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Personals soon -


Sherry I am thinking about you and sending those prayers, positive thought and my fingers, eyes and toes, and legs are all crossed for you.


xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx <---- those are all my crosses. I'll light a candle for you right now. Sending you energy, light, luck and love.

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sherry! looking forward to your update. Still keeping you in my thoughts and prayers constantly!


shell - implantation dip?? let us know what more you find out about your hsg. you are on my mind as well.


charley - look forward to hearing more from you.


gtree and bebelove... hoping to hear from you ladies today, too!

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Hello everyone. Sorry I’ve been so absent – you won’t believe this, but I had a relapse of feeling good and almost went to the emergency room this weekend. I’m feeling better now, but man, I can’t take much more of this. I need to get well and stay well. It’s only been 2.5 weeks since my surgeries, but I feel like enough is enough already.


BeBe: I’m glad you don’t think you have endo and that you’re HSG went well.  You have an RE appointment today? Did your O hold off so you could do a trigger shot today? I’m so sorry to read that you too are under the weather – what’s going on with our group? Maybe we’re virtually spreading a little unwellness virus around amongst us. What fertility books do you have? I’m sorry you were sick on your trip. I’m carrying hope for your follies! How did the US look today?


TF2B: How was your trip? Did you O? Interesting to know that your cramps were different post surgery.  You were right about the estriodol and the CM. I should have put that together myself. But seriously, this CM is the stuff that dreams are made of. If the side effects weren’t so crazy, I’d try to stay on it. I’m glad your sister had some good news – what’s the date? Still praying for them.


Shell: Are you a virgo? Are you a designer? The no salt day sounds so hard! While we don’t salt most of the meals we make, we do use salt on certain things, like fresh mozzarella and popcorn. I can’t imagine trying not to eat it in foods where it already is. I hope you got lots of rest! Sorry your “friend” was such a jerk. Don’t give up! She sounds a lot like my father – he would not be supportive of us getting pregnant. He also brings up birth defects related to my age. My younger sister was very sick her whole life and I know my dad blames himself for it – and he thinks that if he could do it all again he wouldn’t – so he encourages me to not want to have a baby “so late in life”. Bear in mind he started talking to me like this when I turned 30.


Sherry: I’m so sorry you haven’t been feeling well and I’m so sorry that I can relate. I’m hoping that what you saw during your CT was just a fluke. Maybe you had a tiny infection or something causing that pain and dislocation. I’m anxiously awaiting your HSG results. I know that we all have to do what we have to do, but I am not ready for you to ease into ttc being over. Maybe all of this will make your DH more sympathetic to IVF or other action.  


Gtree: I am thrilled that you liked the new RE. I always say yes to students even though I don’t want too. Next time I’ll follow your lead. In fact, I think that may be why my throat hurt so much after my lap – because I said yes to allowing a EMT newbie to inserting my tube. They said they need to practice on people of different sizes and since I’m a bigger girl, I felt like I should say yes. Why the BC? I hated it. I spotted every single day – next time I would ask for a higher dose.  I’m pro triplets, and I hope you get ‘em! I hope you O soon. TF2B is right  HSG is no-thing!


Indie: I feel out of the loop too. I just haven’t been able to read everyday, let alone write. I feel lucky to just be awke most of that time. Ha ha. An anniversary baby would be awesome – it’s our anniversary this Saturday! I take OPK’s allthrought the day and never hold my urine. I had a negative in the am and afternoon once and then a similey face in the evening and I had another positive the next morning – that was when we did the IUI cycle. I’m going to start temping so I can see the rise or dip and if it corresponds with the OPKs. Do not take your test on Mother’s Day – do it the day after.


AFM: Still sick-ish as I said above. We are packing now – I am supposed to pack the whole house before Saturday and I don’t know if it’s possible with my lifting restrictions, which I feel I need to honor. Yesterday I lifted a lawn and leaf size garbage bag full of old clothes that maybe weighed 25 pounds and I felt it. I had mini spasms on my left side and I got really freaked out.  My husband understands and is sympathetic, but I think it must be so hard to do all of these things for me. Since my injuries or whatever I should call what is happening in my body aren’t visible it is so hard to keep reminding him that I need help. He works so hard and I have needed so much help these past two weeks. I am just not getting better. Maybe I need to give myself a break. Maybe 2 weeks isn’t enough time.


I have my post-op this Wednesday and I’m pretty excited about it. I’m also nervous because we moved up our moving date and my husband turned in his notice already and so GOODBYE INSURANCE! Sucks. I’m nervous about it. We changed our date due to a stupid trip – and now that seems like such a bad idea. We wanted my husband to be able to attend a big work event with me in NYC in June, and he couldn’t get the time off without using vacation time, and so we just thought, what the heck! Just turn in your notice early so you can come to NYC with me. Now I’m like, WHAT DID WE DO?


We have been DTD almost non-stop since last week and we are preventing. I’m too nervous about actually getting pregnant while I feel so awful. I want to know that my uterus is up to the job.


I guess I should get back to packing. I have so much work to do and I leave for VT for two weeks on Sunday. My time is so limited and I feel so mediocre – I keep needing to rest and that seems to stress me out too. What am I doing?


I know I sound so pathetic and hopefully I can up my game soon. I certainly don’t need to add temporary depression to my list of problems. Brother – get a hold of yourself Charley!


Lastly, I’m sending all of you good thoughts and my prayers. Maybe I should add myself to my positive prayer list, huh?

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Hey, loves!


Personals soon, but first quick question . . .


I saw old RE today, and I have a 22mm follicle on the right and a 26mm follicle on the left (26?!). It's weird that I haven't ovulated yet, no? At least I haven't got a +OPK. So he wants me to trigger tonight (nervous!). Here's my question - If I did already ovulate or will ovulate sometime today, and then I trigger tonight, am I messing anything up? I need to consult some medical texts, but thought first who better to ask than you! Also, do you think it's weird that I haven't ovulated on my own yet?

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bebelove: hopefully toothfairy will check in soon... i think she will be the best to weigh in on this... but for what it's worth, i did some googling and apparently triggers for clomid/femara cycles should happen between 17-26mm follicle size - so it sounds like you are good to go!! as for the surging on your own pre trigger... don't know about that. but you aren't doing an iui right? i *think* worst case scenario would be it messing with the timing of ovulation but as long as you have your bd bases covered i'd think you'd be ok... but maybe call your Re for. peace of mind? so excited!!

charley: i can't believe you almost went to ER! poor thing! and the. moving on top of it all... yikes. i'm glad you are being careful and not doing too much. i know what you mean about how hard it is when the injuries aren't visible... you WILL feel better eventually. hang in there!
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Bebe i have to back to work in 2 mins but wanted to chime in- i have no idea! I always wanted to know but couldnt get a straifht answer from my RE. They always did bloodwork to check for lh surge, but i was never sure if it was close what would happen. I say trigger. It was a nonevent for me like the hsg. Just a little pinch, never even bruised! Be back lter!
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hi everyone.


Bebe- yay! wow "what Nice Follies you have"...the better to bfp with....GO TRIGGER!!! It sounds like everything is lining up hopeful for you!  I'm so glad your tubes were clear.  I agree with Indie on Follie size, but i don't know about trigger after you O- perhaps it will release MORE- like 2-3- triplets anyone?


Indie- 2ww.  wooo hoooo- you are the pack leader!  I hope you get an anniversary baby.  It's funny how we do that.  Saturday was DH's birthday.  If I got pregnant when I o'd on my birthday (july)my due date would have been his bd. 


gtree- i'm glad your ovaries are cute.  when is your hsg.  I think I might iui depending on the cost- 5% sounds good to me...i am praying for your O.  I hope the cycle regulation - provera bcp- goes smooth and gets you back on track.


tf2b- are you cd12?  gearing up for O- i like the sound of your af symptoms.  I am glad your feeling relief after the surgery.  sister update?


Shell- you have had a trying month.  I hope you get good news today.  Your friend sounds like one of those poisonous naysaying ignorant experts!!!! and jealous- "Perimenopause" is often considered to start at 35.  in maternity we call anyone over 34- advanced maternal age.  It simply means that the body is maturing.  Kind of like prepubescence- wishy washy terms.  Changes DO occur- metabolism- weight gain- changes in hormonal levels.  Our bodies age- but that means nothing. We can accept that and even embrace it and look at the challenges we DO face.  it IS harder to concieve.  However since you and I both have children- we can rule out many of the things that prevented us from primary conception.  SO SO SO many women have perfectly healthy pregnancies into their 40's including both of my grandmothers.  I think of the harder time i have now controlling my weight as not my fault.  If i wasn't aware of the changes in my body and metabolism i would probably be very frustrated with myself- and feel like a failure- but i know it is just the progression of my body and how it works.  It has also helped me to seek answers differntly than if i was 29.  I know to look/ask about metformin- pcos, thyroid, androgen levels- etc.  I had weight gain- acne(!) and a general tired feeling.  I am glad i addressed it.  I always tell my daughters if someone acts like that- so negative- it probably means you have something they want and can't have- so they are just trying to make themselves feel better.  Feel sorry for them- and if they keep going- say " i'm sorry that something is wrong in YOUR life that is making you feel so negative" 

I AM sorry about your daughters cheer leading disappointment- but glad she isn't letting it slow her down.  It sounds like she has much success in other arenas!!!  My youngest DD is such a Diva- fashonista- i don't know what to do with her.  She would love to do modeling - etc.  The rest of my kids were into music and sports -so i wouldn't even know where to begin.

Again- i am hoping for good news for you today!!!!


Charley- wow!  you have a lot going on!!!! i sure hope you keep feeling better and better!  You need to be strong and energized.  Especially for a trip to NYC!! haha right- did you mention you lived here before? 


afm- a big fat I DON"T KNOW.  i have had tons of r sided pain- looking at my ct scan my uterus was pushed to the left a bit and my r tube looked- well- very chubby and dilated.  The difference could be that the left side is withered looking from being closed.  my right ovaries was also way off to the side and kind of high up.  DH called the radiologist today to have him review it and he doesn't see anything markedly abnormal but i don't have previous films to compare to.


HSG- well- my uterus filled- more dye- no tubes MORE DYE- very uncomfortable- turn right turn left- TONS of pressure- then the screen looked like the right side passed die and had spillage but it was hard to tell.  it also looked like it went half way up on the left where before there was absolutley nothing on the left.  DH says- it could either be he flushed the right tube out OR that he pushed hard enough that some die flowed into the atreries and looked that way.  since i was busy deep breathing and rolling i didn't see the action- SO i am waiting- like everyone else has to do for the results.  I was so sure that it would be blocked that i didn't schedule an re visit. or take the clomid... hmmmm but now i am supposed to have an US.  so i have to see if i can get in then fess up.


in other news- my af was 8 DAYS LONG AND AWFUL!!!!  it is usualy 3day max.  i am now way too afraid of the prometrium.  I'm not sure that makes sense- but....


So i'll post if i hear official results tonight- for now i am taking my crampy tired dye leaking self to the grocery and to pick up DD from school- ugh what a day.





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Sherry : Prayers for your test results ... Sorry you had such a horrible af  :-(


Charley: No I am a Libra and I am a dental Hygentist ;-) lol I only had to do the no salt thing for 25 hours after accupunture ... I would not survive if I had to go longer UGH that was hard!! I am so sorry your still feelimg bad, and depression usually comes along with surgery ... and with wanting a baby I bet its doubled!! I will pray for you that you start feeling better soon! Good Luck on your trip... I would LOVE to go to NY... Ive never been.


Bebe: How exciting!! I woul trigger (even though I am not familiar with this term yet) haha But I would do whatever my RE say's cause that is there business. GOOD LUCK I feel good about this for you. :-)


Indie: How are you feeling? any 2 ww symptoms yet... UGH I have them all I wonder if they are all in my head ,cause I want it so bad... lol


gtree : Looks Like I will be going the IUI root as soon as I can also :-/ I wish it would have come natural so i could have used that money for the nursery.


toothfairy : how are things?


AFM : I got my hsg results and the right tube is OPEN and clear :-) .... The bad news is that the dye went all the way up my left tube bu didnt spill out so I have a blockage :-( Also I have some scaring in my uterus... So she has referred me to a RE .. I called to Schedule my RE appointment asap and they are booked and cant get me in till the 22nd of may ! ... She did give me all the papers for the hsg test , and my Dh's SA... She seemed to not know how to read all the HSG results so I will be curious to know what the RE says about them...all in all at least I have some kind of answer... as for my mood... I am feeling down .. with the temp drop this morning and still feeling crampy and then the dr. telling me she thinks I will need a iui to get pregnant , just a crappy kinda day... I went to lunch with my mom and we went to Target and looked around and I of course wondered into the baby section and my mom said "we dont have one yet , so dont torture yourself by looking" I find it more therapy than torture but oh well... then I came home and I was so tired I had to take a nap (unusual for me) before I picked up dd from School... I am actually still tired YAWN its 7 DPO this is sheer torture waiting ... I am testing Friday!! I hope Af doesnt show her ugly self and I have a beautiful bean getting ready to bloom... I sure do feel like I need a miracle at this time. here is DH sperm analysis report well the abnormals anyway ... he scored a 48 on Motility and 20 on progressive Motility ... anyone have thought on that?

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Shell-Too funny- I am a dental hygienist too!

I still dont have the time to write personals, i'm on my ipad... Canada was amazing, just amazing. We didn't deny ourselves anything... Some of which I'm paying for now, haha. We needed the break though, everything cost a fortune but it was so worth it.. I'm CD12, no real EWCM yet so I'm hoping DH can come home Thursday so we have a chance...
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Indie: Welcome back to the TWW, friend! Can you believe we're here again already? Your chart and BDing sounds like a very promising start to a BFP!


Shell: I'm so sorry about the temp drop. Ugh - this is so darn hard, isn't it? But don't give up until AF arrives! I'm so sorry to hear about one of your tubes being blocked BUT, congrats on the other tube being wide open!! I'm sending you lots of luck that you are exhausted because you are about to get a BFP!!! :-) I hope you are right about me, too! I don't have anything useful to offer on DH's SA. When my DH got his, I had to consult some texts to really get an idea of what was what. Did they use Kruger Strict criteria?


Sherry: Hahaha - "what big follicles you have!" - ha. Hilarious. Here's hoping! Bring on the triplets! OK, maybe I should just wish for twins, but hey, I'll happily take what I get! Sorry the HSG wasn't easy, ugh. I'm hoping you get some good news! This is all so nerve-wracking. Also sorry about your terrible AF. You seriously deserve to do something nice for yourself!


Charley: Geez Louise -- sorry to hear about the relapse! Glad you're once again on the upswing though! Oh gosh, what fertility books do I not have? If it's not medical texts, then it's various popular fertility books ranging from traditional allopathic medicine to traditional chinese medicine. Of course, they all giving varying bits of information, but I thought I would post a couple section from one of my books that combines both. I think it will be helpful for the whole group, or at least give ourselves something more specific to focus on throughout the month. Stay tuned! I'm super excited for your move. Despite how difficult things have been, and how hard it still is right now, I know you are going to have the best luck when you get to VT! All that clean air, happy people and birds singing are going to do the trick! :) Jealous you're going to NYC -- we miss it so much! I can hardly watch a movie with scenes of Manhattan without getting all sappy.


Toothfairy: Thanks for the earlier chime in! You were right - it was a non-event! So glad you had a great trip, and that you didn't deny yourself anything. We all so deserve that! Hoping O holds off until Thursday for you and DH! I'm curious, do you ever get a trigger anymore? Why or why not?


AFM: So after posting to you guys earlier I saw a couple more patients and then was charting before lunch when I realized that I should do an OPK! As I was standing there waiting for the results, I just KNEW it was going to be positive. Of course it was completely positive. So I called RE at 11:30 and couldn't reach him, but left a message asking what I should do - trigger or no trigger? Fortunately he called me back in time and told me I should still trigger, so I ran up to the pharmacy, got it, injected in the bathroom and ran back to work! It was easy like Toothfairy said. RE told me that even if I ovulated prior to taking it that it wouldn't hurt anything, and it could only help. Of course now I have lots of back discomfort and general malaise. It definitely gives you pregnancy symptoms, but unless this is just completely in my head, I didn't expect to get them so soon! The good news is that I can't really obsess over symptoms, or be tempted to POAS early. The bad news is that I can't really obsess over symptoms, or be tempted to POAS early. ;)

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Hey everyone - thank you for all the support, friendship and laughs. I'm out. I wish you all the best and you remain in my thoughts and prayers.
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sherry, i don't know what to say. this wasn't the news i wanted to wake up to this morning :( i was hoping at the very least we would learn that you and dh decided to move towards IVF.i wish you much peace and healing and i know you are going to keep your sense of humor about you as you move into your next chapter. please check in, you have my personal contact info.


much love.


everyone else - i will be back later for more personals. 

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Oh Sherry. I'm sorry. Strength and hugs to you and Dh. I don't know what else to say. Will keep you in my thoughts. Hugs sweetie.
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Sherry, I'm thinking of you and sending you lots of love and support.

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Oh Sherry ....Dont give up!! look into TCM and other massage therapy for opening tubes.... I am so sorry, I feel like I am almost at my quitting point too and I dont want too!!... My thoughts and prayers are with you.

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I need some help !!!  My temp went back up today 98.19 and i stopped having cramping... but my breat still hurt ... so I squeezed my nipple today (I know LOL) and a liquid came out!!! OMG Do you think I might be pregnant??? I am only 8 dpo should I still wait till Friday to test? I have accupuncture tomorrow morning should I still go to that? EEEEK I am so excited ... I know that a little nipple discharge is not supposed to get me so excited but I cant help it!!

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bebelove: if i were you i would totally test with the trigger still in me so i could once again see two pink lines....sigh... oh how i want to see two pink lines!!! i'm very excited for you super ovulation :) i'm curious now that you got a positive opk on your own before the trigger... how long it will be until you O. i'm all obsessed with that now. i looked up charts where they only get a positive opk on the day the O... there seem to be lots of them. makes me feel better.


shell: don't you give up! i'm seriously expecting for a little time to pass and then sherry will be back announcing that she is moving forward with ivf! of course, everyone has to do what's right for themselves but i am soooooo going to miss sherry - don't you leave us, too!! how was your temp this morning?


toothfairy - so glad your trip went well!! hoping for a nicely timed bd for you and dh!


afm: 3dpo. got my crosshairs today. too early to symptom spot. still praying.

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shell!!! we cross posted! TEST!!!!! also, i heard that acupuncturist can tell by your pulse if you are pg? so i would still go... just let them know that you think you might be preggo.


ohmygod. TEST!!!!

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OMG I am so excited ... Ok I will go buy a test and test in the morning with the freshest pee :-) I have drank a lot of water today already.... I think I am just going to spend the rest of the day super happy that this might actually be a possibility!! :-)  THANK YOU I will be on here lurking after I pick up DD and go to wal greens for some test's !!

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Shell: OMG! test, Test, TEST! This is very exciting! An acupuncturist can totally tell in two seconds if you are pregnant, so definitely go to that, too! Keep us posted!


Indie: Believe me, it totally occurred to me to POAS just to see the two pretty pink lines, but then I thought it would depress me if I don't see it again in two weeks! I'm obsessed with how long it will take to O, too! My temp wasn't up this morning, but then again it's been all over the place this month anyway since I was sick and still am a bit sick . . . who knows. I did have some EWCM yesterday after getting my +OPK before the trigger, but none since then. Part of me was worried that somehow the trigger would mess things up since things were progressing so nicely without it, but then again, why did I not ovulate with a 26mm follicle?! Who knows. So a +OPK only on O day is a very good thing, isn't it? Or maybe I misunderstand? You mean that you don't get any warning from the time you get a +OPK until you actually ovulate? I hate that I would get like 4-5 +OPKs day after day around O time. Definitely not normal.


AFM: No crosshairs yet . . . wondering if temp will go up tomorrow. Bummed that I sneezed after BDing last night, lol. I think I might have shot it all out of there!

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