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BeBe: Wonderful news about your tubes! Yay! Yay! Yay! Now if you can find out about possible endo, you'll be all set - of course that is if you don't get a BFP next month - which I hope you will. joy.gif


I didn't mean to imply that overall, I am not feeling positive. True, I am very tired of feeling unwell and yes, I want this part of my personal path to be over as soon as possible. But overall, I am very glad that I have the opportunity to take care of this now, at this stage in the game. I am very grateful to have a wonderful doctor and I'm glad to be on the mend. I just wish I was mending faster/easier or didn't even need to mend at all. Know what I mean? But since I do have to get well, I would love for it to be an easier process.


I am very much looking forward to our move and our big lifestyle changes. I am excited and hopeful to get the energy I need to begin packing and sorting and to keep up with my new life. While I wouldn't have chosen this for myself, I am thankful that I have so many resources, such a supportive and kind spouse and such strong foundations in my career, my family, my marriage and even my own self worth.


I'm 100% ready for blue skies, green grass and green trees, flower gardens, farmers markets, covered porches and long walks with my dogs. I am so ready for fresh food, open windows, night breezes, new neighbors and new towns and places to explore. I'm ready to DTD for both pleasure and for baby making. I want that 2WW and all that comes with it. I'm even going to temp and chart!


Now if I could just stop puking and seizing up in pain, I'd be all set! Ha ha. I am so ready for that beautiful baby!



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Charley, you are amazing! I'm so excited for your new adventure. I miss New England in many ways, and I think your new life is going to be such a wonderful change of scenery and pace! You are really an inspiration! I loved your comment about night breezes. :)


You know, I really don't think I have endo. I think the spotting is more likely PCOS and low progesterone secondary to Clomid. But I guess I'll find out more this cycle, since I finish my last dose of Femara tonight!

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Bebe-i'm so glad you were all open & the hsg was pain free!

Charley- i have so much to add but it is too hard from my Ipad. I honestly don't know what your setbacks are... The estradiol could be causing the seizing/cramping and I'd put money on it causing the excess CM since estrogen causes CM production. The vomiting worries me just because if you aren't on any painkillers I don't know the cause... Could also be the estradiol I suppose. I hope you're finding things to eat and keep down. Hormones can cause all those things so I'd search reactions to estradiol and see what you find. You will feel better, I promise. You had a much more in depth surgery than me so it is hard to compare. When did you start the estrodiol in comparison to these new symptoms? I'm glad your appt is soon, you need some answers!
Thank you so much for keepng us in your prayers, I appreciate it more than I can explain. Good news today for my nephew at her specialist u/s, tomorrow they pick a tentative evacuation date at her OB.
I'd love to be a doula but it wouldn't work at all with my current job. Sad face.

Quick AFM- AF is on her way out. I took the Femara... Nothing else here. The cramps with my first AF were different than before, more an overall annoying just to the point of intolerable , i took tylenol twice in 3 days...but not doubling over tear your eyes out back is breaking legs are numb cramps like before.
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Good Afternoon!!! Sorry It has been a while since I have been on... I was stalking though (giggle) I haad to get over my down mood and sure didnt want to bring anyone down with me!!


bebe: I am taking 500 mg of B-6 along with my prenatal pill .. YAAY FOR OPEN TUBES!!! So very happy for you!!!! baby dust all over you!! goodvibes.gif


Indie: Sorry about AF ( I just hate her sometimes) but Here is to a fresh Start!!! blowkiss.gif


Sherry: I soooo Feel like you are the one to get a BFP this month!! goodvibes.gif



Gtree: When I get to go to my RE I am going to beg for anything under the moon to get me preggers!! lolhappytears.gif


Charley: My Husband is taking a multi vitamin for men, acetyl L-carnitine 400 mg , Linsinopril for blood pressure and simvastatin for cholesterol... the last 2 i googled and they actual help improve motility !! My birthday is September 24th and I will be the Big 40 ... UGH even though I tell everyone I am 38 LOL My granny passed away at 76 and we all thought she was 75 because she lied all those years hahaha I guess that year makes a difference some how! ... I have been thinking about you and I pray that your feeling better flowersforyou.gif


Toothfairy: So Glad your cramps were not bad this month !! What does Femara do? is it better than Clomid? I am just curious as to what to ask my RE for.


AFM: So My Daughter did not make the cheer squad greensad.gif That was a horrible day and the day before her birthday too !! My heart literally breaks for her... so we are joining a Gym and she will do Tumbling and get practise and blow everyone away next year!! I have not found out the solid results on my HSG yet... My Doctor appointment is the 30th so I have another week till I find out the results and what we are going to do about them! She is also going to give me a referral to a RE that she likes. I am on CD 16 and just ovulated yesterday... I got a positive OPK and today my temp went up.. and I felt a lot of ovulation pains on my right side joy.gif So HOPEFULLY we got it!! lol DH came home late from work so I waited all day and attacked him when he got home, afterwards I layed on my bed with 3 pillows under me to elevate my cervix for a hour before using the resstroom. we used a little pre-seed to help the swimmers along as well. That is a late ovulation for me though ... Because My cycle on last 25 days ... Do you think that the HSG test had anything to do with that? I really hope that this is my month!! I say this every month LOL but since the hsg and I felt strong cramping on my right side... this is a good sign!. Now i guess I am in the horrible 2 ww ... On Other news I might start working at MY Dh office part time.. that will be great! extra money and spend more time with him...Well I have a friend coming over to model one of my dresses for my beach collection ... Bye for now!

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I'll come back for personnals tomorrow, just wanted to pop in.


Anyone else in the DC area? I am thinking about doing the Walk for Hope for Infertility Awareness. There is also one in Atlanta, GA this weekend. The DC one in June 9th which happens to be when I am in MD with my mom. I feel like it is meant to be.

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Hi everyone,
Quick note- havent been feeling well. AF came sunday- early, thank God. Im having a CT scan today and an hsg Monday
. Be back soon for more...
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I'm Sorry Sherry greensad.gif I really thought you were!!  Good Luch on the ct scan and hsg !!! clean open tube wishes to you!


I went to my tcm today ... had my accupuncture.. and I got put on a no salt diet for 25 hours! IT IS SO HARD! for 1 I am addicted to salt... and everything has salt in it.. UGH did you know that even lettuce has salt in it?? So I am restricted to fruit , plain rice, and plain natural cooked meat. no seasonings , no butter , no cheese .. very bland foods ugh... thank goodness I love fruit lol I will definitley be going to bed early tonight and sleeping late tomorrow.. I will just sleep away this diet hahaha... I hope everyone is well.... sure has been awful quiet latley

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Hey, everyone!


Just thought I'd pop in really quick to give an update (I should be packing!). I saw my old RE today, who did an U/S on CD9 (Femara CD3-7) and I have four promising follicles! So that's the good news. The bad news is that he wants to do a trigger, but I'm going to be out of town. So . . . unless ovulation holds off until when I'll see him again on Monday, I'm going to have to hope things happen naturally! I was getting +OPKs before with Clomid, so I can't rely on a +OPK to mean that I had a good ovulation. If I do get a positive over the weekend, I'm going to ask him for a CD21 progesterone check.  Anyways, that's the news! I'm also feeling quite under the weather, so temps have been weird and now we're off to DH's reunion this weekend. I'm going to be one tired girl when we get home on Sunday!


Toothfairy: How'd you do on Femara? I had some nausea the last couple of days . . . I'm not sure if it's related. How about you? When will you have an U/S?


Shell: So I just read in one of my fertility books last night about taking 500mg of B6 like you are, but most people only take 50-100mg. Hmm -- why is that I wonder? I'm only taking 50mg, so perhaps I need a much bigger dose? Good luck with no salt - I agree, so hard!  . . . and who knew about the lettuce?! I really want to go back for some TCM! SO excited for your TWW!!! It all sounds so promising!


Sherry: Will be thinking of you! Hope the HSG goes well. I'm looking forward to your update!


Indie: Hey cycle buddy - where are you?



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Tomorrow is my day.  I am nervous and excited.  9:30am - 11:30am.  thumbsup.gif


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ohmygoodness i feel sooo out of the loop! the past two weeks have been so busy (why can't life be that busy during the 2ww??) and i am feeling very neglectful when it comes to this thread!


bebelove: cycle buddy!! yay for open tubes!!! and for good looking follies!! i'm assuming your dh will be going out of town with you, so trigger or no trigger... you should be good to go!!


gtree: post post post!! sending you lots of good RE vibes!! :)


sherry: good luck with the hsg and what is this ct scan about?? i'm feeling so lost. i need to spend some time reading back through the posts to see what i've missed!


toothfairy: if i was in the dc area i would totally do that walk with you! let us know how it goes!


shell: i'm so excited for you!! hope you and dh caught that egg!


charley: i loooooved your last post! you have so much to look forward to with this move! nothing like a nice, fresh change of scenery!


did i get everyone? pearlina, msd... hope all is well!


afm: cd 10 today. started with the digital opks this morning. going to poas twice a day until i get that smiley face. i've been bad about temping so far.... my schedule has been really screwed up but i am determined to get down to business starting tomorrow a.m. i really have no idea when to expect to ovulate. i've traditionally been between cd11 and cd13 non medicated but seems like i'm cd13 - cd 15 medicated. upped my femara dosage this cycle so i don't know if/how it will make a difference when it comes to O day. i always get nervous before O. bah.


if we could be so blessed as to catch the egg this month... then we would have an anniversary baby. man... that would be the coolest.



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Hey everyone. I am so behind too.

Bebe- yay for clear tubes and hopeful follicles. Enjoy your get a way.

Gtree i hope its going well.

Everyone else seems to be lining up in the right direction.

CT was for r side and general pelvic pain....and being sick as can be...not sure why. Uterus appears pushed left...and right tube looks stretched and swollen....not a good sign. I have a long long drive 'home' and back this weekend....i am in serious dread if it, but plans have been made. HSG Monday morning when i get back. I don't have much hope at this point so i'm easing into this ttc being over in my mind. If they are blocked i will probably go ahead with a lap to try to resolve whatever seems to hsve gone wrong in there.

I hope everyone has a great weekend. It sounds like everyone is revving up to catch those eggs!!! Good luck, my prayers and hopes for you all!!!

I wont have steady wifi or internet to post over the weekdnd so i'll let you know how it went in monday....Prayers to St. Anthony on my behalf are welcome...haha.
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I am actually posting from work because I am going to be out all night and for the next few days and must fill all of you in. 


SO. I was there for 3 hours.  RE is amazing.  AMAZING.  They asked if some medical students could be in on my exam and I said heck no.  I don't want more people looking at my cervix than necessary. 


Bad news is that the RE thinks my thyroid is enlarged, so I have to go see another specialist for that.  I'm not too concerned and she wasn't either, but I am not looking forward to another doctor.


And then the ultrasound.  You were all completely right, it was not a big deal at all and I loved seeing my cute ovaries on the screen (even though I stand by my desire to NEVER want to see them in person).  Left ovary - 17 follicles WAHOO.  She had a hard time seeing the right ovary and couldn't zoom in, but saw at least 10.  That is TWENTY SEVEN minimum.  Good right? More than normal? Average? 


Next steps, Provera for 10 days.  Then I go on birth control (sigh) and have to get an HSG during my next cycle.  RE said that proceedure is very painful, but I have heard different reviews from all of you.  Still though, I am scared.  After those and other tests and that cycle is over, I get the shots and a trigger when the time is right.  I am not going to do the IUI for the first couple of cycles and try BD after the trigger shot.  What do all of you think about that? Should I just go straight to IUI?  Do my chances increase that much? It really just seemed like a 5% difference.


I did get in a fight with the nurse over IVF and triplets.  Appartently, they frown on triplets. 


So, I'm hopeful, but apprehensive and a little scared.  I'm just focusing on how happy I will be to get an O finally.  I am also extremely thankful for all of you and our forum here. 




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gtree!!!! YAY!! I am so glad they were thorough- don't listen to them about the HSG... your RE must be a man or if it is a woman she clearly hasn't had one. Why do they want you on BCP?? My HSG was just after AF and before O then I still got to have a chance that cyele. If you are going with injections I would go straight to IUI especially if you are paying out of pocket. One month on Gonal-F injections was $700 for us and that was on the miniumum dose. I would expect you will need a higher dose than I did since you aren't ovulating on your own. With that much spent I would say just do the IUI to get the best chances. Just my opinion, go with your heart.  I too am so thankful for you ladies, keeps me sane.


Sherry- good luck monday!!!


indie- are we around the same CD now? I am CD8 today... I am hoping for early O but who the heck knows. I O'd earlier on Femara than my norm... I hope you do too!


shelly- sorry to hear about your DD and the cheer squad, that must be hard on a kid :( Yay for good timing, I hope that is all you need with your clean tubes and all.


bebe- I can't remember if I ever said YAY for clear tubes.Did you do any meds this month??


AFM- I could only do a quick post because I need to pack... We are headed to Canada for the weekend, it is supposed to be cold cold cold.  Catch you on Monday!





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Can I vent a minute? I am so MAD, Hurt... every emotion you can think right now!!  Let me start by filling in first... I am 5'2 on a good day lol and I have always been supper skinny and never had to deal with gaining weight as a problem ... and if I did gain I could lose it like in a week! well the last year I have gained a nice 40 lbs :-( and no matter what I do I only lose like 5 and usually gain it right back... So that is the back ground... today I had a "friend" tell me that the reason why i am gaining weight and its hard to lose is because I am going through menapause!! WHAT??? I was like ummm no I am NOT!!! ( I did not tell her I am ttc) she was like "look your almost 40 and that is what happen to women our age" I said NOOOOOO women are age are still having children!! I have 5 friends that are pregnant or just had a baby!! She said well those women are not bright! .... It was then that I informed her I was trying and that hopefully i am pregnant NOW! she actually tried to talk me out of it... telling me my baby will have all these problems and I am selfish... I told her conversation over and I was done! She is not a friend!! .... I just wanted to vent... why are some people so mean and insensitive? EEERRRGGGG

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gtree - i'm curious why you are going on bc as well... i would call and double check with them about doing it right after you finish your period, that's pretty standard procedure. of course, they may have a hard time scheduling that way and that might be why they want you to do bc. but it wouldn't hurt to ask! i'm so glad everything went well and i think it's hilarious that you saw your ovaries! ha! there's a lot more of that coming your way! of course, hopefully you will get pg this next cycle and not have to go through much more ovary viewing... but even if you get pregnant you won't escape the vaginal ultrasound! those things just never go away! i'm excited for you! the ball is rolling now!


toothfairy - looks like we are in the same vicinity cycle-wise! cd 12 for me today. hope you are having a fabulous time in canada. cold weather sounds nice, especially since we are headed into months of heat!


shell - what a biatch! seriously, some people just get their information through myths and folklore. i'm so sorry you had to deal with that! i know someone who has the same sort of mentality. she had her kids in her early 20's and i can tell that she thinks i have a long shot of getting pregnant at 36! luckily for me, she keeps her mouth shut about it. i just picked up on her thoughts through questions and comments. it really does mess with your head though, right?  i'm glad you shut her down. for her to continue going on about it after finding out you were ttc was just rude and well, RUDE.


sherry - hope you are having safe travels.


bebelove - how's it goin' cycle buddy??


afm: ugh. pin pointing ovulation and timing bd is such a chore! i did three opks yesterday (last one at 6pm and they were all negative). then the one i did this morning there was a smiley face. but i also had a giant temp dip! i did some googling and it looks like there are women who get their positive opk ON the day of ovulation not 24 to 48 hours before. i'm wondering if that is me? crap. we bd'd thursday night and then again this afternoon (had appointments in the a.m. and so we had to wait). i did another opk prior to bd'ing and it was negative (but i only held my urine for an hour and a half). so i'm starting to freak out that i O'd already and my timing is screwed up yet again. after having three possible O days last cycle... i just don't know what to think. i didn't do opks last cycle so at least i should be able to narrow it down better this cycle. what do you guys think? do you think it's possible to have a negative opk at 6pm last night and a positive one at 7:15 this morning (not first morning urine as i peed at like 3am) and have dropped an egg before bd'ing around 2:00 pm. today? yes, i know how crazy obsessive i sound. but good grief. i just realized today that i will be testing around mother's day! that happened last mother's day! i don't want another bfn on mother's day!! it's cruel!


ok, enough whining. hope everyone is having a great weekend!



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Indie - Hopefully you timed it right with the BD.  


Shell - Sorry you had to deal with that woman.  Over the past 5 years I have had people ask me when I am due.  I guess that is the opposite problem, but doesn't hurt any less.


Toothfairy - we miss you! Hope you are having a great time in Canada.  


Sherry - hope you are also having a good relaxing weekend.


Charley - How are you feeling?



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Hey, everyone! We're back from the trip, which was great, although I was sick the whole time :( Getting sick was bad timing for the weekend away and bad timing for getting pregnant!


So I've missed quite a bit here. Let me try to catch up.


Gtree, so happy your RE appt went well!! I knew it would. :) So I'd try a couple cycles on your own with doing a trigger, and then if it doesn't work out, I wouldn't hesitate to go to IUI. But like Toothfairy said, if insurance isn't covering any part of this, then cost is obviously a concern so I'd get right to it! I don't know how much chances improve with an IUI, however it is quite helpful if you have trouble with proper cervical mucus. Really don't worry too much about the HSG. Besides a small amount of discomfort  for a small amount of time (like 15 seconds), my HSG was a non-event. I think if the tubes are blocked it is a bit worse, but since mine weren't, it was easy. Hope it's easy for you, too!


Toothfairy: Hope you had a great weekend in Canada (and that you stayed warm!). :)


Shell: I'm so sorry. People can be so unbelievably insensitive and rude! She does not sound like a friend at all. I hope you've had some more positive and supportive with real friends since then! At least we're here and we understand.


Indie: Hi cycle buddy! I'm CD13 today. So you got a smiley face? Well at least you got it! If you BD'd that afternoon, I'd say your chances are very good! I wouldn't worry about the -OPK after the +OPK. They are very finicky! It's definitely not an exact science. I hear you -- all the ovulation tracking, POASing . . . it's exhausting.


AFM: Well, we're back from our trip, and it was so great to catch up with all of our friends. But I was sick the whole time, which was a shame. I'm still fighting it -- very nasty sinus infection. It's made BDing not so pleasant. ;) But also, I think it's messing with my ovulation. No +OPK yet, and absolutely NO cervical mucus. Like none. I got a little bit yesterday morning, and was excited - like yes! It's happening! But now nothing. I'm supposed to go to old RE in the morning for yet another U/S. I ended up not doing the trigger over the weekend due to the complexity of everything (can I take it on the plane? how will I keep it cold?), so I just said forget it and hoped to either ovulate on my own or hold out until Monday when I see old RE tomorrow. So I suppose we'll see what happens in the morning! I'm worried the trigger is going to make me feel terrible. Anyway, that's the update! I was feeling so hopeful on Wednesday with my four nice big follies, and now I think getting sick has screwed everything up. Wah!!



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awww bebelove, so sorry you were sick on your trip! i'm hoping that you will find out from your RE today that you haven't surged yet and you will get that trigger and this will be your month! or that you get your positive opk today and you can start getting busy for reals. i haven't heard anyone say that a trigger made them feel sick/bad... maybe just sore.


afm: 2 dpo today. my chart looks very much like i O'd on cd 12 (same day as positive opk) but who knows. last month it looked like O was on cd 13 (according to advanced settings and corresponding with the most obvious temp drop/temp rise) but that either wasn't the case or i had a 15 day lp which is odd for me. however, this time around my temp drop and subsequent temp rise were the most dramatic i've ever seen. the drop on cd12 was by .5 and the rise on cd13 was by .8 and my temp stayed up today. tomorrow's temp will give me crosshairs.  my cm has definitely changed to non-fertile. if cd 12 was definitely O day then my chart looks good for bd as well... i got both two days prior to O AND O day. i'm just pray pray praying we got it this month.


upside: no more holding my pee for opks

downside: 2ww obsessing has commenced.


post post post!


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Just a quick little note and I will be on here after my obgyn appointment... My temp dropped today from 98.33 yesterday to 97.93 greensad.gif I am 7dpo so I am losing hope for this month I have also been crampy the last 3 days ,,,,  I guess I will be visiting a RE soon! I cant wait to find out my hsg results today , and get a definite answer on my left tube... I will fill everyone in soon ... sorry so short I was so sad that my temp dropped and I needed to release my feelings.

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Well sitting in the waiting room for hsg thinking of you all...my ttc Yata sisters..thank you all for being there it makes me feel somehow stronger and ok to know there are a scattering of women out there who understand and support. I feel less alone, even if not very hopeful at this moment. I will update later of course...all prayers, positive thoughts and crossed fingers are gladly welcome...and well...just thanks for being there.
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