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Y ou're sensation may be affected up to a week afrer surgery. I am assuming they laser ablated the endo implants. You have burns in your pelvis that are healing, and probably starting to hurt. At least two weeks if not 6 until you should feel a more reliable sense of what the surgery accomplished. So a partial d&c. Going off the pill will give you a hormonal fluctuation that may mimic oms- that uterus just needs to cooperate and shed any lining that may be left. I hope it does, but hmmm.

I understand the impatience. I cant imagine taking a hiatus right now. Even though i thought i would this month.

If he goes I will follow him and be very grouchy!!!
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Sherry- I know, I cheated with the O thing. I am feeling like I didn't actually O though... I just don't feel like I did. I might actually whip out my thermometer for the morning to see if I've had a temp shift. My cervix was still HSO this afternoon and I was researching piroxicam, which I took last night thinking O was yesterday AM, and it can delay O... I called my RE to ask about failed trigger... but she said blah blah not a chance, take your prometrium as directed, blah blah. So not helpful. I am ready for a new doctor... I know they are just doing their job, but I feel like they are too 'cookie cutter' and won't consider things on a case by case basis. I hope DH knows what is good for him and shows up for BD this weekend!  Your adventure in the Dominican sounds crazy!! I am sooo not that exciting! Woohoo for right side domination!!! Grow strong little egg!


gtree- sorry your RE was a no go for metformin & I am hopeful that the clomid alone will do the trick. You can always try N-acetyl cystine which acts similar to metformin. Your trip sounds amazing, sad to be home, right?! Trash TV and puppy time sounds divine. My DH starts travelling in 3 weeks so I'll have plenty of time for bad TV soon!


Indie- thank you thank you for all your insight! I feel more understanding of what I am looking at, even if it sounds uncomfortable and a loooong time waiting. I hope AF comes soon- I agree it is nice to have Sherry's expertise,what would we do without her. I had to laugh at your anesthesia story, I remember feeling that way getting my wisdom teeth out! I've never  been under general anesthesia... kind of a scary thought. I really hope in the next few weeks you start feeling symptoms improve, what sherry says makes sense that while things are healing that may be the discomfort and no the endo. So excited for you to be moving forward, I'm glad to be on this journey with you.


AFM-  Triggered Saturday, IUI yesterday at 9 am. Still no O pains, finally feeling a little pelvic tightness tonight but keep getting like tingles around my ovaries... not sure if they didn't rupture and I feel cysts or it is just the fluid retained from rupture... I will never know since my RE's nurse basically blew me off when I called to say something doesn't seem quite right. Uh, I really am so glad to be moving on to someone new that knows my name and face and story and cares about me and DH as people, not just babymakers. I just don't feel like I O'd, I don't know what it is, just something feels not right. On the other hand I feel like I have cravings like I get after O and my nipples are really sore. I just don't want to start progesterone if there is a chance I didn't O yet and then not O at all... Oh... and DHs number suck-a-doodled yesterday. 33% motility and only 4.2 mil after wash... Okay I'm dong complaining. I bought myself a cadbury creme egg. They are my favorite and clearly not dairy free... So I figure if I test on St. Paddys day, regardless of the outcome, I can eat a cadbury creme egg, because BFP means I beat endo and can indulge in one dairy filled chocolate treat, and a BFN means I'll be having surgery and won't be able to try again for what, 6+ weeks so screw my diet for a little bit! Ohh St. Paddys day, come soon so I can stop drooling overy my Cadbury creme egg and eat it up.


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good morning all,


Gtree: wow carnival! I think they release birth control into the air and water during those events haha- I myself am dreading the metformin and clomid combo- it took me about a month to get good on the metformin.  I chuckled out loud about your "no freakin way..." comment! alone with TV(or a book for me) and a puppy sounds lovely right now- but not this weekend!!!!  Glad you can enjoy the baby shower and look at it positively.  I don't get upset about people being pregnant if they tried and they want it! and yes the story is inspiring.  I hope it's contagious. 


cbaa- i'll let you cut in line if you will just PLEASEget a bfp!!  Wow- you are strict with the nutrition!!! ..and the willpower...you bought it but didn't eat it??? .but then you dont test early either_ will power! I have been gluten free since Feb. 26th- except Sunday- when I ate a donut....because i couldn't help it- and DH and DD pressured me into it.  I could not stare at it for 10 days waiting...I feel good between gluten free and the metformin.  I haven't dumped the dairy as my RE has me eating daily yogurt...I'm getting sick of it.  I'm glad your moving on too...it really makes a difference when you find the right team of providers for you.  Some people unfortunatley are all about the business end of it.  I am doing technical AB&C and you pay me- I'm not saying the service is incorrect or even bad- but that sense then gets magnified throughout their practice.  Others are driven to be in the business by their desire to accomplish change for PEOPLE- because it's rewarding-


Indie- what are YOU up too....are you tempted to cheat?  and try anyway...or just not not try....i am not a good patient...I tried the first month after my surgery...


Ms.D- how are you- any new news?


AFM boring old 13 dpo...waiting to O.  and stupid:  I saved my fmu in DD's bathroom because DH was in ours and I forgot to use the opk before i left- AND he stopped home and was there when I left- if he finds it he is gonna lecture me.....ugh...also had a bit of a surprise that SIL will be visiting with us- in town for some meetings- he wasn't sure when she would be coming- "thursday maybe"- but no it was today at about 6am- when she came in i thought it was DD coming back home for something- no- up the stairs she came- i was still in bed hitting the snooze alarm.  glad i had on boring pj's.  and that adds to the weekend pressure....i think we will have to start planning isolated retreats if we are ever going to get this to happen. 




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gtree - LOL! i *bet* you would end up watching your surgery if you had it in your hands... when they first told me that they would be giving me a narrated dvd i was all... ewww. why? but after being plagued with worries about my body being completely broken for so long it was such a relief to SEE the problems get addressed and also SEE my functioning lady bits (yay for ovaries and a uterus!). i feel like i am so much better able to imagine/believe/have faith that we will get our baby now. finally. i'm actually very excited for you. i know it's been tough not ovulating on your own but from everyone i've known who has issues with ovulation... once they find that magic number with clomid it seems to do the trick. i think you've got a great chance this coming cycle!


cbaa - so glad to be on the is journey with you, too! it's crazy that this came up for us at roughly the same time! i know i am biased (and obviously ridiculously invested in what i'm about to say...!) but i think we are (finally) on the right track now! and i agree with sherry... holy willpower, batman. you really put the rest of us to shame! i am going to talk with my doc about his perspective where foods to avoid and endo are concerned... i know i need to be covering all of my bases. a St. Patty's day BFP would be kick ass. it sounds like you will have a great holiday regardless of the outcome... yay for taking a break from food worries! i hope your new RE/nursing staff respect you a lot more than your current one.


sherry - it sounds like you always have a housefull! that definitely gets in the way bd'ing. but where cbaa rocks with the willpower, your super power is determination... i know YOU will make it happen :) i wonder what my super power is...?


AFM - booooring. no AF. had quite a bit of pelvic "pain" (not to be confused with anything to actually worry about) last night but i'm not feeling it so far today. have had lots of twinges around my left ovary the past two days... not sure what that's about. it's not possible for me to ovulate several days after stopping bc is it? i really am pretty clueless with how bc affects things. i know with my d&c AF came exactly 30 days after... so, nurse sherry, is it possible that since i had a partial d&c that i could be waiting that long? i have just been going by what the nurse told me pre-op... that i should stop the bc after the surgery and get my period three days later. i just want to know what's up!


as for cheating and ttc this next cycle... honestly,  i think i will not try but not necessarily prevent, either. i am going to ask the RE why he recommends waiting out a cycle when i see him next week. after my d&c i was told i could start trying again immediately... i'm kind of thinking he told me to wait out a cycle because he wanted a chance to give me a tx plan first and didn't know if i would have O'd prior to getting in for my post-op. just a hunch. and if that's the case... well we want to try naturally for awhile anyway... though i am open to going back on clomid or trying femara to up the chances...anyway. i'm rambling. i'm ready to do some 2ww obsessing with you guys! let me know when we can start doing that, ok? :)

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Good morning! I started a threat titled thoughts? :) and was urged to look at this forum. Glad I did! My hubby and I have been trying for 7 months now. I had trouble regulating my body after taking the PILL for 11 years. Long story short, I did one cycle of Clomid 100mg. On CD18 I saw a :) on my LH surge tracker so off to work we went Sheepish.gif I took a home test on day 5 PO and it came back negative. I took another one on day 9 PO and thought I saw a very faint cross line so I took another one this morning, day 10 PO. Negative. Not even a questionable line. My cycles tend to be irregular and lengthy anyway... is it possible I could actually be pregnant? Thank you all for your input. I haven't shared with any friends/family that we're been trying.. and failing. May sounds silly but feels good to know we're not alone. 

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hi pearlina! glad you joined us! we love company!


just to clarify... do you know what cycle day you actually ovulated on? it looks like you got a positive opk on cd18 which means you should have ovulated 12-36 hours (give or take) after that. do you temp or are you one who can feel ovulation? (i never could feel ovulation until i was on clomid... THEN i felt it... lol) just wanting to make sure you are counting your days past ovulation correctly or else you could be testing too early to get a positive result just yet. either way... you are still early! while some people are lucky enough to get a positive at 9dpo most don't get them until 12dpo or later.


good luck and keep posting!

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Hi indie! I use the clear blue tracker. I don't chart; my temp is always higher than the "nord" and doesn't fluctuate much. I had a blood test done today. it came back negative... no baby. Looks like another round of clomid for me. I'm getting concerned because the last round my dr found only 3 eggs with only 1 mature enough to potentially drop. I also had horrible breakout while on clomid. How long have you ladies been trying? What helps you keep your head up? Thank you for responding!! thumb.gif

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indie - you are so sweet.  I hope this month is my lucky one too!  But I would NEVER watch that video.  I don't even watch when I get blood taken and  even close my eyes when I am watching House or any show that shows anything slightly medical.  I really don't want to ever know what my ovaries look like!  DH would totally watch it though and then just have fill me in on the good bits.


Pearl - Clomid makes me a raging lunatic.  Let's hope for everyone's sake it works soon.  My highest dosage yet is coming up in a few weeks... 


Sherry - you do have a house full!  hope you can sneak in some time!  


Well, my RE who continues to be the slowest person on the planet should call me with my BT (that I took on Weds) results tomorrow and then it will be time to take Provera.  Wahoo. Bring it!


And yay for the almost weekend.  


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Hey everyone! Welcome Pearlina!


GO CBAA.....come on!!! I NEED you to get a bfp!!!


Oh MSSSSSSssss. Dddddddddddddddd...where are you? your not on this page...


Gtree- I agree on the "raging lunatic"  I DO NOT WANT MORE...but i guess i will....


stasi...are you still out there...somewhere? reading?. 


Indie- well yes 30 days after a d&c is reasonable.  30 days after surgery is reasonable, 2 weeks after a mid cycle stop of birth control is reasonable , and a few days after a late cycle stop of birth control is reasonable, ...so yeah- with ALL of those factors....I'd say somewhere between 2 days and 30?  I bet later rather than sooner- although some spotting wouldn't surprise me.  Yeah....I wonder why too (not ttc) - I have my thoughts.....but I'd not prevent...I'm a rebel like that.  I got pregnant (oops) right after spine surgery when the last words out of the surgeons mouth were- no restrictions, just don't get pregnant- i so blame that guy.  I think we may be heading back to to our second  first cycle of clomid together- you post op- me post metformin regulation....you seem more accepting of this fate than i do.


Pearlina- clomid made my temps high- and not very vari-able. and i think your still in too...do you test like a junky (me) or hold out like CBAA (iron will)?


AFM- well.....Karma- so I decided the SIL who showed up- could use my car and go see their mom and pick up all the junk she wanted to send with dh to be shipped...so I say- oh take my car...It's fine- i can just WALK (for miles in the rain) because it was worth it to me to clear out the house and keep dh home- well.....THAT backfired- about 11:00 pm...same night...in bed dh phone rings- what you're where...in they come SIL...MIL  MIL , yes MIL!!!! (fml)and all the stuff...which reaks of mothballs even from the basement....and YEAH they are still here.......AND...AND...my whole evil plan was based on O-ing day 17- because since the clomid thats what it's been each month- so I had just started OPK-ing- it was negative,,,,but I was getting....um...amorous that night...and tons of EWCM.  Tons- like leaving work on the elevator it tsunami'd- I was like----whoah..anyone else feel that...(no one else on the elevator felt it by the way)....so...I am SOOO annoyed that I am still awake- at 2am- and I am SOOOOO primal ready to BD- so I get up and figure it's been 4 hours since I  pee'd so OPK is a big smiley positive (what the Fheck cd13 like back in the day)....needless to say DH got NO sleep Wed night- well thats HIS karma- HA! so my temps are not coming up right- new thermometer since end of last cycle....I really think I did O on Thursday...but now IDK....still ummm amorous...haha.  I will strike again today i plan to lurk in the garage if neccesary Invading in-laws be damned. 


also: Crinone 8% (vaginal progesterone)- I took it to the pharmacy Wed.  they will order it- in today- friday.  well then this morning RE office calls that pharmacy called for clarification...and to remind me to start on time- phone just rang with an automated message that it's not available- anyone else take it- or have trouble finding it?  Next question- RE says use at night- website says put in in day- no one indicated concerns about BD-ing with it- I hate to saturate DH's bits with progesterone- haha- I also haven't told him i'm using it so I can't ask him. 


so: I am re-considering another clomid cycle...or two...i didn't realize when i was on it how messed up i felt.  So I am kind of dreading it.  It wouldn't be until my may cycle anyway...as i won't see RE again until just before O in april and it would be too late to start then.  It's hard trying to plan life around this- oldest DD grad is in MAY- she's been in college for 6 years!!! as a typical first born overacheiver and i am so looking forward to it that i hate to be psycho hormonal unless it's pregnancy related.


I am very glad i persisted with the Metformin.  I had awful bouts of stomach aches nausea and diarhea- but now nothing- take it no problem- i have more energy and feel more myself than i have for 9 months.  I did not present as PCOS, but like RE said- after 35 presentation is different- perhaps my adrenal glands where insuffucient, or it was "sub-clinical" whatever it was- the slow weight gain in the middle- fatigue- acne- skin changes, and general blahs- are going away.  I have lost about 10 pounds in the past month or so without really trying- I have gone (almost) gluten free the past two weeks as i noticed the side effects most when i ate wheat products. 


WHEW! long post...post post everyone!! i need to company. 



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Hey ladies, sorry I have been MIA.


cbaa - did you change your screen name? Or am I just confused? LOL


AF made it's appearance a few days ago and it was early, so I was caught off guard. My OBGYN has been having me call every month for a new round of Clomid. I called the office yesterday and I have not heard back yet, I should be starting it today (would have preferred this AM) if he is going to have me do another round. I have not started the temping yet, but maybe I will need to. I was really hoping to have a EDD in 2012, but it looks like we missed that window. If we got a BFP this month, we might make it before the end of 2012.

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Originally Posted by sherryvhkb View Post

...at 2am- and I am SOOOOO primal ready to BD- so I get up and figure it's been 4 hours since I  pee'd so OPK is a big smiley positive ....needless to say DH got NO sleep Wed night- well thats HIS karma- HA!

LOL - this totally cracked me up! Thanks for the smile. orngtongue.gif

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Omg cbaa- what does that MEAN????!!!!!??????? WHERE ARE YOU!!!
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ha sherry, you crack me up as usual! i'm glad no one else in the elevator felt your "tsunami"! all i can say is i would be batsh*t crazy if i had that much activity in my house... whether ttc or not! but. like i said, your superpower is determination so i am not surprised you are on top of things (pun intended). i don't know anything about progesterone supplements but i believe cbaa does...


pearlina - i've been trying since a miscarriage in october 2010. that pregnancy came super quick and easy, we literally just decided to stop preventing and bam! but it was a blighted ovum and i had a d&c at 9 weeks. and ever since then i've had all kinds of nonsense... i had several super short cycles, lots of spotting, positive opks that never amounted to actual ovulation... i was a mess for a while. and then my cycles started regulating but i noticed a lot of symptoms that indicated endometriosis. after being told by several ob/gyns that they didn't *think* i had endo (and after doing two cycles of clomid) i FINALLY went to an RE who is also an endo specialist at the beginning of this year. he immediately found suspected endo on an ultrasound and also polyps in my uterus when he did my hsg and then scheduled me for a lap and hysteroscopy (which happened last week). SO it's been a bumpy ride but it appears to be all good now :) that's my story. i'll let the others fill you in on theirs... as far as how i keep my head up... well... i've learned that sometimes in order to keep your head up you've got to bang it against the wall every once in a while :) meaning i've had some very low points but in between i try to keep positive and do lots and lots of breathing...


ms. dolphin i'm wondering where you are at as well!?!?


AFM: I talked with the nurse yesterday who looked at my surgery notes and said that the bleeding i had from the surgery should be considered my period due to them doing some scraping of the lining. so i guess i am cd9 today. have no idea what this cycle will look like, if i will ovulate, how long it will be, etc... i'm just expecting that i will see AF in another 20 days. at least i won't be waiting for it to show up now like i had been! oddly enough my breasts are still sore and i do have this heavy sad feeling that would be typical of pms (like i want to cry but i have NO reason to) so i'm not sure what that's about. i'm sure my body is a bit confused right now.


hope everyone is looking forward to nice weekend!

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Everyone knows the tooth fairy is mom....are you holding out. I just pulled my car over!! If they find me in my car post heart attack im blaming you!!!! Post post post!!!
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Ok i cheated and had a diet pepsi in place of the bagel i was dying for. I think the caffeine after so long without has made me hyper. Now that im out of traffic i realize its way to early for cbaa to be holding out. Indie your situation recap made me almost teary. Yeah i might be a little hormonal but hugs.
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I did change my username- but just as a hopeful wish for the future. I'm not crazy enough to test at 4 DPIUI silly Sherry! Also, my tests would be BFP right now because fo the trigger, hehe. I just needed a name change. The 2010 in my old name was when I though we would try and conceive immediately in 2010... since we are now in 2012 it was just depressing!


I will come on to catch up with everyone tomorrow, I am exhausted from a hard week at work!

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After talking with Doc on the phone, I am not starting another Clomid round, he said it's enough to use the OPK or temp charting to track my O. I am going to try to do both. Doc also wants DH to have more testing done on this side, so I need to check with DH if I can schedule it for him.

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Another one of my friends just announced she is pregnant with twins after going off the pill and "not trying" for 1 month.  I must admit that I am really jealous/envious this time.  This is my 3rd friend to get prego with twins in the past 4 months with no help.  I don't know why this one is bothering me so much, and I feel guilty for not just being totally happy for her.  


Do you all tell your friends and family that you are ttc?  I haven't... I mean, I am sure they are all thinking it could happen any time, but they have no idea I can't seem to O and on the crazy clomid pill. 


And all of a sudden, I want triplets.  Hope you are all having a good weekend and sorry for the mini rant.





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msd - wishing you peace and luck this cycle! hope dh doesn't give you any grief about more testing smile.gif

gtree- you know, it was a friend getting pg with twins that sent me on a downward spiral. she was the last of the girls i knew who had a miscarriage around the time i had mine, she even had enough time to end that relationship and get engaged to another guy! and then ended up pg with twins. and... here i sit. it does mess with your head and i know that feeling of guilt for not being happier about it. luckily you have this space to share your frustrations... you don't have to worry about faking happiness when you actually feel jealousy with us... we get it smile.gif
and triplets?! that made me laugh! hoping this coming cycle is the money cycle! smile.gif

afm- it's raining here. looks like it will be a lazy day smile.gif
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catching up on the modern love column in the new york times today... and thought you ladies might enjoy this one: http://www.nytimes.com/2012/01/01/fashion/a-forgotten-prayer-answered-modern-love.html?pagewanted=1&ref=modernlove



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