good and inspiring news as i am approaching that number myself.  I have delived plenty of people from the ages of 35-45...but somehow now that i'm in this boat myself it seems somewhat hopless.




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PS re: the google fear- sometimes after i post whats going on in AFM- then google a similar situation- my own post comes up in my search results....yikes!

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Scenic Route Ladies, I need some quick advice please. Sorry I don't have time for personals - but I love all the symptoms reporting! I say squeeze away!


So as you all know, I have my polyp removal / tube removal / endo removal lap on Friday. I've been taking a low dose BCP to prevent my period from coming - to make sure nothing gets in the way of the surgery. You also know that I've been spotting. Well, it seems that my body is really struggling to have a full on period. Last night and today I've had heavier bleeding (not as heavy as a true period) and some mid-sized clots. I'm so afraid that my doctor won't do the surgery if I'm bleeding too much and since our insurance is expiring, I don't have time to reschedule.


Do you think it would be wise to double up on the pill tonight and tomorrow night and Thursday night? would this help stop the bleeding? I know next to nothing about the BCP and I'm afraid to call my RE's office for fear they will cancel or make me drive in again. I asked my mother about it, and she said no, to just let my body do what it wants. My husband also said he didn't think it was a good idea. And then I thought to myself, WHAT DO THESE PEOPLE KNOW?!?


So I'm asking you, Wise Ladies of MDC what you think.


All opinions and ideas welcome.


Thank you!

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oh charley i wish i knew more about this... i hope sherry checks in since she can give you a nursing perspective. my only thought is that i don't see why being on your period would be a bad thing. i know the prescribe bcps in order to keep your lining thin... i can't imagine that aftertaking them all this time you have a thick lining? but this is totally guessing on my part. sherry! we need sherry!
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I would say the pill was to keep you from ovulating. I would not double the pill more than once. You dont want to increase your risk of stroke or a clot before surgery. Take 600 mg of ibuprofen every four hours with food around the clock for the next two days. That should really suppress it. If they need to- but i dont see why. They can always do a d&c during surgery.
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If it starts dont tell them til the braclet is on! Then they are unlikely to resched for their convenience.
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Thank you Indie! Thank you Sherry - cute new pic, by the way!


I won't double up at all I guess. I am just so anxious that nothing go wrong this time! At least nothing I can control. This spotting/bleeding for 34 days straight is for the BIRDS! It is so awful. Plus, I feel like I have PMS symptoms, which I normally never have! No cramps, no strong emotions, no back ache or crankiness for me usually, but whoa nelly, have I been out of control lately. There was a stray cat in the parking lot at the hospital and the guard told me he calls Animal Control on it everyday, and no one ever comes to get him and I got so upset that I cried through most of my appointment this morning. I even got a nose bleed. And one of the nurses - she did my EKG and drew blood, told me all about how awful it is to have kids and how she wouldn't do it again. She asked if I had kids and I said no. Then later in the conversation she asked what my surgery was for and I told her I needed to have some work done before I could TTC and she said, "Oh! Good luck! Having babies is wonderful!" More tears from me! And when I got back out to the parking lot there was a young girl trying to catch the cat to take it home and that made me cry some more!




Extra hormones - BE GONE unless you're accompanied by a sweet, sweet BFP. I'm sure I'll cry then too.


Thanks again ladies. I'm so glad I have this board.




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ummm, charley? you sure your not preggers? nose bleeds? cryings spells? you might wanna take an hpt just to be sure smile.gif
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Ha Ha Indie! I think you just want me to join in on the TWW with you! biggrinbounce.gif


I'm positive I'm not. No sex in well over a month - at least not the kind that makes a baby - thanks bleeding! And, I've had about 34739468734658346 blood tests the past 6 weeks, so I'm sure it would have popped up. But I'll take one just in case tonight.


Wouldn't t be nice though?


I think I'm just exhausted as one big work project comes to a close, our move gets closer and as the lap nears. Is a nose bleed a symptom? Maybe I can pseudo obsess along with you ladies! Instead of a sympathy pregnancy, I'll do sympathy symptoms! ROTFLMAO.gif

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Bfn with a dollar tree test. I'll check again tomorrow am. This is perhaps the only time in my 30's that a bfn isn't crushing me.
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Hey, everyone!


Charley: I agree not to double the pills more than once.  Good idea with the Ibuprofen and not saying anything until the bracelet is on (or better yet, NOT AT ALL!). I'll be thinking of you and sending you lots of luck!


So I am freaking out and I'm not sure if it's in a good way or bad one. I just got home from work and I use the restroom and wipe, and see a very faint bit of brown tint on the toilet paper. So faint I have to make sure it's not just a shadow. So either it's implantation spotting or I do indeed have a luteal phase defect and all these months of trying has been for nothing. If it's a LPD I'm so frustrated with my RE because he has never taken this concern seriously! Oh please, please, please be implantation spotting! I'm about to cry because I'm so scared it's an early period. I'm only 8-9DPO.

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Charley i think the bcps are to avoid ovulation so you arent possibly preggo or cancel last minute bc you ovulated and 'accidently' had sex around then. KWIM? My friend had her lap CD1 so no worries. Why wouldnt they start you on bcps CD1 to avoid so long on them that youd get breakthrough bleeding? Sorry your nurse was a jerk and about the kitty... You had a rough day, hope youre relaxing & snuggling your hubby.

I'm a boob squeezer... Thats funny to type out, but I am. It has never meant anything... Different strength and frequency every month, sometmes including sore nipples at different stages... Always the same result. I'm convinced that means when i am preggo they wont hurt at all...

Shell- good luck! I had one in sept and another 2 weeks ago, the first was like sherry described, 30 seconds of sharp cramps... The second time I was sedated for my lap but i saw the video (from the inside)... So cool. Do you want to join us... We are like the unlucky one thread, hehe but we love eachother and you couldnt ask for better support.

Sherry- im only not posting because i was at work- boo hoo. I dont have anything to obsess about right now. Your vacation sounds amazing but I'm so glad you are back!
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