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Gtree, I'm thinking of you!


Sherry, blah indeed, sorry but like Indie said, every day is one step closer to not suppressing!


Chrissy, yeah sorry for the emotional vomit of sorts . . . feeling a bit more hopeful today. Maybe it's hormonal ;) Yay for CD15! Did you O yet?


Indie, feeling good for you for your non-medicated cycle! That's good that you O on your own . . . not sure what I'm doing naturally at this point. I guess I'll find out next month! $600 for meds?! Wow . . . which ones? Gonal F, Brevelle or Follistim? Mine was Gonal F, and based on my age (we're both 35, right?). They bill the insurance $3800, and when I asked the pharmacy (Freedom Pharmacy - do you know them? They are online . . .) they said the cash price would be $1600. Still not sure why insurance gets billed double . . . stupid US medicine, but still, why are my injectables $1000 more cash than yours? That would make my decision a whole heck of a lot easier. I will jump at injectables if I can get them for $600! I bet your RE will not make your do another round of Femara actually. The REs that I've spoke to seem quite big on injectables. LOVE the idea to pool some money . . . let's at least keep it interesting, ha!


GreenMum, hi! Yes, Clomid gave me some very wacky emotions, and I did definitely feel some depression. Femara sits so much better with me. Good luck!


AFM, nothing new to report really. CD7. Well, except looking for yet another RE again . . . getting annoyed with mine already! I think I'm going unmonitored this cycle.

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Greenmum- i was legit batsh*tcrazy on clomid (3 rounds at 50mg). I didn't realize it until after I was done taking it. It was like my mind believed I was fine but weeks later I realized how crazy it made me. The only side effect I had on Femara was stiff joints. Good trade off I'd say!
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Greenmum - I love how we are all attesting to how completely insane we were/are on clomid, I guess it is good to know that it isn't just you. 


Bebe - Have you quit your job? Are you looking for something new?


AFM - I am really mad that my RE NEVER called me back with feedback on the drop in estrogen.  I left a message and sent an email yesterday morning and still have not heard a word.  I feel like having to pay so much money up front, the least they can do is give me a call back.  Maybe I am being too laidback/forgiving and should be more demanding?  She said if I don't get the next round started by June 22, I have to wait another cycle because there labs are closed which I think is partly why I am freaking out.  I want to get this IVF show on the road.  I wish I could get all of you on speaker phone for my next consult, I feel like you always ask the best questions.

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Hi everyone!


I have been MIA for so long, but I just read back every single post I missed - wow - so much has been going on with all of you.


So we moved, my book launched in NYC and I am fully recovered from my reactions from the Lap. I have been on 5 work trips. We are still not unpacked - at all and I am far behind on my work.


As far as TTC goes, I'm on CD3 of my second cycle since surgery. I haven't tracked anything or charted or even paid attention and I've been off my prenatals- of course, I knew generally when I should have O'd and made sure to DTD around then, hoping if I wasn't "trying" maybe... but alas, NO.


I will go on record saying that April and May were 2 of the most stressful months of all time that I can remember, and I am glad they are behind me.


Starting today I'm getting back into the swing of regular life, so you'll be seeing me again more often.


xo, Charley

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Hi friends... cd 24 here 10 dpo ... I am testing tomorrow :-/ But I know it is going to be a bfn... No symptoms , I ovulated on the wrong side and I had a little pink when I wiped yesterday... oh and my temp dropped :-( I do hope this clomid helps my LP though... I am however having pms symptoms... tired, craving chocolate, moody, a little crampy.... i also think I am catching a cold :-/ my nose is stuffy and I keep sneezing! ... I had a progesterone blood test taken Monday... I am waiting to hear from RE now... I still haven't ever gotten the prolactin or hsg result >:-I

Ugh I am just going to call them!! I am hoping that I can persuay him into letting me do injectables next cycle ... I will be in Florida during my Ovulation time, well that is if af comes on time. and I am confident that I will O on my right side ... the past 2 cycles were on my left. so far clomid side effect... breaking out like a teenage boy going through puberty, maybe a little moody... more like no tolerance, weight gain (which stinks cause I have been working out like crazy) I haven't had any severe cramping or anything like that ... I am still doing acupuncture.. I have bruises all over my belly to prove it.... But I am so frusterated... I have another friend that came up pregnant and one is actually having her baby tomorrow!!! a little girl named elli ... its so cute she calls her "elli in the belly" well that was the about me...


Gtree: I was so sure you would get a bfp :-( But I am so excited for your ivf... I hope you and re worked out the details.


bebe: I feel your RE frusteration with you... I am so upset that I have to go unmonitored next cycle.. i mean not my RE fault that I am going on vacation... but it is his fault for not calling me and keeping me informed of my labs!!


Greenmum : I put my clomid side effect above... this was my first cycle at 50 mg...I just O'ed on the wrong side!! Good luck :-)


Toothfairy: how is your cycle going?


Chrissy: ?


Sherry: you get to start ttc in september? that is when i am stopping if I haven't gotten a bfp by then 


Indie : Let me know if your RE lets you start injectables .... cause I will complain to my re and say "but Indies RE Let her start injectables" lol


well test day tomorrow ... maybe I will beat the odds ... who knows!!

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No need for the test tomorrow...... Af came in all her glory :-(  super sad .... I even knew I wasn't pregnant but still can't help but be sad. UGH

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Charley - welcome back!  Hope things destress for you and you are able to get settled in VT.


Shell - Ugh.  I am right there with you with the disappointment.


AFM - I spoke to my RE today.  I can't do IVF this cycle faint.gifbecause they have to close their labs for a month to comply with OSHA standards.  However, I did insist on injectables and IUI.  My first IUI.  So, officially, this is cycle day 2 and I go in tomorrow for US and bloodwork.  And here we go again, folks.  

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Charley- welcome back! What kind of book did you write? I love reading. Seems like after LAP cycles were a bust for th three of us but we are going to break the spell soon! Can't wait to hear more from you about the move and your new life!

Shell- hugs. AF picks the worst time (anytime really). I think if your TTC end date is Sptember you should push for injectables sooner. I had a better follicle result with clomid though, for what its worth... But no side effcts with gonal-f.

Sherry- i'll be praying for a successful surgery. Fingers crossed. You and DH will make it appen from 300 miles... Strategically timed visits. My schedule doesn't allow that but he will only be gone this month and next so I'm holding out hope.

Gtree- what meds will you be on? Did they get an answer for you about the estrogen response? An IUI is better than nothing, right? Hoping you won't need the IVF!
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Toothfairy - what day are you on?


Shelly - If you want injectables, push for it!


For the IUI cycle, I'll be doing Gonal-F (75 units).  The RE said that because of my extremely high ovarian reserve (yay?) they were ultra conservative with my stims and my estrogen jumped up quickly, so they didn't increase the gonal-f dosage (from 150) and on day 8 started me on the ganirelix which caused the estrogen to drop.  She thinks if they had increased the Gonal-F prior to suppressing that the estrogen would not have taken a nose dive.  If the IUI does not work this time, then we'll try IVF again in August with a different approach which would give me stims and suppressants at the same time from the beginning, but put me at a higher risk for OHSS.

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I think I have LPD.... My lp is only 9 , 10 days max :-( Ugh I should know more tomorrow when I talk to RE ... they were out of the office today :-(

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I just returned from my bloodwork and US and they only had me down for bloodwork, so I called the hotline and am waiting to hear back.  The last thing I really want to do on day 3 is an US, but I am going out of town for 4 days and if they need it, they better get it now.  So when I go back in, I am going to insist to be seen immediately instead of waiting another hour.  Is that rude? My plane leaves in 4 hours.

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Gtree- No, that is not rude.... They screwed up about the US and should accomodate seeing as your day 3 in now!! Geeze!

Crossing fingers for you - IUI I still have yet to do that but I have it slated for next cycle if this cycle doesn't work.... I decided to do timed stuff and the trigger shot this time...


Shell- I'm so sorry....... That's exactly what happened to me last cycle - I have my Scan US tomorrow to see if the left side is making eggs bigger then the right side.... I think it might be by the pulling and twinges on that side but I am not sure....


tooth- I am taking the clomid not for ovualtion but egg maturation.... Not sure if Femera would work the same way, Clomid actually blocks the receptors on my Hypothalamus from the estrogen levels in my body because my body thinks that it;s not making enough it boost the horomes up thus making my body produce a mature ripe egg..... I read some on Femara, it very similar in relation to Clomid but works with aromatase inhibitors or enzyme to do that same process but its procedure to try Clomid first at my Dr office and then seek out alturnatives. I am hopeful that this will work.


CD- 10 today - scan tomorrow, egg check..... then if all goes right Shot and then a big ole waiting game.....

Check is at 7:30 am - bright and early - nothing like sticking a "Joy stick" in your hooha at 7:30 am to wake you up! Got to love the internal sonograms..... side note you should have seen my DH's face when he first incountered that.... he was like "um what the heck is that!" it was priceless


Thinking good thoughts and trying to remain centered.....

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So I finally spoke with my RE's Nurses assistant ..UGH... and she wouldn't give me my test results over the phone... she sadi that I need to come in and speak to the RE about my results . :-( that does not sound good!! ALSO they won't let me start injectable or anything except my 50 mg clomid this cycle because I am going to be gone the week I am ovulating and they cannot monitor me :-( I started crying .. and I was at work.. so I had to pull it together quick... I went in DH office and told him and got teary eyed again ( we work at the same practice) soooo I start my Clomid Saturday ... I just spotted yesterday... Light flow today so we are considering today as CD 1 ..... Finger's crossed that he at least will give me  a script for a trigger shot... DH can give it to me when i get a positive on my opk. More to tell Monday <3


Gtree: Not rude at alll I hope you got your sono


Greenmum: it sucks only having 1 tube looks like we are in the same situation. :-(

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Hello all!

I have not posted on here in a couple of months in an effort to obsess less, haha redface.gif  So much for that.


OK, so here's my cry for help/advice/interpretation:


My heart has just begun to POUND- I am 11 dpo, AF due in 2-3 days, and temps still appear to be on the rise.  I normally have light/dark brown spotting 1-2 days before AF begins, but just now I had a light pink streak on the TP... that never happens.  The beginning of my AF is usually more of a brownish gunk (sorry).


I am worried she is early, but this would be the earliest she's ever showed up.   I know 11 dpo is on the later side of the implantation time frame, but holy geez, I'm hoping!





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Gtree, no I haven't quit my job yet, but wow do I fantasize about it. I need to decide rather quick due to a contract I'm in but can get out of if I move quick enough. That wouldn't have been rude at all, and completely understandable! I sure hope they did the U/S. All these RE offices make me so mad! But! Happy IUI :) Maybe you'll never have to go to IVF!


Charley! Welcome back and I'm glad to hear you are all moved, if not settled! That will come in time. Moving, especially with a professional life and responsibilities, is so stressful and disruptive. Hopefully things just get better and better here on out! Congrats on your book launch!


Shell, so sorry about AF, possible LPD (which I have thought that I had too) and frustration RE office experiences! What we have to go through . . . I feel for you, girl. Hang in there and hopefully you'll get some good results (some offices just have a policy not to give any results over the phone, good or otherwise).


Karen, I understand that implantation can take place between days 6-12, so it's possible. Interesting that your chart does look tri-phasic too! Perhaps you'll be our first BFP :) We need the luck!


AFM: 2012 is not my year. Please pray for my mom. She had some blood come out of one nipple this morning, which for a woman in her 50s, is never a good sign. I'm hoping and praying it's a benign papilloma, but I'm so scared. All my work problems and fertility problems, they take such a back seat to this . . .

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BFP......... now that I have your attention... lol ok that was mean... haha I just have a question and need someone to help me... I am on CD 2 and I bought some vitex today... should I start taking it today?? and how many should I take?? its  400mg a capsule AND should I still continue to take my B-6 at 100 mg a day and I also take B-complex along with my pre natal pills... Just curious ... I REALLY want to make my LP last longer this cycle and HOPEFULLY get a real BFP ........ I NEED HELP <3

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bebe... your mom is definitely in my prayers. please keep us posted. mercy, life can really pile on, can't it? hug2.gif


shell... yes, that was mean! i wish i had some kind advice for you... i took fertility blend with vitex due to cycles being wonky for a long time post miscarriage and i'm not sure if it was the vitex or the b-complex, but it definitely seemed to help. i can't really speak to dosage... i just took the amount suggested on the fertility blend bottle. i still take b-complex daily. and as for not getting results over the phone... i agree with bebe... some REs just have that policy regardless. 


charley... so happy to hear you are past your busiest months! looking forward to seeing you more around here...


gtree/greenmum/sherry - hope all is going well. keep posting.


did i miss anyone? i'm so sorry if i did. i will have more time on my hands this coming week so will be staying in touch more...  

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Hi again ladies!

So, I posted 2 days ago (at 11 dpo) about the light pink spotting I was having. AF was due yesterday, today, OR tomorrow (cycle's usually between 28-30 days, today I'm CD29). 

Yesterday and today I had a tiny bit of light brown CM.  I realize this could totally be AF coming, but my temps haven't dropped off like they usually do by now.  Also, I've never had the light pink spotting before AF.  Bbs started hurting at 10 DPO and have grown increasingly tender since.  They normally begin hurting around 4-5 dpo and continue until a couple days before AF arrives (that's how I always know she's about to show her ugly self).


For all those who have been pregnant before, anyone experience similar spotting resulting in a BFP?


If I wake up tomorrow morning with temp still high and no flow, I will test. (Took HPT yesterday at 12DPO, BFN)





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Karen - You have me hanging, what happened today?


Bebe - Thinking about you and your mom. 


AFM - Got back in town today, was with my sister celebrating her twins 2nd bday.  It was a little crazy to say the least. Today is CD6 and I did get my ultrasound on Day 3 (22 follies) and go back in tomorrow morning.  I have not done IUI before, do they use a catheter for the actual IUI? Do I need a full bladder?  The saline sonogram was so bad, I'm trying to prepare myself for this.


Hope you all had a good weekend.  Please post!

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gtree-  last night after i posted, i tested BFN and then thought for sure my flow was starting... i wiped and saw more brown/red discharge (light).  i even cried!  grrr.


when i woke this morning my temp went down .3 degrees and i thought for sure my period had started... again more brown/red discharge and ONLY when i wiped.  i wore a tampon all day, but still very dry inside and discharge is still very very light.


spotting for 4 days straight has never happened before, so it has me wondering.  if my typical heavy flow is going to show, just SHOW UP already! 


i'm guessing my heavy flow will begin tonight or tomorrow...  with the temp drop and BFN's... she must just be playing a mean trick on meangry.gif

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